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NBC continues to show its true colors as it kicks off a special ‘Healthcare Week’ aimed at helping Obamacare succeed. Last night on MSNBC, Ed Schultz got in on the action – mocking Glenn and his “disciples” while spreading the word about the Obamacare exchanges.

Shultz began by calling the official Obamacare website,, a “Great guide, if I may say, for any of you out there who feel so confused by all these right-wing commercials that are just permeating through your television screen,” before taking a shot at Glenn and his fans.

Ed Schultz: Now, if you are a Glenn Beck disciple and you hate President Obama, then the website would be**.

“How brilliant this is,” Pat joked. “What a burn.”

“Oh man. That hurt,” Glenn quipped. “You know what? I was driving in today and I saw the headline and I thought, you know what? Why are we even covering it? It’s like one of those, again, a guy trying to get attention for himself. And then I actually saw it. Then I went, no. I want you to know, Ed, I’m covering this because you’re such a third grade bully. You’re such a dolt that we find it hysterical. So I’ll continue to cover you because you hurt the left so badly.”