Yesterday on MSNBC, an ‘interview’ between Andrea Mitchell and Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) quickly devolved into a tense exchange over the effects of the government shutdown and the media coverage of Obamacare, which left Mitchell, who was clearly unable to follow Rep. Duffy’s logical argument, speechless.

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“So in case you don’t know, Andrea Mitchell is Mrs. Alan Greenspan, so she’s Mrs. Federal Reserve on big-government-propaganda MSNBC talking about the shutdown and healthcare,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

Just a few minutes into the discussion, Mitchell attempted to hammer home the argument that Republicans are the ones holding up the debate by not being willing to negotiate, a claim Rep. Duffy quickly denied.

MITCHELL: That’s a nonnegotiable demand. Why not sit down and negotiate over entitlement reform, which is something you have been demanding? You are putting on the table a nonnegotiable demand.

REP. DUFFY: Is it not negotiable that he’s not going to enter Obamacar? He’s going to say I get my gold-plated healthcare plan, but I want members of Congress and rest of America to be on Obamacare. That’s not negotiable? Come on. That’s not reasonable. One issue we have, the media won’t ask why are you treating families different than big families. You need John Stewart on Comedy Central to ask Secretary Sebelius why don’t you treat these two equally, and she can’t answer it. That’s how pathetic I think news reporting has become when you won’t ask tough questions to the Administration.

MITCHELL: We ask questions to both sides. That’s not fair…

“Yeah, do a search,” Pat said. “We did a Nexus search on that. No, no you haven’t asked the question. At all. Ever. Andrea.”

But it was what happened next that left Andrea momentarily speechless.

Applicable part begins around 6 minute 20 second mark:

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“Just stick to the talking point,” Pat said disgusted.

“Can you defend the thing I just asked you,” Stu asked . “No, I can’t defend talking point. How bad is that?”

“And you know what the headline was this morning in the Washington Post ‘Congressman Sean Duffy gets caught in his own Obamacare spin.’ They are spinning it as if she won the discussion,” Pat said. “It was not even close. She was destroyed in this. She had nowhere to go.”