In spite of Nanny Bloomberg’s best efforts, New York City Health Department records now show that obesity rates have skyrocketed 25% since Bloomberg took office in 2002.

According to the New York Post:

Reduce the obesity rate in New York City? Fat chance!

More New Yorkers than ever are living large, despite Nanny Bloomberg’s war on sugary drinks and fast foods, statistics obtained by The Post reveal.

The city’s obesity rate among adults has skyrocketed 25 percent since Mayor Bloomberg took office in 2002, city Health Department figures show.

That year, nearly one in five New Yorkers was considered obese. Now almost one in four is.

Glenn, who just so happens to be broadcasting from New York City this week, found this sorry statistic fascinating.

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“Now, this I find interesting because we don’t have any trans fats here in New York,” Glenn said. “We don’t have big sodas. We don’t have all of the salt. They posted the calorie count on the menus. We have all of it. And obesity is up by 25%.

“How can that be,” Pat asked.

“Now it’s almost like none of that crap works. It’s almost like [that] but it’s not,” Glenn explained. “It’s something entirely different. Bloomberg just hasn’t done enough. That’s what it is, Pat. He just hasn’t done enough.”

Obviously it hasn’t been enough to ban smoking, trans fats, salt, sugary drinks. Maybe if we just remove items that make people fat from menus all together, as Pat suggested, we could solve the epidemic. Or there is always another option.

“Can I tell you something? If he was just allowed to kill fat people, we would be fine. There wouldn’t be a problem. Seriously, first thing on the chalkboard today: Bloomberg needs to kill fat people. But not with a gun. Well, I mean, it could be a licensed gun. The city should have guns. But fat people shouldn’t be having guns,” Glenn joked. “I just wanted to put that down. I mean, we have a lot to cover today, and I want to make sure that we remember all of it. First thing that we learn today: Bloomberg can/should kill fat people.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP