Glenn: Warning! We are deeply into the shove mode now

Earlier this week, TheBlaze covered the story of the veterans who were going to be denied access to the World War II memorial in Washington D.C. because of the partial government shutdown. For the last few days, Republican congressmen have been accompanying veteran groups to the memorial to help remove the barricades and allow these heroes to visit the memorial that stands in their honor. On radio this morning, Glenn called this incident a “very important sign post moment.”

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“I will tell you that I think today I can come to you and say: We have a very important sign post that you need to see,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Every one so far in America has seen it, and I don’t think anybody knows what it means. And that is, the fence around the World War II memorial.”

As the media continues to claim that Republicans are using the WWII vets for their own personal political gain, few news outlets are reporting that the memorial is – by and large – privately funded. So what gives?

“They are trying intentionally to inflict pain on 90-year-old World War II [veterans] – the greatest generation Americans. Here’s the signpost that I want you to see. What politician ever in the history of America ever would intentionally inflict pain on a 90-year-old? Would intentionally inflict pain on World War II, greatest generation heroes. These are heroes… These tours happen every single day and there are private organizations that are paying for these guys to come in so they can see it. And this is a cathartic moment for them,” Glenn explained. “And the President has a team of people that you the taxpayer are paying for. And they have said, ‘How do we inflict the most amount of pain, not on the GOP, but on the people? How do we cause pain on the people?’”

A similar situation unfolded during the sequester. Since the American people did not feel the dire affects the left and the media had suggested, they decided to inflict pain on the children by ending White House tours. But Glenn explained why this time is slightly different.

“This is what they always do. They are using children as an image. But now, this is different because now they are strong-arming 90-year-old World War II veterans. And they no longer care if they look like they are strong arming,” Glenn said. “Now, it is them inflicting the pain intentionally… They are spending money, The president has to pay for a group of people to sit around in a conference room and say, ‘Where can we inflict the most pain?’ And then, when it failed, they have to go back into that meeting and spend all that money to say, ‘Okay. Now what do we do.’ Any sane, nonpsychotic person says, ‘Open it up, and let the people go.’”

“I want you to understand, you are now seeing what I told you about 3 weeks ago. I told you, they have gone from nudge to shove. This is another example that they are deep into shove. Your next step is shoot. Understand, they are into shove,” Glenn said. “Every Marxist, communist revolution always ends in millions dead. Always. Without fail. Every time. We talk about the Nazis. Well, they killed 6 million Jews. The Soviet Union killed 60 million. The Chinese, it’s estimated between 70 million and 90 million. The Russians starved 7 million in the Ukrainian. They starved them to death. Why? To teach them a lesson. This is the beginning of teaching the American people a lesson… We are deeply into the shove mode now. And I think I have a pretty good record of reading these guys and where they are headed. Warning. Warning.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Bonnie Somer

    Glenn never doubted u for a minute u r preaching to the choir it is the people who do not have a single clue and either GOD will show them or someone must i spk to people everyday who have not one ounce of an idea of the disaster this man, a danger to freedom and the entire world, has in mind the use of govt agencies to bully americans, his contempt of a court ord to cont oil drilling in the gulf 100 articles of impeachment i have a list his ignoring the constitution WHERE R AMERICANS RED LINE MINE WAS CROSSED ABOUT 4 YRS AGO WHEN I SAW HIM THE REAL OBAMA WHEN HE SPOKE TO JOE THE PLUMBER PEOPLE IN AMERICA NOW MUST FIGHT NOW OR LATER BUT IT IS HERE NO DOUBT

    • Pablo Descartes

      Have You seen Larry Klayman’s article on the Renew America website? He is calling for a Patriot march on the w.h., as in Egypt. I believe the date to be Nov. 19, 2013.

      • Bonnie Somer

        great let me know the details

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get something straight: my dad is part of the so called “greatest generation”, and his opinion of his own generation is as follows: ” some were/are great and many were/ are not so great. The ignorant masses voted for FDR; and that should tell you everything you need to know about how ‘great’ they were.” My dad is a WW2 UDT VET. team #2. He is still as sharp as his WW2 knife. So when he relates some of the fucked up stories of the era, I believe him. FDR cut off Japan’s oil supply and he knew the “Japs” were going to attack, but he wanted it to be a surprise so the ignorant masses would feel the intense hate necessary to fight yet another fucking unnecessary war……..

    Some things never change, do they?

    • Anonymous

      Good to know that you place our efforts to stop the racist militarist regimes of Tojo and Hitler in the same category as Bush Jr.’s poorly considered and manufactured invasion of Iraq. Historians have long debated the seemingly bellicose moves of FDR to “start” the War for the US. I think there is general consensus that bottom line–there was no way we were going to let them dominate SE Asia and the Pacific Ocean. Our friends the Brits and the other (soon to be fading) colonial powers of France and The Netherlands could not afford the loss of abundant natural resources to the Japanese militarists. War was inevitable.

      I am grateful for your father’s service and my father’s service; indeed that entire generation. i am grateful that the lessons they learned the hard way during the Depression and the War were passed on to many of us.  I fear that my generation has done a lousy job of passing them onto the next.

      • Anonymous

        “War was inevitable.”

        Bullshit. You’re just parroting the same old line that’s been retold by the establishment for years.

        Many warmongers said the same thing you parroted about Japan regarding the U.S.S.R., and their warmongering nearly ended life on earth.

        There are truely “great” men who tell it like it is/was:

        “War is a racket” ….Smedley Butler

        “Smedley Darlington Butler [1] (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) was a Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. During his 34-year career as a Marine, he participated in military actions in the Philippines, China, in Central America and the Caribbean during the Banana Wars, and France in World War I. Butler is well known for having later become an outspoken critic of U.S. wars and their consequences, as well as exposing the Business Plot, a purported plan to overthrow the U.S. government.

        By the end of his career, Butler had received 16 medals, five for heroism. He is one of 19 men to twice receive the Medal of Honor, one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and the Medal of Honor, and the only Marine to be awarded the Brevet Medal and two Medals of Honor, all for separate actions.”

        • Gristle McThornbody

          “Great men are almost always bad men.” -Lord Acton

          • Anonymous

            That all depends on what you mean by “great”. Slavery gets shit done (think: The Great Wall of China) but I don’t think the “great” slave masters who drove millions to their deaths were great in the sense of being good men. The means did not justify the ends.

            They were great at commiting evil acts, if you know what I mean.

          • Pablo Descartes

            what a freak of nature you are gristley.

          • Gristle McThornbody

            Thank you!

        • Anonymous

          I will check out your Smedley friend when i have more time. We can debate the causes of the US decision to declare War in WWII with I am sure more than a few conflicting scholarly citations. We may even find some areas of agreement. But before you resort to profanity and insult, I voiced my opinion that war in WWII was inevitable–Japan wanted to rule the Pacific it needed the natural resources of southeast Asia to feed its own military industrial complex and perpetuate its own version of the master race. That was not in any single nation’s interest, including the Japanese. Would you have preferred American Industrialist be complicit and aiding in Japan’s expansion? Japan and the US alligned together for WWII?  i did not say WWII was desirable nor did I parrot anyone’s line. I actually have studied this subject ever since being fascinated with it as a kid (having a dad and uncles who lived through it fueled my interest) through high school and college. I still read about it. My opinion is  mine–reached after reading a lot of different sources–who conflict with one another.

          and yes my friend, I am well acquainted with the military industrial complex that depends on conflict and the fear of conflict for its sustenance. They profitted handsomely during the cold war, vietnam, Gulf War and Bush’s intervention in Iraq.

          • Anonymous

            “Would you have preferred……..”

            I’ll tell you what I would have preferred then and now: I would prefer to let other nations fail in their futile attempt at world hegenomy by means of military conquest.

            America beat the “Japs” —-so what of it?—-and now 60yrs later the American hegemons are busy “pivoting” their military around China. But hold on, because if we left Japan alone in the first place, perhaps China would be Japan’s problem now.

            Do you see what I mean? Hitler was replaced by Stalin, was he not? Russia may have defeated Hitler all on its own. If not, sooner or later Hitler would have turned on Japan, because there cannot be two master races now can there?

            Hitler was an extreme drug addict who actually got orgasms when he spoke publically. He went insane. He suffered from extreme megalomania. It was only a matter of time before he would have been out of the picture.

            Meanwhile, America could have been taking the advice of Ludwig von Mises by becoming a free-market superpower, because in the end being a netural economic superpower is what really counts.

            America only needed to build enough weapons to defend itself from a ground invasion.

            There is only one advantage that I can think of which America gained from entangling itself in WW2: it was the first country to develop the bomb. The bomb was a game changer; therefore, it was essential that America have it first. And what is most important now, is for America to focus on rebuilding a free-market economy absent the Fed, military industrial complex, Wall Street’s crony capitalists and a collectivist government that sticks its nose in everybody’s business.

          • Mike Nelson

            Absent also the media, yes?

            Sadly, these things are pipe dreams, given the level and proliferation of current technology.

            While the things you say strike the correct chord imo, there is a reality that must be recognized, and that reality is that power abhors a vacuum.

            One word: Putin.

            Another word: Islam.

            It’s just not like it used to be.  We talk to the other side of the world with the push of a button.

            Regarding WWII… you’re just wrong on this one.  You say the only advantage we gained was the bomb… but you ignore the prosperity the military industrial complex afforded the entire nation as we mobilized for work, thus ending the Great Depression.  Further, you dismiss out of hand the US rocketry program, and the formation of the first program to successfully reach the moon!

            Now, if you want to make the case that going to war was not the correct way to address the GD, that’s another debate… but we have to be both honest and forthright in addition to being well informed.

            And that’s saying nothing of the state of conflict/war being an intrinsically fundamental characteristic of human nature.  It’s like our own built-in lemming swarm when too many people get hungry, desperate, and organized.

            Sort of like what we see today.

            Sorry man, but imo, on this one your somewhat idealistic Monday-morning quarterbacking is blocking relevant information from your view, and your jingoism speaks louder than the strengths of your position.

          • Gristle McThornbody

            I take it you’re unfamiliar with Operation: Paperclip?

            Are you aware of the vast amount of technology the United States essentially stole from the Third Reich? That the US barely beat the USSR to the punch? That the only real reason the United States even landed on the moon was due to the research of captured Nazi scientists?

          • Anonymous

            “Regarding WWII… you’re just wrong on this one…….we mobilized for work, thus ending the Great Depression.”  

            Is that what we did? Warfare in order to make workfare possible?  A workfare check for the troops? Do you really want to try and support that fucking absurd premises. Warring benefits a people and a people’s economy? Really? Well, if that’s true, then let’s fucking start a massive war in the Middle East right fucking now… Oh wait, we already have been doing that for 12 years now. Is the economy getting any better?

            Yours is just another great economic myth that’s been debunked many times. Do you really think an economy benefits from war? War is what hampers an economy, and, if wars continue for prolonged periods of time, it eventually destroys an economy. History is littered with empires that went bankrupt because of endless war….. Soldiers are a drag on the economy, unless, of course, they are actually conquerors….. Is that what you’re supporting? Neo-colonialism? In that case, I would say America temporarily benefits due to the spoils of war, e.g., the petro-dollar. As far as the long term benefits of acquiring information on the German rocketry program, medical research and other scientific information goes, it was not worth being involved in the war……all of the blood, treasure and time could have been spent in far better ways. 

            The bomb was significant. Everything else was ancillary.

            Economically speaking, selling arms to warring countries is one thing, and it is profitable for sure, but selling is far different than being a warring empire like America is now.

            Understanding how a thriving, moral economy is built and sustained and rejecting the ignorant myths and outright lies is best done by educating yourself on the nourishing, erudite works of Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Murray Rothbard et al. ……..

        • Victor’s Punishment

          You with the Smedley Butler quotes again. Hiding your cowardice behind another man’s valor is poor form indeed. 

          There are a lot of vets being discriminated against by this administration, and you are distorting the story here so you can steer it to your favorite anti war rant. 

          Sorry, but this isn’t about you or your political bent. 

          This is about the overreaching of a government that ignores not only the Constitution but the people it serves. You want to gripe about something? Try the wholesale heist of the people’s treasury by a man and his cronies who have no honor within themselves and want to deny the vets of WWII access to their privately funded memorial. That is the story here and you can’t change that. 

          I think I remember you from before, and you are still singing the same one note samba that you were six months ago. It must be the only song you know.

    • Regina Weiner

      My dad was also a vet of both WWII and Korea.  He had his warts, and most of the dads of my day had theirs. But they did the hard thing when it was asked of them; and they did it well.  My dad didn’t have anything good to say about FDR, and he didn’t give a flip for Patton, either.  He just did his job.  Almost all of them did.  It’s not the first time the common man was far more heroic than his leaders, but it’s one of the best documented examples of it.

    • Victor’s Punishment

      Yours is a cynical version of reality. 

  • Anonymous

    That bald douched Louie Ghoulmert and Michelle Bachmann and Rep. Randy Douchebager of Texas should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for exploiting World war II veterans like this. Absolutely outrageous. Glenn Beck is as smarmy a worm whore as has ever lived

    • JohnDale49

       Go f8ck yourself

      • Gristle McThornbody

        I think you meant to type FUCK.

        It’s “fuck,” not “f8ck.” F-U-C-K

        Just so you know…

        • Victor’s Punishment

          We all know what he meant – even you were smart enough to figure it out. 

    • Sam Fisher

      You mean like Obama did by closing it when it is not even in the federal budget? 

    • Anonymous

       How about the douche bag senate that refuses to vote on individual CR bills? And the “it’s the law of the land, get over it” mantra is old. Slavery was the law of the land too. Women not being allowed to vote was the law of the land. You want THOSE laws back too? Being a democrat, I’m sure you would. Democrats created the KKK, Jim Crow laws, filibustered against the 19th amendment, filibustered against the civil rights act during the Eisenhower administration…AND democrats do a great job of enslaving blacks and women with entitlements.

    • Anonymous

      Troll Bomb. That is all you will get from this Obama Chimp. Don’t give it a nickel for the music box. Just encourages it to keep turning the crank.

    • Victor’s Punishment

      Good to see you are being the same idiot that we all know you to be. When you get through projecting your flaws on others whose boots you are not fit to shine, why don’t you do the world a service and go jump into a volcano somewhere, preferably an active one. 

      • Pablo Descartes

        Geristpley reminds me of the tranny prostitutes walking the streets of San Francisco. what a freak of nature!

    • Victor’s Punishment

      As if you care about World War II or any other vets. You are a slimy troll and that is all you will ever be. 

  • Anonymous

    Ok, let’s get this straight. The opponents to Obamacare decide that their best shot is to block its funding at all costs. They understand completely that there will be no budget, and the federal government will (as it did during the pathetic Newt and Tip led episodes) shut down to a certain degree. All National Parks are closed; no distinction. WW II Vets show up, Bachman et al seize the day for political opportunism–for anyone to think they are operating purely out of patriotism is naive. For those clowns to fail to see the irony that their efforts in the House have resulted in the closure of the NPS while they hoist themselves up as guardian angels to the Vets is pathetic. The Administration, in typical “we’ve got a PR problem ” reactionary mode, modifies the closure to allow for 1st Amendment poltical speech. Rank political opportunism as well–shame equally shared.

    And GB, ever the visionary, tries to tie it to stalinist behavior?, they are into shove,” Glenn said. “Every Marxist, communist revolution always ends in millions dead. Always. Without fail. Every time. We talk about the Nazis. Well, they killed 6 million Jews. The Soviet Union killed 60 million. The Chinese, it’s estimated between 70 million and 90 million. The Russians starved 7 million in the Ukrainian. They starved them to death. Why? To teach them a lesson. This is the beginning of teaching the American people a lesson… We are deeply into the shove mode now.

    Right-Obama is so Machiavelian, he decided to intentionaly inflict pain on an increasingly marginalized sector, the shrinking population of WW II Vets. There is so much logic in that plan-so much poltical gain, they must have benn planning this for a good year! And next year, the National Guard will be mobilized to use live ammunition on the crowd at the next Glenn Beck sponsored–” Look to me people–aren’t I so special” rally.

    So, Glenn, how do we fairly and objectively characterize the defund Obamacare effort? pure as the driven snow? No school yard bullying there right? Don’t like a law-then simply disobey it right? Glenn is actually a firm believer in the tactics that he accuses Obama of using. Now he is part of the defund the GOP movement. To what end Glenn? What is your plan? Teaching them a lesson eh?

    I did not vote for Obama; although our health care insurance system needs to be reformed (talk to any doctor who had to struggle with private insurance companies) I do not approve of Obamacare. The Supreme Court has determined that the individual mandate is Constitutional, albeit on the flimsiest of grounds. But I do believe in the rule of law. You do not like a law, you move to repeal the law. You fail to produce the votes to overturn the law, then you work harder the next election cycle.

    Most people know that the vast majority of the funds for the WW II Memorial were private donations. It is still on the Mall Glenn, hence the NPS police and rangers. As a average citizen donor and several time visitor to the Memorial and the son of a WWII Army Vet, I am ashamed that Congressional Reps, the President and GB have exploited the issue. My old man would have used far more colorful language for the lot of you.

    • Gristle McThornbody


    • Sam Fisher

      One problem with you logic it is a private memorial not even in the budget. It is all run by private money including up keep so their for Obama has no right to close it

      • Victor’s Punishment

        That’s absolutely right. I noticed Obama put two more guards on the WWII memorial than were at Benghazi during the attack last 09/11 – shows where his priorities lie. When this budget crap is over maybe the Congress can get down to the business of impeaching the fool the other fools elected to the oval office.

    • Victor’s Punishment

      “Don’t like a law-then simply disobey it right? ” That is exactly what Obama does regarding the Constitution. 

  • Sam Fisher

    So the government don’t even own the thing but feel they have the right to close it. Welcome to Obama bully tactics but we are the ones that wanted this to happen but we are the ones that refuse to sit at the table? Screw you to Obama and his brainless hoard of supporters.

  • Guest

    Beck’s critics have been in shove mode for a along time, as in, Mr. Beck, shove your deceitful propaganda up your a$$!

    “they are strong-arming 90-year-old World War II veterans. ”

    Didn’t happen.

    • Victor’s Punishment

      The administration is locking up the memorial to WWII veterans – a privately funded memorial – one that the government does not own. They are going out of their way to pick a fight, and they are doing it with the wrong people. 

      Locking these vets out of their memorial is nothing short of evil. This is not propaganda, it is fact. You had better learn the difference.

  • Anonymous

    And the wheel roles on, roles on ! shove me please I like it ,I like it a lot !!!
    Just be sure to know I do believe there is a surprise in every last breath .
    When one feel’s lose they don’t care like they do when thing’s are so called NORMAL !
    Don’t believe it just ask the veteran’s !!

    • Sam Fisher

      I saw a picture of Congressman Bruce Braley Locking the the Korean War Memorial himself and they want to call us unreasonable.

      • Anonymous

        This is it Sam they have to get it started very soon it doesn’t feel like it but i’m watching the changes in people ,there getting tired just like we have spoken about just a spark get’s it going and these traders know it .
        I hope they understand it won’t be what they expect .

        • Sam Fisher

          I know people who voted for Obama in 2012 but now are sick of the dems it is like a revolution spirit is spreading through our town. People who never even voted are getting sick of it. They will understand because once people are awake their is nothing stopping it.

          • Anonymous

            I believe you are correct Sam the scary part comes between right now and when people who did not get it start waking up and that is when the blood will be spilled because those who were in the dark are going to be pissed off and they will not have time to put it around there heads and they will act in violence that’s how it went down in L.A. during the Rodney king riots I lived through that and you had no choice but to be ready to kill no matter what ones belief is that is a reality that people must come to term’s with or you get trampled under foot. God bless —– Original Message —–

      • Victor’s Punishment

        Funny how those who lack the guts to fight in wars are so quick to lock up the memorials dedicated to the brave souls who gave their lives in defense of freedom. These democrat chumps are not worthy of anyone’s esteem. Most of them lie at the drop of a hat, and the rest of them keep dropping that hat.

  • Anonymous

    Keep speaking the truth Glenn!
    King Hussein the first of Amerika does not care how he achieves the “fundamental transformation” he promised, just that it gets done and he can blame someone else for the consequenses. Unfortunately, he’ll take the whole world down at the same time and I’m affraid you were right when you said millions will die.
    Quite a while back you warned people “look to God and live” – you were right then and you’re right now. I hope and pray that some of your audience will follow that advice while there is still time but tomorrow is promised to no man – today is the day of salvation.

  • ellievl

    I am thinking that this is actually an act of spiritual warfare. Obamination and his communist team along with their agenda are very threatened to have WW II war hero’s showing up, that actual men who took out Hitler are showing up full of light in a city full of demons and darkness! Can anyone else see the strong symbolism and spiritual connection?
    I agree with the shove concept but  I also see a spirit of fear rising up in the enemy camp! The added fence and guards tells me they are taking steps based in fear that will not only be ineffective but open more eyes up to seeing the truth! It is laughable if it were not for the expense of it!
    As they shove it is important that all believers remain calm! We need to be praying against the powerful, demonic strongholds that are at work in our nations capital and it’s people! Locked and loaded is wise but everybody keep your safety on!!!!
    I believe we will over come, the Bible says we will over come “with the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony!” As Americans many of us have family members lost and blood that was shed in WWII, myself  included as my uncle was killed on the beaches of Normandy!
    So I have the Blood of Jesus on my side! We have warnings and testimony thanks to Glenn Beck and others,,,getting the truth out there! As an American with family blood shed…just saying God is hearing and answering our prayers! The enemy made a very futile effort to push back the Light!
    Shine on WWII Vets! Shine on blood of Jesus! Pray if you believe! Glenn and others,,keep pushing the truth with media and social networks!
    Lets allow God to help us in this battle! In the old testament the “angel of death” was used to take our 180,000 enemy forces who opposed God’s people in just one night! Those who were not taken, woke up and fled!
    I doubt there is anyone in the Obama camp that has family blood shed fighting Hitler! It may not matter to the Obamination but God is well aware and honors the shed blood!
    Again, lets warfare with prayer, testimony and a calm spirit! Let’s be ready but with safety’s on! ” Our God Reigns!” “We win!”

  • Anonymous

    The collective of Congress shut that down There is enough shame to go around for both sides of the aisle..

    • Victor’s Punishment

      The manipulative Senate and president shut the government down – sort of. They have money to keep the things THEY want open. They simply don’t value the same things that these WWII vets do, and the things we should all as Americans place great value on. 

      These people are anti-American. It’s in all of Obama’s speeches, especially the ones he has given on foreign soil.

  • Anonymous

    They’re past shove with Obamacareless and are getting a lot closer to jack booted thug territory with the IRS, etc.

  • Jackie Turner

    When push comes to shove, I think the American people had better stand up and be counted against the Democratic tirades developed to entrap us.  It is now or never, as later will be too late.
    I love the Tea Party ~ and i am not a jihadist, terrorist, anarchist or arsonist as Pelosi calls us. Reckon those are HER family names!!  

    • Victor’s Punishment

      Pelosi and Reid are dysfunctional morons.

  • Jackie Turner

    Whether we want to realize it or not, we are in the fight of our lives right now with the party that calls us what they are.  Has anyone else noticed this?  They are the jihadists, arsonists, terrorists and so on in our nation.  They will stop at nothing to destroy our country and our lives.
    Please, America, stand for the goodness and greatness within you and all of us.  Stand up for our freedoms NOW.  Later will be too late.  It will be like the man who was in the German prison camp who wrote on the wall ~ when they came to our town and took the Jews, I didn’t lift a hand to help them.  I told myself it is only a portion of the people.  When they came to take the Christians, I did nothing.  And so on, until at last I am here alone and now they are going to take me and there is no one left to help.  
    Let us not learn that history lesson here and now.  

  • Anonymous

    Are we missing the obvious point here that this is supposed to be a government shutdown of “non-essential” workers, then why are workers used to put up barricades and guards posted to keep the public out of a supposedly free public place? Weren’t they hired especially for this action?

    That, alone, shouts “SHOVE” to me.

    I am with Glenn on this, and am uneasily looking for the “SHOOT” moment. It is coming, and maybe sooner than we want. I expect it could be as simple as another “Occupy” moment that escalates out of hand, and an Archduke Ferdinand moment happens.

    And the ever-present question: Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo.

    • Victor’s Punishment

      Tracy there can only be one reason for this – and it is the vile nature of the Democrat party. They are evil and will stop at nothing to accomplish their twisted vision. 

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    At every opportunity, each of us should take the opportunity to hone our intellectual excalibur:

  • Anonymous

    I SEE ANOTHER CIVIL WAR BREWING-If they going to shove like that Americans need to wake up and shove back.

  • Nicole McReynolds

    Glen….I think as of yesterday shove mode was very short lived and now we are in shoot just as you shared.

  • Pablo Descartes

    This is only thr beginning of obama’s tyranny, it slowly comes to light, yet he will become exponentially tyrannical, if We the People don’t fight back.

    …governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government…
    …a repeated history of usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute TYRANNY over the states.

    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    obama is TYRANT!

  • Jim Aroyo

    Glenn should get professional treatment.  He is almost as delusional as Miriam Carey or Aaron Alexis.

  • Siara Brandt

    It isn’t hard for anyone that has any knowledge of history to see that we are in the beginning stages of something that could change life as we know it.  IF we keep our eyes closed.  Read the novel, The Patriot Remnant:  Return to Freedom to see what COULD happen. 

  • Anonymous

    The American people should go to that WW2 memorial by the thousands and remove those fences. Tell Obama and the rest of government to go to hell.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Declaration: That all political connections between these states united and the tyrant’s regime ought to be totally dissolved.

  • ken.

    time for we the people to shove back, and if needed shoot back.

  • Montesquieu

    Without the constraints of private property & private enterprise, collectivists could more easily force people to chase “social justice”.

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