If you thought Mayor Michael Bloomberg turned New York City into nanny state bogged down by government over-regulation, you just wait to see what Democratic mayoral candidate Bill DeBlasio has in store for the city.

While the media focused all of its attention on Anthony Weiner and his sexting, the DeBalsio campaign centered around a simple theme: The Tale of Two Cities. And much like his friend and ideological counterpart, Barack Obama, DeBlasio won the Democratic nomination because his rhetoric resonated with the leftists in NYC. But aside from promising universal pre-kindergarten for the city’s children by raising taxes on the ‘rich’, he offered very little insight into what his governing plans actually entail. If his past, which includes a honeymoon in Communist Cuba and support of the  Sandinista movement in Nicaragua, is any indication, extremely far-left progressive policy will soon be commonplace in New York City.

So what does all this mean for the future of the greatest city in the world? On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn exposed DeBlasio’s past and the circumstances from which he rose to the Democratic nominee.