Meet the patriot who is caring for the National Mall during the gov’t shutdown

Meet Chris Cox, a man who has become known as the “Memorial Militia” because he has taken it upon himself to care for and maintain the memorials and monuments on the National Mall during the shutdown. Glenn introduced Chris on Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program as someone who internalized President John F. Kennedy’s famous words, “Ask not what you country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

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Chris initially went to D.C. from his home in South Carolina to patrol the memorials, and after two days on the Mall, he decided to undertake a custodial role because of the accumulating trash, leaves, and overgrowth. He bought a blower and began clearing paths and tidying the area. His mission: Make the Mall look “more like a golf course than a ghetto.”

Throughout the week he found enjoyed a primarily warm welcome from Park Services and his fellow citizens. Yesterday, he noticed a large log blocking a path, so he brought his chainsaw and began clearing it so joggers wouldn’t have to jump over it and wheelchairs could get by. Chris explained he spent a couple hours clearing the lofand was given a vote of confidence by most of the officers he came in contact with. One, however, was quite heavy handed.

Chris explained that he will continue his efforts – completely out of pocket – until he is told not to. He views his small actions as a way to serve his country, and he is most honored when veterans approach him and thank him for the work he’s doing. In reality, Chris believes he is the one who should be thanking them. Various people have handed him small donations over the last few days to help cover his expenses.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn likes the taste of this guy’s cock because of his veiled racist comment about keeping the memorial from feeling like a ghetto

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        Thanks for your concern Draxx, but in truth, I use exaggerated vulgarity as a metaphor for the perversion of truth that Glenn Blumpkin and his minions bering to the table.

        • Anonymous

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        • John Wood

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        • Richard Wallace

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        • Sam Fisher

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  • Nick Heywood

    This man is an example.  Show this to your kids!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed!  Our kids should know that we all respect someone volunteering their time to do a job than getting paid for it much more.  We should all stop working in our current jobs and start doing federal jobs as unpaid volunteers!   

  • Rose Dowdall McLain

    Best that America has to offer, what a blessing he is. God put’s us where HE wants us. Our freedoms come from GOD. Thank you all who are there and will be there to show your love for our country!

  • Anonymous

    I certainly do hope this site has an ADM to control the awful language being typed out by some of these people, especially randypants ! Apparently some people can’t handle truth or dedication. This man is doing a work for nothing except the meager donations he’s getting in return for his time. We can all agree to disagree, but can we please do so without all the vulgarity and sexual comments ?

  • David R Myers

    The National Park Service will find a way to shut him down.  He will probably do the job more efficiently than them.

  • Tracy Rigdon

    Ask not what your country can do for you, but question what your leader can do to you! This man’s actions are commendable.

  • Tracy Rigdon

    Ask not what your country can do for you, but question what your leaders can do to you! This man’s actions are commendable.

  • Holly Rhodes

    As fellow South Carolinians, we are so proud of Mr. Cox!!!  He is a true patriot!!! 

    • Iusedtoteach

      As an American I’m proud of the entire state of South Carolina for not only their leadership in congress, but also to the state criminalising Obama Care. Mr Cox – just one of the patriots of So. Carolina!

      • Kim Mathews

        BUT FOR A SORRY ASS SENATOR LIDSAY GRAHAM OF S.C.SHOULD BE REPLACE. But this guy here is Patriot for sure.

  • AgileBulletDodger

    Inspiring – Thank you Chris!  Your actions are awesome, you’ve done the country a great service and hopefully inspired others to follow in your footsteps.

  • Beth Martin Prevost Fierro

    This is the spirit America was built upon!

  • Anonymous

    I am as guilty as every one else, but where are we?, why are we not there helping? Why not doing some thing in your own neighborhood ? I am ashamed of myself for not doing some thing! Let’s get out and join in this action!

  • Dalton Wicker

    He’s “just some guy” trying to do the right thing. Progressives hate this demographic with a passion.

  • Kara Ridenour Curry

    An example of what we should all aspire to be!

  • Doug Leuthold

    This man, (GOD BLESS) I respect more than our president, at least he respect our memorials trying to beautify the grounds….we need more guys like him. It would be an honor to clean around the monuments and keep them nice…

  • Michelle Titus

    To Mr. Cox;  Thank You Sir! For taking it upon yourself to do what our pitiful Government refuses to do. After the hardships that the men and women suffered to create the National Mall and Memorials to see An AMERICAN take care of it Out Of Pocket is a Great Example of our Strength and Integrity! I only wish I could get there to help you out Sir!

  • Ron Walker

    What an inspiration!!!

  • Todd Christensen

    Something about this man, he’s a genius.  I can’t tell you about his book smarts, nor is it relevant, because this guy is genius in his outlook.  He sees something to be done, he does it.  He’s met by a bully, he sees it as it is and dismisses it.  He sees the position the Park Rangers are being put in, and understands it from their point of view and considers all the aspects that influence it, and reinterprets it for the rest of us.  This man is a genius.  He, and people like him, will never be alone, they will never be down and out, and they will never be stopped, because their way of seeing life and interpreting it would never allow for it.  Pure genius.  There’s so much to be learned from him that I don’t even know where to begin.  I don’t look at him and see the “Lawnmower Man.”  I look at him and see genius.  I wish him the best and I’ll keep him in my prayers.

  • Sam Fisher

    At least someone cares Obama does not.

  • Annie Adams

    I am just curious, and lacking knowledge.  What is the flag he is carrying and wore on his shirt?

    • Kelly Marie Jones

      Its the South Carolina Flag

    • Michael Adams

       South Carolina

  • Richard Erwin

    im sorry more arent like you God Bless

  • Katie Standley

    We the people are the ones that keep this country running. God bless you Chris, that you for serving our country and caring for those who serve.  We need to realize that it’s not the end of the world if the government shuts down partially or totally. We continue and go forward. We are responsible for our own actions. God is still in control and we get to choose to live life fully or allow someone else to run our lives.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. God bless America!

  • KayLyn VanderVeen

    I just thank him for his work and thank God he’s not been arrested!!

  • Anonymous

    this is what america looks…i mean ACTS like….shaking your hand from memphis, tn sir. thank you for giving me someone to tell my kids about over the dinner table tonight. a hero above and beyond superman or batman. a REAL man. a patriot. 

  • Vilas Zimmerman Jr


  • sherrie young

    God Bless the person who believes in ” We the People”

  • Anonymous

    That’s a good man right there. God bless him.And God bless America.

  • ilene smith

    I love this guy…he’s awesome in a time of aggravation!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see 100 tractor mowers show up and help him!  Come on people…this is your chance to show up and take care of our land!.  I’m 65 years old, but I gotta tell ya, if lived in the area, I’d get out there somehow and help!  I have so much respect for this man!.  Next time you visit the DC mall (or anywhere in the USA for that matter), pick up the trash and throw it away!  300,000 million Americans???  We could totally do it!  God bless you, Chris!

  • Deb Bobka

    He is what a true American represents & does, God Bless Him & Protect Him from all Harm. AND THANK YOU, CHRIS

  • Anonymous

    Wow…This guy is great.  What a patriot you are, Mr. Cox.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn LOVES patriot cocks

  • james

    most rangers want people in, that is why you see people going through the fences and rangers not doing anything.  They only do what the top tell  them.  But with this crap about closing the stuff down most of them probably don’t care if they go in or not.

  • Jessica

    Thank you Chris Cox , what a fine example you are of a true Patriot.  Thanking you from Hampton Roads, VA…

    Stand your ground!  You are doing an exceptional job. We thank you for your time, effort and energy you are putting in to making the grounds beautiful.  Of course unlike Capitol Hill!

    Again you are much appreciated fine sir!

  • Alisa Lisa Isbell

    What a great example of a person that loves his country, God Bless him!

  • Anonymous

    This man is a CITIZEN HERO.  He is fighting his own war on behalf of us all and a veteran in his own right.  God bless him and unknown others who I am quite sure are behaving in a similar manner.

  • Anonymous

    I think we just found the new head of the park Service.  I salute you, sir, for taking such good care of the People’s property all by yourself. I read about Chris earlier, thanks for having him on the show.

  • Osbhaimta

    Thank you!

  • Carol Cain

    if everyone did just one thing to help we would have it all covered.

  • Anonymous

    We should be encouraging all of our children to forego college and working and instead volunteering to clean parks for free.  

  • Anonymous

    That was not a bully that was a collaborator.  You know the person that works with the enemy who has invaded and occupied your country.  There were many of them during WWII in the occupied countries.  Again, that was not bully just a person that would line up to be a collaborator for the enemy.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    Citizens: Alter and abolish the ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Anonymous

    What a really nice, humble man. He would be the type person you would love to have for a neighbor, who would be there for you if you needed a helping hand. And you can tell he is not comfortable with the attention he is getting, he is doing what he is doing because he knows in his heart someone has to do it, why not him.  My kind of person.

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