Khalid Caraballo (Image source: WAVY-TV)

If you heard about a kid being suspended for shooting a toy gun – you’d at least think the “crime” would have happened on school grounds, right? Nope! The world is even more upside down that you’ve probably realized as a seven year old boy has now been suspended for shooting an Airsoft gun in his own yard.

Khalid Caraballo, 12, and his friend, Aidan, were suspended for “possession, handling and use of a firearm”, TheBlaze reported, because they shot at two friends they were playing with while waiting for the school bus. Caraballo has said that he was playing in his yard, seventy yards away from the bus stop.

“You know what would stop this kind of stuff? When the head of the school board’s son or daughter is accused of pointing a finger gun and the police are called,” Glenn said. “When the school board members have their children in trouble because somebody saw them with a Pop‑Tart gun and the police were called.”

“Or if you have 1500 people fed up out of their minds show up at the next school board meeting and demand this nonsense stop,” Pat chimed in.

“Why there is not a group of well‑known preachers that are not in Virginia Beach. They’re in Virginia Beach. Hello. Preachers. Why you’re not going to Virginia Beach and standing up in the school board,” Glenn added.

He continued, “Now, I suppose we can all sit around until one of the school board members’ kids actually point a finger gun at somebody and hope then that the school is actually consistent with their child and the police are called. We can hope that someday one of their children will bring a dangerous Pop‑Tart to class and bite it into the shape of a gun. But while we wait for those things, I would really highly suggest people of reason gather together, people of all faiths gather together. People of all political parties or no political party gather together and go back into your local school board and say Enough is enough. We are not doing Common Core. And this is not a dangerous weapon. It’s a thumb, and a finger. That’s what it is. And if you disagree, arrest me because I can’t wait to take you to court.