Not long after sharing the story of House Speaker John Boehner working behind-the-scenes with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to keep Congress’s Obamacare exemptions, Glenn hit his breaking point on radio this morning. For a while, Glenn has said that he is done with the progressives in the GOP, but today he decided it’s time to get these guys out of the party. And he knows the only way to get them out is to cut off their funding.

Glenn created a hash tag to kick start his movement to rid conservatives of their horrible leadership: #DefundTheGOP.

“I guarantee you, John Boehner would step down today, if the big donors would actually come to the plate today and say, ‘I’ve given my last dime to the Republican Party until John Boehner steps down – not as speaker of the house – but resigns. Until that happens, you don’t get a dime from me. Not one dime from me,’” Glenn said. “If everybody who has ever given any money would call their congressman and call GOP Headquarters and say, ‘Don’t you ever ask me for a dime. Don’t you ever send me an email. Don’t you do it.’ There’s step one: #DefundTheGOP.”

Well, a lot of people listening to Glenn seemed to agree with him, and they took to Twitter to make their opinions known and to send a message to the leadership of the Republican Party.









Have you had enough? Join the conversation using #DefundTheGOP.

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Throughout the day, #DefundTheGOP continued to spread across social media. While we showed you how the hashtag spread across Twitter. Later in the day we were informed that #DefundTheGOP was going even more viral on Facebook, reaching the #1 spot, and later holding onto the #3 spot.

If you’re as fed of with the backdoor deals and lies from the leadership of the Republican Party, join Glenn is spreading the #DefundTheGOP movement across social media.