Glenn on the media: They are terrified of Ted Cruz

Glenn began the radio this show this morning in a bit of a bad mood. Since Senator Ted Cruz wrapped up his marathon anti-Obamacare speech yesterday around noon after 21 hours, the media wasted no time mocking the Senator. Considering how recently the media lionized Democratic Texas State Legislator Wendy Davis in the wake of her 11-hour filibuster against stricter abortion laws, Glenn found himself especially frustrated.

“Here’s my problem. My problem is I have no problem living in a world where we all have different opinions. I have no problem coexisting with people. I have no problem if I can’t convince you to come my way. I have no problem with your religion, I have no problem with whom you voted for,” Glenn said. “But there is something called the freedom of conscience. And what I believe is what I believe. What you believe is what you believe. And that’s good. That’s really good. That’s what makes the world go around. Here’s what I can’t take anymore. I can’t take people who won’t treat people and conditions the same.”

Consistency of opinion is an admirable trait in any person, but it should be seen as a necessary trait for the media. In theory, it is the job of the media to present both sides of a situation and let the audience decide. Or, in the case of cable news, be up front about the angle you are taking. But the media coverage of Sen. Cruz has proven that such a standard simply does not exist in the American media today.

“Now [Wendy Davis is] a woman who stood up for what she believed in and she made a cogent case. I disagree with her, but she made a cogent case and people heard her. And all of the newspapers reported it,” Glenn said. “Ted Cruz gets up and he makes a cogent case for 20 hours and nobody reports on what he’s really saying. They make it all into Green Eggs and Ham – like all he did for 20 hours was talk about Green Eggs and Ham, that all he did was talk about White Castle.”

One of the more egregious offenders was CNN.

“They led it off with a montage of all the silly moments from the 21 hours,” Stu explained. “So him saying White Castle, him saying Green Eggs and Ham, him talking about Duck Dynasty, those sorts of moments, but no meat, none of the actual arguments he made at all… Then you have, after the montage of the silly moments, you have Harry Reid coming out right after that and saying, ‘Well, what we saw here was a complete waste of time.’”

Considering the latest poll numbers show more than 50% of Americans are unhappy with Obamacare, Sen. Reid’s comments that this was all a charade and a big waste of time is ignorant.

“What he said, you may not think so if you disagree with him, you may not want to admit that that was so uniting. You may not like the fact that what he said was cogent. But you cannot deny it in your heart of hearts. Truth is truth and you cannot deny that what he said was at least a reasonable opinion that you disagree with,” Glenn said. “See, that’s the thing I can’t take. That’s why I’m in a mood today. Because they went into Harry Reid saying it was a waste of time. And that even wasn’t good enough. Then the next report was?”

“Was John McCain criticizing Ted Cruz over the fact that he used Neville Chamberlain, he cited Neville Chamberlain in the context of saying, ‘Well, look, you’ve got to stand up for what you believe. Neville Chamberlain told that story to say, okay, look, you’ve got to stand up for what you believe, even if it’s not popular. You can’t just fold,’” Stu said in reference to CNN’s coverage. “And because of that, John McCain gave a lecture about how he had relatives who were in World War II and it was offensive to mention Neville Chamberlain… Then they went to Bill Clinton, who informed everyone that he used to be able to work with Newt Gingrich, but you just can’t work with someone like Ted Cruz.”

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So the problem Glenn sees here, again, is consistency.

“So my problem today, and here’s where we begin, is consistency. And all of my friends and all of my neighbors that I truly and dearly love that disagree with me politically – you don’t even know when you’re being lied to. You don’t even know when you’re being lied to because you’ll read your HuffPo, you’ll watch CNN, but you won’t even recognize what you’re not hearing. You don’t know what you don’t know,” Glenn said. “Because while we hear about the people, the last two people: Bernie Sanders that did this ‘great filibuster,’ Bernie Sanders was a ‘bad‑ass’ when he did it. This woman in Texas when she did it – she was ‘remarkable,’ a ‘woman of the century.’ And we had to listen to what they had to say. And you know what? That’s good. We don’t silence others.”

“In the perfect Saul Alinsky world, all you do is isolate people. All you do is take their words out of context and you isolate them, and you make them to look foolish and dangerous. And then you destroy them. And then you move on to the next one. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Washington,” he continued. “How many people today think that Ted Cruz is something that he is not? How many people have listened to Ted Cruz’s father? How many people know Ted Cruz’s heart? How many people know what he even said, besides Green Eggs and Ham?”

If the media reported what actually happened during Sen. Cruz’s speech – the well-articulated points he made, the questions he raised, the truths about healthcare he exposed – people might start to realize that this guy isn’t so crazy. He is actually a high intelligent, Ivy League educated attorney, who cares about his country and represents a good portion of the American people.

“Of course you think he’s a dangerous man. Because the press continues to do what the press does best: Smear, distort, and lie. They are terrified about Ted Cruz. Terrified. You don’t spend this much time tearing somebody down. You ignore them. They are terrified because they saw, as anybody who actually watched it, anybody who actually listened to him, they saw exactly how smart he is, how stable he is, how cogent he is, how together he is even after 20 hours,” Glenn said. “And I fear some of our friends in the Republican Party are deciding ‘I don’t want to be destroyed, so I’m going to go stand over here with the other people because he’ll destroy himself and then I get a chance.’ No. No, make no mistake, guys. After they finish with him, they will come for you. If you don’t stand together, there ain’t gonna be anything left.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Pachy Serrano

    Terrified?? Yea right, GB. Mr. Cruz is a buffon . . . that’s what he really is. He just did it for the “red meat” conservatives cause the majority of Americans now have more info why NOT to VOTE FOR HIM if he decides to run for President or Vice-President. Can you imagine him in the W.H. dealing with an international crisis or a big national issue . . . The World will laugh at us in a heart beat.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      And once again you demonstrate why no one save for low-information fanatical voters will ever bother with the Democrats. 

      You use denigration and demonization against people who stand for truth due to the simple reason the leftist ideology is bankrupt and absolutely corrupt in all aspects. Oh, and you forget something, Obama has faced international crisis and failed, he has faced domestic crisis and issues, and failed, and the world laughs at us due to Obama.

      The democrats are failures.

      • Pachy Serrano

        The truth that conservatives dont have any good ideas to fix our health care system?? Well . . . even your own conservatives know that. When you show me your ideas, then we have a positive conversation . . . In the meantime, you guys are still “looneys” Sorry, but its the truth!!

    • Sam Fisher

      Reality is calling and is wondering when are you going to come back to it.

    • Anonymous

       Pachy, Pachy, Pachy, why must you invent a strawman from a hypothetical scenario and ignore the National and International mess from Resident Obama? I mean really, the World is laughing at us right now with no need to fantasize. President Rodeo Clown is still bent over the oval office desk with Putin ramming the salami past his large intestine. Of course Obama loves this, but that’s for another discussion.

      • Pachy Serrano

        I guarantee you Obama is more loved internationally than even here in US, but you conservatives are at fault for that. U guys have been trashing the guy since he put foot in the WH. Mr. Ted Cruz is not even close to have a chance at the presidency.  Again, you guys like politicians who are “too polarazing figures” to win and you still don’t get that. That’s dumb!!

        • Tony Gore

          Were you actually able to type that with a straight face? You’re talking about a man that went on a world wide apology tour. I think you’re mistaken, you’ve confused respect with other nations realizing that highest elected official in most powerful country since the Roman empire is a weak, inept hollow figure head.

    • Marie Reynolds

       YEA RIGHT, just like they have been doing to us since odummy been your president

    • Terri

      The world is laughing now you don’t need to wait on Cruz ,Obama has it covered

    • Tony Gore

      Because the world isn’t laughing at us now? I assure you the world is most definitely laughing at us right now. Our president (and I use that title loosely) has been politically bitch slapped by Putin over the Syria issue. He knows his healthcare “reform” is a worthless idea that never should’ve seen the light of day much less actually made it to the floor to be voted on. Gimme a guy thats gonna fight for my rights over a guy thats bent on destroying the constitution any day of the week.

    • Anonymous

      And they are not laughing at us now????? LOL

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The media is terrified of Ted Cruz, and for good reason. He has successfully appealed to the people of our nation, demonstrated one person can make a difference, and shown that hope remains intact.

    The old-guard of DC needs to understand as well: the times have changed, and you are no longer wanted or desired. 

    • Anonymous

      When you have the likes of John McCain come out against you, you know you are on the right side.

      • Pachy Serrano

        Sen. McCain has done more for this country than all the tea baggers put together . . . Just get the right info, brother. Mr. McCain is an American hero and I am not a Republican.

        • Terri

          Your name calling is child like behavior, glad you think so highly of McCain ,but I don’t . Does that mean I should call you names, no I grew up

          • Mike Roberson

            Awe, let him have his fun…..Hopefully it will wear off in a bit….”sip of koolaid”…..

        • Willie Steelman

          Pachy  McCain  is a POS and no hero to this Veit Nam vet !

        • Deane Cooper

          I wouldn’t be so quick to call him a hero. I have worked with Vietnam vets for decades now. I love these guys with all my heart and soul. I have also been present when a couple of the other former POWs have been interviewed and spent a little time talking with them myself. Suffice it to say that the last book he came out with about his life and his experiences as a POW? Let’s just say he took some creative liberties with what really occurred in that prison when it comes to HIS experiences as compared to the experiences of the other prisoners. He makes one huge mis-interpretation of a name they had for one of their worse tormentor as it relates directly to the torture that was applied and why they gave him the name, John McCain screwed himself on that point. And another incident he wrote about was about a guard who allegedly admits to McCain that he was a Christian by drawing the sign of the cross in the dirt with the toe of his boot, then wiping it away before others could see it. This is one he didn’t make up. He stole it from another prisoner from another war. The reason I know this is that I had been researching the Bataan Death March for several years as I had an Uncle who was a survivor. In my searches I would read anything and everything that was written by those who were there. That is where that story originated. When I heard him talk about it in an interview after the book was released I was shocked. 
          He needs to come clean about what really happened over there. All the other prisoners refuse to answer questions concerning McCain and what really went on. They only spoke of it then because the person interviewing them promised to keep it out of any published article. 
          He is no hero. 

          • Manuel Manjarrez

             maybe the truth was he was treated well and the others overheard what deals he made for good treatment just for himself though

        • Anonymous

          Yes he has,But that doesn’t automatically make him right all the time.

        • Anonymous

          McCain isn’t a Republican, either…*sarcasm*

        • Mike Roberson

          I think Pachy Serrano is being “Tea bagged” right this minute cause he sure can’t see!  lol

          • Mike Roberson

            You took a sip didn’t you? Admit it…

        • Anonymous

          A long time ago he was that “An American Hero”, but in the last few years something happened to him that turned him into a RINO.  That is sad, but he is passed it and should retire, so we can remember him as he used to be.  Just my humble opinion.

          • ed

             It is a shame that champions can’t recognize when it’s time to retire, and go out on top. Some rattle around until they are an embarrassment to the other heroes who don’t talk about it all the time. John your legacy is about your courage in the war, your fortitude under torture, not agreeing with these democrat socialists. The more you take away from that the less there is left, leave the stage!

          • Anonymous

            I agree, well said!

        • Paul Braun

          Of course you’re not a republican, because you like John McCain.  As for us conservative republicans, he left us long ago.  You can have him.

        • Anonymous

          hey pachy you are just another ignorant commie with no original thoughts and little integrity, go play in traffic and die a long and horrible death with your family watching !

        • Al Hardie

          John McCain  Has become Jane Fonda

        • Manuel Manjarrez

           just proves we should avoid him at all cost thank you for pointing that out

        • Anonymous

          Childish pejorative? Check.  Zero substance? Check. Just another adolescent Prog drone trolling through. And btw, my daddy can beat up John McCain’s daddy.

        • Mike Stevens

          He is what you say he is in your eyes, but, he is not the main topic of this discussion. Since you are not a Republican, I have learned you have to watch what the other hand is doing.

        • Danco30

          You mean John McBenidict Arnold?  Of course you would like him.

        • Jacob Bordner

          Tea-bagger is a homophobic slur created by the left.  You are clearly uninformed and internally inconsistent.

          • The Nasty Bits

            Tea-bagging is a sex act that can occur between a man and man or a man and a woman. Idiot. I guess you don’t get laid much. And the term Tea-bagger is a derogatory slur, not a homophobic slur, referring to the Tea Party who is the laughingstock of the USA. Ted Cruz? LOL! I guess it is ok for a non-American born citizen to run now? Hypocrites.

        • Anonymous

          dude, play with your small virgin cock and kill yourself

        • Anonymous

          I respect McCain’s military service greatly. I appreciate his political service less b/c he has become, over decades, a career politician, who has voted against the will/desires of the people who elected him. A maverick? no, more like a sell-out.  

      • Anonymous

         Absolutely true. The louder they whine, the more you know you caught them with their hand in the till.  The truth always hurts commies, liberals, and progressives.

    • Anonymous

      That is why liberals want get rid of the Constitution, and to take guns away from law abiding citizens.  Guns represent power and liberals want serfs [ as in no rights, and in a state of bondage or servitude].

      I do not advocate violence, however, dictators fear that or those that might stand in their way, and in this case Liberals wanting to rebuild America in a Liberal [socialist] manner, akin to National Socialist let by Hitler in early to mid 1900s in Germany or the dictatorship of Stalin, or almost any fearful dictatorship].

    • Bob Campbell

       Glenn seems to indicate that the Left may be able to destroy Ted Cruz.  I don’t think so.  Look what they did to Sarah Palin, but her presence is stronger than ever among the conservatives.  The Left may despise Ted Cruz but secretly they listen to him, realize they are fighting a tough competitor and then do their best to discount him.  Not going to happen.  Senator Ted Cruz is here to stay!

    • udo news

      Teerified of what? That he voted for the bill?

      Surprise! Obamacare foe Cruz votes with Democrats on spending plan

      He spent more than 21 straight hours railing against any government funding for Obamacare. Then Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas joined the other 99 senators from both parties in voting Wednesday to move ahead on a spending plan expected to do just that.

    • udo news

      FOX NEWS: Senate voted 100-0 to proceed with the budget bill.
      On a substantive level, it’s hard to argue that Cruz accomplished much, since when he was done the Senate voted 100-0 to proceed with the budget bill.

      Ted Cruz is one of the Senators who voted for the bill! And his wife works for Goldman Sachs

    • udo news

      Terrified of What? That Ted Cruz voted for the bill? That Cruz Wife works for Goldman Sachs?

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone wants to put a penis in their mouth to the depth that Ted Cruz can

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I take it you know from first hand experience that the man is gay? Or are you just making more leftist ill-informed innuendo-loaded garbage?

    • Anonymous

       Right on Snow,  Proud to stand with Ted Cruz.  He is the new politician. and not the old guard GOP like McCain. He is our hope and we all need to support him.

      To  those that think McCain is a great hero and fine Senator, let me share with you.  I worked his campaign for Pres (while holding my nose) and found him to be a weak candidate with center left ideas. So… hero, Yes…fine Senator, No.

      The useful idiot crowd will attack anyone that they deem a threat to their progressive aggression. Cruz makes their knees shake.

  • Sam Fisher

    They are terrorized of him because they cannot debate him of course the most likely never read the thing.

    • Pachy Serrano

      I bet that if Ted runs . . . He would lose by 20 or more points. You guys like to pick “too divisive politicians”. That’s why you guys cannot win.
      When you show me a Reagan like, conservative, but inspiring. Character with compassion. Smarts with sense of humor . . . Then I vote for the Republicans. So far, you guys only have a bunch of looneys with ties and suits . . . and a big mouth!

      • Anonymous

        Please don’t tell me you voted for Obama.If you vote blue you will be blue.

  • Anonymous

    The line has been busy all his life, so there is no going back to what never existed.

  • Anonymous

     The line has been busy all his life, so there is no going back to what never existed.

  • Ian Vanderwall

    Ted Cruz is far more eloquent than Barry could ever dream to be – and far, far more intelligent.

  • Diane Richardson

    I watched and listened to what he had to say for those 21 hours. I was proud as a fellow Texan that this is my voice also. He speaks for me and all of you. It is your choice to believe what you want as it is mine. He brought up those things to use as examples to make it simple for ordinary folks like me. I for one loved the fact that he is a man who loves his wife and children and let us know a little about his personal life to understand what kind of man he is. That he READ get it people READ a bedtime story ( Green Eggs and Ham ) to his children before they went to bed like a good parent would do. He is what we need to represent the American people, a man of substance, honesty and good morals who hasn’t been bought by government and corporations. He is a man for WE THE PEOPLE and someone to keep an eye on. Peace to All

    • Anonymous

      And at no time did Senator Cruz slip into negative-speak!  From the comments heard since his marathon speech, it doesn’t take RINOs or Democrats 5 minutes to cast aspersions on this patriotic American.

      Thank you, Senator Cruz!  Sending blessings your way from a blue state where there is no chance whatsoever that we could ever feel the pride in our congressional members that we feel for you today!  Job well done, Sir.

  • Glenda Jolley

    You are so right, Glenn. Never think your turn won’t come. But we will remember those who chose to play it safe and protect themselves when election time comes!

  • Patti McCaghren

    You are so right. God, our Father, our Creator, will only let this happen for a moment of time. He knows life is eternal. God will not allow anyone on the throne unless He allows it .But will remove those His wishes. I don’t think obama is the anti-christ, but he is a product of satan. God will take him down. God hardens the hearts of the wicked. I don’t understand that, but He says it, I believe it. You must continue to fight. We all must continue to fight against sin. I’m a mama and a prophet. I only do as he says. There are others. A prophet only is a speaker of God. Not a mind reader or person that speaks of dreams. Only a person that speaks from God’s word, nothing more. If I do not line myself up with the Bible, I’m a liar. Speak the truth, for the truth will set you free. Listen to only those that are from the Lord. There will be demons that will try to deceive you. Don’t believe them. Listen only to the Lord. The end grows nears. Your wife knows. She has had dreams. We have had dreams. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Beware of those that will try to deceive you. You are part of His plan. Do not be afraid. God will be with you like Moses. I am Jewish. I am Christian. The Lord God is with you. If God is with you, who can be against you?

  • deskjockey91

    It really is a relief we have at least one coherent, honest, and fair man working in the media today. Mr Glenn Beck I applaud you on your fair coverage from both sides. Liberals in the government really are looking more idiotic and one-sided by the day. Notice if you will, that 90% of people like Ted Cruz spend their energies on this country. 90% of liberals like Harry Reid spend their energies on tearing down and mocking everyone who disagrees with them. And  these are the people running our country? Frightening.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s cronies in Texas will soon be under investigation !   

    Three decades of public/police corruption and the ONGOING
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  • Dennis Matson

    Rush Limbaugh has even asked Ted Cruz: “Why hasn’t the GOP jumped on this disaster of Obamacare and stood with Americans to de-fund it, eliminate it, reject it, this would be the GOP’s shining moment, plus being a way to appeal to a majority of Americans”

  • Anonymous

    Very simple explanation, Ted Cruz is a hero and the liberal media is a zero!

  • Anne Roberts

    Congratulations to Glenn for highlighting the truth about Senator Ted Cruz.  Sen. Cruz is a Great American and we need thousands more of his stature to lead this nation onto the right track.  Of course, the media is scared of him!  When the truth is given the political left knock themselves out using the Alinsky method to target and destroy–THIS IS WAR!  Got that RINOs?!!  The trouble with the Republican diehards is they don’t stand up for what is right in the face of clever, strategic political warfare.  Has it been noticed how often the Tea Party is blamed for the extreme faults of the Republicans?  This is so obvious…they are scared to death of the Tea Party as well as Sen. Cruz…because they lead with guts!  Is this nation going to survive with the leadership of good morals and time-proven  principles which have proved throughout time to be correct, and make successfully strategic decisions, or continue down the socialist road to totalitarianism?

  • Anonymous

    They always tell us who they are afraid of!

    Attack Attack Attack is the dead giveaway…sadly, by BOTH political parties!

  • Luci D’Mari

    After a brilliant display of Statesmanship on the Senate floor, for 20+ hours, by Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Harry Reid sait it was a “complete waste of time”. Well, I contend that Harry Reed is a complete waste of space.

  • Tom Hunter

    Great article. I am posting the following thoughts across different sites. Please humor me….
     Without the “Tea Party” votes the dems whip the repubs every time. But, interestingly enough…..  if you take the “Tea Party” 17% added to frustrated Independents, and possibly a co-op with Libertarians who are looking for representation and would love to see a viable, competitive third party,   along with the growing number of disenfranchised dems and repubs who are growing sicker every minute of the childish insanity of the two major party’s and their detachment from common sense, reality, and fiscal sanity, then add to that the young people  who are waking up to the fact that they are being saddled up with a major portion of the cost of the affordable care act while the economy tanks even deeper, and this perfect storm could add up to an interesting 2014. I love it.

  • Ruby Frank

    You are so right Glen, CNN and other news media may think that we can;t think for ourselves , but we Republicans are not as dumb as they think we are.  We elephants also have long memories .  We will remember how our Senators voted come election time, and some of them will find they no longer have a job .  As for McCain , he may have been a war hero , but that doesn’t mean he is a good Republican Senator anymore ,Sorry Arizona , You have the greatest governor, now go for a better Senator ! 

  • 733336

    Ted Cruz was right. The president didn’t listened to the people, neither did the Senate
    and still they won’t listen.
    Instead, they became gods themselves by dishonoring the very God that had so blessed
    this country.

  • Montesquieu

    Well, if one thing is clear, it’s that Hussein Obama is a delusional marxist.

  • Take 2

    The forced TAX penalty will be pro-rate on a monthly basis-check out year 2016 and guess what 2017 will look like….!  This is just the Penalty Phase Folks!  Remember the IRS will eventualy be collecting using the up to 4 X original TAX bill…!

    Health Insurance Tax Penalties: How will they be Determined and PaidThe first penalties will be due in 2015 for the 2014-year. A penalty
    will be determined by calculating the greater amount of either a flat
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    through 2016 are phased in over those years, starting in in 2017 the
    penalties will increase based on the cost of living.
    Greater of $95 per adult and $47.50 per child under age 18 (maximum of
    $285 per family) or 1% of income over the tax-filing threshold2015:
    Greater of $325 per adult and $162.50 per child under age 18 (maximum
    of $975 per family) or 2% over the tax-filing threshold2016:
    Greater of $695 per adult and $347.50 per child under age 18 (maximum of
    $2,085 per family) or 2.5% over the tax-filing threshold
    If the case where the penalty applies for less than a full calendar year, the penalty will be pro-rate on a monthly basis

  • Take 2

    COPY….Subject to change – right!  THEY CHANGED FORCED TAX PAYMENTS TO ‘essential benefits’…really cool! 

    I think, (single) poverty level is 19,300$ annual gross income.  I’m guessing that this is the target for cut off or waiver…!  Married both working is little over twice the single amount (memory on these fig.-helping someone last year.) 

    Minimum wage is 14,600 to 16,000 gross full time most States. 

    Who are the individuals Exempt from Paying the Health Insurance Tax Penalty for Not being insured 

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  • Manuel Manjarrez

    I say record what he said and play it on the net and when you have empty space on your network glenn

  • Anonymous

     Freedom’s Solution

    There is a solution and it can be initiated in less than a year, but it is up to every one who desires it. It requires action ! If all who oppose O-care and the lack of true representation by politicians currently in DC will simply engage in informing and recruiting two more people to abandon their current political party and Re-register as Independents, taking their contributions with them the RNC and DNC die on the vine and the Media will quickly discover the statistical growth of Registered Independents jeopardizing the perceived Power of the “Establishment Parties they so willingly cover-up for. But, You must commit and Re-register as soon as possible. This is not fantasy. When Registered Independents achieve a 60 percent Majority and continue to increase that lead they will take notice and panic will set in for all Incumbents. That is when ALL OF US will discover that we really do wield “The Power” and know we can take America back from the “SELF Proclaimed Elite”.

    It’s really NOT that hard folks ! Re-registering is easy ! Putting fear in the minds of politicians is easy ! Believing again before the 2014 elections is but two simple actions away. Transfer YOUR FEAR to them. give them a taste of their own tactics / medicine. What have you got to lose, really ?  NOW is the time  to show them you are NOT paralyzed with fear !

    Want quicker results ?
    Post this on Facebook, twitter, linked-in, etc. then implement it and watch what happens.

  • Lynne

    Keep them running scared Ted!

  • suz

    i think the very big problem we have now is that hordes of people have so invested in this man who turned out to be just another politician (you and i think he’s another thing) and they cannot find a way to admit it without the huge embarrassment.  they cannot handle the fail they’ll feel so, instead, they continue w/their enormously bad arguments; the stumbling of excuses — it’s nauseating.  they would rather fall in line w/left talking points and try to explain away the (sorry, i’m gonna say it again) ENORMOUS series of lies and scandals THAN be a mature man or woman and agree that they’ve been sucker punched; that their eyes are open and they must speak out.  THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.  they stay in line w/the ‘man;’ in line w/the narrative; follow and swallow like a robot in a suit.

  • udo news

    FOX NEWS: Ted Cruz is married to a woman who works for Goldman Sachs.

    FOX NEWS: With Cruz victory in Texas, is the Tea Party the new ‘Establishment?’
    Yet Cruz was no ordinary Tea Party figure, and few people’s idea of a Beltway outsider. He attended Harvard University’s law school and founded a Latino law review there; clerked at the U.S. Supreme Court for Chief Justice William Rehnquist; worked at two federal agencies in Washington, the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, under President George W. Bush; and is married to a woman who works for Goldman Sachs.

  • Anonymous

    I am inclined to conclude they hate him more than fear him. Why? Because he is not afraid of them so he can do and say what he wants as he will not back down from their lying, mocking, and attempts at personal destruction. (Wait. I thought the commies and the media said that was what the evil right wingers did? Could it be they lied?)

    I pray he will not give in as we need someone to stand up and demonstrate to those criminals and traitors that they can no longer dictate the terms of all discussions and debates.

    • udo news

      Surprise! Obamacare foe Cruz votes with Democrats on spending plan

      He spent more than 21 straight hours railing against any government funding for Obamacare. Then Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas joined the other 99 senators from both parties in voting Wednesday to move ahead on a spending plan expected to do just that.

  • udo news

    Ted Cruz is married to a woman who works for Goldman Sachs.

    Fox News: With Cruz victory in Texas, is the Tea Party the new ‘Establishment?’

    Yet Cruz was no ordinary Tea Party figure, and few people’s idea of a Beltway outsider. He attended Harvard University’s law school and founded a Latino law review there; clerked at the U.S. Supreme Court for Chief Justice William Rehnquist; worked at two federal agencies in Washington, the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, under President George W. Bush; and is married to a woman who works for Goldman Sachs.

  • udo news

    Who is terrified of who?Surprise! Obamacare foe Cruz votes with Democrats on spending plan spent more than 21 straight hours railing against any government funding for Obamacare. Then Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas joined the other 99 senators from both parties in voting Wednesday to move ahead on a spending plan expected to do just that.

  • Sharon Sullivan

    Once, precinct co-chair in my local Republican Party, I joined the Tea Party this year at the state fair.  I like that they’re Libertarian-minded.  

    Democrats still have them in spades and the Republican Party was overtaken by the Nazi fiscally-socialist Catholics long ago – on our Evangelical Protestant anti-abortion invitation (no thnx to Chuck Colson).  

    With their “papa” in Rome now changing even that course, well, it’s ONLY Rome’s fiscal socialist agenda coming at us from BOTH sides of the aisle.  No wonder they scooted a Jesuit in, early.  They thought they had it all sewed up!

  • Ed Rigby

    Cruz – Ryan 2016!

  • Anonymous

    The old guard GOP and the socialist Democrats are used to living in a cocoon, with all their actions hidden from an uninterested, uninformed public, doing whatever they want, with themselves and their cushy careers as the number one priority.  Well, the JIG IS UP!!!  We are watching you, we are informed, and most of you are now TOAST!

  • Montesquieu

    The liberty school knows that government is best used to preserve the liberty that keeps each of us free to unleash our own unique knowledge, talents, and skills.

  • kurt blanchard

    Cruz shows that he is very intelligent and honestly cares about the issues, and America. He is articulate, intelligent, and his dad has a great YouTube video, the left media should be terrified, he is for real.

  • Charley Harrist

    Yeah, he’s brilliant alright! That is, If you want Dr. Seuss to run this country.

  • jinkyjoy

    So, so, so true Glenn!! I am sad for our country, but I have no fear. I belong to Christ and He is coming for his own and this world and all its ‘CNN’s’ will be destroy. Glory!!

  • Anonymous

    Just a thought. Bill Clinton says you can’t work with someone like Ted Cruz. Am I a Ted Cruz fan? No I am not. My question is how would Bill Clinton know? He’s never worked with the man. It seems there’s a coordinated attack. When you have both Dems and Repubs attacking one man there’s a problem here. What is is about Cruz that scares both sides of the aisle? Cruz is not the President. He’s not a lone policy maker. 

    I have a feeling, I admit I have no proof, that internal polling is showing Cruz may be more in step with the American people than we know.

    I also find it interesting that there are no cries of racism/discrimination/bias about the attacks on Cruz.

    The usual suspects are suspiciously quiet. Hmmm.

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