Did Bill Gates admit the real purpose of Common Core?

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On radio this morning, Glenn played audio dating all the way back to 2009 National Conference of State Legislators, where Common Core funder and supporter Bill Gates spoke candidly about the education system’s goals. In the wake of a growing number of alarming stories about Common Core – including the Maryland dad who was arrested for raising concerns about the system and the various textbooks that have been found to contain questionable information – Gates’ remarks take on a frightening new meaning.

GATES: Fortunately, the state-led Common Core State Standards Initiative is developing clear, rigorous common standards that match the best in the world. Last month, 46 Governors and Chief State School Officers made a public commitment to embrace these common standards.

This is encouraging—but identifying common standards is not enough. We’ll know we’ve succeeded when the curriculum and the tests are aligned to these standards.

Secretary Arne Duncan recently announced that $350 million of the stimulus package will be used —

“Think of that. $350 million from stimulus,” Pat said. “$200 million now from Gates. I don’t know how much from Yahoo [and Google]. But we’re easily close to 700 million right now. We might be close to a billion dollars.”

“No, it is stunning,” Glenn said. “And, by the way, what Bill Gates is announcing – the White House has in past said ‘That’s not true. We’re not doing any of that stuff.’ I mean everything he’s talking about…

“He spills it all here,” Pat interjected.

GATES: — to create just these kinds of tests—next-generation assessments aligned to the common core. When the tests are aligned to the common standards, the curriculum will line up as well—and that will unleash powerful market forces in the service of better teaching.

“Stop. Wait a minute. It will unleash a powerful market for people looking to learn how to teach the children,” Glenn asked. “And so what they’re saying here is Bill Gates is developing software that will be used in this. That’s why he’s investing all of this money because Microsoft will be able to own and sell all of the software for this particular system. So they’ve really invested in it. Let’s get this system through because look how much money – we have a ‘powerful’ new market.”

“Now, can you imagine saying that about anything else,” Glenn continued. “Imagine if McDonald’s [or Coca-Cola or Pepsi] said, ‘If we can just get this through, our charitable arm of Coca‑Cola has put in all of this stuff in lunch rooms because it will be good for the kids and healthy, but it also will provide us a powerful new market.’ It’s amazing.”

“This is an amazing moment of honesty from Gates because normally he would sell this, I would think, in that, ‘Umm, I really believe in this because our kids will grow up to be better employees and they will be able to work at Microsoft and we’ll have more skilled, trained employees in the future,’” Pat said. “That’s the way I’d be selling it if I were investing $200 million.”

One of the aspects of Common Core that hasn’t been discussed at any great length is the idea of creating a new generation, a new work force that has been educated in a specific way.

“Could we, could we just look at that, though, for a second because on the surface, that does sound good. That, oh, they’re going to train for a job. Okay. You’ve got a corporation training people not by choice,” Glenn said. “Let’s say the Glenn Beck School of Broadcast. If you want to come to the Glenn Beck School of Broadcast, you can come to the Glenn Beck School of Broadcast and I’ll teach your kids about history and everything else, all the way up because it will provide great new reporters for TheBlaze, great new filmmakers for TheBlaze. That’s great. That would be your choice.”

“But if Glenn Beck was putting in all of this money and dumping it in because I say ‘I’m going to have all these new trained workers and I’m going to help design the curriculum and everything else,’ if I and a group of other industrialists were all getting together and saying, ‘Let’s do this because this is going to be good for us,’ that’s evil,” he continued.

“That’s one of the aspects of this Common Core thing we haven’t really talked about much is that part of this plan is to pigeonhole the kids into a certain line of work. And they are going to decide, by the time they are in junior high or something, middle school. The plan is to know whether they are going to be a technician, a mechanic or a doctor. And then you funnel them through that system.”

GATES: For the first time, there will be a large uniform base of customers eager to buy products that can help every kid learn and every teacher get better.

“So let’s just translate. So this is great because it’s going to help kids learn. But, listen to me. There are going to be a long line of customers. Uniform customers,” Glenn said. “I just have to make one product because nobody’s going to get out of that product line… He starts in the beginning talking about how this is a state run, state run, state run. No, it’s not. Why is the U.N. involved in this? It’s state‑run. The governors have been convinced, ‘Oh, they came up with this. No, they didn’t. Don’t you see, you governors, you’ve been played. Now, an honest governor will come out in an honest moment and reflect and say, ‘Gosh, was I played? Wait a minute. What?’ These governors are all taking ownership of this and they didn’t have anything to do with it. And they want to believe that they are changing everything for the better, and they are not.”

“We are dealing with evil. And if you want to look at it just from the standpoint of not manipulating our children with their data and everything else, just look at it. Leftists, just look at it as gigantic corporations going in and controlling your children’s future. Don’t you want your child to be able to say, ‘No, there’s more to me than an employee of Microsoft.’ ‘There’s more to me than an employee of GE or an employee of Google,’” Glenn continued. “Maybe my kid wants to put Google and Microsoft out of business. There’s more to me than just a worker for somebody else. I mean, it’s incredible how we are enslaving ourselves and doing it so clearly.”

  • Draxx

    They are using all that money and Claim That There Is Zero Funds For Schools and Standard Public Educations….

  • Anonymous

    Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will — Goebbels

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Draxx

    The Gov’t is going to Know Everything Your Child Does With Bill Gates Software In Their Computers, And Have The Ability To Change Corriculum On The Fly While The Computers Are Being Used To Make Sure Indoctrination Happens In Real Time…

  • Draxx

    The Federal Government and the U.N. Need To Get The Hell Out Of My Childs Education!!!  Soon, Home Schooling Is Going To Be Totally illegal So That They Can Get Their Hands On YOUR CHILD…

    • Bertha W. Bailey

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      • Shamas

        Wow….did she attend one of them there Common Core skules like you? Dumbass!

    • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

      U dreaming again! That will never happen. EDUCATION is FOR ALL, especially public education, which it is a right for our children. If you don’t like the school system, do homeschooling or pay for a private school . . . Its your choice. That’s all conservatives want . . . freedom, choices

      • Draxx

        The Individual States are supposed to be in control of Public Education, Not The Federal Gov’t… They are overstepping State Sovereignty!

      • Kendrick Reed

        You can do home school but if they don’t accept the curriculum you teach then you don’t get a diploma. Also, your source for educational books they allow will come from the same sources the public school system uses. So your child can learn what you want them too of course but they’ll still be exposed to the curriculum the system requires. Education is for all but a mislead education can end in tragedy. Education is not pure there is good sold education based on facts, logic and history. Then there is distorted education altered for a agenda. Learn some history most big project like this don’t improve society they are funded by private agendas. Classcism should not be approval for the right to dicatate. Money is not a vote but that seems to be the way we’ve choose. When and if this chapter of the American Experiment is opened then we’ll see the results. I hope that day doesn’t occur all children deserve a good education, but not a dictated one track system imposed by the government.

  • Anonymous

    Parents need to remove their children from the public indoctrination centers posing as schools en masse.  The system is broken beyond repair.  Home school, private religious school, whatever it takes to save their children from this insidious brainwashing and manipulation.  Then, get busy for the midterm elections – sweep the debris out of DC; then on to the 2016 election vote out the rest of the vermin.

    • Anonymous

       Sadly, even the Catholic schools have subscribed to this crap.

      • Patrick Carlin

        I read that somewhere, too. . .  .mainly because of the money shortage that is causing Catholic schools to close down everywhere.

        • Patrick Carlin

           A promise of FEDERAL funds is causing the entire Educational system to sell the souls of students. . . .

          • Anonymous

            catholic schools closed due do having to follow State Standards…where is the separation of church and state? Our Founders wanted to Keep The State Out Of The Church Not To Keep CHurch Out Of The State! The Left Twists Everything! because the Left Follow the Father if Lies–Lucifer! as in example their playbook ‘RulesForRadicals’ book dedicated to Lucifer! are We Now The UNA-UNionNations of Amerika!

          • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

            Because EDUCATION curriculum should not and must not be align with any religious beliefs. Catholic schools will still offer religious classes and prayers throughout the day . . . I believe that’s good enough.

          • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

            Why? Because one of most influencial and powerful personalities of our American generation happens to be a liberal/progressive. Am sure conservatives would not complain if the Common Core were sponsor by the Koh Brothers. U conservative are so full of fear and anger that everything NOT conservative is wrong. Open your mind, Bill Gates want the same thing we want for our children . . . to raise education and expectations for the 21st century job movement. Am sure the GOP would be happy to have Mr. Gates on their side. Can you guys see that everything GB is doing is fear mongering . . .

          • Jon

            See, here is the difference.  Conservatives want government out of our lives no matter who is pushing it.  We are against socialism and against crony-capitalism.  Ironically, you favor both by favoring Common Core.

          • Anonymous

            the purpose of education is to be educated not to be a cog for business

          • Shamas

            I respectfully disagree. Conservatives are not as much “full of fear” as they are full of Americanism and the US Constitution. “Common Core” is a very old ideology. It is nothing more than a communist indoctrination system that has been used many times in the past. Hitler use the education system to teach his brand of communist / Nazism to young people. Stalin use the the U.S.S.R education system to indoctrinate young minds with the Leninism / Marxism ideology. Mao Tzu Tung use it within his education system as well. And for the adults, Mao devised “Re-Education Camps (Prison facilities) where men and women were sent to have their minds and thoughts re-programmed through “education”. Indeed, Common Core represents everything Real Americans cannot and will not tolerate. Now the biggest question is: Are you a Real American? Or are you one of those self-righteous global communists that Real Americans despise?

          • Watch it

            I agree. This Common Core is what Gates and his ilk like because they will get good little ‘cookie cutter’ employees for their businesses in the future.

          • Anonymous

            Turning schools in to mere worker factories.

          • Roberta Welch

            first of all you are so very stupid they are brainwashing our children Hitler did this and so did russians it is to get the children away from parental thinking and to be subverviant to the government any thing the government does is not for the good of people it is for the good of the government to make everyone be one class poor class there won’t be any workers cause there won’t be any jobs only military and not the military that we have the military like nazis

          • Anonymous

            You’re Wrong … But this is how you justify the indoctrination of our kids. You convince yourself that if this were a Republican Idea, we’d be for it. You would be wrong.

          • tkhk3746

            You’re WRONG PACHY SERRANO! And you’re ignorant! This isn’t about “concern for students! As an educator, this is mind control and government control! But, worse than that? It’s about $$$$$ Educate yourself before you allow your ignorance to show!

          • Lisa Marie Woodrich

            3+5 do this math problem the common core way then see if your opinion is the same

          • Anonymous

            And… It isn’t even much money by the time it gets down to the local districts.

      • Penny Mulligan

        How do you know this? Are you saying some or all?  I’m looking for a private school, preferably Catholic, but there is only one in my small town.  I called and spoke to the principle and told him I needed to tour the school and thoroughly research the place.  I told him I was considering sending my daughter because I’m a conservative and before I could say anything more he told me he was a member of the Heritage Foundation.  I thought that was a good sign.

        • Anonymous

           Some.  100, of the 195, dioceses have signed on.  It depends upon where you live.  Go to your states diocese website.  If you can’t find it mentioned, one way to the other, call.  The dioceses are being just as vague as public school about Common Core.  A form letter was sent out, last week.  There are also anti-CC catholic groups.  Look for them on Facebook.
          To quell concerns, our local diocese stated “we are ad”a”pting to common core, not ad”o”pting common core”.  Doesn’t that make you feel better ?

    • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

      So, have you ever think about conservative brainwashing and manipulation. There is always two sides to the story . . . don’t you think?? I would prefer to take Mr. Gates’ word than any other corporate leader out there. His company has brought glory and money to lots of folks including liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans, libertarians, rich, white, poor, black, latino, foreign, domestic, etc. The guy is an icon for this generation, its just happen to be more in line with progressives than conservatives, but that’s a given . . . Nerdy guys tend to be more liberal cause they believe in science.

      • Anonymous

         If nerds believe in science, why are they still pounding the global warming drums ?  The “science” tells them it ain’t happening like they preach.  Gates is an ideologue (with a lot of money to promote his views – and future customers)

      • Anonymous

        This guy is an icon/poster-boy for money, power, control and Agenda 21.

    • Shamas

      Good point! I might even consider supporting efforts to actually ‘fix’ the federally run, Department of Education, except for simple the fact; the US Constitution makes absolutely NO mention whatsoever of an education system that is supposed to be funded and controlled by the federal government. NONE.
      “Public education” does not fall within the federal government’s constitutional jurisdiction. Hence, you can always tell when the US has strayed off course and is heading towards a despotic government… whenever the US government steps in and seizes control over those duties which are specifically assigned to the respective states. Indeed, that’s when the US Constitution is being violated and the US is off course. I.e.,…Medical care, education, gay marriage, unemployment benefits, etc…these are all duties in which the states were assigned to handle…not the federal government. Likewise, it is the Federal government’s responsibility to secure our US borders and protect our Nation from foreign invasions. (I.e., just like the ongoing Mexican invasion of the US today). If everyone in our governments would simply focus on performing their own assigned tasks and stop trying take over everyone else’s jobs, the US wouldn’t be in such a mess today.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    We all know liberals want to brain wash everyone and here is the proof.

  • Vince Fox

    Over the last several years our schools have installed Smart Boards in every classroom. Interactive whiteboards using…… you guessed it, Microsoft Systems.

    And recent talk is that they are looking at doing away with text books altogether and going to tablets for all students that can have there lessons downloaded and updated as needed.

    Any bets on who created that technology?

    • Anonymous

      Smartboards are not tied to Microsoft, Vince.  They’re PC or Mac compatible, like most classroom tech devices, but anyway, that’s only the OS platform; the software is made by Smart.  And there are many other types of interactive boards that compete with Smart, and they’re also both PC and Mac and write their own software and/or are open architecture..

      Same is true of tablets in classrooms.  Biggest seller to date is iPad by Apple, and then Chromebook by Google.  Tablets have enormous capability for improving education and reducing cost, as does all of this classroom technology.  Currently, textbook providers are simply making digital versions of their books, so kids don’t have to lug them around, and they can be updated rather than becoming obsolete.  Makes perfect sense.

      Get your facts straight.  

      • Vince Fox

        I apologize if my information was incorrect. When I looked up smart board software it said … “Some applications commonly used with the Smart Board are Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and AutoCAD”

        • Anonymous

          Sure, it’s common to use Smartboards with MS software, but the same is true with any product that’s computer-based. Smartboards are meaningless to Gates and MS. My comment was directed at the idea that there is a conspiracy surrounding Common Core. There is not, it’s simply an educational initiative that most informed people realize is intended to help improve the quality of education nationwide. Don’t swallow the bait Beck is offering, it’s toxic.

          • Anonymous

            I disagree. I’ve read the modules. The inference children are to make from passages is not always age appropriate. The math is a convoluted process to get a simple answer. The implementation of these standards were not a well thought out process… instead it was a rush job for a money grab. No conspiracy. It’s not hidden. Bill Gates freely says how much money he’s thrown at this initiative to promote his future market.

            So YOU need to open your eyes.. because YOU are the reason the politicians use the credo “the masses are asses”

          • Anonymous

            YOU disagree? Who are YOU? YOUR opinion matters about zilch. YOU don’t seem to understand Gates’ role or much of anything else.

            Gee, BP, I must have missed it when “the politicians” published their credo…thanks for the update. Can you name some names?

            YOU got any updates on the physicians’ credo? I hear they’re gonna change it to fit Obamacare.

          • Anonymous

            I’m a person who has researched and read the modules. But do tell… what is Gate’s role since YOU are so knowledgeable ..

            As for the politicians.. the proof is in the pudding. They don’t need to “publish” it.. why would they… if it’s written they can’t deny it.

            methinks thou doth protesteth too much.

          • Anonymous

            Gates is a philanthropist. He gives money and promotes causes he believes in.

            CC was developed and approved by educators all over the country. You find fault with it? Bully for you. Public education is an inherently complicated, difficult field; politicizing and demagoguing it only serves to make it worse.

            I think you must eat some strange pudding. Politicians come in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. Have some for dinner some time.

            Did you learn Shakespeare from Michele Bachmann?

          • Anonymous

            CC was developed by small companies who were paid millions for them. States are already tossing it aside. Gates hires his own family to run these orgs. He pays them millions and passes his wealth to his family while only paying payroll taxes as opposed to inheritance taxes.

          • Anonymous

            Not only that, but he’s also behind the fluoridation of water, and he recently purchased all the tin foil hat manufacturing plants in China.

      • Patrick Carlin

         If you worked in a classroom for 25+ years as I have, you would find that much of the new “technology”, although fun, is not producing the kind of attention and comprehension necessary for students to LEARN.   All the glitters is not gold, no matter how impressive it looks on the surface.

        • Anonymous

          I work in education as well, and I agree with you that new technology doesn’t always lead to improved learning. However, this is mostly due to the fact that new technology is not being properly implemented; the potential is there, and it’s enormous and transformative. Also, most of the stuff is new enough that we haven’t yet figured out how best to take advantage of it.

          BTW, Smartboards are already outmoded. There are much less expensive devices that do the same thing, are much smaller and much easier to use.

      • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

        Don’t pay mind to our conservative folks. They been brain-washed by GB and his crew for years. No matter how you would present it, they will always believe Mr. Gates, Apple computers, Google, Facebook, etc. are evil and bad for this country because they happen to be progressive/liberal minds. They can’t deal with the fact these “nerdy” guys are pro-Obama. They now hate their guts, but they still buying their products. Its super funny to see GB crowling on his chair about this. Am sure he will come up with an education platform soon for conservative schools and communities. For them, its all about divide and conquer, they really dont give a damn about how other American kids are doing . Its all about idealogy and “principles” . . . B.S.

        • Shamas

          Psst! Lean over here and I’ll tell you a little secret. Obama isn’t his real name. Surprised? His real name is Bathhouse Barry Soetoro. He’s a Kenyon-born, flaming homosexual communist and a jive-turkey. He’s also a global communist (New World Order freak) who has obviously managed to brainwash you royally! ROTFL! Feel dumb yet? You should. Gates is Bathhouse Barry’s good buddy. Gates is actively advocating childhood vaccinations to “control the Earth’s population”…Indeed Gates’ exact words. Gates and Barry are both very evil men, my friend. But I’m sure you will learn that fact once you allow yourself to mature.
          Yes…these are real photos. Not photo shopped.

    • Barb Gabhart

      My son has been using a tablet for the 2nd year in a row now.  this year, it is most disturbing as he started high school.   there are no more textbooks, and i cannot see what he is actually learning.  Not only that, but trying to get any information is absolutely ludicrous. It is all bait and switch and no real answers…..just like politics/politicians.  He is using a Chromebook put out by Google this year.  Which if i am not mistaken is this not one of the companies in full support of the common core?   Last year, it was a MAC.  Common Core is not set to be fully implemented until next year, but they sure are all geared up for it.  I can only imagine what is in store when it does go into full effect.   I used to home school my children, perhaps i will end up doing so again, and it would be easier now that there is only one left in the nest..  A lot of what i am reading and seeing happening has me completely concerned.

    • Anonymous

       think I remember The gate’s being so very friendly with this guy who said we need to cut down on the world population by injecting some infertility agent into vaccines???
      Can’t remember the name?  I do not like gates nor did I like job (rip) or this other kid (Internet mogul) these guys got too big for their pritches much too fast!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

      Sure. That’s the future and has nothing to do w/ Bill Gates. It just happen to be that Mr. Gates and also Apple computers are liberal/progressive supporters. Who cares! They are the smart ones here in our America. Am sure you be OK if the Koh Brothers were doing Common Core instead. Don’t believe the hype GB is trying to push here, its all pundit politics for him and his crew . . . don’t you see it??

  • Brontefan

    All we are doing is indoctrinating our children into a socialist conditioning. 

  • Anonymous

    Gates kind of looks like Harry Reid in that picture you showed of him. Do progressives eventually take on the looks of one another???  LOL

    • Chucknoland

      Look up Promethean board. then try to connect dots. JP Morgan / Bill Gates its for the COMMON good. you may find health care in the stew.

  • ellievl

    Technology with government and the powerful wealthy have become an evil life force! They are gaining control of our culture which is blind to the evil. This system is devoid of humanity, it has no soul, no spirit and is not of sound mind! It is hard for me to believe that my God will allow this to continue! God created us to be in relationship with Him! If humanity does not rise up and stop this, I believe that at some point God will step in! When he does I will be ready! It is really clear that quite a few may be left behind, being Gods unto themselves, Our Father will look at them and say,” I never knew you!” The only force shield I know of is The Bible and prayer! Praying for America to be saved by our God who is ABOVE ALL!

    • Thomas Mrak

      There are wealthy people who are decent people. But, I wonder about someone who uses their money to influence educational policy.

      Andrew Carnegie did the same thing and his money continues to be used to influence our flawed educational system.While Gates came from a far more privileged background, it’s both obvious they felt the need to “help” the little people. 

      If Gates truly wanted to help Americans, he would be encouraging people to be more entrepreneurial than focus on being subservient to others.

      • Thomas Mrak

        Also, standards that the children of the wealthy won’t have to adhere to, as they will be sent to expensive schools where they will be taught to think and reason, and rely on social skills instead of GPA and SAT scores.

      • Thomas Mrak

        Also, standards that the children of the wealthy won’t have to adhere to, as they will be sent to expensive schools where they will be taught to think and reason, and rely on social skills instead of GPA and SAT scores.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brooke.mcclure.73 Brooklynn McClure

    In light of the newly implemented Common Core Standards, a few of us average citizens in Temecula, CA got together and hosted a Choices in Education Conference.  It was the first of its kind in our area — or anywhere that we know of.  We (3 moms) invited ALL alternative school options in the area – private schools, commonwealth schools, charter schools, home schools, and online schools – to gather under ONE roof for ONE day, have a booth, promote their school, etc… We had a keynote speaker, question and answer panel, and then allowed parents to peruse the various booths. Then, we invited the ENTIRE community of local parents to join us for the day.  Considering we had about $0 budget to work with, the Choices in Education Conference was a HUGE success.  Many parents, schools and vendors thanked us for hosting this event and look forward to participating again in the future.  
    Additionally, citizens in the surrounding areas of San Diego and Orange County have expressed interest in hosting similar conferences of their own. In addition to getting worked up about this issue of Common Core, I urge ALL citizens to also DO something about it.  Perhaps hosting a Choices in Education Conference of your own is the way to go.  Many parents don’t make changes in their children’s education simply because they don’t know of the myriad option out there available to them.  Help them get educated.  
    You can get an idea of what we did in our community by visiting choicesineducation(dot)org.

    • Jane Doe

       I applaud you, but any school accepting ANY federal money will have to comply with CCSS, including online schools and yes even some charter schools.  K12 has implemented CCSS slowly over the last couple years. The only way to get away from CCSS is to traditionally home school or private schools that do not accept federal funding.  Even with traditionally home schooling, you have to research to see if the curricula you desire to use is aligned, not aligned, or not trying but not preventing the alignment either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brooke.mcclure.73 Brooklynn McClure

    Ooops, it’s actually choicesineducation(dot)net.

  • Bella Angel

    They are using all that money and CLAIM they do not have any for Public Schools and Standard Public Educations……. The Federal Government and the UN get out of our children’s education NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    people like Gates, reed Obumer McConnell  tell you it all about helping people but I think its all about the money and power  and control .

  • omnytamer

    Never thought I would see the day liberals teamed up with Bill Gates.  It’s like that time Lex Luthor worked together with Superman.  Of course, Luthor turned on Superman and tried to kill him after he no longer needed him.  Maybe I should send Gates a copy of that issue.

  • Anonymous

    Common core has already turned my stomach!

  • Elizabeth Rubenstein

    the only ones who benefit from the common core curriculum are the testing corporations.
    our children are not standard or common!

  • Gristle McThornbody

    Bill Gates has donated millions to the organization I work for and there are Macs everywhere.

    Fuck off.

  • Gristle McThornbody

    Next Generation Condom

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is offering $100,000 to the scientist who can develop a new and improved condom, one that “significantly preserves or enhances pleasure, in order to improve uptake and regular use” according to the Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges in Global Health website. The condom challenge is one of five health initiatives put forward in Round 11 of the Grand Challenges Explorations, a program that rewards innovative, unorthodox approaches to global health and disease prevention.

    What a communist asshole, am I right?

    • Anonymous

      Enhanced pleasure and regular use?  Way cool!  Are they conducting the product testing near me?  Need volunteers?

      Gotta love these Commie rats!  

  • Gristle McThornbody

    I just cannot get over Glenn Beck calling Bill Gates a communist.

    The guy founded Microsoft, a company that changed the world, and rewards money to innovators.

    Fuck is wrong with you people?

    • https://twitter.com/DMcNee52 Cracker LongHorn

      The guy founded Microsoft, a company that changed the world, and rewards money to innovators.

      Lol, Boy, what planet are you from, Son?  Name one thing, I say, NAME ONE thing MsVirusSoft has created?   Beside a Virus Operating System?

      You can’t, Son.  That’s because your Dumb, I say Boy, Dumb.  Look at your Face, Son, ya need to close mouth, Boy.  Now, I say, I say, Ya letting Flies in Son.   Your Dumb, Boy

  • Babylonandon

    A more important issue exists here than just creating a Microsoft generation, Glenn. In case you’ve forgotten, Bill and Melinda Gates are ALSO big fans of Thomas Malthus. Remember him?

    First guy to postulate that we are rapidly heading towards overpopulation and that something drastic has to be done. Bill has given speeches repeatedly talking about using vaccines to introduce abortificants into women so they will never be able to carry a child to term.
    Think that is just a silly intellectual talking point? Back in the early 1990’s between 3 and 5 million Philippine women were rendered unable to have children after WHO and the UN ran an experiment that involved using Tetanus shots to introduce the abortificant. The Philippine government tried for years to get justice but they were threatened with sanctions by the IMF and World Bank to be quiet.


    With full access to education AND the children what else might Bill and Melinda be capable of doing “to save the planet from climate change”?

  • EggHead

    Trusting Bill Gates is like trusting Darth Vader.  Before Steve Jobs took a big ole dump on the Evil Empire, Darth ruled it.    Education must move to a Socialist system.  It’s called the Internet, Fishes.  It’s Free.  This model works when your production and distribution cost is zero or logarithmically approaches zero.

    It’s an elementary God Funny on Capitalism when you think about.   Kind of like a Voltaire/God is a Comedian Joke I guess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cheryl.blubaugh Cheryl Blubaugh

    Dear God this sounds like the training of robots, I want all the American children to be able to think for themselves and to decide what they want to do, not to be programmed to be good little workers.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    You are a lamp of liberty, a shining beacon for all to see. Glow brighter, shine bigger: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

    ditto – sick of your mouth man! Gates is just has power hungry as they come. And what ORGANISATION ARE YOU WORKING FOR – being informed about the global Health challenge – yea – infertility agent injected into people for the control of the world population – is that the GLOBAL HEALTH matter you are tooting about?

  • Watch it

    This is Communism structured in a way to benefit business, not individuals.

    • Abba Okoro

      It’s called Corporatism or NATIONAL-SOCIALISM

      • Watch it

        You’re 8 months too late

        • Abba Okoro

          I know man lol Sorry for the late reply

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i think it’s safe to say that bill gates is, at the very least, a socialist.  because he has soooo much dough, this makes him an imperialist.

  • Anonymous

    So does Glenn believe in the free market or not? 

  • Defend The Constitution

    One if by land, two if by sea. Shine brighter: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

    It Seems The Left and Right Stemmed From The Criminals on the Left And Right Of Christ On The Cross! The Criminal on the Left did Not Believe,Condemned Christ on Cross As God. The Criminal on Right Believed Christ on cross As God…however both were criminals.. But The Left are Followers of Lucifer! like their hundred year playbook ‘RulesForRadicals.’ dedicated to Lucifer under president woodrow wilson. taking what worked with every Progressive President and putting it in their narcisisist puppet barry-Hussein-Obama the islam brotherhood anti-american terrorist. terrorist bill ayers is still bombing America with barry-Hussein-ObombA! with the power of anti-Semetic-Nazi-Jew-George-Schwartz-Soros! thats is why we the people need to Speak Up and get people back to God and His Church To Save US! 

  • Anonymous

    It Seems The Left and Right Stemmed From The Criminals on the Left And Right Of Christ On The Cross! The Criminal on the Left did Not Believe,Condemned Christ on Cross As God. The Criminal on Right Believed Christ on cross As God…however both were criminals.. But The Left are Followers of Lucifer! like their hundred year playbook ‘RulesForRadicals.’ dedicated to Lucifer under president woodrow wilson. taking what worked with every Progressive President and putting it in their narcisisist puppet barry-Hussein-Obama the islam brotherhood anti-american terrorist. terrorist bill ayers is still bombing America with barry-Hussein-ObombA! with the power of anti-Semetic-Nazi-Jew-George-Schwartz-Soros! thats is why we the people need to Speak Up and get people back to God and His Church To Save US! 

  • Anonymous

    END THE FED! END THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! AND MAKE IT THE PEOPLES GOVERNMENT! just like citifield should be taxpayers field, since we bought citibank with bailouts. Make Public Servants Work For US We The People…Public Servants a VolunteerJob!

  • sheilashaver

    Somebody needs to put a stop to Bill Gates.  If he really thinks CC is the best thing and is such a humanitarian, he needs to not accept one cent and donate EVERYTHING for free.

  • Concerned Educator

    While I agree that there are some “iffy” motives in the “test”, the reality is we have been tracking students far longer than the dawn of the Common Core.  We have long placed kids into a track at a very young age.  We label them “gifted” or “academically challenged” or “difficult” or “lazy” or “good student”…and we set the expectations according to those labels.  We label kids based on socioeconomic backgrounds.  I was told in high school that since my mother was a secretary and my father was a truck driver, I should probably go to, at most a 2 year college, because I’d end up “just working in an office and leaving to have a family.”  That was 1984.  Flash forward 30 years and I am now finishing up a PhD in Education at a prestigious institution.  Did we just start tracking students?  I have plenty of evidence from my personal experiences and my observations as an educator that the Common Core hasn’t tracked students.  Our education system has long done that.

    I don’t mind the Common Core standards – I want my students to think, read and write critically. I do have a big problem in the assessment because, at least in NY, the assessment did not accurately assess the standards.  The assessment was an exercise in speed reading and lackluster writing…

    And hate to break the news to those who think anything in our world can be “standard”.  To expect all students across the nation to be able to do the same thing with the same ability is ridiculous.  My students and I have just begun studying The Giver.  Funny how dystopian novels warn us about the ills of “sameness” but someone in power thinks the world would be much better if we were cookie cutter.

  • Anonymous

    If you are comparing yourself to the rest of the world, it’s like being the tallest snake in the swamp.

  • Anonymous

    As of August 1, 2013 COMMONCORE and it’s CSCOPE teaching materials have been illegal in Texas. NONE of the 800 Texas school districts can use it, teach from it or even have COMMONCORE materials in their possession.

  • Dick Obama

    In someways I agree with a common core as far as developing a trained workforce. Our citizens lack the knowledge and skills to compete in the high tech fields. A person should be tested through out their school career and encouraged to pursue what they are best. The common core should be restricted from any multicultural, diversity training or religious training of any type. This type of training should only be by the parents.

  • Anonymous

    Makes sense y he named his computer and the logo of an APPLE WITH A BITE OUT OF IT, bc that was used for the first sin 2 take place. He is evil and works for the devil. N he says the common core. Funny theres a core of an apple. Meaning of Apple is warrior of light. That is the devil himself.  Bill Gates uses the term ” The true color of the mind, let there be light. well let there be light was the creation of the sun by God. Evil has taken over alright.

  • Roxanne Ludvich-Willis

    Oh I have so much to say on the standards, PARCC test, Gates’ involvement, data mining, and they say they are trying to raise the standards to compete. They are teaching them on an abacus….really? Everything in this curriculum is ass backwards! you have to draw arrays and tape diagrams and circles and skip counting diagram to solve 2×3 really? come on my formally straight A 3rd grade son is now failing and crying about school work. I cant answer the questions. My local Catholic Private School is holding strong to their standards and curriculum. I pulled my son and put him there. I am glad cause I was about to pickup and move to Texas! My biggest problem with common core is that in high school the reading portion is 30% non-fiction and 70% TECHNICAL Manuals! How is that getting my son ready for College? oh sorry at least he will be proficient at reading the manual of how to put his Wal-mart entertainment center together! That is just crazy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001940795934 Oliver Woodson

    Thank you for your work on exposing what is happening with the Common Core Mr. Beck.

    If parents want more information and a better understanding, please take a look here:


  • Shemp

    I fear it’s far too late to undo any of this…too many ignorant people have been convinced this is good…and as many others live in welfare apathy…

  • Sinhue Noriega

    I am a teacher. I was speaking with a wonderful old lady I met
    about the Common Core. I explained to
    her how the government planned to have NCLB collapse on purpose, and how they
    planned from the beginning to take over education. I explained that I had researched the system
    for the past six years and had learned what the future will bring if we allow
    the Common core to continue. I explained
    that it is a smaller scale of Obamacare, used as a trial to see if they could
    get away with it. She asked me “get
    away with what?” I answered with passing
    laws without congressional approval.
    They did it you know. And they
    got away with it. Now on a much larger
    scale they are repeating it again with Obamacare. Glenn Beck commented that bypassing congress
    had never happened before. It actually
    has – through Common Core. Nobody voted
    for it, legislation went past congress and was directed by dictation from the
    White House. There was no democratic
    process, just an imperialistic takeover of education that was stolen from the
    states. She then asked me if I was
    educating people like her about it. What
    was I doing to let people know. I told
    her that that’s why I wrote my book…

    I’m having a promo free download for 48 hours
    on kindle; It’s not about the money, it is about letting people know about the
    travesty and dishonesty that is taking place in our country. It is about preserving our rights and our
    freedoms, and our constitution. It is
    about letting people know what the Common Core is, why the education system is
    failing, why so many parents are frustrated, and what we can do to
    repealthecommoncore.com. Please tell
    everyone to pick up my book for free on ebook kindle in the next 48 hours.
    Please think of anyone that can benefit from being educated without the hype.

    It is a free
    promo for people like you.

    Feel free to
    share the link with whomever you like.

    But do your
    part to stop the Common Core from becoming the World Core

    Have a great

    Mr. Noriega

    also available at Amazon.com)

    ebook 48 hours: http://www.amazon.com/Its-Broken-Dont-Fix-ebook/dp/B00GAP6FHG/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1383253845&sr=1-1&keywords=mr+noriega



    “Prisoner of
    Paradise” http://www.synergebooks.com/ebook_prisonerofparadise.html

  • Valerie F. Leonard

    Reading this article made me think of “Anthem” by Ayn Rand.

  • Michele Whittam Giacobbi

    The entire article talks about Bill Gates and how corporations are manipulating the curriculum, yet the comments immediately attack the government for infringing on education. You too are being manipulated by the corporations!

  • Anon

    It seems to me that many people here do not know what educational standards are. For example, one Common Core standard involves using proof from something you have read to justify your views. So, actually, the Common Core standards are not programming people to think one way, but to use in-text citations and prove their viewpoints. I don’t know where plumbers came from, but there is nothing in the standards about plumbing. Go to CommonCore.org. You can read all the standards. Also, you will clearly see that the Fed. did not make the standards. Although, Race to the Top is providing an incentive for states which adopt them. This is just another example of privatization, which conservative types usually love. Be happy.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus how I ever landed on this parasite page I’ll never guess. What an error in typing I can’t believe it, and bill gates comments here? I am in deep dodo bird territory better pull the escape clause (poof) I am gone.

  • ironcimmerian

    Parents: My kids are now in college. For those of ou mosunfortunate enought o just have your kids going thru elementary school>>>GET THEM OUT, NOW! Home school them!

  • jackie evans

    The prediction for the future is that there will be an increase of 3 million STEM jobs by 2018. That number is going to continue to rise as our lives are more and more entrenched in technology. The purpose of setting more rigorous standards in education is not some sinister “evil” plan…it is the nature of our evolving technological society. Our kids need to be prepared to be competitive in science, math and technology.

  • Roberto Aguiar Lima

    Bill Gates is another crook lying. Very rich people found a easy way have not to compete inside a free market. The dirty trick is much easy for them.
    Socialists governments are centralists, and get themselves make laws to control everything they can. So very rich people, have facilities to associate with them. Obviously it is corruption.
    So the socialist governement make a lot of laws, on the pretext of regulating the market to make a fairer society. In pratice these laws benefits the rich people, because no one more can do all legal requiremments to compete against them.
    I’m from Brasil, a country governor by socialists/communists for more than 24 years. Here it is a commom practice.
    Here starting a business is a daunting task and only corporations partners from government can grow.
    Here in Brazil, about 18 years ago, Bill Gates made a deal with our socialist corrupt president, and sell a product called Microsoft Select, that cost about $ 7 millions one license. Every federal organization in Brazil bought one. There are hundreds of such organizations here. Only a little datail,
    apart from laws passed at the govenment, which has benfitted Microsoft was the only possible winner for sell a product like that, the same license cost only $ 1 million in elsewhere in the world.

  • Will Killyou

    My mind is so made upi, I am voting for Donald Trump!

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