More-On Trivia: Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys

In the latest installment of More-On Trivia, the Washington Redskins face off against the Dallas Cowboys. Which city’s convenience store workers will emerge triumphant? This morning, Washington D.C.’s Reddy offered some of the most intelligent answers Glenn has ever heard in his 20 years of playing the trivia game. Reddy may be brilliant, but after three quarters of the play, the Dallas Cowboys ultimately prevailed.

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  • Sam Fisher

    I don’t like these what is the point?

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I got an idea….. Since the Liberal, Socialist Left don’t like the name Washington Redskins, I vote we change it to Washington Foreskins! That way we acknowledge Washington DC that is so full of “Richards” Dicks for short.

  • Lorele Beverland

    Just invite a tribe that supports the name to a game.. They’d probably like the free tickets and a bus ride to be honored.

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