Yesterday, Glenn shared the story out of Towson, Maryland involving a father, Robert Small, who was arrested and charged with second-degree assault of a police officer for expressing his concerns about the Baltimore County School District’s plan to implement Common Core standards in its curriculum at a public forum Thursday night.

In the video that surfaced of the event, it did not appear that Small resisted arrest, let alone assaulted the police officer. The second-degree charge carried a possible 10-year prision sentence and a $2,500 fine. It now appears the Baltimore County State’s Attorney is dropping the charges against Small.

Great news, right? Maybe not.

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“It is not over. It is so important that you understand why they dropped these charges,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “They did not say there was no merit to these charges. They are just putting this behind them, and I believe it is because America paid attention. They know this is going to cause too many problems. Do not push this. Drop those charges.”

TheBlaze reports:

State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger told WBAL Radio that it was “clear that Mr. Small violated the rules of the meeting and disrupted the meeting.” Further, Shellenberger defended the arrest and resulting charges.

“It was also clear that the Officer acted appropriately and did have probable cause to make an arrest on both charges,” he added. “The Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office has just received and reviewed the facts of this case. In the interest of justice, further prosecution will not accomplish anything more. Therefore, the charges have been dismissed.”

The police officer involved in the incident was off duty and working as a security officer for the event. He apparently intervened at the request of Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dr. S. Dallas Dance’s chief of staff.

“So they’re not admitting that there was a problem here, and this is what you should get from this: They have sent the message. They have made it very clear. ‘We will arrest you. You break any of these rules? You want to speak out of turn and talk to us? The school that is teaching your kids not to bully – we will bully you with every bit of the force of the law that we have.’ This was bullying. And they are teaching you – sit down. Sit down and accept Common Core.”