David Buckner explains why the U.S. could be on a collision course for a Weimar Republic-style collapse

Columbia University Professor David Buckner joined Glenn on tonight’s Glenn Beck Program to offer some frightening insight into the state of the U.S. economy. Glenn has long talked about the collapse of Weimar Republic and the triggers that lead to a state of unsustainable hyperinflation. David laid out five “steps” that lead to/cause a hyper-inflated state:

1. Economic implosion
2. Collapse in tax revenues
3. Raise taxes
4. Lenders stop lending
5. Austerity or print

As you can see from the list, the U.S. is obviously not the untouchably stable powerhouse it was once believed to be

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So is there any hope for our economy? David believes that the decades of poor policy will ultimately come to a head in October 2014 or January 2015, and from there a complete collapse would be complete in just months. It’s a scary prospect, but, as David explained, it is important to understand the root of problem, if we have any hope of righting the wrongs.

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  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    All five points have been reached, and the trigger point/s less than two weeks away:

    The debt-ceiling battle
    The budget battle if it stretches out.

    Remember, Obama warned Wall Street to ‘Be Concerned.’ 

    Translation: Obama will allow the economy to collapse so he can declare an national emergency and become a dictator under martial law. It’s coming and faster than most realize.

    • Draxx

      I bet Obummer will pull a Saddam Hussien Trick and Kill Everybody That Helped Him Make His Dictatorship So That It Cannot Be Undone Without A Major War…

    • Bonnie Somer

      correct 10 points for u now if only everyone else can c it

    • http://www.facebook.com/scott.sledgister Scott Sledgister

      Do you really believe that the Pentagon and Secret Service would allow him to remain in power after his term is up.  He would have to turn them first and if that happens we’re all way more screwed than just having problems with the economy.

      • https://www.facebook.com/linda.bridges.12 Linda L Thompson

        do you think we can make it til his term is up  I don’t

      • Anonymous

        There aren’t enough military, let alone Secret Service that will go along with that craziness to keep the American people at bay. 

        • alnga

          The type of recruits that are rising up now, will fit well into his plans.

      • alnga

        Of course, there are democrats every where.

    • Michael Doyle

      Obama could well be surprised when he declares martial law and nobody but a few idiots support him.There are millions of people, many of them veterans and active duty military, who know exactly what Obama, Soros and other globalists are up to and won’t stand for it. For those who only want their free stuff, either get educated and get on board or be prepared to have a really short and rough life. Useful idiots only last until they become useless idiots, then they perish. There is plenty of 20th Century history to prove my point.

      • Morpheus58

        It never ceases to amaze me that Obama regards the legacy of the United States as nothing more than his personal plaything in his delusional conquests at home and abroad. It’s painful to watch this idiot and others dismantle through fundamental transformation.

    • Deborah Thomas

       What folks don’t realize is that we’re already living in a dictatorship. What’s to come will just formalize what already exists :(

    • alnga

      Obama’s plan to bail us out is to give him more power by giving up more of our liberties. Our founders warned us against this very thing and the low-info voter is absolutely clueless because they do not have a dog in the fight.They have little to lose.

  • Mr_TrueReality

    Bullshit from a non-expert in “The Dismal Science”.
    We produce nothing??
    How about:
    John Deere
    Proctor and Gambel
    Johnson and Johnson
    Hiens Foods
    Tyson Foods
    There are over 300 listings on the NYSE for American based companies that PRODUCE!
    Who publishes Glen’s books?-China?- I doubt it.
    Engage in Capatalism Americans! DO NOT FEAR OR SHUND IT!!!
    If you disengage in our system, for any motivation based upon emotional reaction, you will end up a pauper, frustrated, lost, and hoping for someone or something to show you “the way” 
    You’ll find YOUR OWN way but only if you search for it and figure out what is best FOR YOU!!
    As Ayn Rand had John Galt say, ” Check your fuel. It brought you exactly to the destination you desired”-paraphrased
    Mr TR

    • Draxx

      The only company in your list that is not openly in bed with the Big Gov’t Regulators and Elitist is John Deere…

      Plus, GE is crushing smaller companies like there is no tomorrow because they get Waivers and Rights by Elitist to do things other companies are denied!  Why don’t you mention that they also want electricity to be 8-10 times higher than what it was 6 years ago, Just Like The Comrade-In-Chief Obummer!!!  Who do you think has also collected so many Hefty Gov’t Contracts (which do not stipulate that the merchandise has to be manufactured in the US)? 

      • Jan Gallaher

        Amen Draxx.

      • Jan Gallaher

        ie – the taking down of 108 + coal plants in the U.S., a move that will cause “electricity rates to necessarily skyrocket”…..Barack Obama 2006.

    • Jan Gallaher

      The tech boom was twenty years ago.  America is a consumer nation now.  Most jobs out there now are in service, ie restaurants, healthcare, etc.   We dont make anything that other countries would purchase, that they dont make themselves.  Ayn Rand also warned of a government that is not just in bed with corporate America, but controls and then decides what fails and what prevails.  Ayn Rand warned of a direction that is exactly that which we are heading.  And don’t blame the people….or say they are getting emotional and frustrated and expecting someone to show them the way.   Yeah they voted for these idiots and for that we will all pay dearly, but they just go to work every day and take care of their families.  They dont have the time to investigate all of this.  Its the fault of corrupt and greedy businesses, banks and most of all, politicians.  And as far as Glenn Beck goes, hey dont shoot the messenger.  Just sit back and see what happens.  I hope he’s wrong and you’re right.  I really do, but let’s all stop bad-mouthing people, and getting off listening to our own selves talk, like just our own opinion is the one that’s right.  We are getting to a point where we better start taking care of ourselves and our fellow man, cuz thats what you will be judged on – in the end.

      • Mr_TrueReality

        Ayn also depicted the solution philosophy in John Galt’s speech.
        The books’s guideline was ” The Strike” but the philosophy was; live to MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER….PERSUE HAPPINESS..Persueing happiness is NOT a passive engagement in life!!!
        Mr TR

    • Jan Gallaher

      By the way, the stock market is fake money, fake numbers.  NYSE….peeeshaaaa.

  • Anonymous

    David Buckner should peddle his ass for a few bucks. He would seem like less of a scabby whore that way

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    Citizens and Patriots: Always keep in mind that the light of liberty is each of us: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.johnson.71404976 Brian Johnson

    Glenn, please stop acting like you have the slightest idea what
    you’re talking about. Just shut the fuck up and die, you pencil dick

    • Sally

      Brian, it’s people like you that name call and can’t have a decent, factual conversation.  Things are bad and they are getting worse.  Personally, I feel there will be a revolt and Obama is trying and wants to be dictator.

      • https://www.facebook.com/linda.bridges.12 Linda L Thompson

        you are right

    • Anonymous

       Why do they keep letting you out of the institution?  You need to get back on your meds.

    • Anonymous

      Wow Brian, you certainly are an intellectual aren’t you?  It’s impressive how far out of your mind you’ve come.  I suggest someone needs to put you in a quiet place for a little while and let you calm down before your ALL POWERFUL OVERLORD, CHAIRMAN OBAMA, drags your ass off to the gas chamber. Such as it is? not a big loss.

    • Michael Doyle

       Brian, you are well on your way to becoming a useless idiot. Maybe you are already there.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

      Ladies and gentlemen liberal tolerance and denial.

    • Anonymous

       Would someone lend Brian a tight fitting set of headphones before the last bit of intellect available to him leaks out ?

      • http://www.facebook.com/brian.johnson.71404976 Brian Johnson

        Fuck Glenn Beck, the fact that he knowingly
        lies, incites hate and anger all for profit makes him one of the most evil men
        of our time. Look how angry and hateful you people are, and you all fucking
        love it. Please Glenn, stir us up some more we just love it. What’s sad is that
        all these suicidal gun nuts that decide to go out in a blaze of glory by
        killing a bunch of average people don’t think to make their last act something beneficial
        to society like going out in “The Blaze” of glory and taking this  

    • Anonymous

      YO sucka that’s some mighty dumbass you got going on thea’ sucka’
      look up dumbass sucka’ it fit’s ya’ later educated one HaHahhahhahha 

  • Problem Solver

    We traded manufacturing jobs for service jobs that paid 80% or less. Cheap credit was made available so consumers would spend offsetting lose of income. People were given home loans spending equity and home ownership rose to record levels creating the housing boom. Millions of jobs went overseas and wages were suppressed in many industries due to off-shoring and green cards. As expected the boom popped and the jobs related to the artificial economy went away. We now have a global economy with major corporations making record profits. If you read history you will see what happens when the benefits of economic activity is directed to the minority of society. Without a means for a truly educated middle class getting the lions share of economic benefits it is hard to maintain a free society.   

    • Anonymous

      And now the housing bubble is being reinflated as fast as they can muster it.  The bond bubble is at the brink of popping.  Even though the stock market is NOMINALLY higher than it was in ’08, it represents MUCH less value because of the massive money printing that devalues each of the dollars in the market.  Still, the stock market is poised for a jarring flop.  We are working our way toward an economy that will make the Depression of the 30’s look mild.

      • Keith

        Just wish everyone could.comprehend this.

  • Maximus Max

    I’m curious as to why he picked the October thru Jan time frame? What precede’s the inevitable tapering that *forces* it to happen?

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.j.jones.92 Paul Jackson Jones

       Maybe because the new budget year rolls over every October 1st,and next yr will be worse after Obamacare kicks in fully.

  • Rick Treharne

    I’d really like Glenn Beck and others like him to start talking about a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment.  Neither Party CAN BE TRUSTED, to spend our tax dollars wisely, and simply voting in another irresponsible politician who promises to do so is just not good enough any more.

  • Magnuscolorado

    My bet is he walks this backwards . . 

    A good compromise, a good piece of legislation, is like a good sentence; or a good piece of music. Everybody can recognize it. They say, ‘Huh. It works. It makes sense.’

    Barack Obama

  • Anonymous

    for more thorough explanations, check out Michael Hudson or Richard Wolff. 

    The basics are that we are a consumer based society (since the fifties) that has reached the limits of what we can consume. We are using debt (i.e. borrowing) to keep consuming and to keep the economy growing. Growth is essential to justify the creation of new “wealth” in the form of money to make sure that all the debt can be serviced. As the amount of consumer debt keeps growing the government has to keep increasing liquidity to keep the lenders satisfied that their debts will keep getting serviced. This is essentially transferring the burden of that debt on to the government. Now, the owners of all this debt (the 1%) are happy as long as they can earn interest on their piles of money, they don’t care where it comes from. They’ll keep pressure on the government to keep the spigot turned on forever. As soon as the government no longer injects new “liquidity” into the economy all those debts go into default, consumer spending stops, stock market crashes, and all hell breaks loose. And as long as the owners of the debt continue to apply political pressure, this will happen. 

  • Danco30

    I’ve said it since the 2008 crash, we don’t produce anything here anymore.  Manufacturing must come back to the USA to provide jobs and to increase exports.  When our country was strong was when everyone in the world wanted “Made in USA”.

    • Anonymous

      2008 was the ‘precrash’.  The crash is looming and it will make 2008 look like a ripple.

    • http://www.facebook.com/manuel.manjarrez.313 Manuel Manjarrez

       well what is the price to make a tv set 50 dollars an hour or 20 that is why no one builds stuff here it is to expensive get rid of the unions and adjust it to actual fair wage instead of extortion maybe they will come back and not only that support immigration reform as well

    • alnga

      Congress made the USA a terrible place to have a mid size to large business. Both parties are at fault here. The folks that want to be president are going to hide their records for a while.

  • Christopher Porretti

    right now the revenues have never been higher at least for 2012, The level of spending is crazy and our debt is unmanageable . Interest rates will have to rise

  • Michael Doyle

     There are very few people in this country who understand what wealth is and how it is created. As long as we have a negative trade balance, we are exporting wealth. If the cost of imports to do the manufacturing you talk about exceeds the export sales price, all that has happened is the export of wealth, the difference between the total manufacturing cost and the export price. We have enough energy and natural resources in this country to swing the balance of trade in our favor my stopping the importation of energy and exporting our resources. This might actually help to pay down the national debt and make it possible for the United States of America to survive. Our present administration either knows exactly what they are doing or are doing the wrong things because they do not understand how things actually work. My guess is that they are going their level best to bring down the capitalist economic system in this country at a rate that is just below the radar. I have seen the video where George Soros said in his own words out of his own mouth that the only thing stopping his New World Order is  the capitalist system in the US. Enough said! Is George Soros and his worldwide socialist buddies pulling the Obama puppet strings? You be the judge. If you get it wrong, be prepared for a miserable future for your kids and grand-kids.

  • Greg Christ

    Welcome the FEMA Camps 

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    Welcome to Obamaunism.

  • Anonymous

    Someone may want to keep an eye on Japan as it may be the trigger for Global Economic Collapse. Japan’s options have all but disappeared leaving the cashing-in of America’s Bond as the only option available to Postpone its total default and America doesn’t have the resources to oblige.

    Stay tuned !

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Obama and his cronies are shorting the market

  • Anonymous

    The intelligent people know that we will
    collapse.  We have too much debt.  I heard
    on CNBC, I think that is the channel, that
    Social Security is already broke and this new
    insurance program will be the card that brings
    down the whole (America’s) debt.

    • http://www.facebook.com/TimGabz Timothy Hosking

      It is like placing a whole new deck of cards – in their wrapper – on a house of cards. SS is broke, most things are “partially funded” you gottah rely on HOPE and expect change from your dollars…

  • Jess Hansen

    There is one more step required, the dollar needs to be surpassed by another currency as an international currency of trade.  As long as other countries NEED dollars to purchase food and oil on the international market there will be admand for the dollar.  The dollar has a special status that way.  I do realize that the BRIC countries are working on a new international currency but a change that major takes time. I think the day will come when the dollar will collapse, but I think it might take a little longer than David Buckner thinks.   

    • http://www.facebook.com/TimGabz Timothy Hosking

      I work in Southern and West Africa at the moment. There is a considerable level of concern, bordering fear staying with the U$D. If everyone changed to other than U$D then USA would collapse and do immense damage globally. However there is the other side of the coin of it is better to have a controlled crash than staying with U$D and using hope as a seatbelt in a wipeout. Picture an elephant providing shelter for mice, it is ill and existing by being held up by a million mice, the elephant is only moving because of the mice and the mice are scared of being crushed. Now if all let go most will be crushed, if those who can make a run for it early may well survive but will kill those it leaves behind. The best thing would be for the elephant to recover, but now it is used tobeing carried.

      The mice are nervous

      • Yanksta

        Great analogy.

  • Anonymous

    I have a copy of the Declaration of  Independence pre dates 1850 will sale

  • Jim

    The USA produces airplanes, guns and bullets.

  • Anonymous

    Can we say, “Tape Worm Economy”? I knew we could, brought to you by the 50% of the 1% in the DC Beltway! -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nU7wGe2A6k&feature=share&list=PL49DD1874057DEBA5

  • http://www.facebook.com/TimGabz Timothy Hosking

    My Grandmother experienced the Weimar collapse. She regailed the tale to us in the ’70s when we were growing up. I thought it incredible but shrugged it off as we were better….

    Then the Zimbabwe situation wiped out my family’s wealth, yes it can happen to anyone living under chaos. It is nasty, vicious.

    She taught us about the genocides of WW2, I didn’t think it could happen again,, right I was working in Burundi when their genocide kicked off.

    She also regailed us ofboth her father and husband (my Grandfather) who was in the Changi concentration Camp while she eeked out a living as a German in WW2 UK.

    ‘cuse my cynicism when people harp on that it can’t happen. It can, and if it continues along the road you travelling – it will. I am an economist and when figures don’t balance there will be a fall and tears.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.reher.94 Mary Reher

    yes we will fall under the one world order.It has been his plain all long.

    • ScienceWorks

      That’s delusional, paranoid thinking.

    • jonjon_yo

      they might try, but they’d fail.

  • ScienceWorks

    More fear mongering. Beck borrows more trouble than our government does money.

  • LibertyDwells

    It’s far past time that people stop setting dates. Yes, we’ve reached the point of no return and passed it. But how long we can ride that knife’s edge before falling off is something nobody can predict. A single major crisis could tip us instantly. But likewise, major crises that aren’t the “right type” can leave us untouched. The bureaucracy may keep us afloat for a long time, depending on how creative they can get and how much BS people will buy. Will the wheels fall off? I’d love to hear a rational explanation of how any other outcome is possible. But date-setting only discredits us, since *nobody* can know how long the desperate will figure out how to protect their power base.

  • http://2ndwaffenss.com/ SilverBullet77

    This article is dated from 2013, all the dates have passed, and we’re still here

  • Jmaharry

    Here we are, JANUARY, 2015! Let’s check the scorecard:
    1. Economic Implosion? GDP growth at an 11-year high. (Reuters) Beck/Buckner FAIL
    2. Collapse of tax revenue? Fed. budget deficit will fall in 2015, sixth consecutive year of decreases. (CBO) Beck/Buckner FAIL
    3. Raise taxes? “Federal taxes on middle-income Americans are near historic lows” (Center of Budget and Policy Priorities) Beck/Buckner FAIL
    4. Lenders stop lending? EPIC Beck/Buckner FAIL
    5. Austerity? EPIC Beck Buckner FAIL

    Heheheheh. Beck/Buckner are quite uncanny prognosticators. Actual results stand in diametrical opposition to anything they predict!

  • WhiteEagleCross

    Everyone sees it, but no one sees it. Everyone has heard it, but no one hears it. The world is blind, deaf, and dumb. Selah

    Even so, come Lord Jesus. Amen

  • Michael DeVita

    All hype. Ain’t gonna happen to the extent thought by so called experts. Our economy is too large to completely fail.

  • Timothy Wenners

    Hm… And Glenn was supporting the Republican Establishment, while Ron Paul was giving these exact same warnings during the debates.

    Thanks for poking holes in the titanic there Glenn.

    People who desire freedom thank you for your efforts to drown the nation.

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