On radio this morning, Glenn revealed the name of a Republican senator who allegedly insinuated that supporters of FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund are traitors to the party: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Needless to say, Sen. McConnell’s office is not thrilled with the report, and they quickly reached out to Glenn’s staff to ask who leaked the information.

After reaching out for a comment, a spokesman for Sen. McConnell told TheBlaze: “The anonymous claim is false. He neither said nor insinuated that.”

Glenn decided the best way to get to the bottom of this story would be for Sen. McConnell to speak for himself. So Glenn publically extended an invitation for Sen. McConnell to join him on an upcoming radio program and give his side of the story.

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“Senator Mitch McConnell, the good senator from Kentucky… We’d sure like to have you on the air,” Glenn said. “And let’s just discuss this. Let’s talk about what happened in that meeting and the role you played… So let’s do that.”

“This might not be advisable for him to take you up on this,” Stu said.

“Why,” Glenn asked. “Put me in my place. Put me in my place. Tell me.”

Pat suggested the interview might actually be a good idea because Sen. McConnell can ask his fellow Republican colleagues to come to his defense, if his remarks from the closed-door meeting were in anyway taken out of context.

“And then when he’s on the air, he can say, ‘Hey, anybody is free and welcome to come on and talk about everything that happened in that meeting to back me up,’” Pat suggested.

“As long as he’ll come on and say, ‘Hey, I am going to make sure that there are no repercussions at all. Because I want to make sure that people can tell the truth.’ I’ll have everybody on. Let’s have them on. There are no repercussions at all. Come on. Tell us what happened in that meeting. Tell us. Go ahead,” Glenn said. “Mitch McConnell, you have an open invitation to come on the program. And we will let you talk, just as we did with Newt Gingrich. We love to hear from progressive Republicans.”

We will be sure to let you know if/when Sen. McConnell responds to Glenn’s invitation.