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During an interview with former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative on Tuesday, President Obama finally admitted something that any taxpaying American has know for a very long time: The Obama Administration has raised taxes.

“Today I came in and I was kind of in a mood. And I’m in a mood today because I can’t take the lies. And little, little things that all kind of add up,” Glenn said. “The president called anybody who said they have raised taxes, and I can’t take how many monologues we heard from other show hosts saying that anybody who says he’s raising taxes is a liar and the President was on the campaign trail saying, ‘They’re lying about taxes and we have lowered taxes, et cetera, et cetera.’ Yesterday, the President came out and said, ‘Okay, well, yes. We did raise some.’”

PRESIDENT OBAMA: First of all, I think it’s really important to point out here that the total cost of the Affordable Care Act to provide health insurance for every American out there at an affordable rate is costing about the same amount over the course of 10 years as the cost of the prescription drug bill that President Bush passed — except that wasn’t paid for. We felt obliged to actually pay for it and not just add to the deficit.

We did raise taxes on some things. We, for example, said that for high-end income individuals, you can pay a slightly higher Medicare rate — Medicare tax. So we bumped that up a little bit.

So what now? For all of those who have been sounding the alarm for years and have been trying to disprove the inaccuracies and falsities propagated by the media and this Administration, what happens now. Glenn, speaking from personal experience, described how his reputation was maligned because he spoke out about what has now proven to be true.

“How do I get my reputation back? How do I get my life back? I told the truth, I stood through the storm, I tried to explain it, I used their own words, I showed it to you in paper, in their own writings, in their own words and they destroyed me. They destroyed my reputation. I helped them, of course. You know, by allowing them to get me all wound up and go crazy because of the lies, I helped them. I got it. I got it,” Glenn conceded. “But then they come out and admit it, and where do I go? Where do I go to get my reputation back? More importantly, on some of these things that are so important, where do the people go who are going to be facing these death panels? Where do they go? When there are shortages and we have a government bureaucracy making all of these decisions and you’re now stuck in the trap, where do they go? They go nowhere. It’s too late.”

Watch President Obama’s full remarks beginning at the 45 minute mark:

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