When it comes to the Syrian civil war, President Obama has so humiliated himself and the United States that a majority of Americans now believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is the better leader on the issue. A new YouGov poll shows that the former KGB henchman is outwitting the so-called ‘intellectual genius’ that is Barack Obama.

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“Americans now believe that Putin is a better leader on Syria than our President. There’s a new poll out. It’s not even close. 49% of Americans gave the nod to Putin, only 25% to our President.”

“Can you think of a time in American history where that would have happened? Can you think of a time when Americans would have said, ‘Oh, yeah. Khrushchev was far better than Kennedy on this thing. I agree with him on that,’” Pat said. “We’ve come a long way in a pretty short time. It’s really chilling. And that doesn’t mean Americans like Putin better. It’s just that he crushed our President on this issue.”

“Which world leader was least effective during the Syrian chemical weapons crisis,” Glenn asked. “Another one: Our president got 44%, Putin received 10%. Wow.”

“And it’s not even just the answer. It’s the margin,” Stu added. “Vladimir Putin is winning polls in this country by 2 and 3 to 1 margins.”

“And yet his approval rating is still pretty high,” Pat said.

“There is a new poll out today from Reuters that, you know, if you want to be optimistic does show a little movement here,” Stu said. “Approval for our President at 39%. 55% disapprove… Now that includes 22% of Democrats disapproving., 88% of Republicans, and 69% of Independents.”

Source: Reuters/Ipsos 

“He better hope that this fundamental transformation is truly done, and I believe it is,” Glenn said. “But he better hope that that’s done because when people start to really feel the effects of universal healthcare, anybody who stood for it [is done].”

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