Since the rollout of the Obamacare exchanges last week, there has been a fascinated divide between those on the left who feel the need to defend the law at all costs and those who admit the program has its fair share of issues.

During a segment on CNN’s Situation Room yesterday afternoon, Wolf Blitzer threw his support behind Republicans in Congress who are calling for a delay of the Obamacare rollout. Speaking with Brian Todd, Blitzer suggested a one-year delay in the implementation of the individual mandate in order to get the exchanges functioning properly.

“I find this amazing. Wolf Blitzer and an expert yesterday on CNN discuss the horror show that is Obamacare. And here’s what Wolf Blitzer had to say:”

“So, let’s just count,” Glenn said. “Jon Stewart and Wolf Blitzer now are both saying, ‘Hey, this is not making sense.’ The President is not going to win on this.”

“But good news. Riding in on his white stallion is Mitch McConnell. And Mitch McConnell has just said tomorrow is a very good start because the President is meeting with us. And we’re going to hammer this thing out,” he continued. “You know, when I say, ‘All of us get Obamacare,’ I don’t mean we’ll all get Obamacare. Those who don’t have a special favor or special interest group or a union or a federal worker or are in Congress or work for one of in Nancy Pelosi’s many friends, we’ll get Obamacare. But Mitch won’t. Many of his friends won’t. And many of the President’s friends won’t. But we will.”