First it was a fine, then it was a tax, and now it’s a fine again – the definition of Obamacare changes depending on the politically expedient position of any given moment. It couldn’t be called a tax in the beginning because people don’t like taxes. It couldn’t be a fine during the SCOTUS hearings because then it’d be unconstitutional. But, alas, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was on with Jon Stewart calling the law a fine once again. For his part, however, Stewart wasn’t buying what Sebelius was trying to sell.

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“But I don’t think he is an out and out leftist propaganda guy. He’s not. He’s a New Yorker who happens to believe a lot of the crap that the left says,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “But when you lose Jon Stewart on this, and you currently have, the new poll for the President is at 37% approval, you lose Jon Stewart on this, you are done. You are done. Listen to Jon Stewart with Kathleen Sebelius:”

Awkward, right? Stewart obviously thought so too because in a short segment after Sebelius left, he questioned her honesty:

“She’s lying to everybody,” Glenn said. “That’s amazing when you have Kathleen Sebelius leave and he goes on a rant and says, ‘I think she’s lying to me.’”

“The way he presents it, it’s not bad she’s lying because [he’s] saying it in a real fun way,” Pat said. “So everybody can be really happy with Kathleen Sebellius is lying through her communist teeth. Congratulation, America.”

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