On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn was joined by two hardworking Americans who are standing up for what they believe is right.

First up, Bruce O’Connell, owner of North Carolina’s Pisgah Inn, joined Glenn to talk about how his business, which is located on federal land, has been effected by the government shutdown. The Inn is in its final month of operation before it shuts down for the season on October 31, but Bruce was told he would have to close down early this year because of the government shutdown. Bruce faced a similar situation during the government shutdown of 1996. He chose to close down his business then. This time, he is not going down without a fight. He is standing up for his staff, his business, and his rights.

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Glenn was then joined by Zeeda Andrews of RideForTheConstitution.org. Zeeda’s group is organizing the trucker rally set to roll into Washington D.C. this weekend as well as satellite events around the country. The idea came about through social media, in forums where those with trucking backgrounds and connections get together to talk. Zeeda described people are just “fed up” with the government’s blatant disregard of the Constitution, and the idea for this weekend’s event was borne out of that frustration.

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Read the press release for the event below:

Truckers Shutdown Oct 11th