Chris Wallace rips Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: ‘Your history is wrong’

Glenn opened the radio program this morning with some incredible audio from yesterday’s Fox News Sunday interview between Chris Wallace and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. Wallace grilled Lew – repeatedly asking him questions regarding President Obama’s refusal to negotiate with Republicans.

“Chris Wallace, I think, hit a home run with Jack Lew. I think most of our audience will understand this, but most of America will not,” Glenn said. “They will say, ‘I think Jack Lew is making some great points’ because they have no foundation on which to build anything. Listen to the lying liars lie.”

LEW: Good to be with you, Chris.

WALLACE: This week both you and the President seem to be trying to panic the markets about both raising the debt ceiling and the government shutdown saying that they should be more concerned. Here’s the President:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I think this time’s different. I think they should be concerned. When you have a situation in which a faction is willing to default on U.S. Government obligations, then we are in trouble.

“Stop. This is really important for people to understand. Never before. Why did I say in 2008, the President is not telling you these things,” Glenn said. “I sat with George W. Bush and I asked him specifically, ‘Mr. President, this is what the American people need to hear.’ And he said, ‘I can’t. First of all, I made a promise. Second of all, the president has a bully pulpit unlike any other bully pulpit. They’re watching everything I say all around the world. I cannot telegraph any kind of trouble because if I say it, it’s worth ten times.’ For the president of the United States to say specifically on CNBC to the markets, ‘You should be worried.’ That’s the president yelling fire. Now, here’s the good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it. Bad news long term. This president has such little credibility that it didn’t panic the markets. The markets stayed flat. Nobody believes the President of the United States.”

WALLACE: The markets are shrugging it off. The Dow Jones dropped just 1.2% this week. NASDAQ was actually up more than half a point. Aren’t your efforts failing to try to use the markets to put pressure on Republicans to cave?

LEW: You know, Chris, it’s my job to make sure that we strengthen the economy and I spend every day trying to do that. That’s why it’s so important owner Congress to act, to open up the government, to make sure we pay our bills.

“We have closed 15% of this government… If you can’t make it with 15% of this government closed for two weeks, six weeks, six months, you can’t make it for six months with 15%, then let me tell you something: You are the leanest corporation I’ve ever seen. Ever seen,” Glenn interjected. “Does anybody believe that they don’t have 15% of fat to cut? This is the biggest game I’ve ever seen in my life. This is the biggest lie I’ve ever seen anybody try to pull off in the United States of America.”

LEW: …There’s no question that if we were to have the unthinkable happen and have the United States default, it would cause real problems. The only question is how serious the problems would be and there’s kind of ‑‑

“Nobody’s talking about defaulting. By not raising the debt ceiling, you don’t default. It means you can’t take on additional debt. It means you’re going to have to go back and cut,” Glenn said. “Are you telling me that you don’t want to get another credit card? Well, then we default on our car and our house and there’s no food. No! No. You pay for the important things. You’re going to have to cut some spending, money, and we’re not taking on any new debt. That’s what that means.”

The President and many on the left have been claiming that Republicans are the fearmongers; Republicans are the ones looking to shutdown the government. But Glenn argued the actions of those like President Obama and Lew prove they are the ones who want American to default.

“Now, I find it amazing the lies that they are telling. And our President and our Treasury Secretary are trying to spook the markets. This goes into a longer conversation, but I think that they have everything they need,” Glenn said. “I think the fundamental transformation of America is done… I will tell you that they are farther ahead on taking control than you think. And I think they do want to go into default.”

“So you know, what the Treasury Secretary is saying here is the Republicans want us to go into default. The President is legally required to pay the interest on our debt. Nobody’s going to be defaulting,” he continued. “The countries that say, ‘I want my money,’ we are legally required to pay those bills first. It’s exactly the way bankruptcy works. We’re legally required to do that. Now, the President picks and chooses laws to enforce and not to enforce all the time, so he might throw us into default. But that’s not what a debt ceiling means.”

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While Lew continued to pedal the Democratic talking points that the U.S. has never been in this situation before, Wallace was not about to let him get away with the lies.

WALLACE: What’s unprecedented is not Congress tying strings. What’s unprecedented is the President refusing to negotiate.

LEW: You know, Chris, let me be clear. The President has always been looking for a way to negotiate with a bipartisan group of members and Senators to do the right thing for the American people. He was. He is. He put out a budget that actually took an enormous step to do that. So the President is open to negotiation.

“I love this. He’s put out a budget. He’s put out a budget every year. His own party rejects it every year. He is not willing to negotiate. Who is he negotiating with,” Glenn asked. “His own party rejects it. 98‑0. I mean he doesn’t even get anybody in his own party on board.”

LEW: And frankly I think your history is wrong. If you look at places where the debt limit was involved, there were many other things attached to the debt limit. The question of threatening to cause a default of the United States, not until 2011 did it become a positive agenda.

WALLACE: With all due respect, your history is wrong. In 1973 Democrats in the Senate to put in Ted Kennedy and Walter Mondale wanted to attach campaign finance reform under Richard Nixon during Watergate to raising the debt limit. It ended up being a filibuster. Republicans had to filibuster to defeat it and take it out. This has happened over and over again, and presidents have negotiated and this President, what’s unprecedented is, he’s refusing to negotiate.

LEW: You know, Chris, I loved through the budget debates of the 1980s, the 1990s, the early 2000s. I know that there were many occasions when the debt limit was tacked onto other things. I actually remember ‑‑

“Oh, wait a minute. Now he admits he knows there were times when it was tacked onto other things,” Pat said exasperatedly. “You just said that never happened!”

“No, no, no. What he’s saying is, they always intended on passing it,” Glenn corrected. “There were just never any terrorists in the Republican Party. That’s what they’re saying here. Unbelievable.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Good to see Secretary Lew torn into by Wallace.

    Obama will be the one to cause a default of our national debt and other obligations. He and he alone can make it happen, and due to his stubborn refusal to compromise, due to his pride, his arrogance, and narcissism, he will allow the nation to be destroyed before giving an inch.

    • Deb Medley-Kammerer

      He is not going to “allow” this—-he is going to make it happen. It is his goal. It always has been.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        His revenge upon the nation for, in his insane view, daring to be free and prosperous for over two hundred years.

      • Draxx

        This interview sure proves that Lew is nothing less than an Obamanite… and George Soros Puppet!!!

        • Anonymous

          Draxx would like nothing more than to show Lew who’s boss by pulling down Lew’s pants and entering his backhole with Draxx’s big patriotic boner

          • Draxx

            randypants, you need to get laid because you only leave sexual derogatory statements to anyone you disagree with… Sorry that you have had such a horrible sexually abusive family and/or friends that have turned you into a psychotic sexual sociopath!  Maybe you are really projecting your sexual desires into others on the internet because pornography just doesn’t get you off anymore… If all of your sexual statements were actually taken into account by an FBI Profiler, I believe you would be a suspect for the Green River Killer or some other Serial Killer!!!  Nobody who is stable in reality actually says so many Perverted Statements, NOBODY!  So please just stay in your porn magazines, and off the internet…

          • Anonymous

             Personal insults: Last refuge of a scoundrel who has no valid argument whatsoever.

    • Anonymous

      And what makes you think that destroying America is not precisely what this anti-American racist really wants?  After all, that is precisely what his puppetmaster, George Soros wants and has been working toward for years.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        That is exactly what he wants.

      • Anonymous

        “Dreams of my real father”  Total Communism.  Does this have to bite Americans on the ass to see it?

        • Wanda Watson


        • Justone View

           Too many Americas have their heads up their…..( l )s
          I wish there were more real reporters like Chris Wallace who would keep the heat on and ask the tough questions and NOT back off.

      • rob6065

        I agree with you 1000%

    • KJ Valentine

      Im pretty sure that’s what he want s . America taken to it knees . yep  Im pretty sure.

    • Draxx

      The Gov’t Shutdown is almost a complete farce when they send a million government employees home, but they ALL Agree to back pay them for the time lost so in essence they are getting a Paid Vacation by the Gov’t with Tax Payer Money!!!  I would love to get paid vacations without having to work for them and not a part of my contract…  Sure sounds like a form of Union Collusion!

      • mshman992002

         Not all federal employees get a “paid” vacation as you describe. As a wife of a government employee, I just want you to know that while some government workers are not working, there are those who still have to work and they are not getting paid.  In fact as of Oct 1st my husband has been reporting to work (as an air traffic controller) for every shift he has been scheduled.  He will get one paycheck (for the last few days in September) and then that is it until the shutdown ends. 

        • Kat56

          But he will be paid, the point is that there are some federal workers that are not working and they will also be paid meaning they get an extra paid unplanned vacation. I don’t see how he is referring to workers that are going to work.  Not that I would want either one affecting my paycheck.  Obama is the cause of this but the msm will continue to be his willing accomplice.

          • Resi Connell

            A very stressful vacation. My husband is working without pay at the moment. The fact that he “will” get paid eventually doesn’t keep the lights on or the rent paid. There’s nothing vacation-like about this nightmare. Also keep in mind, as they finally do pay – all in one lump backpay, the paycheck will be taxed at a much higher bracket – meaning we will all be cut short on our own household budgets. You want to trade places? 

          • Anonymous

            I’m sure there are many people who would love to trade places with you, secure job, secure pay etc etc

          • macman77

             I’m sorry for your temporary cash flow situation.  One should always plan for three to six months of take home pay in a reserve for the unfortunate event you are experiencing.

            I hope you are able to weather the situation.  When I was a contract employee and the contract ended there was no fall back support from unemployment or other sources.  I had to find my next paycheck/job.  I

          • az

            If you work for the gov. deal with it, or go get a job that you don’t depend on the tax payer for.

          • Anonymous

            Resi, if the lump sum payment means a higher tax will be taken, then, it’s really a win for the gov’t, isn’t it?
            Actually, it’s a win-win for the gov’t.  1) For the inconvenience the shut down is causing and the Reps. getting blamed   2) For the higher tax rate on the lump sum = more money for the gov’t.

          • Kat56

            I don’t see how they can tax you at a higher rate unless you are getting a raise in your annual salary or the lump sum payment extends to several years. If they do that you will get it back when you file. But to answer your question, no I would not like to trade places but there was a time when I had 3 kids and my self employed contractor husband was contracting government jobs and taking months to get paid with no benefits since we were self employed. So other people do have problems worse than government employees especially self employed contractors working at the whim of when some doofus government employee gets to your payment request. I do feel for you though if you have no savings because of some kind of disaster. I hope it ends soon.

          • Anonymous

            The FL fishing captains won’t get any back pay.

        • Don Quick

          if you voted for Obama then you Voted for it, if not then I feel sorry for you but think about all the full time employees who are now part time employees because of Obamacare and the 20 million people who dropped out of the labor force and gave up looking for work and wish they would have a job to return to

        • Draxx

          mshman, My comment that referred to “All” was aimed at the members of Congress (as all members voted to fund back pay)…  I am not saying that individual workers and their families are not hurt by this!

        • Anonymous

          Does that mean that to ensure that your husband gets the money for his work, you will support obama? It sure sounds like you will.

        • Clay A Crumb

          what? woman you know knot how not to lie, but you sure can tangle webs. Have you no savings? he makes at least 150K and has the same insurance as congress. You need to shut up and quit wasting your man’s easy unearned union money.

        • Dick Lenahan

          Confused…….are you saying he will not get paid for a job that he is doing?

    • Diane Anselm Sullivan

      THIS IS TRUE  !!!!!!!!!!!  OBUMMER IS A SADIST  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Mr_TrueReality

      No Snow, we will not default in the end. It’s all a hype to get people who don’t really understand how the revenue stream of the US treasury functions to become frazzeled and cave in to something they don’t want to accept in the first place.
      Trust me chicken litttle, the sky will not fall. They just want you to be a skeered little chick!
      Without a debt ceiling increase, Obama will claim he ‘found a way’ to pay the interest on our debt loans to keep the revenue stream active and valid. Of course, this system already exists as a safeguard against financial instability due to political games but, most are unaware and are being misinformed to further this current psycholigical manipulation.
      Mr TR

  • Douglas Smith

    “Congress needs to act now” is code for congress needs to do what we want now.  Congress is acting, it is just not cow-towing to the administration.

    • Gristle McThornbody


    • Anonymous

      Towing cows is a government job if the cows are illegally parked.

      • Anonymous

        Love it, John!   My laugh for the day.

  • NoBamaCare

    IT baffles me how this administration is acting!  Closing national monuments, that have been, and always will be, OPEN AIR – as in you walk up, look at it and walk away, open 24 hours a day.  Now all of a sudden we have to close them and place guards there to keep people from doing something that is unguarded 99% of the time?   Childish…Pre-K, need a mother’s teet childish!  

  • Joshua Middendorf

    They’re learning that their government “affordable” healthcare isn’t as affordable as they could have gotten before the ACA.

  • Glenn Coggeshell

    We are going to be Russia 1998.. but will never seen a gain until we get back to constitutional government.  

  • Jane Beard

    Glenn Beck should have idiot Obama on his show, of course he won’t go on, he’s a coward!

  • Anonymous

    Lew is a moron. he got caught lying and kept on lying. sad thing is most americans wont even realize it. 

    • Anonymous

      Of course, because most “Americans” listen to the media who only spread the lies of their own government.

  • batmanroxus

    Jack Lew is just another lying POS.

  • Anonymous

    If the effect is “catastrophic,” then why isn’t entitlements on the table???? Hypocrisy at its greatest.  

  • Bonnie Somer

    what lew did not say is this all the tax money taken in can pay the interest on the debt and many more bills glenn u r right obama wants this naiton to default so he can then proceed w/the agenda he wants communism take away all America is jobs wealth property and God the constitution and so on this is his plan the gop must stand now so must americans my evil monitor has been on this govt is a tyrannical govt now time it ends the 14th amendment Sect 5 states ONLY CONGRESS has power over the whole provisions in this article CONGRESS NOT ANYONE ELSE and they do not have to negotiate w/obama over this power of the purse

  • ghansen

    Is it impossible for these people to answer a simple question?  ACA is anything but affordable.  I certainly am not interested in the government controlling my health care.  That should be between my doctor and myself.  The government can’t even run the things they are currently responsible for.  Why would I think they can run health care?  So sick of all of them, both sides of the aisle, and the president in particular. 

  • Alex

    It’s abundantly clear that the president is holding the negotiations up with his pigheaded refusal to negotiate, furthermore if you look over his track record you will see that he doesn’t do anything unless its to the direct detriment of this country.

  • Glenn P Chickering

    Obama the drama  he wants to be declared king Obama and I think he is insane  someone help this man by getting him declared insane

  • Sheri Nelson Flynn

    Wow.. Lew is a very good LIAR! Scary!!

  • Ken Hoag

    Whenever they threaten to stop Social Security payments, they should resign.  This is money we paid into the Treasury for years directly out of our paychecks.  They have no right to stop these payments back to us.  Those payments are not an entitlement.  They should be forced to resign.  Jack, resign because you raised the threat.  

    • Anonymous

      Another scare tactic.  My SS check came into my bank per schedule.  The problem will
      come next year when the Medicare payment (taken from SS check) will go up, quite a
      bit.  My small SS check will be reduced dramatically.  BTW, who authorized the gov’t to
      put me into Medicare?  I don’t remember ever giving them permission to do so.

  • Anonymous

    If the country’s defaults it will be the first time ever in our history.  Another Obama “achievement.”  During his first term our country lost it’s AAA credit rating, also first time in our history.   Anyone seeing a pattern here?  This man has no interest in compromising, negotiating, reaching across the aisle and working with others.  His way or the highway.  His garbage healthscam bill is his main agenda and everything else trumps that.  Why?  Because it is a huge, intrusive, control mechanism that will further erode our liberties and strangle our economy.  That’s his signature “legislation” and he wants to ram it through regardless of the wishes of the people.  Worst, worst, worst president ever, hands down.

  • Steve Montoya

    Chris Wallace’s interview with Jack Lew only solidifies my already strong belief that Liberals are truly sick people…pathological liars!

  • Tracy Hazenstab

     This guy must really believe we are that stupid!  Does anyone on the left actually know how to answer a question?

  • Josh Fennell

    If our president does not give an inch, neither should the people, we do not serve and bow to him, he is an elected official. He has absolutely no more power than what we give to him. Therefore, we should in no way let him have his way. If he wants to be stubborn, then remove him. If he does not want to negotiate, then bring someone in who will. It is time for a change in management. 

    • Doctor100


  • Anonymous

    How can an educated person be a Democrat in today’s society?  

  • Peggy F

    Love Chris Wallace! Way to keep his back against the all and STILL not answer! This is what the dems are all about. Deflect, blame, lie, etc..

  • Andrea Curless

    He is ‘dancing’ to a dance dictated by ObamaRama. Scare Tactics and campaigning is all this pres knows, that’s why we are in such dire straits. He needs to be impeached and evicted of our house yesterday!

  • James8

    It’s a sorry socialist day when the government decides that I owe for someone else’s medical bills, government housing and all these cradle to the grave entitlement programs designed to keep the very people that voted for him slaves. Why should someone other than the responsible parties pay for others bad choices in life? Democrats don’t get it.
     One day you’ll look back at your selfish lives and see that you libtards where played. Neither the government nor the rich owe you anything. You should earn your keep. If hard work isn’t your thing then hunger should be.  Life lived well isn’t easy but it’s the best way.
     The NSA not the military know has 2500 armored vehicles, 2 billion rounds of ammunition, 600 FEMA concentration camps, Americans under surveillance and now Government controlled health care. 

    Democrats are so enormed in equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom!
    You morons are blind. 

    • Anonymous

      What?  You are asking people to be responsible, James?  Surely, you jest!  It will put
      gov’t out of business and they won’t let that happen!

  • AngryCountryBoy

    THIS is what all interviews of our Elected/Chosen/Appointed  should be. 

    my 2 cents – We NEED/WANT/DEMAND and will only Accept the truth and some accountability.   


  • Elizabeth Salvi

    in my opinion i think they all should be fired including the president he is not willing to make things work….i see him taking this country down & screwing over all americans!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lew says that people have been swamping the healthcare site because they are so interested in finding out how they can save money on healthcare.  I say they are swamping the site because they are scared to death the Government is going to be knocking on their door to haul them away if they don’t sign up.  They may be right!

  • Lilly Broederlow-Lavatai

    He got smacked on the face. I think this treasury guy got his history lesson from Obama. Lol. Thank you Chris Wallace!

  • Debbie Fields

    Manufactured is correct, Manufactured by this administration. When you are already in deep debt you don’t take on more debt via Obama care!!

  • Lilly Broederlow-Lavatai

    Notice that he even refers to 1979 when Jimmy Carter was president.

  • Mike Barcalow

    Gold Balls  Great Job Chris!  Thanks!  Keep up the good fight.

  • Gina Sofia Albright

    Only the president can default us.  We take in $250 a month. The debt is $30 a month. The rest, he has to prioritize.  Did you notice that 90% of the EPA is NON essential? We should eliminate that whole department. And then there is the Energy dept that has never done what it was set up to do in the 70’s I believe, to end our dependence on foreign fuels. That one can go. The Education dept  belongs to the states as a responsibility. Then too, the IRS costs us over $100billion a year so it can be eliminated with a flat tax. See all this money? We could put a big hole in the debt with the savings.

  • Gristle McThornbody

    Last night, a gorgeous Parisian bartender asked me “Does anyone actually respect the Tea Party anymore?”
    I replied, “No.”
    We had animalistic sex. It was glorious. She strangled me with my tie.

  • ebooksdog

    i’m afraid to say this but my gut feeling tells me that boehner is doing just what obama wants him to do so that obama can use his fear tactics to stir up the american people obama wants to control not help.not long ago people were calling to replace boenher.think about it folks i really hope i am wrong but i think we are being played.

  • mrswright

    i am a long time conservative and am tired of every comment being about pointing the finger and placing blame as opposed to coming up with a solution to the situation with the sitting president. yes, there are those screaming for his impeachment, but what is truly being done toward that end? please recall that this kind of “talk” started during his first term and he’s still here. i’ve seen comments where people have actually threatened his life by saying he should be shot. seeing comments like that on social media tells me a lot about the calibur of people claiming to be conservatives…a very sad and sick bunch.

    anyway, my solution is to start by recalling all of congress because none of them are doing their jobs. then this will send a message to the president that he can lose his job to. all of them have forgotten that they work for us….the citizens of the united states.

    • Sam Fisher

      Love your idea.

    • Lawrence Hughes

      Thanks for your input, Barack. How did you come up with “Mrswright”? The picture is of a five year old black girl. You might have well just posted under your own name. Yeah right, don’t blame de president, RECALL EVERYONE IN CONGRESS.

  • Thomas Stock

    I have a question, please.  If the house submitted a budget that reduced or eliminated the rate of debt building (not the deficit), that happened to include reduced spending on features of the ACA, but responsibly poised to pick up these expenditures when it can be afforded, would it pass the senate?

    Jack Lew stood on his ground stating that congress’ responsibility is to pass a budget. If the budget has no chance of passing, who’s being irresponsible?

  • Diane Anselm Sullivan


  • Anonymous

    Am very thankful for Chris Wallace and Glenn Beck for standing  up for the American people.  So many of us out here who don’t know what to do.  Even the power of the ballot doesn’t seem to accomplish anything!!

  • Anonymous

    The president is a liar, that’s what is different about this time.

  • Anonymous

    Wallace did an excellent job interviewing Jack Lew.  We also saw where Mr. Lew lied and then said yes he was there when such and such was done.  It is our President’s job to negociate and he refuses to do it.  I agree in that Obama will be the reason for the default in our national debt.  He is arrogant among other faults.  He is the main cause of the fall of America and I think he is doing it on purpose.

  • Ralph Chubbuck

    Good to know Obama has zero credibility! Must be pissing him off to know that the people in control of the money are a hell of alot smarter!!


    To put it bluntly. 

    The US Government takes in 280 billion per month
    Our Debt payments are 18 billion per month. (this may be higher now but not by much)

    That leaves 262 billion to fund operations. 

    Seriously, Why is it so hard for us to live on that??? Drop the entitlements and make people get off their asses. This is the land of free market (until this clown is done) Making a buck isn’t that hard.

    Cut spending!!! 20% won’t kill us (and get rid of that ACA) we did just fine before it was implemented. This administration spoon feeds lie after lie and the naive fall for it. Don’t be a victim, more proof spewed from the mouth of Lew. Thankfully we still have credible reporters such as Chris to expose these corrupt socialists for what they truly are! Fear mongers and race baiters!!


    To MrsWright – I think if you were really a conservative you’d be outraged at what this man has done to our country in only 5 years. Also if you base your assumptions on social media sites it only proves how naive you are, especially since 90% of the finger pointing happens to come from the Democrats. As far as people saying he should be shot, welcome to America, a country founded on free speech, well at least until it becomes to inconvenient for the Dictator in Chief and yet another of our rights are stripped away.

  • Yvette

    I watched it on TV, but when reading the transcripts it seems like two people having different conversations … Chris is blatantly being ignored by Lew.  Chris is trying to make a point and Lew just goes on blabbering all the lies he’s been told to spew.

  • Crystal Bartle Miller

    I loved the interview Chris did, but watching you commentate on it made it even more fabulous! I am so tired of the spin from liberals and the progressives towing the line in both dems and rinos.

  • Sam Fisher

    Welcome to to the Socialist States of Obamaica.

  • Anonymous

    we are not the strongest economy in the world we are owned by china now and too far in debt to fix it why won’t this guy just tell the truth?

  • Visha Nausser

    We need to ask ourselves, what does the president have to loose by conceding or compromising?  What position does it put the U.S.A. in with the U.N. and U.S. supporters to put our economy in a back spin if the default occurs? What is Pres. Obama’s real Agenda?

    I feel this stems back to his beliefs at election time that were questioned, and avoided, and never fully answered, or covered up. Who he associates(ed) with before he came to office. These things tell us, his Agenda is not for the benefit of the American People. If the American people are his main concern, he would at least entertain the idea of negotiations. Not being willing to compromise with other elected officials tells me that he is supporting his own agenda and not that of the American people and whom they also elected to lead the country. All were elected by the American people, just because he wants something a certain way doesn’t mean the rest of the country wants it his way. The representatives he refuses to negotiate with (should be) supporting the views of the people they represent. The majority of American’s want to be able to work hard for opportunity, Not live and die by government means and rules. America was founded with the idea that each individual could work as much or as little as they wanted and would gain opportunity for the amount of smarts, work and effort they put in.

    Since our government is currently not working, I propose that all new elections take place, and we find all new government to take their place. People that are willing to give-up some things, so that our deficit can start to be paid down. 

  • Anonymous

    this administration is INFAMOUS for failing to provide answers to questions that congress needs to perform its functions.  so exactly WHO is not doing their job?  huh, mr lew?  huh, mr president??

  • Jake Harris

    I know another no-negotiation policy that America has. And that policy regards terrorists. Does Obama see the Republican party as terrorists? Is this his way of saying, “America will not stand for you to destroy our country, you rich terrorist bastards!” It’s funny that he’s the one pointing the finger.

  • Visha Nausser

    I think his point is that once things are no longer shut down your husband will receive a check of “back pay” for those days he was not paid while the government is shut down. And even if he didn’t work those shifts if he was told not to come in, he would get paid anyway. So essentially you are not really missing a paycheck you just have to wait longer until you get paid. There are gov’t employee’s who will be getting paid for not working. Your husband may not be one of them, but there are. And that is where I disagree. As a gov’t employee you get many perks, but  one of the risks you take as being a gov’t employee is a gov’t shut down like this. If you do not work your scheduled hours you should not be back paid. There was no work done and therefore you should not be paid for it. If you so choose to go into work, because regardless you work for the people and not the government, then fine get paid you did the work we the people are paying you for. It’s almost like a union in a sense, just because the union says not to go into work, doesn’t mean you don’t have to. And just because the union says you have to work doesn’t mean you have to. It’s what you as a person thinks is right.

  • Paul Georgia

    Why is Chris Wallace perpetuating the myth that the U.S. will default if the debt ceiling isn’t raised?

  • Chris Koerner

    Lets get back to old American! Where its a government for the people by the people under God!!! When you take God out of the plan it always falls.

  • 1TrueOne55

    Will the Debt Limit be the crisis that causes Martial Law from this President. In April 2012 by E/O he completely re-wrote Truman’s E/O on declaring Martial Law. It went from an “National Emergency” similar to an attack on US shores to an “National Crisis” and passing the Debt limit without raising it might fall into the President’s mind as a Crisis. I am now waiting for some sort of Crisis whether it is in finance or some other created one in which this Administration will panic and push the Martial Law button.

    • Anonymous

      TrueOne, if martial law is going to come, it will be timed better.  Such as in the fall of ’14
      when some ”tragedy” occurs (a war?) which causes Congress(?) or the Prez to cancel
      the elections because it’s necessary for the continuity of the current administration to be
      in place.  Yeah, sounds like hogwash to me too, but one never knows.
      However, I think if it’s Hillary who is the Dem. candidate, she will put up one helluva a
      fight!  You know, like the Clintons can do.

  • Anonymous

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  • terytrt

    Time for the “REVOLUTION” to start.

  • Bob

    Jack Lew just embarrassed himself beyond belief.  What a fucking moron.

  • Mary

    OK, so the phrase: “Let me be clear” means “I’m going to lie now”. Got it.

  • Anonymous

    Arrogant lying ass!

  • Anonymous

    Ask Lew about Obama instructing him suspend accounting rules and reality by refusing to recognize any new debt after May 17th when Lew issued a proclamation to that effect when the national debt reached $25MM short of the debt limit. The national debt was frozen at that level, allowing Obama to pick and choose when to create the crisis for maximum political benefit. So, Obama decided to ignore the law (surprise, surprise, surprise) and make believe everything has been just fine.

  • Highlander

    The least transparent government we’ve had in decades.   Horrible.  

  • Don Quick

    Lew is so full of sh*t he draws flies

  • Don Quick

    after refusing to pass a budget for over 4 years suddenly Obama and the Democrats are concerned about a default ,after wasting 6 trillion dollars and spending more money then 42 Presidents combined Obama and the Democrats are worried about a default, after spending more money to shut down the world war II memorial then it would cost to keep it open, Obama and the Democrats are worried about having enough money to pay our bills…what a bunch of con artist

  • Anonymous

    What I took from this interview? Jack Lew is just another side-stepping shyster weasel running our government.

  • Mark Thoele

    Lew is no Alexander Hamilton.

    • Anonymous

      Alexander Hamilton!  He’s no Curly, Larry, or Moe!

  • Chuck Flood

    obama the front man the shill for his handlers, these are the guys telling him not to negotiate,they want this country to cave in so they can grab resources and power and totally rule this world may they all die,they will be paid for their disgusting takeover and desire to do away with our nation. this has happened to all countries and now the hit men are here trying t take out this country while laying the blame on others. their time to rot in hell is close by, americans read between the lines,they are using too much pr to push agendas to destroy us. this country is not filled with lazy low lifes it is filled with americans who want to achieve great not let their laying of blame turn you against people of this nation. they are even trying to pit you against aliens, first they give jobs away to keep the corporate folks happy. then they let illegals flow in and blame them for the downturns. it is the same wealth gangster bankers resetting the world stage so they have even more. to know what its about just look at the comments made years ago by the rothchilds. its all hidden in plain view. look really open your eyes and mind. nothing happens accidently.

  • Anonymous

    Come on people, this really wasn’t a fair fight.  A seasoned, extremely competent journalist against a political hack.  Lew should have been spotted at least 100 points.  Probably would have stll come across as a rock.

    • Anonymous

      Bri, Lew was probably thinking he should have gone on MSNBC instead!

  • racindavid

    Jack lew = owebama stooge

  • Gracie66

    He is so slimy and slick.  Plus he never answered a question.  And if he said “look Chris” one more time I think I would have screamed.

  • Mercee

    Wow, it’s really hard for some people to admit they’re wrong.

  • Hoot Gibson

    Another lying Obama Hack…..

  • Susie Barton

    Obama has NEVER come to the table with any intention to bargain with anyone. Every time he tried it in the past he pitched a fit because it wasn’t going his way. Anything that has been done in this country for the past 5 years has been done by the old Clinton cronies. Obama is just living it up and could give a rats ass about this country.

  • srsmith

    How dare the Republicans take my paycheck and threaten my job to get what they want.  Get the government running again and pay the bills THEN go to the table to negotiate.  STOP PUNISHING THE AVERAGE AMERICAN.

  • Paul Schall

    The press is complicit in the continual deception and marxist/socialist that defines the Democratic Party.  Vote ’em out and put them on trial.

  • Dave

    the last two years of President Bush’s administration the Democrats controlled
    both Houses of Congress, yet here it is SEVEN (7) – going on EIGHT (8) years
    later and obama is still blaming Republicans and or Bush for everything!  The Democrats and obama blame President Bush
    for the last Federal Budget.  They, and
    their left wing sycophants lie by omission when they fail to mention that the
    Budget was passed by a Democrat controlled Congress in 2008 and signed by obama
    in January 2009! 


    now the Democrats and obama are outraged about a possible government shutdown,
    while placing the blame on Republicans, yet obama and every Democrat in
    Congress voted against raising the Debt Ceiling when Bush was President in


    there at least one person in the RNC with some intelligence that can point
    these facts out?  Print a damn talking
    points memo and tell every Republican to rebut the democrats and their
    sycophants when they dare to blame Republicans for this current impasse. 


    Differences between the
    House and Senate are supposed to be negotiated via reasoned dialogue not a
    monologue by one side; and, certainly not by edits from the President.  The President can sign a Bill or Veto a Bill –
    not rewrite it because he doesn’t like what’s in it

    • Anonymous

      Dave, your last sentence is one that the Prez has ignored pretty much, and has gotten
      away with it.  See the changes he’s made on ACA (which were probably NOT in the bill)
      where he gives some of his ”favorites” special treatment, AKA exemptions.

  • William Power

    My quote was $300 a month for a single guy, that`s not affordable. 

  • Clay A Crumb

    ok, badly written article, who loved what and did they swallow? or was it real romantic love rather than just another democrat proving his innate inability to form a cogent thought. Every person with an IQ above 80 knows he has to balance his budget and save some for emergencies.. Why does O’Bambam seem to fail this simple test? This wont hurt any one who cares enough for U.S.A. to try to cut spending and cut up the POTUS’ credit cards.

  • Mary Reher

    He is the worlds dam foul.He straight from the bible.He part of bible prophecy.We are in the ending times

  • Mary Reher

    He is lawless one.

  • Michael Lee

    It’s like listening to the Incompendant one! can’t take the runaround the B.S.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s wild that they’ve stopped the deficit counter at 16.7 trillion. Can I do that to my odometer?

    • Anonymous

      Or checking account?

  • Mary Lou Mawson

    You cannot believe anything that comes out of this administration.   They all lie, just like the President did in that clip, when he said this action is “unprecedented!”   HE WAS LYING!   He is very well aware of the truth, but the truth does not serve his purpose.   So… he did what he always does, and lied, because he knows no one will hold him accountable!   Disgusting! 

  • Judith A Patton

    Secretary Lew is as good a liar as Obama.  He was squirming in his hot seat. Wait until they force Obama care on the people or fine them if they don’t get it. !!!  Then the government will just take the money right out of your checking account.!!!! That’s when I want you to tell me if it was worth voting for this Dick-tating socialist of a president. !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just another HObama hack!

  • Danco30

    Glad to see Wallace pulling out the truth in the O admin. and not allowing them to walk on this debate.  It’s about time we get more interviews, such as Nixon/Frost, to expose the real truth.

  • Danco30

    Let’s take a poll.  “Like” if you signed up for O’care.

  • Isaiah Daniels

    Wow, AMAZING! To be drug under the bus for about 1,000 miles or more and still smiling? I’d love to see the golden parachute this guy was promised. It will bounce higher than the world’s largest super ball but the promise has got to be a big one. He has to be taking his Koolaid intravenously.

  • Steve Fuller

    Oops, the prez reveals he doesn’t understand or accept the American
    system of government. He apparently thinks we have a parliamentary system; ”You have never seen in the history of the United States the debt ceiling or the threat of not
    raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president or a GOVERNING PARTY,
    and try to force issues that have nothing to do with the budget.” Who the heck
    is the GOVERNING PARTY in a Congress with a majority Dem Senate and a majority
    Rep House????

  • Anonymous

                                                              Figures Don’t lie, Liars figure!!!
                                                                       Go Chris Wallace

  • Maria Rieske

    My favorite part? When Wallace asks Lew flat out how many people signed up for Obamacare. And he has no idea… Really? He makes this excuse that people need time to make that decision… No. That’s not it. Take it from a person who works in insurance.

  • Ian Webster

    Jack Lew is a monkey(Cunt) like Berry

  • Anonymous

    Lew is a liar.

  • Anonymous

    Glen – I want to share something I am aware of due to personnel working on this project.  The gov’t cheapskated the software on this and the servers are blowing and the software is not able to handle what they expected it to do.  Here’s the rub – people have applied so as to AVOID the fines, and get ahead of the curve.  Now – the word is this, those applications in before the open date, have already crashed the system.  As of right now? these applications will take 2-3 years. Now, you get hit with the fines and you are in line waiting – then what??  The IRS now steps in and they get to be the next agency we are hit with OT salaries due to all the audits created from the public defaulting on payments they are receiving ZERO benefit from.  Why would they pay if they get nothing?  Then the lawyers get involved when the legal maneuvers hit and the courts get loaded – and the domino effect is alive and well.  oh ya – Gramma Pelosi, about that -” Just sign it and we will read it later” – did you plan on this?  Obama – Reid?? I was raised that if a big purchase mattered, to take the time and don’t feel rushed.  Any decision that was rushed was always a bad one – Gramma Nancy – what kind advice you give your grandkids??  So far it’s my dad 1 and the Pelosi advice – ZERO!! 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing, tooti, and giving us the back story on the servers crashing.
      And what could be coming down the road.

  • James F O’Brien

    Jack Lew has been around BHO too long.  The worms are crawiing around in his brain right now.  Feel sorry for you Jack.  Must be hell to be you.

  • James F O’Brien

    When we lay people of in my business we don’t go back and say sorry, here is what we would have paid you had you worked.  In fact, that is against IRS rules.  We can not pay someone money who does not perform a service.  Government does not operate by any logical rules anymore. 

    While all the hand wringing is going on, let’s not forget about Benghazi. 

  • Michael James Allison

    Default NOW. Nuke the world banks.

  • Crystal Shugars

    I think that Lew is full of it. Lew keeps saying that Congress needs to act, yes, they do. They need to impeach Obama!! Lew is a certifiable idiot.

  • Dan Smith

    what a liar. They really are dependent on a uninformed constituency. Too bad the republicans fail at informing them. 

  • George Bleick

    SCREW LEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C. Bird

    Jack Lew is a typical Obama puppet

  • Wanda Watson

    Does anyone else notice that the dems can NEVER answer a direct question?  Reminds me of the Governor in “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”  …….speak a little side step and lead the people on.

  • Iusedtoteach

    Is this Jay Carney’s dad?

  • Anonymous

    It seems that all we get from Obama and his lackeys is double-talk, deception, mis-direction and mis-information.  It is very familiar. It’s exactly what we always got from the Communists. Coincidence? I think not.

  • POTUS mime

    wow..obfuscation rules the day with this Administration. Perfect interview to illustrate the point.

  • POTUS mime

    Maybe your husband could find another job working while he’s waiting for the government job to crank back up. Or…set aside 3-6 months worth of expenses so you are never in this position again. There are many people out there who wish they could be in your husband’s position, but their jobs were eliminated years ago.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all scare tactics.  The Dems do a good job on that. Default?  BS!  The gov’t HAS the money

    to pay their creditors—it’s into the billions.  They are still getting revenue—every day, every

    week, every month.  Default?  Only if that it is the choice of the POTUS.

    • Anonymous

       The problem is they are close to a $trillion in the red, the spending is larger than the revenues, because if it was reversed the debt clock would be slowing down or reversing; instead it is adding nearly $30 thousand a second. Obama ripped on Bush for adding $4  trillion in 8 years while he is gone through $1 trillion each year of his rule, because of obamacare it will be $1.5 trillion. As Obama said in 2006, “America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership.
      Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to
      increase America’s debt limit.”

  • Anonymous

    What concerns me is his mocking smile as he is speaking, he’s smiling like this is funny….what does that say….I believe he wants to destroy America and he is close to getting his way…there’s like a joy about him…impeach!!!!


    Jack Lew, or any other liberal spinmaster, would not answer a question honestly if their lives depended on it. The crap that he spewed out about people calling in, in droves, because they are so interested in Obamacare, is laughable.

  • Cheryl Dotson

    I feel until LRBM come over here, he will still lie or do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal which is to level the playing field. He thinks we, AMERICANS, have too much, he wants our wealth and he wants to totally destroy this country!!!

  • Robert M

    Why should a President that doesn’t care about America care about America defaulting for the first time in history?!!!

  • Ben French

    of course becuase glenn beck never lies lol. a man of honor standing there with sword. has glenn beck even ran for office ? served in military ? no to both answers he just sits back and rakes in millions of his conspiracy bs.

  • Anonymous

    You catch them in a lie and they just smile and repeat the lies. Unbelievable !

  • Anonymous

    I`m country I was raised in a Christian home on a houseboat and I didn`t get to finish school but I`m not completely stupid . I`ve said it before & I`ll say it again I believe the Devil is in the White House & we { the American GOD Fearing People } should get HIM OUT ! Yes our country was started on & by religious faiths & people who were for helping our fellow human being . This President I feel doesn’t care about America or Her People . He only wants what he wants & to heck with the rest of us , POOR or RICH we are all in the same boat here & we need to ACT & stop just talking about it & get him & his followers OUT of LEADERSHIP of The AMERICAN PEOPLE. Just my country opinion !

  • Matt Dunkle

    This guy (Wallace) is soooo full of Government SPAM> You can make a sandwich out of spam, but that doesn’t mean you want to eat it.

  • Justone View

    Hypocrisy! Political spin is all we get from the Democrats. BS!
    Double talk. Lies. and more BS. Lew goes to his talking points that play to his lemmings. Listen to him. The same talking points to shape PERCEPTION it is NOT reality. THIS is the democrat method over and over and over. BS! The media goes right along with this BS!!
    Thank you Chris Wallace. Listen to him…”This manufactured crisis….” Good God this is ALL the democrats DO! By Obama NOT negotiating HE is creating the crisis!!!!! Then they blame, the strategy, blame the other. God how can the dems NOT SEE THIS!!!! BS! I can’t take Lews BS and crap. NOTHING to do with the TRUTH.

  • George Allegro

    While collectivism forces each of us to equality of condition, the individualist recognizes that freedom results from equality of liberty.

  • Anonymous

    It seems that Soetoro and his merry band of Demoprogs and assorted commies in D.C., are panicking slightly at having their toy, America’s credit card, snatched away temporarily.  Their tantrum seems to indicate one of two things, a) that they think this is their golden opportunity to stomp the life out of the Tea Party,or  b) that their plan to suck the last bit of blood out of the middle class and then collapse the U.S. dollar, has been put on hold?

  • madman

    Jack Lew got shreded by Chris Wallace.

  • Anonymous

    Wallace is dead wrong.  The Republicans’ tactic of using the debt ceiling the way they did in 2011 and again this year is unprecedented.

    Every prior instance was rhetoric, posturing.  These lunatics mean it.

    Wallace is, once again, dead wrong.  And the thing is, he actually knows it.

  • chip griffin

    we seen it just as you did glen, we don’t need your wording on what was said. your as bad as them. all for the show! well this show is about to end. that means your sweet job going away. stand tall or stand down. sick of all of you. you spend hours yet you say nothing. 3 hours of mouth running yet nothing gained by any of the 3. if you truly feared losing your sweet ride you would be scared, or have you sold your soul just as they did and only wish to watch from the front seat? it’s over because of the glen’s of this crap world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rich and worthless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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