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On last night’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn spoke to Chris Cox, the ‘Memorial Militia’ who has taken it upon himself to clean and care for the National Mall during the government shutdown. On radio this morning, Glenn announced that he will be in Washington D.C. this weekend for various events, and he will be heading to the National Mall armed with trash bags and work clothes to do his part.

“I’m going to be in Washington [tomorrow]. The third thing that I’m doing this weekend is the Values Voter Summit. I’m going to be speaking there,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I was asked by General Boykin to come out and speak at his event. This is his event. And you can still gets tickets available at and come and hear some of the speakers. Everybody’s going to be there. Ben Carson is going to be speaking, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, myself.”

Glenn will be speaking at the Values Voter Summit at 2pm tomorrow, but prior to attending the Summit, Glenn will be on the Capitol Lawn beginning at 10am to partake in National Day of Service on the National Mall:

National Day of Service on the National Mall
Saturday, October 12 from 10AM – 12PM
West Lawn of the US Capitol by First Street SE

“I would invite you to bring your kids. Again, no signs. This is not a political rally. This is a workday. And we’re in jeans and, you know, work clothes and grab your garbage bags and let’s go. And we’ll just help this guy keep the Mall clean,” Glenn said. “While others want to tear things down and others want to paint us as people that are angry mobs, bring your kids and just have a day of service. And let’s take care of the National Mall. Let’s make sure that it’s not an eyesore.”

“They’re going to set up a little impromptu stage and talk, but really we just want to go serve. It’s really not anything else. It’s not a big rally for anything,” he continued. “Just come with your families and let’s clean the mall. Let’s serve. Be peaceful, be loving, and we’re not expecting any trouble at all. We have a permit.”

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