Meet Chris Cox, a man who has become known as the “Memorial Militia” because he has taken it upon himself to care for and maintain the memorials and monuments on the National Mall during the shutdown. Glenn introduced Chris on Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program as someone who internalized President John F. Kennedy’s famous words, “Ask not what you country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

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Chris initially went to D.C. from his home in South Carolina to patrol the memorials, and after two days on the Mall, he decided to undertake a custodial role because of the accumulating trash, leaves, and overgrowth. He bought a blower and began clearing paths and tidying the area. His mission: Make the Mall look “more like a golf course than a ghetto.”

Throughout the week he found enjoyed a primarily warm welcome from Park Services and his fellow citizens. Yesterday, he noticed a large log blocking a path, so he brought his chainsaw and began clearing it so joggers wouldn’t have to jump over it and wheelchairs could get by. Chris explained he spent a couple hours clearing the lofand was given a vote of confidence by most of the officers he came in contact with. One, however, was quite heavy handed.

Chris explained that he will continue his efforts – completely out of pocket – until he is told not to. He views his small actions as a way to serve his country, and he is most honored when veterans approach him and thank him for the work he’s doing. In reality, Chris believes he is the one who should be thanking them. Various people have handed him small donations over the last few days to help cover his expenses.