Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Glenn on this morning’s radio program to talk about the rollout of Obamacare and the current stalemate over the raising of the debt ceiling.

Sen. Cruz and the Tea Party have been called every name in the book over the last couple of weeks. From anarchists to jihadists the left has come out in full force to demean those standing up for smaller government and the principles of the Constitution.

“Why are they screaming so loudly? Why are they so personal? Why are they so filled with hate and fear,” Sen. Cruz asked. “It’s because the American people are mobilized, are passionate and energized, and, even worse, understand that Obamacare is hurting millions of Americans. That has the left terrified out of their minds.”

Glenn and Pat were quick to point out that establishment Republicans have been just as big a roadblock as Democrats when it came to the halting/implementation of Obamacare. While Sen. Cruz did not call out any of his colleagues, he did reiterate that the future of Obamacare depends on the American people.

“The answer has always been that the only hope of stopping Obamacare lies with the American people. The only reason we’re here now is because millions of Americans went to and signed a national petition, called their representatives, spoke out. And that’s why the House of Representatives acted,” Sen. Cruz explained. “The House listened to the people because when millions of constituents melted down the phone lines, signed the natal petition at The House had nothing to do but listen to it… This is Harry Reid’s shutdown. This is Barack Obama’s shutdown. And they need to stop being obstructionists… Harry Reid and Barack Obama believe the shutdown helps them politically. So, they want the shutdown.”

While the Democrats and the media continue to fearmonger, Glenn questioned whether or not the American people really even know what is going on. Much like the sequester, the affects of the government shutdown have not really been felt by most Americans.

“It’s funny. [The Democrats] say we’re picking and choosing the priorities. Actually, the priorities came from President Obama. He gave a speech to the whole country where he said in a shutdown, he intended to stop paying border patrol agents, to shutdown the National Parks and much of the VA,” Sen. Cruz said. “And the House is saying, look, those are your priorities, let’s work together with bipartisan compromise. We’re going to fund the border patrol. We’re going to fund the VA. We’re going to fund the National Parks so you don’t put up barricades to keep World War II veterans from coming to the World War II memorial… And the beauty of it is, the mainstream media repeats the White House talking points. And they say this is the Republicans that want to shut it down.”

Ultimately, Sen. Cruz said the Obama Administration is playing politics when it comes to the government shutdown and who/what is affected by it.

“The administration, unfortunately, is playing games. They are playing politics. We shouldn’t have been surprised during the sequester when they decided to furlough the air traffic controllers, okay. If peoples’ planes are delayed, they will be ticked off and everybody understood the games they are playing. And you have it right here. And there’s an article on Drudge right now, Park Services put up barricades at Mount Vernon. It’s privately owned and maintained,” Sen. Cruz said. “Let’s keep the parks and memorials open. But President Obama threatened to veto it and Harry Reid, in all likelihood, is going to step forward and say, ‘No, do not open the Statue of Liberty. Do not open our memorials. And at that point, even as shameless as the mainstream media is, it becomes very hard to hide who it is that’s shutting these things down.”

Watch the entire interview below: