Worried about the government shutdown?

Don’t fear the government shutdown, baby. Stu explains why it’s all good:

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  • Anonymous

    Fully half of the government could be shut down and most people wouldn’t miss it at all.  Completely dismantle Carter’s useless Department of Education, shut down the toddler and grandma groping TSA, the intrusive and ineffective Homeland Security, HUD, the gunrunning to Mexican drug thugs BATFE.  These are just for starters.  Bring it on.

    • Anonymous

      Man, Stu sure can suck on a big cock. 

  • Draxx

    It’s nothing more than Fear Mongering To Get More Money…

    • Anonymous

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    I bet that is the only reason we have a government shut down do that the career blood suckers like Obama can use it as a weapon he don’t care about it going up and so far used it as a weapon.

  • James V. Burnette

    Unfortunately our government has gotten so big its like a snow ball gaining speed and picking up more snow on the way down the mountain. It takes more to stop it than it does to let it continue. The only thing we can do is to try to slice off large chunks as it rolls down the mountain so it won’t be so large and do so much damage when it reaches the bottom.
    The only solution is to cut spending while this financial monster keeps rolling.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is sweating it:

    So-called “shutdown” is going to happen on Obama’s watch.
    So-called “leader of the free world” cannot stop the shutdown without suspending The Constitution — and he so desperately wants to suspend The Constitution.  You can hear it in his words:  “The House do what it is elected to do.”  Guess what?  They’re doing it.  It’s Constitutional.  And Obama cannot stop them without suspending The Constitution.

    Obama wants something and he isn’t getting it.  He wants his way and he wants more power.

    More reasons NOT to have government fingers in everything.

  • Defend Liberty

    Although beneficial accidents are rare, we can prepare for what they unveil by honing our own skills and learning from others’ experience.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Public to Rebel says Democratic Strategist
    Excerpt from Reuters Article about Government Shutdown

    “The key to this is not what happens in Washington. The key is what happens out in the real world,” said Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis. “When Joe Public starts rebelling, and the financial markets start melting down, then we’ll see what these guys do.”

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the dems accuse the repubs of wanting to shut down the govt, but when the whole picture is seen, it is the repubs that want to eliminate the PORTION of the budget that would ultimately destroy the whole edifice of the nation, namely, Obamacare. So, to discredit them, the dems accuse them of rigidly linking it all together, and thus wanting to shut it all down. 

    Actually, the libs and dems want to shut it down to accomplish their destruction of the Republic.

    Go on the attack and tell the world what they are going to accuse us of, give the world the truth, and point out the smear and distortion of the truth we will be accused of. Then, when the talking-point lies come out, we can show what they are saying is false, and who is saying it, and discredit them with their own words.

    For example. regarding Benghazi, who said, “Stand down.”? I think it is obvious, but asking the question puts the ball in their court to answer or condemn themselves by their shameful silence.

    Laus Deo

  • Fire wolf

     I love this. Republican damage control by all the conservative wing nut talking heads.

    No one else is holding the budget hostage because of a law they couldnt overturn by the fact they didnt win enough elections.

  • Anonymous

    Attention to anyone out there who is about to fly to their destination!  FAA Safety Inspectors, the people who keep the aviation system safe for you are not on the job!  We have all been furloughed because of the government shut down! We work behind the scenes to ensure that you get to your destination safely! The news media is reporting that air traffic is working so the skies are safe.  That’s not their job, its ours!  We have the safest aviation system in the country because of the constant surveillance we do every day on the airlines.  You people that hate government workers should think about this the next time you board a flight!

  • Anonymous

    All of this is a carefully planned socialist/communist manoever upon US civilization by egoist arrogant suppresive tantrumming child personalitites that agonize at the thought of “people” managing and carrying on without someone inflicting pain to control them. 
         People that if they get awakened to intruders trying to do them harm stand and face whatever it is that threatens deceny, access to a worthy future and liberty of the human soul.
    Some fathers of these giving people just crossed the imposters line at the veterans memorial when they went beyond the Obomunists barricade.
    Hah, as if this Manchurian ever earned ownership of any part of that memorial. He lied his way into our American circles, that is established.

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