Glenn to Sen. McConnell: You have an open invitation to come on the program

On radio this morning, Glenn revealed the name of a Republican senator who allegedly insinuated that supporters of FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund are traitors to the party: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Needless to say, Sen. McConnell’s office is not thrilled with the report, and they quickly reached out to Glenn’s staff to ask who leaked the information.

After reaching out for a comment, a spokesman for Sen. McConnell told TheBlaze: “The anonymous claim is false. He neither said nor insinuated that.”

Glenn decided the best way to get to the bottom of this story would be for Sen. McConnell to speak for himself. So Glenn publically extended an invitation for Sen. McConnell to join him on an upcoming radio program and give his side of the story.

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“Senator Mitch McConnell, the good senator from Kentucky… We’d sure like to have you on the air,” Glenn said. “And let’s just discuss this. Let’s talk about what happened in that meeting and the role you played… So let’s do that.”

“This might not be advisable for him to take you up on this,” Stu said.

“Why,” Glenn asked. “Put me in my place. Put me in my place. Tell me.”

Pat suggested the interview might actually be a good idea because Sen. McConnell can ask his fellow Republican colleagues to come to his defense, if his remarks from the closed-door meeting were in anyway taken out of context.

“And then when he’s on the air, he can say, ‘Hey, anybody is free and welcome to come on and talk about everything that happened in that meeting to back me up,’” Pat suggested.

“As long as he’ll come on and say, ‘Hey, I am going to make sure that there are no repercussions at all. Because I want to make sure that people can tell the truth.’ I’ll have everybody on. Let’s have them on. There are no repercussions at all. Come on. Tell us what happened in that meeting. Tell us. Go ahead,” Glenn said. “Mitch McConnell, you have an open invitation to come on the program. And we will let you talk, just as we did with Newt Gingrich. We love to hear from progressive Republicans.”

We will be sure to let you know if/when Sen. McConnell responds to Glenn’s invitation.

  • Anonymous

    So someone dropped the dime on Mitch McConnell attempting to do what senior leaders of each party have always done to their younger, less seasoned and less powerful party members who step out of line with leadership–take them to the woodshed in a closed door session.  So GB decides he is more powerful than Mitch McConnell and offers to meet him on Glenn’s home turf so that Glenn can take him to the woodshed. Yes, that is who GB is team–don’t ever underestimate his ego.

    Why do i think that this stunt will play out just like Glenn’s pathetic red phone from his Fox News days–“Call me Mr. President–I am waiting”. Exactly why would Mitch McConnell answer? Again, this action makes the story  about Glenn, not Senator McConnell.

    • Gee Marie

      So tell me,blue…what part of the story is false? hmmmm?Not that I agee with you at all about GB.I’m just wondering what part of this story made you post that comment.The fact that someone may actually have proof this a bastard AND Glenn called him on it..or..that this Sen. is a bastard and Glenn called him on it.Just askin’

      • Anonymous

        I did not say anything was false now did I? As to the lineage of Senator McConnell’s father, I have no opinion. As to his voting record, he would not have gained my vote. But that is up to the people of Tennessee to decide next time round. I posted to point out that GB is doing what he always does in his self actualized modern Citizen Kane role–tries to pretend he is a journalist while in actuality, he is trying to position himself as the leading Libertarian mind of his generation. He presumes that he is big enough that Mitch McConnell owes Glenn Beck an explanation–c’mon man, come on my show–I dare you to.

        That is my boy Glenn; righteous, tolerant, God like. And humble.

        • Stephanie Haake

          uhhh, just one problem…McConnell is not from Tennessee. He’s from Kentucky. Go look at a map. Duh. Pease get your facts straight.

          • Anonymous

            thank you–i was in a hurry and slipped.

          • tobias smit

             And now, 279, you are starting to sound like most politicians, you know the  ” I am sorry, I slipped “,  just how many times have we heard that from, sadly too many?  I guess when Billy had a “mouth to mouth”, and, “I had no sexual relations” with Monica L. he “slipped ” right? And you can add a long list of them especially from the Liberal Left, you know the 60’s free sex and partner “sharing”. Things have not changed a bit , Just lie once and the second lie is easier, then the third, fourth etc…..
            Oh, just a question about the bluered thing is that because you are Red in the face because you are Blue, or is that you are Blue in the face because you are embarrassed by the screw ups in the Red camp?

          • Anonymous

             Yeh, you slipped…right off the credibility scale…

          • Anonymous

            this is actually in response to those below because there is no reply button.

            . If an inadvertent mistake like that takes me off the credibility scale (when you folks have already exiled me to the “doesn’t like Glen prison colony”) and Glenn’s multitude of misstatements keeps him on, well you have a skewed scale.

             As to Tobias’ rant, I think this may be my first slip like that ( I am quick to admit when I do not know something). As i believe Clinton perjured himself, was appropriately disbarred and should have resigned, and I was studying the Baltimore Catechism with a clip on tie in Sister Anne Joseph’s class during the ‘free love” era, I have no idea why you are making such absurb links to me. Blue/red are my old school colors bud; the numbers from sports uniforms.So no, I am not embarassed.I guess you are comfortable enough in your skin to not be embarrassed by yoour rant. Good for you.

    • Anonymous

       It is amazing that you just don’t get it.  You snark around like you have a clue, but you fail to understand the most basic rationale behind actions like this.  I’m so sorry for your mother, having raised a fool like you.  Gawd she must be embarrassed.

      • Anonymous

        Whose actions Glenn Beck’s or Mitch McConnell”s? I get both of their actions (assuming the story to be true). I identified McConnell’s motivation to take the upstarts to the woodshed; and Beck’s is to further solidify his place in his fanbase as defender of the Republic. 

        I noticed you did not raise a single point other than seek to insult me. Perhaps you could school me with some of your wisdom.

  • Sam Fisher

    Not going to happen Glenn.

    • Anonymous

      Of course not. Does anybody expect McConnell to come on a public show like this and admit the truth? Once a rat, always a rat.

  • Patriot

    He won’t.  The Republipuke party has been infiltrated and taken over while dumb Americans worried about logos and sat on the couch and watched scripted reality TV and rigged “talent” shows.

  • Hard Truth

    So someone has to defend themselves against an accusation that has no corroboration and is being given by a mole you won’t name because you say he would be seen by others as “not on our side”, which leads to questionable motivation? That is a method that is no different from commentators that are of an extreme liberal persuasion that do the same. Come on Glenn, stand up for decency and being thorough…you are falling into the same box as those you claim to despise and stand against.

    • souper

      The truth is the best defense. I’d put money on the progressive senator not taking GB up on the offer of free air time, to solidify his staunch conservative position. Would you? Mike Lee and Ted Cruz hinted at the tenor of that meeting and their stories sure sound very much like the sources. Again, where would you put your money? The senator along with the Maver-dick and Gramnesty are no friend of conservatism, unless of course it’s time for re-election. I could care less about motive. Stand up for decency and being thorough and speak the truth senator. You have been given the opportunity to set the record straight. Stand up, stand up and clear the air senator. Yeah like that’ll happen. Nobody better hold their breath on this one.

      • Hard Truth

         They very well could have been taken to task by McConnell and others of his company. Heck, this wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has taken place, at least to our knowledge. But an accusation that McConnell claimed that they are “traitors”, people that are very much part of the conservative base and with an election around the corner? That is a pretty serious charge, and needs more corroboration than what basically amounts to simply hearsay. And at a time when both parties are at each other’s throats and emotions and angst are flying high? Information has to be given a lot more critique.

  • DMS

    I am so sick of career politicians.  They have lived the high life on our tax dollars and disregard how we feel on issues – they “forget” conveniently why we sent them to Washington.  Term limits are absolutely necessary to keep them on their toes and accountable.  This country is a mess right now and whatever is affecting our country ALWAYS begins at the top – BOZO & COMPANY and that includes all of congress!!  I am mad as HELL.

    • Reiki-ology Master Healing

      This is true and yet they are career Politicians because people kept electing them instead of doing thier homework and realizing it was a bad move to allow more then 8 years in any political position. And Imnot one of the people who did that BTW. Im just sitting back and watching this dawn on everyone who did.

    • Anonymous

       H­a­v­e a f­­r­e­­e t­i­m­­e a­­n­­d a l­ap­t­op wi­th i­n­t­e­rn­e­t a­c­ce­s­s a­­t h­­om­­e??? W­­­h­­y n­­­o­­t g­­­e­t a­n o­n­li­ne j­o­b…ViewMore——————————————

  • Judy King

    I have always been a fan of Beck’s but he is losing me now. He makes an allegation against McConnell, keeps the source private, then chides the Senator.  Why should the Senator have to defend himself form accusations that he does not even know where they are coming from. This is right out the Reid Pelosi hand book, and I am so disappointed  in Beck. I thought better of him. 

    • Hard Truth

       Agreed. It amounts almost to slander, which is just unacceptable. If anyone takes such a stance, they have to have reputable proof that is corroborated and identify where it comes from. No one has any obligation to answer to such contemptible methodology. Otherwise, we could bring everyone in to answer for accusations made up at the drop of a hat.

  • Anonymous

    Of course McConnell won’t come on the show — but I would imagine because he will not have heard Glenn’s invitation. After all, who in his coterie would listen to Glenn Beck? Even more so, why expose himself to a conservative that might ask embarrassing questions?

    But, did you get the sarcasm used by Glenn in asking him? Glenn knows he won’t come on the show, and was having a bit of fun with the situation, as I saw it. In reality, if by some odd quirk of fate, McConnell takes him up on it, Glenn would be extremely surprised, I would bet.

    THEN that would make for an “interesting” show, now, wouldn’t it?

    The serious part of this whole kerfluffle is that defenders of the Constitution like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are called, in essence, “traitors” to the party, by the old guard that have lost their Constitutional backbone in favor of personal aggrandizement. Sad. And listen to their constituents? Who? What are they?

    Who is blocking the asking? Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

    • Anonymous

      @ Tracy:  Good post; but someone from the Minority Leader’s office called in to Glenn before Glenn was even through with that segment, demanding to know who the source was. 
      And yes, Hilary is the True Anti-Christ.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, like he’ll take Glenn up on that one – those guys are as bad as the democrats with telling the truth and they’ve gotten VERY used to their cushy, ‘do-nothing but say they are’ jobs… sure they’re pissed when there are some folks that get in there that actually  PROBLEM-SOLVE and get ready for this one, WORK… they’re being exposed for being the elitist leeches they are… He won’t show up for Glenn – but he’ll demonize Glenn in the statist media….for sure

  • James Brody

    Republicans like McConnell, McCain and Lindsey Graham think they are the heart beat of the Republican party, but they are mistaken. Their time has come to leave the senate or be thrown out. What is going on is this false president desiring a government shutdown to continue.
    If it continues there will be no reprecussions at all, the government from taxes is gets 25 billion dollars a day, and the  bills are 18 billion so some of you geniuses tell me where the catastrophe is or will occur when there is still 7 billions in the treasury?
    Those three rhino republicans I mentioned along with Orrin Hatch and a few more always give in to democrats outrageous demands, and why? I’ll tell you why it’s because they have become part of the woodwork in the senate and they don’t want their cushy jobs disturbed, and another reason is they get certain perks from the democrats in the form of not running any democrats against them in their reelection primaries, because the elite republicans control the primaries and who runs for the particular seat. The Tea Party is made up of good honest American citizens unlike the rhino republicans, and they are growing in numbers no matter what you hear about them from democrats and republican. The Tea Party has a lot of successful Americans that want only to stop this rogue government from gaining more power, and you naysayers better believe that they will become a force to reckon with.
    DMS is right on with his post about demanding term limits for both houses of the Congress, no more 20, 30 or 40 years in the Congress, and they should have to retire just like the average  American when they reach a certain age, we have had Senators and Congressmen carried and wheeled to their seats because they are so old, people like Levin, Leahy, Hatch, Durbin, Byrd, Thurmond, Conyers, Feinstein, McConnell, Grassley and a few more. The reason the Congress doesn’t care about defunding Obamacare is because they have exempted themselves from it.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Folks, the gift of liberty is the gift of knowledge, prosperity, and a better way of doing things.  Learn it, live it:

  • RevJules

    “Closed doors”? There should not be any secret meetings in Congress or the Senate. That Mitch was caught saying he considered anyone who doesn’t agree with his progressive bent to be a “traitor”, should be enough to get him canned. If anyone is a “traitor”, it is the progressives in our government who seem to be in favor of ignoring the Constitution. Mitch and his RINO buddies included. This sucker has been in D.C. way too long and has forgotten who pays his salary, like many in the beltway country.
    Hey, Kentucky, fire this asshat. 

  • Defend The Constitution

    Although we may not fully understand why we use them, we tend to follow the ways learned from the lessons of others’ experience.

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