Expert: Homegrown terrorism is a real threat for the U.S.

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation joined Glenn to talk about the ever-growing threat of homegrown terrorism. One such threat comes from Minnesota, which is designated a U.S. Refugee Resettlement Area,with a Somali population ranging from 80,000 to 125,000 in the state. Since it is believed that terrorists with ties to the U.S. were involved in the attack in Nairobi, Kenya, Glenn asked James to elaborate on the situation in Minnesota and describe the threat the U.S. currently faces.

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  • Draxx

    It would be foolish to think that they don’t have cells embedded on US Soil…  We have Open Borders that almost anyone can walk across in the night (sometimes in the day too).  Plus, how do we tell a Drug Runners Gun from a Terrorist Gun if they are both AK-47’s…?

    They Already Have Guns/Weapons and Taking Them Away From Law Abiding Citizens Is Not Going To Change That Fact (Especially if the CIA is giving/selling them to them anyway Despite Our Laws Against Such Activity)…

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Exactly, and the same CIA is probably training numerous domestic terrorists on the orders of Obama.

      • Anonymous

        what is it the FederalBureau of Idiots and The Criminal Intel Agency?! the obama admin uh the Marxist Administration sets his own agencys of Czars by taking From The Military their money weapons and lives and gives it to his dept of INjustice NSA DHS HHS IRSS….cair-blackpanthers to create the “Civilian National Police Force just as well funded as the military” for his dictatorship to be president of the “citizens of the world.” he talks about a democracy yeah like Chavez and Morsi and Castro! Be We Were Created As A Republic..For and By The People! thats why they got people uh sheeple to believe thru their media controlled government that they were democrat. our leaders are demon-crats!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    In concerns to homegrown terrorism there should be no surprise in the least.

    Look at the Boston Bombers, and for that matter how many other individuals and small groups have been uncovered and stopped by the FBI. Ever since the founding of our nation there have been terrorists (or anarchists) at work seeking to undermine confidence in our nation.

    Anyone who seeks to destabilize a society by employing force to terrorize is a terrorist in the truest sense of the word. This can be done by force of arms, destructive devices, and even the usage of intimidation and coercion en mass.

    Remember the Beltway Snipers and the Anthrax Letter scares? Domestic terrorism.

    Here is the difference in this day: any domestic terrorism is probably initiated by the admin for the purpose of engineering a ‘wag-the-dog’ situation to declare martial law.

  • Sam Fisher

    Yup it will not just be radical Muslims. For the left for some time have been pushing the false narrative that you cannot make it in this country that the only way to save ourselves is threw radicalization of our system to more of the police socialist state see any Michel Moore film for proof. Things like that breed bloody actions against other people. Look at the mess of OWS everything from rapes murders riots and shootout happened even a group of them tried to blow up a bridge. so Don’t think all terrorist are Muslim in this climate Obama and other liberals created it could by anyone really. 

    • Anonymous

      Oh, good!  Another Zo—the man just makes too much sense for the liberals to follow.
      Thanks for posting, Sam.

  • Chaplin Hawkeye

    Are these conversations available in Print format for review and download? I find I am less swayed by emotions if I can read and review content in a non-video format.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll buy that.  With the ”open door” policy the US has had for Muslims for many years, not hard

    for the ”baddies” to slip in, nor is it hard to convert some impressionable, dissatisfied folks.

    True story—former daughter-in-law, Kenyan born and raised, had a younger sister who was

    going to visit in the US to be with Sis during the period of her giving birth (d-i-l’s, that is).  She

    was in Nairobi going to (or from) the US embassy to get a visa to enter the US, when the

    embassy was bombed.  She ran as fast as she could, wasn’t harmed, but at that point, decided

    she wasn’t coming to the states.  And she never has.

  • Manuel Manjarrez

    seems these home grown terrorists are either muslims people who are mentally ill or democrat voters or all the above.  Of course the government is to busy looking for a tea party terrorist constitutionalist member of the NRA to bother with them

  • tobias smit

    Altough I rarely go to movie theaters, or watch movies on TV but I do occasionally see trailers during other programming. I am always amazed about “Apocalypse”, “Survivalist” (hunger games) type movies that are being promoted that most of the the left would immidiatly label either “Terrorist”, ” Consparicy” or other anti government ” .
    Made in Hollywood.
    By Leftists.With the approval of the WH.
    BUT there are rarely any Islamic “opponents” do you see any?? Let me know.. They always seem to be benevolent kings feeding the poor, building Mosques etc. Just check.
    Just you know ” rich against poor” in the west.
    The “Warriors” on bikes or aged army leftovers and I am sure all of you can add more, but I sure do not see the Western world fighting “Jihadists” as a main feature anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Our Federal Government did figure it out they are just in the pocket of Nazi Anti-Semetic Jew George-Schwartz-Soros..Money Is Their God! They have to protect islam because our Prez is islam to create Mr NarciisistCelebrity-in-Chief dictatorship under sharia for the one world government New World Order! Soros tried for hundred years. the Progressives took what worked in every Demoncrat President and put it in thier puppet anti-american islam terrorist barry-Hussein-Obama! his professor/teacher since 8yeaers old terrorist Bill Ayers is still bombing America with marxist puppet barry-Hussein-ObombA!

  • Anonymous

    Middle of our wonderful Country :
    Kansas City
    Guess the radical group ?
    Again MIDDLE of our wonderful country : BUCK SEXTON share what you know nobody will .
    Please show the people NOW !!!!!!!!!!

  • Lorraine

    We have an open  border — hello!!! Anyone who wants to can walk across bringing their prayer rugs with them. We are sitting ducks just waiting for them to “activate” in the heartland. I was in Maine when a local church “sponsored” some somalie families to come live there. A little while later, they invited their extended families and before you knew it, they had taken over the quaint little town with their customs and religion. Assimilation is not on their agenda.

    • Anonymous

      We are just waiting for them to “activate” in the heartland . hello!!!! We have an open border —
      they have a agenda that’s for sure.

  • Anonymous

    We are just waiting for them to” activate” in the heartland.  hello !!!! We have an open border —

    • Sam Fisher

      I think at least in this country terror is not just something Muslims do. the Scary thing is in this climate we live in it could be anyone that on any side that thinks this country is beyond their control.

      • Anonymous

        You got that right Sam when men hate and pretend all is well when they can no longer lie to themselves then the scary climate becomes reality for the rest of the liars and there always the ones to stand up first and say WHY and I DIDN’T no just look how well the mean people on here respond to the truth ,there get mad and attack .God bless
        Then those who are righteous have to fix the lie’s and liars   

  • Defend Liberty

    Since our primitive collective instincts were entrenched in our ancestors many years ago, they tend to be unsuited for today’s civilization.

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