Glenn: Time to get out of the herd because you’re being led to the slaughter

It was twelve years ago people were inspired by the words “let’s roll”, willing to undergo self-sacrifice to help others. Today, people seem willing to just be cattle. The latest example? A Baltimore man was arrested for simply standing up and asking tough questions during a Common Core town hall meeting. Could this just be the latest step to government taking control of the American people, and using force and intimidation to suppress objections? Glenn thinks so, and he opened the show by explaining just what happened and what it all means.


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Below is a transcript of Glenn’s opening monologue:

If you’ve been watching my show for a long time, you are familiar with this – nudge, shove, shoot, and it’s how every Marxist utopian dream begins with just, it starts simple with just a little nudge. It’s cash for clunkers. It is trying to figure out a way to make energy prices necessarily skyrocket, nudge you into hybrids or french fries versus carrots, you know? You put them in front of the chip so the kid eats healthy.

Then when this doesn’t work anymore, then they have to start shoving, and that’s when it gets more serious. That’s when they use the IRS to shut down the opposing voices. They use the NSA to monitor and track American citizens. They use labor intimidation, send the labor unions over to people’s houses. Then they start using regulation, and they start arresting people to scare everybody.

Eventually, that doesn’t work anymore, because people want to be free, and they understand common sense, and they want to live in a world that makes sense to them. And so when this doesn’t make sense, and this no longer works, if you really want your Marxist utopia, then it goes to this, and that’s when you start shooting. You start shooting people or you send them to a reeducation camp or you send them to an internment camp.

It happens every time, and it happens when you forget about the individual, and you make it about the collective. It happens with every revolution, whether it is a revolution in the French Revolution or if it is a revolution in Egypt. So now where are we on the scale? Are we at nudge, shove, or shoot? Well, it really comes down to this, how do you transform a nation? How do you do it?

This is the list that I made about six years ago when I first started, maybe right before I started at Fox. I saw what was coming, and I thought okay, so if you’re going to do fundamental transformation, what do you need? How do you do it? How do you take a nation that’s free and do it? And I came up with a list of things you had to control.

You had to control the media. They had that one a long time ago. They control the media. They control the culture through Hollywood. Education, they’re putting the final nails on that. They’ve controlled it for a long time but not like they’re trying now. Banking, well they pretty much control everything. They control through the Fed your money. They control the value of what you’ve even saved.

Medical, they’ve got that coming in the next couple of weeks. Communication, three little letters, NSA, they pretty much have that done. Food and farms, they are currently working on that like you wouldn’t believe. We’ll show you in the next couple of weeks. Police, have you noticed how much money the Department of Homeland Security has put into your local police force? Have you noticed that the Department of Homeland Security is actually being used now as a local police force?

And the military, I never thought they’d get that one. That one’s almost completely done, and of course labor. So they have all this done now. They didn’t have all this done six years ago. They do now. And then they have to do one other thing, they have to use, exploit, or create an economic crisis, security fears, war. And when you’re in war, you get to define who your enemies are, so you redefine the enemies.

Propaganda, we just had, our government just okayed, our Congress actually said it’s okay for our United States government now to do propaganda on our own people. Since when? Why did they need that piece? They have to use behavioral scientists. They have to figure out how to nudge and when to reeducate. Well, we know from The New York Times the president uses behavioral scientists, and nudge, shove, shoot. So where are we? Where are we?

Well, on Thursday, there was an event that happened that I found out about Friday night, and I couldn’t sleep for two hours, because I believe it is a very important piece that moves us further towards shoot. It happened in Towson, Maryland, an upscale, or it used to be upscale suburb of Baltimore. A dad was arrested after a public forum. This is it, Common Core State Standards. This was the invitation. This was the flyer that went out.

It says here “Your chance to get answers to your Common Core questions.” Well, that’s what it was. Dad stands up, and he’s got a question about Common Core. His name is Robert Small, and he wasn’t merely arrested. He was removed with excessive force and today, he faces ten years in prison.

By the way, this story is getting national coverage now. It hasn’t received any local coverage yet. Now, if I told you that story, you would say there’s got to be a catch. I want you to decide for yourself, because it’s all thank goodness captured on video.

But before I show it to you, here’s what was going on: The school board decided that they instead of actually engaging with the parents in a back-and-forth question-and-answer session, that your questions, all the answers to your Common Core questions would need to be written down on paper and then handed in to the schoolmarm.

Now with this method, sure, maybe it’s a little more orderly, but it also removes the possibility of follow-up questions on the spot, takes the microphone out of the crowd, takes the emotion out of the room, which I guess could be argued good thing or bad thing. But what happens is you suppress and minimize any possible objections.

Okay, so you could play that either way. You could be okay, well, they’re just trying to move things along, make sure people don’t get longwinded, and make sure nobody gets angry, but then they screened and edited the questions in advance. So for over an hour, the crowd had to listen to the county superintendent talk about how wonderful Common Core was. Then they showed a video on how great Common Core is. Then they started reading some of the softball questions, and that’s when Robert Small couldn’t take it anymore, but he stood up in total self-control, and here’s what happened. Watch.

Robert Small: I went to Community College. I finished at the University of Maryland. And now I move my family out to Howard County because of the reputation the schools. My children are being prepared for community college. You’re not talking to them about which colleges. You’re not preparing them for Harvard.

Take control. We’re sick of this. This is not a CNN political debate. This is a public town hall. Don’t stand for this. You’re sitting here like cattle. You have questions. Confront them. They don’t want to do it in public. Is this America? This is not a CNN political debate. Parents, you need to question these people. Do the research. It’s online.

Look at this. Okay, now did he look at all out of control? That guy was intimidating him. He was manhandling him. This is the way it used to happen in mother Russia, not America. Now here’s the kicker: The reason why I couldn’t sleep on Friday is because this guy, the father, was charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, faces a $2,500 fine and up to ten years in prison. Excuse me? Show me the physical threat. Show me the assault.

The assault happened the other way around as the officer was violently yanking him by his arm in an attempt to remove him. Remove him from what? What was his crime, asking a question about what’s going to happen with his children? What law did this man break that warranted such a use of force? I’ll tell you what it was, doing this, doing this. You know this picture? You know what that is?

That’s Norman Rockwell, a guy standing up in a school board meeting and speaking his mind. That’s what Norman Rockwell said was one of the four freedoms, stating your opinion. As Small was being dragged out, he said don’t stand for this. You’re sitting here like cattle. Mr. Small’s admonition to the herd is spot on.

Where were the teachers as he was being removed, you know, the ones that always teach about it’s a wrong to bully people? Did no one feel that he was being bullied? Did not one person have the decency to say stop, stop, stop? Up there on the board, no one said lets him…stop? One woman taping asked that question. Another woman stood up, said something to the guard to no avail, but other than that, nothing, nothing.

We have seen in the last few months teachers stand up for a colleague who sexually molested and raped an eighth grade student, but the teachers don’t stand up against this? No one, none of the parents dare ask a question out loud or directly addressed the almighty school board without writing it down on paper first; otherwise it will turn into the Salem witch trials. Cattle, time to get out of the herd, because you’re being led to slaughter.

Perhaps people were afraid to speak because they were afraid of being dragged off by a police officer, and so the option is I sit here with my mouth closed like cattle. And when nobody is there to stand up for you, it’s because you weren’t there to stand up for everybody else that was dragged off. I just want you to put this in perspective. It was 12 years ago. We’re still the same Americans. It’s not like some past generation. We’re still the same generation that 12 years ago we were inspired by the rallying cry of the typical American that said let’s roll.

We’ve gone from let’s roll to cattle in 12 years. Don’t tell me that we haven’t lost our country. Don’t tell me that we haven’t been fundamentally transformed. I don’t even recognize Americans anymore. Now, here’s why I want you to remember this video: I want you to write this down. If you keep a journal, I want you to write this down, because you’re going to look like a prophet to your kids someday. Believe me on this.

Do you remember when I was at Fox and I told you about the fruit cart vendor in Tunisia that set himself on fire? And I said that guy, that, nobody will understand, and everybody will call me crazy, which they did, but that will lead to a watershed moment, and it will spread across the Middle East, and it will turn everything into chaos. And it did. Write it down in your journal. This is a watershed moment.

It doesn’t matter if this guy goes to jail or not. Did people learn their lesson? It’s dictatorship 101, make someone an example, and the rest will stay in line. The next meeting of that school district, they should have 10,000 people there, but I doubt they will. To quote Mr. Small, “is this America?” I don’t know.

Now, I want to take you to the other big story that happened this weekend, but I want to make sure you couple it with this story, because remember, we started with that list of how do you take over a nation like this. This story’s happening on the other side of the globe. It happened in Kenya, where at least 62 people are dead as terrorists have taken an upscale mall by violent and coordinated attack that targeted non-Muslims.

Now, by the way, Kenya is a country that has all kinds of gun restrictions, can’t have an automatic weapon, can’t have a semi-automatic weapon. You can’t even have a handgun yourself. If you use a gun in self-defense, you’re in trouble. So what happens? The group responsible for this was an Al Qaeda affiliated group, you know, Al Qaeda, the one that’s on the run that we’ve pretty much put out of business.

This group is called Al Shabaab. You need to know the name, Al Shabaab. They claim to be retaliating against “what Muslims in Somalia experienced at the hands of Kenyon invaders.” So when they went into this mall, they asked the shoppers what is the name of Muhammad’s mother? Sylvia isn’t the right answer apparently. If you couldn’t answer it, you got shot.

They tweeted the rampage live, “Like it or loathe it! Our mujahideen confirmed all executions were point blank range.” I loathe it, I don’t know about you. So people will watch this, and they’ll say how does this even affect me? I mean, we’re here in America. Well, here’s how: One of the Twitter accounts used by the terrorists identified ten of the gunmen. Three of them, at least three they say, were Americans, two allegedly from Minneapolis, an area which is Al Shabaab.

They have actively recruited in Minneapolis. Now, U.S. officials don’t have any confirmation of Americans having been involved in the attacks as of yet. They’re still working on it. We’ll focus on that angle tomorrow, but you’re not going to believe who our government is inviting and moving into our country, and you won’t believe the numbers that they’re doing it in.

This administration says they believe the U.S. is not really a priority for Al Shabaab right now. Really? That’s not what For the Record tells us. Two weeks ago, For the Record, a new program, the 60 Minutes of our generation – mark my words; put that in your journal as well – they reported just two weeks ago that there was documented proof that Al Shabaab members had crossed oh, our unsecured Mexican border into the U.S.

The Al Qaeda linked terrorist group Al Shabaab based in Somalia has attracted dozens of American recruits.

Sara Carter: I’ve covered stories where we know Somalians were attempting to cross into the United States from the Mexican border that were connected to Al Shabaab. That was documented. The documents were right there. I was able to write the story, prove that there were terrorists connected to Al Shabaab trying to enter the United States from Mexico. The Mexican authorities had released them, and then they disappeared inside Mexico. And there was a scramble to try to find them.

Really? Are they coming here looking for some undocumented jobs? Is that what it is? We have an administration that has sided with radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, who by the way were banned once again today in Egypt, while our own government is cozying up to the Brotherhood and turning a blind eye to dangerous extremists and making it easy, beyond making it easy, they are sending them here. We’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

In 2010, the president issued an executive order allowing 80,000 refugees to immigrate to the U.S. So what happens when all hell breaks loose? What happens to us when, let’s say, Al Shabaab members start shooting in our Westlake malls, and people plead for help? The top comes crashing down all too ready to help with all kinds of excuses that will be made to remove more freedoms from America, all of course in the name of safety.

And as the people in Baltimore demonstrated, even though people know it’s wrong, they won’t do anything. They’ll sit like cattle. Anyone who disagrees and stands will be deemed an enemy of the state, a security risk, and will be shoved and eventually shot. I said at the beginning, this is happening in Egypt. This is current. Fifty-five thousand unlicensed clerics were rounded up this weekend because they were deemed a threat to Egypt security. See, it happens this way every time.

If Egypt can round up that many people, I mean, do you think our government could do…I mean, can you imagine what we could do in a weekend? And please don’t start with me oh, yeah, he’s crazy talking. It’s never happened here. It already has happen. You need to go back and look at the images from the Japanese internment camps? All you need is a war. All you need is a threat. All you need is somebody at the top, and it’s always a Progressive that says round them up.

Oh, and in totally unrelated news that would make it easier for government to round people up, President Obama turned the naval yard memorial into a gun control speech, believe it or not, arguing that transformation was needed. Watch.

President Obama: These families have endured a shattering tragedy. It ought to be a shock to all of us as a nation and as a people. It ought to obsess us. It ought to lead to some sort of transformation.

And it will. Translation: We have to disarm more Americans. Watch the speech. It’s outrageous. Disarm more Americans, all in the name of safety, of course. Let me ask the question that I’ve asked a few times here, and I don’t seem to get an answer to. We are arming Al Qaeda and the rebels in the Middle East, not just with guns but automatic weapons and rockets, and some of the rebels are from here in the U.S., and yet at the same time, the same guy arming them is trying to disarm loyal American citizens.

The time to decide who you are and what you believe and what’s worth standing for, fighting for, dying for, going to jail for, is not when you’re sitting in a school district meeting. The time to decide who you are is right now, long before you have to make that decision.

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    I detached myself from it long ago; any more, I can only do what is right and leave the rest up to the Lord.

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      Sweetheart I mention you and Sammy at the 22 minute mark.  Enjoy.

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    This country is a joke because of this s**t that happened on Thursday. Glenn is right about this.

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      Glenn Beck is a fucking fool, and you should go outside and breathe some fresh air

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        Did you listen?? This REALLY HAPPENED, it’s on TAPE you fool! Beck had nothing to do with it. I cannot believe how blind some are in this country!

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          randypants falls under the Forest Gump Quote, “Stupid is… As stupid Does…!”.  He is a Far Leftist without any consideration to the fact that once this administration gains full control, that he too will be sent to the slaughter house with everyone else…

          Plus, he has so much disdain for GB that he Falsely Accuses him of stuff that is ENTIRELY Not GB’s Doing!!!  I wonder if randypants is one of Eric H. DOJ Lemmings, convicting innocent people of hypothetical crimes?

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            The KGB called folks like randypants ‘useful idiots’….after use, the KGB would dispose of them in the firing line….

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    This guy absolutely deserved what happened to him.

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      It is not a crime to disagree with liberalism. I don’t know how it works in your country but here we have something called freedom of speech. 

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       What for?

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    Modern Day American Police Officers Are Using Badges As Warrants For Tyranny!!!

    That Police Officer Was Undercover As Security So That They Could Setup Someone To Fall That Day, He Used Unnecessary Force and Intimidation, False Accusations, Full Deriliction of the Constitution That Officer Swore To Uphold!!!  He Literally Acted Like Judge Dredd, “The Law, I Am The Law!!! And You Have Been Judged By Me…”  (said with the left lip drawn down and language slurred low and deep). 

    Soon, what happened to Rodney King is going to look like a grade school shoving contest to rule the playground…

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    Please call these two knuckleheads ans tell them to support Cruz. We are not stupid. A vote for cloture is a vote to fund Obamacare.

    McConnell (202) 224-2541; 224-2499 Louisville: (502) 582-6304

    Cornyn (202) 224-2934; 228-2856Austin: (512) 469-6034

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    The “police officer” should immediately be fired and not permitted to work in law enforcement for the rest of his life. He evidently cannot control himself.   The Father should sue him and the school board for battery and intimidation.  The entire school board needs to be sent packing at the voting booth.  If we the people don’t start pushing back and making these people accountable it will be to our country’s great detriment.  

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    Our nation is doomed, the sheep are slaughtering each other..There is a war in our country where everyone seems to be against each other…

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    this is what happen to me for questing Common core at a school board Meeting ( I was shut DOWN ) !!!

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    This country  has awful,garbage,pathetic leadership beyond comprehension.Total joke and failure.

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    People, if we do not respond to the trolls, they will lose their soap box. Please respond to intelligent comments and ignore comments by those who do not deserve to be called Americans. If they come in here to respond to us, they are possibly reading these posts, and maybe, just maybe we can make a lasting impression on a few of them. Let them rant here because then they have less time to share their ignorance elsewhere, but please do not justify their ignorance with a response. Arguing with a fool makes two… 

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      Sweetheart, I love to hate the foxtitutes on fox news.  Let me prove it to you.  BATTA-BING!!

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         I watched for a few minutes. I would never listen to this guy for 58 minutes. I’d rather poke a hole in one of my carotids and slowly bleed to death. I mean, he’s the most boring person alive. I stopped when he started talking about Tesla. I can’t afford a damn thing they make and if you can, good for you.

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      • MariaSanchez


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    So if you think directing kids to eat healthy foods instead of sugary crap is a slippery slope to Marxism, you’re out of your ever lovin’ mind!

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    You are so right , & this is a start of a take over !

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    Did we forget about the young man tazzed in Florida for asking John Karry a question or three ?
    “Don’t taz me bro”


    HILARY Thinks That If She Gets “In Bed” With This Guy She Will Be The Next President, HA!!! We Have 3 YEARS Before The Next Presidential Elections & obuma Is Going To Make DARN SURE He STAYS Right Where He IS!!!   This Is…YOUR AMERICAN SCHOOLS! ONLY 2 “SO

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       apparently propaganda works quite well on you. my guess is you just started paying attention to politics a couple of years ago which means your about 50 years behind.

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    If this was not picked up by the press, this man would have been charged with crimes and they would not have dropped those charges. I can’t help but to think about all the people who are treated like this with no video proof . Not right . 

    • William Carson Baldwin

      they said he was charged with assaulting a police officer

      • Watch it

         As we could see on the vid, he never assaulted anyone.

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    The politicians and most citizens are acting like teenagers with their parent’s credit cards. The taxpayers have enabled them to become abusive and out of control. The 300 teens who vandalized a football player’s house and then have their parents suing him for asking the teens to clean their mess up. Who are the “Grown-ups” these days?? It takes a lot of personal responsibility to live free. When I first went to Russia in 1991 I was hopeful, but the thugs came out and the individuals who wanted to live free were often jailed or killed. A climate of fear is a very effective weapon, especially when you don’t learn self discipline and responsibility from childhood. Jesus was right when he talked about building your house on rock instead of sand. We have raised a few generations on sand. It does not take a village-it takes a family and even better a church. 

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    You see I did not know about the part of them editing the questions if I where this guy it will be homeschooling for my children from now on. 

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    i would pay his guys way out if i could get to that him……

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    The State Attorney has dropped the charges

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      Or be sued!

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  • Bradley Stracener

    randypants  is  probabably  Islamic or  musilun……..hes  not  an  American,,,,…..the guy  that  glenn beck was  defending  on  that  video, is  right, he  shouldn’t  have  been  escorted out  of  there….free speech, its  his  right  to  be there , and  confront  this  school,  board….I  will not  stand alone,  I  will stand  with  glenn beck,  hes  an  American……..

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      Post your thoughts and arguments at Become one with the truth.

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    IF Glenn Beck’s paranoid “prophecies” (sorry, I didn’t mean to offend LEGITIMATE prophecies) were actually true, he’d be dead already – simply because he speaks out against “the government.”  Obama’s admin will be done in a few years and he’ll have to find something else to be paranoid about.  I’ll have to hand it to him though.  Can you make millions out of your disability like he has? 

    He drives me crazy.  He puts all these things in the article that he “predicted” yet he fails to put all the predictions that fell flat on their faces.  Sure,  you can predict anything these days and be right most of the time.  I’ll bet someone will win the lottery next week!  Put that in your wallet.  

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       If he drives you crazy, why subject yourself to his website? Do yourself a favor, leave and don’t come back.

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    reminds me of JOHN GALT getting up and speaking his mind in Atlas Shrugged!

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    Please I need help. I have three
    girls with me for two years. The parents lawyers are trying to get them back
    home before court. All the lawyers are agreeing to this because he did not
    molest the two little ones just the oldest. I need help to fight this. I need a
    lawyer that can protect these girls. All we want is to go in front of a judge
    Please help me This man is illegal, works under the table illegal but has still not removed him. Please help us find a lawyer. They tell
    us since we are just foster parents/ friends of the family we have no right.

    • Watch it

       Someone working for child protective services should be able to help you. Look in hte phone listings for law firms that deal with custody issues. Call the legal aid people in your area, the American Bar Association. Get on the phone and don’t stop at the first ‘sorry I can’t help you’.

  • Cynthia Baker

    The U.S. DEPT of  EDUCATION is DICTATORSHIP…as is most every thing in USA – we really don’t have have normal – rights. Independent rights — our country is a conglomeration of followers — that is who we are USA FOLLOWERS….QUACK, QUACK…

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    Unbelievable, that America in 2013 ?

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    Get your guns while you can, we are going to go to war with our own, corrupt government.  If you think I’m crazy, that’s cool, you aren’t my problem.  

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    Keep on informing us Glenn!!! We don’t hear the truth from many places any more.. Can’t believe the ignorance out there… can’t believe it..

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    There’s so much information now that it’s really hard to be a liberal, unless you just want to be enslaved!

  • Charlene Gates-Phillips

    Personally, I am glad a man like Glenn Beck is telling people the truth of what’s been happening in our country.  It’s time for people to get their heads out of the sand and get involved.  We can still fast and pray but you have to know what you are praying for.  You sure can’t get the truth from the news anymore.

  • Manuel Manjarrez

    their enemies are traditional americans not muslims

  • Cherilyn Rowley

    My 6th grade teacher who I believe was a product of very liberal college teaching program used to gather us around her and hold these secret sessions.  We could tell no one anything about what happened in these sessions and she let us know that although she was a nice teacher, there would be hell to pay if anyone ever found out what was said in them.  She would have us then write down questions which she would supposedly answer.  I remember being shocked at the questions asked and felt that my fellow classmates were far different people than I thought they were.  I didn’t recognize it then but looking back later I could see that the questions she answered weren’t written by my fellow 6th graders at all but were simply a ruse used by her to educate us in all the amoral, corrupt things liberals seem to want taught openly now, years later.  A convenient way for her to fool us into thinking our fellow students’ views were  different from what they actually were.  It seems this brilliant tactic is still fooling people…

  • Anonymous

    This is what I don’t want in my school district.  We kicked out the union when their collective bargaining  agreement expired and the union is campaigning heavily to get back in this November when four seats are up for election.  I have been looking for ways to support the candidates that are not backed by the union.  I am also a Substitute Teacher in the district looking for a full time job. 

  • Anonymous

    This was exactly like when the student in that collage started questioning what’s his face & got tazed-NOBODY INTHE CROWED TRIED TO STOP IT!!! WHY DAMNIT?!!!

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