It’s no secret that Senate Minority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is not a Tea Party or conservative darling, which is why it should come as no surprise that Sen. McConnell will face opposition in his upcoming reelection fight. Matt Bevin, a military veteran and entrepreneur, hopes to be the guy to unseat him, and he joined Glenn on radio this morning to talk about his experience campaigning against the machine of the establishment GOP.

“Matt Bevin is the guy running against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky,” Glenn said. “We’ve had several conversations off air. While he has not received any endorsements yet, he has been spoken to by many people – FreedomWorks, the Senate Conservative Fund. They speak highly of him. In fact, I was told by a couple of people that he’s the best Constitutional candidate they have seen in the nation. Wow.”

Glenn asked Matt to tell the audience a little bit about himself. “I’m a guy who grew up, second of six children, and I grew up in the country in a 3 bedroom house, ate everything we grew on our own land, had a variety of eggs, meat, milk and such. A very Spartan lifestyle, but a good one. It was a home grounded very much on Judeo Christian ethics and principles. And my Christian faith is really the cornerstone of who I am as a person,” Matt said. “So, my entire life as a business person, husband, father, how I will be as a politician is grounded in my Christian faith. So that’s me from a broad stroke. I put myself through college. My dad worked in a small wood mill and my parents weren’t in a position to help with that, which was fine. I put myself through the college, joined the military. I was an Army officer on active duty for a number of years. And since then, left the military a little over 20 years ago, have worked exclusively in the private sector. Small business owner, a guy who employs other people, pays taxes and pays attention. That’s why I am in this race because I do not see the future, the American Dream isn’t being offered to future generations in the way that it was to mine and those who preceded me.”

Considering the progressive nature of Sen. McConnell, it might be easy to look at Matt and say that anyone would be better, but Glenn asked him to explain where he would stand on the issues facing Congress today.

“There’s two critical things. Obamacare as it relates to this CR and the debt limit. These two things are stepping into each other as we head into October. As it relates to Obamacare, I’ve been calling for, from the very get-go since I announced my candidacy in July exactly what’s being done. And I’ve had conversation with the aforementioned senators and exactly about what the House is doing by sending this bill minus the funding for Obamacare to the Senate is exactly what I’ve been calling for,” Matt explained. “I don’t think there’s a tremendous part of spine on the part of Boehner but I applaud the fact that he’s sending the bill and refusing to blink. I hope they continue and think that’s the right thing to do. The American people do not want this. They cannot afford this. It’s clear that it is so flawed it’s not able to be implemented. If it’s not able to be implemented as the law of the land for every one, then it should not be implemented period. And all this defunding will do, as you know, is simply kick this can down the road, which is frankly, not the right solution. But it is, at this moment in time, the best that can be done, which is not to fund the implementation of Obamacare.”

Matt went on to explain his positions on the NSA, the budget, the Middle East, and more. While Glenn was not jumping out of his seat, he found himself impressed with the candidate.

“Let’s continue to do our homework on him,” Glenn said. “But I certainly like him more than Mitch McConnell. If this guy is who he says he is, imagine getting him and Louie Gohmert in – just those two, getting rid of Cornyn and McConnell.”

You can learn more about Matt and his campaign HERE. Watch the entire interview below: