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According to the results of a new AP-GFK poll, President Obama’s approval rating has reached a mere 37%, and on radio this morning, Glenn explained the implicit meaning of such numbers.

“That’s a stunning, stunning number. “This is a president has a 37% approval rating and the press is telling everybody, ‘He’s great. He’s fantastic,’” Glenn said. “So, what’s happening? The President’s numbers are falling as they should because the game is over. The game is over.”

The honeymoon may be over for this President, but that doesn’t mean the battle is won.

“Everybody can see that he is spiteful and vindictive with a 37% approval rating. I warn you, if you continue to let this go on and you have nobody watching the door for you, you have no one watching the Constitution, what you are seeing now in spite and in vindictiveness is only going to get much, much worse,” Glenn explained. “We’re now in full fledge shove, and the next step is shoot. It’s very bad.”

“Don’t tell me that it won’t happen in America. Tell me then about the internment camps that were done by a progressive president. Don’t tell me that we wouldn’t round up American citizens because we’ve done it two times before,” he continued. “We’ve enslaved a whole race of people. Don’t tell me we won’t do it. What did we do to the Indians? So, please, give it a rest. It happens over and over in global history. That’s the way people are if you don’t have checks and balances.”

But President Obama’s approval rating isn’t the only thing slipping. The Republican Party as a whole is facing a similar situation. According to a Gallup poll released yesterday, the Republican Party’s favorability as sunk to an all-time low of 28%.

“Now, the Republicans… they have never been this low before… Why? Because they are shutting down the government. No. That’s not why they have a 28% approval rating,” Glenn said. “Yes, it is a disaster for the GOP. Yes, the Republicans are despised almost universally so. And I believe the Republicans, if they keep going the way they are going, they are going to have a 15% approval rating. Good. As they should.”

“Here’s why their numbers are going down: The people don’t believe in [the Republicans] at all. You see, the people who are actually supporters of the GOP actually believe in something more than an Obama phone,” he continued. “They believe in something bigger. They believe in truth, justice, and the American way. They believe in the Constitution. And when you have a group of people that will not hold up the Constitution they say they will, of course, their approval ratings are going to go down. We’re not dirt bags. We actually do believe it. We do believe it. And so that’s where they are losing all of this power. That’s why their numbers are going down. And it should be this way.”

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