Obesity up 25% in NYC despite Nanny Bloomberg’s policies

In spite of Nanny Bloomberg’s best efforts, New York City Health Department records now show that obesity rates have skyrocketed 25% since Bloomberg took office in 2002.

According to the New York Post:

Reduce the obesity rate in New York City? Fat chance!

More New Yorkers than ever are living large, despite Nanny Bloomberg’s war on sugary drinks and fast foods, statistics obtained by The Post reveal.

The city’s obesity rate among adults has skyrocketed 25 percent since Mayor Bloomberg took office in 2002, city Health Department figures show.

That year, nearly one in five New Yorkers was considered obese. Now almost one in four is.

Glenn, who just so happens to be broadcasting from New York City this week, found this sorry statistic fascinating.

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“Now, this I find interesting because we don’t have any trans fats here in New York,” Glenn said. “We don’t have big sodas. We don’t have all of the salt. They posted the calorie count on the menus. We have all of it. And obesity is up by 25%.

“How can that be,” Pat asked.

“Now it’s almost like none of that crap works. It’s almost like [that] but it’s not,” Glenn explained. “It’s something entirely different. Bloomberg just hasn’t done enough. That’s what it is, Pat. He just hasn’t done enough.”

Obviously it hasn’t been enough to ban smoking, trans fats, salt, sugary drinks. Maybe if we just remove items that make people fat from menus all together, as Pat suggested, we could solve the epidemic. Or there is always another option.

“Can I tell you something? If he was just allowed to kill fat people, we would be fine. There wouldn’t be a problem. Seriously, first thing on the chalkboard today: Bloomberg needs to kill fat people. But not with a gun. Well, I mean, it could be a licensed gun. The city should have guns. But fat people shouldn’t be having guns,” Glenn joked. “I just wanted to put that down. I mean, we have a lot to cover today, and I want to make sure that we remember all of it. First thing that we learn today: Bloomberg can/should kill fat people.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Anonymous

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    • harley_dave

      yuck.. another “spamdork”

  • Anonymous

    People like Doomberg think they know what’s best for the peasants.  They live to rule over people, think they are better than others, have arrogant lofty opinions of themselves but most of all they are endless control freaks.  While being overweight or obese may be detrimental to ones’ health, being delusional and having mental health issues as it is apparent Mr. Control Freak has is also very detrimental to everyone’s right to live their lives as they see fit.

  • ConservativeGal

    So how is all of that loss of freedom to make your own food decisions working out for ya?  Looks like it is right up there with gun control.

  • harley_dave

    What an arrogant asshole.. Don’t ‘cha just love these self professed “aristocrats” who think that they can simply legislate morality ?… I suppose no one ever dared to approach his “mountain throne” and explained to him that just ’cause you’re rich, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re smart.. LOL 

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    You mean that regulating every part in someone’s life never works? Gee I wonder why liberals things like food bans gun bans, forced giving or Marxism and forced healthcare never will work in this country for the simple fact most Americans are not going to put up with idiots telling them how to live their lives.

  • Anonymous

    People are becoming fat because they eat too much or eat the wrong things, and they eat the wrong things because they are unhappy and food is the only thing they can have control over in their life since this administration has taken control, has taken hope and stomped it out, because whatever you are getting is what they hope you have.  

  • Anonymous

    He could have just eliminated half the bus stops and shut every third subway station and let everyone walk off the extra calories and called it a day.

    • Anonymous

      Saaay, I think you have something there!! And at the rest of the bus stops, MAKE the peasants stand on stair steppers so they can work out while they wait!!

  • http://thefriendcenter.com/ Average Joe.

    Bloomberg’s going to double down, libtards never admit to being wrong.  His next move is to put State Troopers on the State line and arrest anyone who’s overweight in the State to bring the statistics down.  Then there will be the “Fat Police” and Sidewalk Scales” to check for people who are overweight like they do the truckers on the highways.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I’m sure in his mind, humiliation will SURELY work!!

      • http://thefriendcenter.com/ Average Joe.

        Like a true liberal, he’ll levy a tax on them. NY don’t have enough taxes to satisfy the liberal society there.

        Someone has to pay for all the freebies.

  • Anonymous

    We and our families all have the right to eat ourselves into a disgusting state of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other ill health.

    Just like we all have the right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves from anything bad that may happen to us and our families.

  • Dalene Kolk

    Sounds like rebellion against an overbearing idiot!

  • Anonymous

     Its not Nanny Bloomburg’s fault all the Fat People moved to NY. And why not, you don’t have to work and get free cake with your EBT Card.

  • Anonymous

    Go ahead, fatten up for big daddy now.

  • Anonymous

    Ha!  Of course the folks have gained weight/gotten fat.  Why might that be?  With all the bad

    and upsetting news around, salaries stagnant (if one has a job), many not having a job at all,

    prices going up, etc.  What do many people do?  They turn to comfort food!  Mac and cheese, 

    (or Big Macs), fried foods, sweets—the whole lot.   Not everyone, of course, but many.

  • Anonymous

    Food bans CAUSED weight gain. There’s as much “proof” for that, based on correlation, as there is for most things the government seeks to regulate. Large sodas, snacks in vending machines, computer games, etc., all correlate with increased obesity levels and now the fois gras bans (and all the rest) plus all that propaganda also correlate with the expansion of obesity. In reality, correlation does not show causation. I strongly recommend the South Park episode titled “Medicinal Fried Chicken.” In this one a doctor claims that a recent ban on KFC had led to the rise in testicular cancer because the chicken somehow prevented the illness. Colorado bans marijuana once again and reopens KFC, which has now been re-branded as “Medicinal Fried Chicken.”

  • Anonymous

    People become overweight by eating too much and not being physically active, but that doesn’t excuse a government program to control it. Self control doesn’t come from regulation, self control comes from a personal desire.

    There is a social aspect to obesity, and to anorexia (the equally unhealthy opposite). The PC people will not admit to the fact that different genetics are involved in the metabolism – they call it racism. There is but one human race, but there are sub-sets of that race that have evolved over thousands of years to match the needs of their environment. Peoples who have lived for many generations in “feast or famine” environments (Eskimos – ok, Aleuts and Inuit – and southwestern Indians) tend to build on fat in the feast times, and that fat is metabolized in the famine seasons. Integrated into our permanent feast at MacDonald’s they never lose that fat, and it builds up.

    Europeans have a greater tolerance for alcohol than most other ethnics. So did the ancient Egyptians, apparently. The various bacterial diseases that come with a concentrated populace, cholera and others, are not transmitted in alcoholic drinks – a near beer is safer for children than polluted water. It doesn’t take long, only a few generations, to weed out the succeptible. The ones who become addicted to alcohol die and don’t produce children, the ones who don’t drink the near beer die from cholera, the ones who can handle their booze and drink it produce lots of progeny.

    That was overly glib, and intended to be provocative. The point is that there are genetic differences in the cultures of the world, minor differences – we are all still the same mankind – but significant to dietary needs and other things. On the assumption that all mankind came out of Africa we can say that all of mankind’s skins were dark originally. Even within Africa you see a variation of skin color (the melanin level) depending on the distance from the equator. And almost as much difference as you will see among the “whites” of Europe – the blond and very fair Norseman versus the dark Sicilian.

    The distinctions of the “races” have come in the last 5 to 50,000 years through migrations. The wide range is because some migrated early and stayed where they were – and others migrated several times.

    Self knowledge and self image are not for government to regulate, but they are the factors in obesity. It is the job of family and friends, but too many of them are themselves without control – I have no answer, but neither does Bloomberg.

  • Anonymous

    How come Mayor Blomberg doesn’t know that in order to stop people from doing whats bad for them he needs to tell them to do the total opposite? If he put everyone on a diet of junk food and told everyone it’s okay to get sloppy fat and sick/dead then the people who wanted the “bad stuff” would start wanting the different things just for a change.

  • Anonymous

    Rudy !  Rudy !    Was it something we said . . .  please come back !!

  • jeff leigh

    Fat people are gross

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