Sen. Cruz explains why the left is so afraid of a “mobilized” American people

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Glenn on this morning’s radio program to talk about the rollout of Obamacare and the current stalemate over the raising of the debt ceiling.

Sen. Cruz and the Tea Party have been called every name in the book over the last couple of weeks. From anarchists to jihadists the left has come out in full force to demean those standing up for smaller government and the principles of the Constitution.

“Why are they screaming so loudly? Why are they so personal? Why are they so filled with hate and fear,” Sen. Cruz asked. “It’s because the American people are mobilized, are passionate and energized, and, even worse, understand that Obamacare is hurting millions of Americans. That has the left terrified out of their minds.”

Glenn and Pat were quick to point out that establishment Republicans have been just as big a roadblock as Democrats when it came to the halting/implementation of Obamacare. While Sen. Cruz did not call out any of his colleagues, he did reiterate that the future of Obamacare depends on the American people.

“The answer has always been that the only hope of stopping Obamacare lies with the American people. The only reason we’re here now is because millions of Americans went to and signed a national petition, called their representatives, spoke out. And that’s why the House of Representatives acted,” Sen. Cruz explained. “The House listened to the people because when millions of constituents melted down the phone lines, signed the natal petition at The House had nothing to do but listen to it… This is Harry Reid’s shutdown. This is Barack Obama’s shutdown. And they need to stop being obstructionists… Harry Reid and Barack Obama believe the shutdown helps them politically. So, they want the shutdown.”

While the Democrats and the media continue to fearmonger, Glenn questioned whether or not the American people really even know what is going on. Much like the sequester, the affects of the government shutdown have not really been felt by most Americans.

“It’s funny. [The Democrats] say we’re picking and choosing the priorities. Actually, the priorities came from President Obama. He gave a speech to the whole country where he said in a shutdown, he intended to stop paying border patrol agents, to shutdown the National Parks and much of the VA,” Sen. Cruz said. “And the House is saying, look, those are your priorities, let’s work together with bipartisan compromise. We’re going to fund the border patrol. We’re going to fund the VA. We’re going to fund the National Parks so you don’t put up barricades to keep World War II veterans from coming to the World War II memorial… And the beauty of it is, the mainstream media repeats the White House talking points. And they say this is the Republicans that want to shut it down.”

Ultimately, Sen. Cruz said the Obama Administration is playing politics when it comes to the government shutdown and who/what is affected by it.

“The administration, unfortunately, is playing games. They are playing politics. We shouldn’t have been surprised during the sequester when they decided to furlough the air traffic controllers, okay. If peoples’ planes are delayed, they will be ticked off and everybody understood the games they are playing. And you have it right here. And there’s an article on Drudge right now, Park Services put up barricades at Mount Vernon. It’s privately owned and maintained,” Sen. Cruz said. “Let’s keep the parks and memorials open. But President Obama threatened to veto it and Harry Reid, in all likelihood, is going to step forward and say, ‘No, do not open the Statue of Liberty. Do not open our memorials. And at that point, even as shameless as the mainstream media is, it becomes very hard to hide who it is that’s shutting these things down.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    The GOP cartel has the upperhand over the Democrat Mafia on the shutdown reality show. The GOP just needs to keep pointing out that Obama can open the Parks, feed the Panda and WICK mommies and do just like was done with the military, i.e., sign a separate CR.

    Obama took it upon himself to delay the employer mandate found in ACA without the approval of congress. This is both unfair and illegal, so now it’s time for congress to do their job by delaying all of Obamacare until either it’s scrapped or EVERYBODY suffers under ACA without any exceptions. If Obamacare is good for mom & pop, then it’s good enough for Walmart, Wall Street, Congress ,GE, the IRS and the President’s own fucking family……. EVERYBODY gets a good, hard fucking from Obamacare or nobody does…… All or nothing Mr. Fucking President!

    • Anonymous

      The best part is many smart Legal Entities are waking up to the fact that the ACA is no longer the same law that was vetted by the Supreme Court.

      The very fact that POTUS changed the law, has made it legally weak. The Supreme Court needs to resolve the unprecedented hardship this will create for “the people” that remain affected. Congress is exempt. Unions are exempt. Big Business is exempt. 

      So, who is left? “We the People”; this is precisely why the ACA no longer has legal standing. It needs to be repealed and readdressed.

      Betsy McCaughey explains it well, in this great Podcast: 1hour 40 min mark.

      • Edward Kowalski

        You make an interesting point, Vinny.  The left uses the “equal protection” clause of the 14th Amendment to grant citizen’s rights to terrorists and illegals…yet these exemptions to ObamaCare, violate the very same clause, in exactly the same way…except that it affects legal citizens of the U.S.

  • Draxx

    TRUTH… Is A Battle Of Perceptions!!!

    Unless, you actually go strictly by the facts!

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Exactly Draxx, exactly. 

      It is a battle of perceptions, of ideas and ideology, and all of it for the hearts and minds of the people of America.

    • Anonymous

      Truth is reality.  Truth is the only source of intellect.  Truth is devoid of an agenda.  LOVE, rejoices in the truth.  

  • Pamela Kramer

    I’m behind Sen. Cruz.  I appreciated him standing firm even when some TV analysts, other Republicans and Democrats put him down.  We needed someone to stand firm and I will do my best to direct people to the truth.  Sometimes, they want to believe what they hear from Democrats and really don’t see what is actually going on.  I always say, Watch what they do, not what they say.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      We need to find and support more who hold to the truth, to their principles, and continue to go forward, like Cruz.

    • Gristle McThornbody

      What is your objective?

      • Anonymous

        To post a musing on a web site would be my guess.  I know that your lack of brain cells makes this a hard thing to grasp.

      • Anonymous

        Troll patrol asking stupid questions again.

        • Patrick Reynolds

           ever notice how liberals always have to hide their name and face when they go on troll patrol? and they ALWAYS have a dumbass minker they think is witty or “uber” intelligent that they use to show their superior intellect and wit. they just crack me the hell up with their superior ass attitude. and the funniest part is … once this country falls down they will be the ones sitting on their asses crying to the rest of us to pick them up .. dust them off … SUPPORT them some more and fix the shit they screwed up! LMAO … liberal logic!

      • Steve

         gristle is a moron, just like his “president”.

        • Gristle McThornbody

          Incorrect. I live in a country that does not have a President.

          • Jeremy Yantiss

            Inasmuch as we don’t think Obummer is legally authorized to hold office.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, so do the rest of us in the USA.

      • Anonymous

         Why do you ask, you don’t really care.

      • Jennifer Witt

        Its ok that you don’t understand. Kinda getting used to Obama supporters not staying informed.

      • Nicole McReynolds

        Why are you here? Obviously you have another objective!

      • Mark Thoele

        What’s your objection?

        • Gristle McThornbody

          To what?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t even have the courage to stay awake for 21 hours most of the time, let alone stand in one spot for that amount of time having a sophisticated political debate, and not be able to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom.  I am appalled at anyone who is criticizing his marathon filibuster.  How can it be considered to be anything besides courageous?  He did something that almost no human being in this country would be willing to even ATTEMPT!  Not to mention that he is a good man with good values.  I stand with Cruz, but not for 21 hours at a time.  I’m weak, I’ll need sleep.

  • Sam Fisher

    I will stand behind this guy because he speaks truth to the power of the dictator Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t go making sense!

  • Anonymous

    The arrogant ones know that the majority of Americans are uninfomred twits!  That is why they think they can win especialy with the Lame stream propoganda media outlets who instead of making certain that government is honest is in bed with the corrupt sons0of-b$%tches!

  • 733336

     In nine months, Sen.Ted Cruz worked harder than all the Rino’s & Dino’s
    put together in their -20+ years being served with our taxpayers’ money
    growing bigger government with a huge national debt of 17 trillions while
    our jobs are getting smaller & smaller along with our liberties.
     The men & women in uniforms are fighting for this country to protect
    our freedoms while the liberals going socialists are stripping our
    beloved rights one by one like the free speech, guns, who lives who dies
    after conceptions, the list goes on.
     Ted Cruz kept his words exposing the others’ lack of integrity and honesty.
     The Rino’s & Dino’s are ON NOTICE especially with both elections coming
    up in ‘ 2014′ & ‘ 2016.’
     When Obama goes, so will Valerie Jarrett.
     Type in ” After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time.”……………
    to get the rest of the story.

    • Charles Wright

      Yes, he did work hard. 
       Many forget that he was elected solely because he promised Texans he would fight implementation of the train wreck that is  Obamacare.

      And that’s exactly what Mr. Cruz did and is doing. 
      Name another of the 535 Congressmen/women that keeps their campaign promises to fight for their constituents. 

      • greywolfrs

        Rand Paul.

  • Nicholas McElroy

    its just an idea but what if Americans all decide to file Tax exempt for the next 3 weeks? it will most likely not negatively effect an inividuals end of year tax status in any major way. Yet it will send a loud and clear message to our government when the national Debt comes up!!! We as a people need to cut ties to titles such as Democrat or republican and UNITE!!!!!  Political Parties are the greatest Divide and conquer sceme ever thaught up!! ( how can we unite together if we are to buisy arguing our selves over petty issues?)

  • Anonymous

     Letter I emailed to  REP BOEHNER;Since the Senate has rejected the House bill for ACA & the new budget, the House now has the opportunity to to strip the ACA bill from the budget proposal , send a new bill for the budget only and  continue with the defunding ACA.  Since only the House  has the power to fund bills the Senate nor the President would be able to do anything about it! 
    Which brings up another point Pres. Obama had NO ILLEGAL RIGHT  to STEAL our money from Medicare to fund ACA and therefore should be forced to return all monies back to Medicare.  The House could be the champion of WE THE PEOPLE who have repeatedly stated WE DO NOT WANT ACA!  Our company provided insurance has notified us our premiums are going up from a manageable $156.00 to between $650.00 to 900.00 A MONTH!!!  This is going to bankrupt people not only on fixed incomes but families as well! While members of Congress and federal employees will be exempt! This is outrageous, and it is wrong and all of you know it. And those that don’t , do not care about the people of this country what so ever!!! Please act now to defund ACA!  Be our heroes, I would imagine several Senate sits would be lost by Democrats if the House Acts now!  
    As for the 40 million of uninsured, open enrollment to medicare, medicaid, VA and beef up our current government healthcare programs and maybe subsidizes State healthcare programs to cover individuals , this makes more sense than forcing 300 million people into a program to replace what they are happy with, AND WE WON’T HAVE MASSIVE JOB LOSS DO TO COMPANY LAY OFFS AND DOWNSIZING!! ANOTHER WIN FOR THE GOP!!  We won’t need extra IRS agents, savings right there,  
    The Senate has had 5 yrs. to create a budget, we all know Obama doesn’t want one, let them look bad!
    Get out in front of the people and let them know that budget & the 17 trillion dollar debt belong to the Democrats and President! Fight fire with fire go on Leno , Letterman whatever ,  local news stations flood the air waves and newspapers like Obama does, let the people hear both sides! John McCain, and Mitch McConnell, and Peter King need to be censured  for coming out against Ted Cruz and Rand Paul  these men are speaking to the people and they have our ear . People are angry at McCain , McConnell, and King for selling us out on Obamacare, angry people will use their votes to remove them. We don’t want people voting for more Democrats , we want less of them!  WE THE PEOPLE ARE ANGRY , WE WANT OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS LISTEN TO US AND DO WHAT WE WANT, NOT WHAT THEY PRETEND WE WANT!
    Up until recently when I would email a petition to Sen Jeff Merkley  the opening line of his letter would start off by stating”while we disagree ” . It is not his opinion that counts it’s ours. He has forgotten that we advise all of you how we want something to go, not the other way around. I posted one of his emails to me on FB starting with that line, guess what I haven’t received one email like that since!  I don’t pretend he is now agreeing with me , but  he finally realizes that WE THE PEOPLE have power, once we all awake up some of the people in Congress are not going to like it!  Thanks for listening Susan V.

  • Anonymous

    I think I have come up with the best way to make Obama and all the left shit themselves in their warm seats, especially Obama himself. Cruz, Paul, Boehner and the rest of them need to come together with a few of the American people sitting at the same table as they and have those few Americans present a document to Boehner and them saying and proposing to Obama to, “stand down…..or resign.” If he chooses to not resign, then he can be forcibly resigned just like they did to Nixon.

    This is our true message to him, my American friends and American crusaders, “it’s our way…..or no way at all. This is not a negotiation, this is not an implementation, this is not a suggestion,…..this is a demand. And we demand the same thing from both sides of the isle. Stand down, let go of this flesh eating, heart wrenching power and do not give it to another person.”

    Let’s bring forth our own brand of government shutdown, for the rest of these remaining three years, let’s put up yellow tape closing off 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. from everyone. Put up a “For Sale” sign on the lawn there and don’t put a price in that white strip of a box below those words, instead, put another sign adjacent to that one saying “Future site of new White House Inn: the newest hotel in the entire D.C. region.”
    To some, that might have a nice ring to it but, one would think, “well, where is the president going to do his work?”
    Good question. Answer: from his/her own office at his/her own house.
    Whatever business comes to the CIC will come by person or by mail.

    I’d feel much better if all presidents would work in their own homes and own states rather than moving to Washington and having to work with so many ignorant ass ingrates who probably never had a real job before.

  • JohnHancock

    No electoral college here… this is the voice of the majority. Whoever thought of this strategy had no clue what they’re doing or they did not see this coming.

  • Anonymous

    You SHOULD NOT STOP OBAMACARE!!! PLEASE!! Listen to me on this one!! For the love of all this pure and good in this world, think about it this way: It HAS to go into effect! Otherwise we never know beyond speculation and the whole thing becomes pure conjecture, never being settled on definitive results. The GOP should step out of the way and let the law go into full effect. This is beyond a shadow of any doubt, the greatest gift ever given to conservative America! Think about it! If it goes into law and sticks, and becomes the monumental fiasco it is bound to become (and there isn’t any doubt, especially now), it will be the biggest failure brought on by the Democratic party in American history. There will be NO recovery for them from the failure of this law. Every time a Democrat deems to designate policy in the future, this will be the bar by which all failure will be measured! I say…bring it on!

    • Anonymous

      I would go along with that, Phil, IF, after, say a year, it could be successfully repealed.
      However, I have a fear, that once it takes hold, it will become like wood rot.  Might get
      rid of it, but it would have inflicted a lot of damage.

      • Charles Wright

        Exactly so, bjv.  One does not simply watch a hole in the boat, just to prove it will sink it.

    • greywolfrs

      OK, this is very short-sighted thinking. We are 17 trillion in debt and counting. Obamaocare WILL explode that debt. ALL economists agree that the system WILL collapse under too much debt. Some say at 150%, some say at 250% and there are plenty who say somewhere between those percentages. When the system collapses, what do you think is going to happen? This WILL start the Second Civil War. Why not do something about it NOW, before it gets to that? That would be the logical solution.

  • Bonny Kay Stackhouse

    God bless.

  • David Supensky

    No worry’s The Biker’s are coming to open the WWII memorial. 10/5/13

  • Charles Wright

    FORWARD!  Yes We Could’ve!

  • Firecracker

    I really like Ted Cruse, I just hope he is for legalizing cannabis/ marijuana. 

  • Barbara Harmony

    The GOP is at fault just like they were for the sequestration…Obama has NEVER submitted a balanced budget and this is where the problem lies….4 years of operating on a continuing budget is not what his job requires, it requires him to have a BAL Budget.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to think that he is getting away with all this CRAP!  Scandal, they need to look at themselves in the mirror and know that AMERICA is pointing the FINGER at them.  They can say what they want but AMERICANS DO NOT WANT OBAMACARE, we want our COUNTRY back! 

  • Anonymous

    Typical democratic imbecility to cause the shutdown OF GOVERNMENT SPENDING, then go ahead and HIRE more guards and workers to BARRICADE national monuments and privately owned monuments.

    What are they trying to do? Be as obstructionist as possible, and brainwash the sheeple that it is those “nasty Republicans” that is doing this, causing you such headaches. 

    Yeah, be nasty and blame your “opponents” but don’t let them talk, let alone try to negotiate with you.

    Politics is getting disgusting nowadays.

    Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

  • sharinite

    The truth is simple:  The Progressive aka Democrats along with the President have spent $1.5 trillion every year Obama’s been in office $7 Trillion to date…the President has said debts and deficits don’t matter.  The billions spent on trash programs, studies of toads or whatever are unchecked. The federal department are not as good or vigilant as we need to protect our health, food, air or water.  The policies implemented are causing job losses that harm the economy.  And, we must remember that taxes are up as are fees on everything.  What has kept us from swirling down the toilet?  Bernanke with the $80 billion monthly to shore not us, but the EU too.  We are only slightly better than we were just 8 years ago…and we are truly in trouble.  As American declines, China raises and Russia gets stronger as does the Middle East radicals.  So, we shouldn’t be concern about any of this?  There are more millionaires in Congress, mostly dems and Pelosi in the house increased her family’s holding by 67% year.  Any American on this planet that thinks the wealthy and those in Congress including Obama care the “little” people is deaf, dumb and blind.  As we approach our end, I wish you all well!  Welcome to l984!

  • Ryan Maria Rocha Buchanan

    A friend of mine posted on facebook a report from a college student that signed up for it. It said, ” I heard one guy yesterday that got through. 21 single college student. $170 / month. Huge deductible. Plan pre-obamacare was $43 month.”  Who is this good for?  Answer: No one

  • Sheila Harrell Whitley

    Hold on Mr. Cruz. The truckers are coming to join your fight.

  • Anonymous

    Like breaking out the candles when the power goes out, I say we make the most of the government-shutdown. Lets have a “TaxPayer Savings Clock” that, like the debt clock, spins over the taxpayer dollars saved every second the government is shut down and is not wasting our tax dollars on stuff we don’t want or isn’t “essential”. I think most average Americans are watching every penny, and I want the government doing the same thing!

    And I like the idea of forcing the Congress to vote bill by bill. Imagine them actually working at that, earning their pay, taking their time and focusing on each individual program. Maybe they can become more conscientious and responsible with our tax dollars.And think of all that wasteful “pork” that could be left out!! Imagine if the government only spent what they needed to spend!! Imagine the bills openly read and openly debated so the American people knew exactly what was being spent, and where. That’s real transparency. That’s real accountability.

  • Anonymous

    Born and raised in this country, I think about what America use to be like, and now I look around me, I listen and read the news and wonder, how did we ever get ourselves in such a mess. All I can do is pray for our children and for ourselves because these people in office sure wont help.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to build the shining city:

  • ken.

    we the people need to start doing non-violent armed marches in the streets and show the leftists what they really should be afraid of.

  • Stevee Payne

    Obama is trying to break America . . .and put its people under tyrannical rule  . . .WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  • fire lion

    The white male backlash from the 70’s is dying, literally. Its not going to happen again.

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