Earlier this week, TheBlaze covered the story of the veterans who were going to be denied access to the World War II memorial in Washington D.C. because of the partial government shutdown. For the last few days, Republican congressmen have been accompanying veteran groups to the memorial to help remove the barricades and allow these heroes to visit the memorial that stands in their honor. On radio this morning, Glenn called this incident a “very important sign post moment.”

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“I will tell you that I think today I can come to you and say: We have a very important sign post that you need to see,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Every one so far in America has seen it, and I don’t think anybody knows what it means. And that is, the fence around the World War II memorial.”

As the media continues to claim that Republicans are using the WWII vets for their own personal political gain, few news outlets are reporting that the memorial is – by and large – privately funded. So what gives?

“They are trying intentionally to inflict pain on 90-year-old World War II [veterans] – the greatest generation Americans. Here’s the signpost that I want you to see. What politician ever in the history of America ever would intentionally inflict pain on a 90-year-old? Would intentionally inflict pain on World War II, greatest generation heroes. These are heroes… These tours happen every single day and there are private organizations that are paying for these guys to come in so they can see it. And this is a cathartic moment for them,” Glenn explained. “And the President has a team of people that you the taxpayer are paying for. And they have said, ‘How do we inflict the most amount of pain, not on the GOP, but on the people? How do we cause pain on the people?’”

A similar situation unfolded during the sequester. Since the American people did not feel the dire affects the left and the media had suggested, they decided to inflict pain on the children by ending White House tours. But Glenn explained why this time is slightly different.

“This is what they always do. They are using children as an image. But now, this is different because now they are strong-arming 90-year-old World War II veterans. And they no longer care if they look like they are strong arming,” Glenn said. “Now, it is them inflicting the pain intentionally… They are spending money, The president has to pay for a group of people to sit around in a conference room and say, ‘Where can we inflict the most pain?’ And then, when it failed, they have to go back into that meeting and spend all that money to say, ‘Okay. Now what do we do.’ Any sane, nonpsychotic person says, ‘Open it up, and let the people go.’”

“I want you to understand, you are now seeing what I told you about 3 weeks ago. I told you, they have gone from nudge to shove. This is another example that they are deep into shove. Your next step is shoot. Understand, they are into shove,” Glenn said. “Every Marxist, communist revolution always ends in millions dead. Always. Without fail. Every time. We talk about the Nazis. Well, they killed 6 million Jews. The Soviet Union killed 60 million. The Chinese, it’s estimated between 70 million and 90 million. The Russians starved 7 million in the Ukrainian. They starved them to death. Why? To teach them a lesson. This is the beginning of teaching the American people a lesson… We are deeply into the shove mode now. And I think I have a pretty good record of reading these guys and where they are headed. Warning. Warning.”

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