There is an incredible story in Fort Worth, TX. A crazed man attempted an armed robbery at a local McDonalds restaurant, but when he tried to shoot his gun, it failed. He went outside and successfully fired into the air. When he went back into the store, the gun failed again. Did a prayer from the mother of the suspect prevent a massacre?

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TheBlaze reports:

When Jestin Anthony Joseph walked into a McDonald’s and asked for a cup of water, that’s not all he was after.

Fort Worth police say surveillance video shows Joseph pulling the trigger at least five times while pointing it at individuals inside the restaurant — but the gun wouldn’t fire.

At least one man tried to wrestle the gun away from the Joseph, who then went outside and fired a shot into the air, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram says.

As people ran from the restaurant, Joseph went back inside and again pointed the gun at individuals and pulled the trigger.

Again the gun didn’t fire, police said.

“I want to make sure you have this. He walked in, demanded people give him the money. They were complying. He points the gun. He pulls the trigger five times. It misfires five times,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “He just gets frustrated. He goes outside, pulls the trigger up into the air. It fires. He goes back in, points the gun again several times, click, click, click. He goes back outside, points it at a passing vehicle. He fires two rounds in its direction; it doesn’t hit the car. The car never stops. But it did fire.”

Joseph was soon arrested, and the police confirmed there were no injuries. The police could not explain, however, why the gun was misfiring.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before,” robbery Sgt. Joe Loughman told the Star-Telegram. “It must not have been their time to go.”

But the story doesn’t end there.

As it turns out, Joseph’s mother was concerned about the well-being of her son after a phone call she had with him earlier in the day in which she feared her son was suicidal. She told the Stat-Telegram she believes the gun malfunctioned “because we were praying.”

“Last night I told God to keep Jestin safe,” she said. “And that’s what I do believe happened. I did not know he even had a gun.”

“Joseph’s mother, who did not want to be identified, told the police four hours before the robbery she feared her son was suicidal based on a phone call with him. She went down to the police station and said, ‘You’ve got to help him. I don’t know where he is, but there’s trouble.’ He called me and he said, ‘They’re trying to kill me, Mom. I’m going to die tonight. I’m going to die tonight,’” Glenn explained. “He had been experiencing a mental breakdown just like his father had a few years before, a condition that runs in the father’s family. She said, ‘The only thing I can tell you is it wasn’t my son. He was not in his right mind.’ The gun was loaded. The gun was loaded and misfired over and over and over again. He’s in jail today.”

It is an incredible story that certainly could have had a very tragic ending, and yet, inexplicably, everyone is just fine.

“So you have to ask yourself, did a mom’s prayer make it? Did a mom’s prayer help save all the people in that McDonald’s in Fort Worth,” Glenn asked. “The number one story on TheBlaze – in a world gone insane. In a world gone insane, in a world that shows so little light, it’s good to see that good still exists. It’s good to see that miracles still happen and can be called down by the righteous. Because we need some miracles.”