7th grader suspended for shooting an airsoft gun… at home!

Khalid Caraballo (Image source: WAVY-TV)

If you heard about a kid being suspended for shooting a toy gun – you’d at least think the “crime” would have happened on school grounds, right? Nope! The world is even more upside down that you’ve probably realized as a seven year old boy has now been suspended for shooting an Airsoft gun in his own yard.

Khalid Caraballo, 12, and his friend, Aidan, were suspended for “possession, handling and use of a firearm”, TheBlaze reported, because they shot at two friends they were playing with while waiting for the school bus. Caraballo has said that he was playing in his yard, seventy yards away from the bus stop.

“You know what would stop this kind of stuff? When the head of the school board’s son or daughter is accused of pointing a finger gun and the police are called,” Glenn said. “When the school board members have their children in trouble because somebody saw them with a Pop‑Tart gun and the police were called.”

“Or if you have 1500 people fed up out of their minds show up at the next school board meeting and demand this nonsense stop,” Pat chimed in.

“Why there is not a group of well‑known preachers that are not in Virginia Beach. They’re in Virginia Beach. Hello. Preachers. Why you’re not going to Virginia Beach and standing up in the school board,” Glenn added.

He continued, “Now, I suppose we can all sit around until one of the school board members’ kids actually point a finger gun at somebody and hope then that the school is actually consistent with their child and the police are called. We can hope that someday one of their children will bring a dangerous Pop‑Tart to class and bite it into the shape of a gun. But while we wait for those things, I would really highly suggest people of reason gather together, people of all faiths gather together. People of all political parties or no political party gather together and go back into your local school board and say Enough is enough. We are not doing Common Core. And this is not a dangerous weapon. It’s a thumb, and a finger. That’s what it is. And if you disagree, arrest me because I can’t wait to take you to court.

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  • Gristle McThornbody
  • Draxx

    Plastic Firearms (made from Toys) Today…

    Bible Burning Tomorrow!!!

  • Draxx

    By this Standard Definition of Childhood Firearms Made From Toys/Plastic, It Will Make Millions Of Kids Criminals and Give Police The Right To Remove ALL Firearms Real or Plastic From The Households…  Also, Parents Will Be Charged With Aiding And Abedding A Criminal For Giving Kids Plastic Toy Firearms!!!

  • Gristle McThornbody

    I was really into airsoft when I was in high school. Boy, they would have gotten a kick out of my SOPMOD

  • Bonnie Somer

    in their own yard OMG how far is too far THIS

  • Gristle McThornbody

    I also had a PSG-1 and MK23. 

    We ran all over town “playing” with these things. Not the smartest thing I ever did, but goddamn was it fun.

  • E Van

    If the word “firearm” is actually being used, they’re home free as an air gun is an “airarm” not a firearm. Then sue for libel, slander, lying, cheating, being stupid, etc. Make the school board and school administrators, each individually pay these two children damages every year until they become adults. Make them remember it’s not alright every day for the remainder of their lives.

    • Bertha W. Bailey

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    I have one like his and shot myself to see if I die and I am still here bunch of morons running these schools.

  • OpenMinded

    Time for a lot of people to file charges against these idiots. I’m sure that there are enough laws on the books to find something to charge them for.  Or have them commited because this is just insanity. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice AR-15 that kid has

  • Anonymous

    A “firearm” has to have “fire” (i.e., the explosive release of energy that propels the bullet down the barrel).  Non-firing toys are required to have orange tips to make it clear to Law Enforcement and others that it is a non-firing toy.  This toy is not a firearm.  That’s issue one.

    Issue two: what you do on your own property, outside of school hours, is not in any way the school’s responsibility, hence it can’t be an issue for the school.

    However, if the two kids he shot were at a school bus stop on public property, there might be a complaint of harassment – but not firearms. 

    Jeeze-Louise … does anybody but me wonder about the intelligence of those entrusted with teaching our children, if they can’t figure this out?  Even if they could, doing something like this in the Internet age (where everything becomes news), is an IQ test, and they just flunked.

    Ned in Vegas (proud firearm owner who knows the difference)

  • thebosspeople101

    I shot myself in the foot right now to see if it killed me and no it didnt. You know, Me and my friend have airsoft wars. Not at school. This is like me playing paintball for my 10th birthday and getting suspended, Btw im 11

  • http://www.yoursocialmediamentor.net/ Wayne Ulery

    We need to ban together and drive common core out of our school systems.  Enough is enough!  But, just commenting on a blog is not good enough.  We need to take action and band together!  

  • Carla Butler

    how do we contact this principle? This is absurd I can’t stand anymore nonsense! 

  • Anonymous

    if you want to know who the nut jobs are in this country just go to your local public schools and look at the adults who are not really mature enough to teach and administer at these schools!

  • Anonymous

    If these Godless progressives get away with banning students from doing legal activities on their own property, what will stop them from suspending students for doing other activities that are not allowed at school, like praying or reading the Bible at home?  Heaven help high school students who have after-school jobs that require them to use a nail gun, a staple gun, or a glue gun. These leftist loons in our schools couldn’t tell the difference between anything that ends in the word “gun” if their lives depended on it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s kind of understandable, actually. Not only did the story say the kid was pointing the gun at the bus but he was playing with a gun that shoots hard things meant to hurt people. So that’s one of the reasons it’s called a firearm even though there aren’t any bullets in it. Whoever suspened the kid probably figured if he was playing with it while waiting for the bus he may want it on the bus with him and everyone would play with it. Which would mean the driver would be liable for any problems. Plus, who knows with guns anymore what looks real and what doesn’t. Guns come in all kinds of colors nowadays.

    • Anonymous

      No, actually it is not ” kind of understandable. It has been alleged that these kids shot airsoft pellets outside of the confines of the family front yard. The story is full of inconsistencies. The facts are: the kids were playing with these toys off school property and outside of school hours. Not only is this not the jurisdiction of the principal, he acted on hearsay and speculation. Your comment,” who knows with guns anymore what looks real and what doesn’t. Guns come in all kinds of colors nowadays.” is irrelevant and, quite frankly, sickeningly histrionic.

    • SRM29

      He was playing with a TOY gun that shoots tiny plastic pellets that do not hurt people. You don’t have a clue what airsoft is. The principal suspended the boy when he got to school. The boy did not have the toy gun on him, so obviously the boy didn’t intend to bring it with him. 
      I hardly find it “understandable” that he will now have a “possession, handling and use of a firearm” charge in his school transcripts. Once a college reads that, they will believe the boy fired a real gun on school grounds because they used the term “firearm”. That ruins any chance for that boy to go to college. 

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    for a kid he’s got an impressive technique.

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  • Kat Brennan

    An airsoft gun is not a firearm! You can definitely harm yourself if you’re being stupid with it but it is not comparable to a firearm at all. http://airgunssupplies.com/airsoft-rifles.html

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