WATCH: Stu interviews Breaking Bad‘s Clovis

In honor of Breaking Bad‘s upcoming finale, Stu interviews actor Tom Kiesche about his role in Season 2, working on the show, and his thoughts on what has become a breakout TV hit:

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  • Sam Fisher

    First guys wrong video. Second never watched the show.

    • Anonymous

      you are missing a great show. actually, the best one on at this time.

      • Sam Fisher

        That is what I heard.

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck the best show on TV! The B.S.of A wonderful world of Stu…… only network to watch…The Blaze….theTruth Lives Here! and Aaron Klein on radio and internet!

  • Take 2

    Where is my Stu! 

  • Montesquieu

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to communicate the basics of responsibility, liberty, and prosperity to your social networks:

    • SenorSam

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