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On radio this morning, Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works joined Glenn to talk about the state of the Republican Party.

“We’re in a total different situation than we were five years ago, aren’t we,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “We’re not sitting here as a helpless, small group of ragtag people who don’t know what they’re doing but are trying to throw some things together. We’ve used the five years – people have all over this country – to figure out how do I get my voice out? How do I cobble people together? How do I build a coalition? How do I have a source other than mainstream media? Where are we sitting today?”

“I think today we’re fighting for the soul of the Republican Party, and whether or not it actually represents us or if we’re going to have to go somewhere else to get what we need. But to me, it’s not really a Republican or Democrat thing,” Matt said.” It’s the insiders have really circled the wagons – doing it on Obamacare and doing it on all their special perks. And the reason that it’s so hostile right now… [is] we’re literally knocking on the front doo. And we’re not only going to get a seat at the table, but they are afraid we’re going to take over the directors… And I think that’s why we need to understand how tough it is, how big the opportunity is to actually beat these guys.”

The President may have the media on his side when it comes to the public relations battle that accompanies a situation like we are currently facing in Washington, but is there any chance for Republicans to emerge victorious from this dogfight?

“I think if we can get the Republicans to hold the line, I think the reality is that we can beat the public relations campaign that the President of the United States always used to win because he had the soap box. But everything is more decentralized now,” Matt explained. “We can tell stories about the government stopping World War II veterans from getting into their own memorial. We can tell stories about all of the ridiculous, nonessential employees that we really don’t need to be funding. We’ve got to drive the message from the outside. And I think we do have to focus on the Democrats. We’ve got the Republicans where we want them for now. And everybody is watching public opinion. They watch polls. It’s almost like crack cocaine to these guys. But we got to drive the message from the outside. That’s why Facebook, that’s why talk radio, that’s why the Internet is so potent when it comes to it being in the hands of patriots.”