Offensive or a Badge of Honor? Glenn weighs in on the Washington Redskins debate

There has been an ongoing debate regarding the political correctness of the name of the Washington D.C. NFL team known as the Washington Redskins. Just last week, President Obama came out and said the name ‘Redskins’ is racist and insults the American Indian community. He called on the owner of the team to change the name.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: If it had a storied history that was offending a sizeable group of people, I’d think about changing it.

But is the name really offensive, or this yet another example of political correctness run amuck? Glenn decided it was time to set the record straight.

  • Jesse Elmore

    Lets name them the Foreskins!

    • Michael C Robertson

      Simply marvelous idea- and oh so true!

    • Anonymous

      Or the Ass-Fisters, after Glenn, Pat, and Stu. 

      • RiteWingNutKrakka

        after randypants, a true tea bagger.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Why is Obama even getting involved in this matter? Or is it he feels this is payment in kind to the Native American tribes for, in his eyes, centuries of oppression at the hands of Europeans and especially Americans?

    More and more, everything Obama does centers on two things: revenge, and politics.

    • Anonymous

      He was asked about it, so he gave his opinion. 

      • Occupy the Dollar

         Right? Seriously, mentioning it once for 60 seconds isn’t exactly tantamount to “getting involved.”

        • Anonymous

          Snowleopard hates Obama because of his race, so it infuriates her to see him do anything

          • Sam Fisher

            Stop lying just because Obama is half black does not mean he is god. I guess using your logic your a racist to.
            a list of a few Black conservatives that you most likely hate.
            Dr. Benjamin Carson
            Crystal Wright
            Mia Love
            Francesca Chambers
            Chelsi Henry
            Sonnie Johnson
            Artur Davis
            Tim Scott
            T.W. Shannon
            Allen West
            Wayne Dupree
            Alfonzo Rachel
            Why do you hate the black race so much randypants?

          • Zub

            Don’t forget Star Parker!!!

        • Jon Keck

          You’re right! Getting involved would mean that he actually knew something about what he spoke and had actually researched the subject before answering said question. His answer was ignorant, unnecessary, and rhetorical of a liberal, everyone’s a victim, political- correctness-gone-crazy mind-set. He should have just claimed he was unaware, like he does on everything else from the IRS to Benghazi to Fast and Furious. HE is the epitome of racist and clueless.

          • bob

            What’s to research?
            It’s a racist word.
            End of story.

      • John Kirby Hanson

        He’s been asked a lot of questions that he has never given a straight answer to or never answer @ all.

      • Anonymous

         All he had to say was he was not going to get involved in it, that he has more important issues to take care of.

    • Corey Campbell

      Because it’s not like he has a nation to take care of.

    • Anonymous

      That’s hilarious. Snowleopard complaining about someone commenting on a racist and bigoted mascot. 

      By hilarious, I mean hypocritical.

      • Sam Fisher

        Stop pretending you care about my people all you people see in us is a vote you liberals never saw us as people. By the way look it up many of us really don’t give a shit they are named the Redskins and find it hardly bigoted moron in fact most of us see it as a honor but what would an angry old white person know about that.

    • bob

      Head of the country no longer allowed to have opinions.
      News at 11.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck you AGAIN prove to me you are a bigot. I really can’t take seriously the statistics you qoute. My people have been fighting this racism by the Washington team and others for many years. It has taken clowns like you to try and turn it into something political, and FYI I didn’t vote for Obama. The term Redskins is often refered back to the times when the terrorist US Government paid bounties for the scalps of “Redskins”. The term “Redskin” should be looked upon as you would use the “N” word. More and more the right-wing, conservative, tea party crowd reminds me of the Manifest Destiny crowd. A few years back I wouldn’t have expected this about you, Thanks For Opening My Eyes

    • Sam Fisher

      I am part Native American and outside of the left winged Native Americans who would get offended if they even seen a feather in the presence normal  Native Americans really don’t give a flying rat. Most of us got better things to do than worry about some stupid football team.  

      • DKT First Nation

        Sam, you sound more like a Beck employee than anything. If you actually are part indigenous, then you are as far away from indigenous culture and history as you can get. I do not need a bogus poll conducted by whites who can’t confirm who said they were native and if they actually were to tell me what is going on in Indian Country. This issue has been going on for DECADES, I know by experience. Apparently you couldn’t comprehend what was written above either

        • Sam Fisher

          Their are things more important than skin color. I prefer to use my time wisely and worry about important things like finding work helping others than worrying about some stupid name on a football team and the Native American population here actually agrees with me. What because I am half white I cannot feel for my other half. Please people like you care more about skin color than normal people ever even think of and it sounds like your a big time racist to my other half because I never seen such racism out side of the KKK or black panthers.

        • 04TXS1836


    • Idlan

      I am part Native American as well, and I find nothing offensive about it.

      No one has a right to not have their feelings hurt. 

      That is what is making the PC police more and more powerful.  The more people demand some type of justice because their feelings are hurt the more power you will be giving to someone to make sure only “correct” speech is heard. 

      The only problem is when you have given them that much power, they get to decide what speech is correct and next time you will be on the wrong side with no one to stand up for your rights.

      • Idlan

        Once they get the power over what you may say, then they go for the what you make think, read, watch and listen to.  What car you can drive, dog you may own or not allowed to have a pet.  The government may even try to force you to buy something you do not want…oh wait a minute!

    • Anonymous

       So you are an  Indian?  Do you know who first used the word?

      Here you go:  According to , early historical records indicate that “Redskin” was used
      as a self-identifier by Native Americans to differentiate between the
      two races. Goddard found that the first use of the word “redskin” came
      in 1769, in negotiations between the Piankashaws and Col. John Wilkins.
      Throughout the 1800s, the word was as they negotiated with the French
      and later the Americans. The phrase gained widespread usage among whites
      when James Fenimore Cooper used it . In the book, Cooper has a dying Indian character lament, “There will soon be no red-skin in the country.”

      • DKT First Nation

        yes, I am an elder. The early historical records you refer too is no doubt that of the whites, which isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, this I have seen while going thru their schools. The term “Redskin’ goes back to when the Government paid bounty for my ancestors scalps, an act brought over from Europe. This is a derogatory term, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it, no matter how Beck wants to twist it

    • Anonymous

      Glenn Beck recently said the word “Ni**er” makes him uncomfortable but he was doing all he could to overcome that because he knows how powerful the word is. He is such a mealy bigot.

      • Sam Fisher

        He is not the bigot you are.

  • Sam Fisher

    I am part Native American and what I find even more racist is the left that thinks everyone in the minorities groups should be offended by everything and demand money from white people and if you don’t side with them you get called every racist name under the sun and get treated like your in the middle of a KKK rally.

    • MaryAnn Pulaski

      Well said Sam.  I alway thought that it was more of an honor to have the team named after Brave Redskins.  I wonder if Minnesota Vikings are an insult to Vikings, or New England Patriots are an insult to Patriots, Dallas Cowboys an insult to Cowboys — you get my drift.  Looks more like they are trying to dig up controversy where there is none. Obama needs to keep his nose out and stop trying to divide the country in every way he can.

      • Josh Starleper

        Or is the Cowboys racist to native americans as well?

        • inmyopinion

          YES Josh as I saints I believe we should do away with hte team altogether.. The NFL would be a better place without both the vikings and the cowboys ….lol

      • inmyopinion

        I think Obama should be more concerned with enlightening us on why he released those terrorists…..

    • Anonymous

      No you are not…ever white person claim to be Native are so full of shit. AS foe Glen’s comment..he is and idiot. why in the world would you listen to him.

      • Sam Fisher

        No it is you that are full of shit and racist because you think a Native American cannot have the own opinion outside of your bat shit crazy world.

        • bob

          given that conservatives almost universally claim to be Native American
          just to tweak the noses of people and apply the term literally rather
          than by its intended one….i think we can safely ignore any statistics
          that say 90% of native americans dont think this racist word is racist.

          and i somehow doubt youre actually NA given the typical BS tea party talking points you insist on using.

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Since nobody elected you as spokesperson for Native Americans (formerly known as “Red Skins”) your views are your own and nothing more.

      Many Native Americans, maybe not even a majority find the term offensive. Liberals who believe as I do defer to those Native Americans who find the term offensive. It is a term from a less tolerant era the one you are still part of unless you are referring to yourself as a “Native American.”

      In all the postings I have read of yours you have never noted the concept of “white privilege,” the concept that dominant “white” culture dictates much of society and that those who are not so identified are marginalized.

      You have a self serving definition of what liberals think that serves your own sense of victimhood.

      • Sam Fisher

        And you only listen to the 10% of my people and not all of them and the liberals I am referring to are not your type but people like LIB4EVER I should have been more clear on that. Why do we in the minorities have to be angry about white privilege seeing how that was left behind way before my time. I feel that people that bring that card out just gave up on trying because life is hard and it does not matter which race you come from. I would rather get their on my two feet instead of being pushed ahead of the line because of my race and many in my age group feel that way both left and right.

        • ThorsteinVeblen2012

          I work in a business environment and deal with people on a fairly high level. I know very well that racism is still very much alive. If you don’t see it you have to have blinders on.

          You may kid yourself but I know better.

          • Sam Fisher

            Sure their is racism but it is in the minority. Their is no such thing as White privilege their has not been such a thing in 20 years. I know for a fact their is racism but it comes from you guys. No lie when I cam out about my Native American heritage I been called a savage which is a real racist term not redskin accused of drinking fire water all from the left. I know not all of you are like that but it does not help matters don’t you agree. Those where the left wingers I was talking about.Very little racism in my town because if anyone came out to be a racist they would be tared and feathered here.

          • The Man from Scene 24

            Racism is which direction, meaning what flavor do you approve of and disapprove of? Oh let me guess, neither! Right? Uh huh…

          • Pete Delgado

            “I know better”
            The core of ALL liberal “thinking”…

          • Becky Funk

            Exactly, he made it so easy. lol

          • Mark Mathers

            Yes, we know racism exists. We see it everyday from Democrats. Democrats represented the majority of slave owners, Democrats forced a war because they would not give up their slaves, Democrats cast only a minority of votes for the 64 civil rights act while Republicans cast a majority of the votes for it, Democrats were responsible for the KKK, a Democrat (Byrd) who was in Congress just a few years ago was actually a member of the KKK, Democrats constantly dwell on race with everything they do, Democrat “civil rights leaders” have taught blacks to be racist, Liberal rappers pushed by Liberal Hollywood types have taught blacks every horrible lesson they could teach, Liberals continue to promote institutionalized racism in the form of affirmative action long after it should have been stopped, decades of Liberals in office in cities like Philadelphia and my neighbor Camden NJ have resulted in the decimation of African American communities. WE DON’T NEED YOUR LECTURES ON RACISM THANK YOU!

          • BT Theg

            It’s true that the democrats were mostly responsible for the KKK, and the republicans were the abolitionists, but that was before the 20th century, when democrats took a more liberal approach and republicans took a conservative approach. Before that, the republican party was the party of the liberals.

            They are just empty labels. Conservatives were directly responsible for the KKK, when they had the label “Democrat.”

          • Charles Keenan

            Well aren’t you special! Just what do you consider to be a “fairly high level”? Could it be people who work on the 3rd story of a five story building? You must be a Yankee! Are you offended by the New York Yankees? By the way… your guest needs to study the history of the Civil War. This war was fought over state’s rights.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, racism is still out there. There will always be some jerks out there. But they have the constitutional right to be that way. So you really don’t know better, you don’t get it. If a business owner names his business in an insensitive, racist manner, he has the right to do so, just as you have the right to not patronize that business. But the name of that business has not in any way infringed upon your rights, just your sensibilities. For the government to dictate to any business what it shall be named IS an infringement of rights and you should be appalled of that. Why should the business cater to the 10% when it negatively effects the profits of the business? To change the logos, the uniforms, the stadium, all the thousands of business that sell NFL memorabilia, all these people will be hurt economically because of a few “thinskins”. For the owner, this wasn’t about just the name. He was thinking of his business and his employees. Do you think you have the right to ruin someone’s business because they are a jerk? Obviously the President does. Maybe you do know better, but you don’t really care.

      • Mark Mathers

        Wow the world is on fire, Russia is on the move militarily and is becoming the next world superpower, veterans are dying from government healthcare and now many more are on government healthcare thanks to Obamacare, a fake climate crisis is being used to funnel money to Marxists and break the knees of the economy, Democrats are pushing every left wing policy down our throats when the people don’t support it, the President is routinely bypassing the Constitution and the law, we have 10s of thousands of illegal immigrants coming over the border, a big part of Iraq has been taken by terrorists while Obama watched, billions are being funneled to the friends of the Democratic Party, the IRS and other government agencies are abusing their power and documents that would prove their guilt are just mysteriously vanishing, this Administration is attacking every REAL right you have, we’re bankrupt and the Fed is printing billions, 6 years after Obama took office the economy still sucks, every new law takes power from those who work and gives it to those that don’t want to, we’re trading Taliban leaders for liberal traitors, racist and sexist affirmative action laws are being pushed into every piece of legislation, people are dropping out of the work force because it’s easier to get things without working, every word from the left is being used to divide us along religious, sex and racial lines, this Administration is trying to force amnesty to make the US a one party dictatorship and this is what the liberal thought police are fighting????

        I know liberals are dumb as rocks, but WE NAME TEAMS AFTER THINGS THAT ARE STRONG AND ADMIRED!!!! The majority of American Indians are smart enough to get this, but a small minority is being used by the Left. It’s always funny how white Democrats from the party that fought for slavery and has been directly responsible for every negative thing we see in black communities, are telling minorities how they should feel.

        • Becky Funk

          Spot on Mark!

      • Shawn Cameron

        The team was named that in honor of a Native American coach the team had.

        Also your insistence that such a thing as “white privilege” exists proves his “self serving notion of what liberals think” is spot on.

      • imaffended

        And nobody elected you as spokesperson for the non Native Americans. Your views are your own and nothing more.
        It works both ways.

      • Clyde Allen Murphy

        The ”Hollow Head Liberals”” are the ones that Phrased the word “”Native American”” !!! My Great Grandmother always said “”American Indian !!! She was a “”Full Blooded Cherokee”” Indian, now put that in your pipe and smoke it buddy !!! So is the word Indian offensive to you, i thought so !! The Liberal also are the ones that phrased the racist remark, the only good Indian is a died Indian !!!! I just wonder, is that why they don’t like the phrase “”RED SKINS”” !!! The Liberals think of us as “”Heathens”” !!! We are the “”PEOPLE”” the “”FIRST ONES”” !!! We will Never forget the “”LONG TRAIL OF TEARS”” !!!

      • inmyopinion

        Nobody has elected you their spokesperson either…her opinion is her own and because we are in America she is more than free to post it on the comment area just like you are free to share yours with us wether we want it or not…

      • VAHAWK


    • Michelle Andrews Plummer

      Thank You!!!!! I’m a pretty fair portion Native American too, and I honestly think that a group of football players thought we were so bad ass that they named themselves after us. From the research I’ve seen, the ones called Redskins were vicious warriors, and this is where the name came from. Not as a derogatory name for Native Americans. Sooooo, for those who are offended by this name, how about you do this, IGNORE IT!

      • inmyopinion

        I agree I know when we choose a mascot for our teams Its always some thing that we are proud of or can cause intimidation with because of how bad ass they are. Everyone who chooses to wear the teams colors and logos wears them with pride and honor..

      • terri monroe

        Well said, Michelle. I would consider it an honor if a team was named after my people. The politically correct have taken it too far!!

  • David

    Anything to keep Americans distracted and fighting over ridiculous things instead of binding together and fighting the REAL ENEMIES of our FREEDOM!

    • Jimmy Stubblefield

      Did he get mad when we had a WFL team in Hawaii

  • Raina

    Father is full blooded Cherokee and is say it would offend him if they did change it ..

    • Sam Fisher

      It would offend me as well I think it is honor to have a football team named after our people. After all the bull we faced in the past.

    • DKT First Nation

      Learn the history of the term “Redskin” it’s meaning is derogatory

  • Sam Fisher

    I got an new name for them tho the black hole seeing how money seems to disappear in Washington all the time better yet rename them the twilight zone.

    • Anonymous

      please reattempt your joke, because no one read it. Your approach was too inarticulate, so not one cared what you wrote.

      • Sam Fisher

        Shut up I know it sucks.

        • Jack Lalanne

          Great reply Sam…Kind Regards, Russ

  • Anonymous

    Let’s rename them in honor of….that guy living in the White House.

    The Washington Thinskins.

    • Anonymous

      or after Glenn Beck: the Washington Blumpkins

  • Mike Butler

    They should name the team after Øbama: The Washington Pantywaists.

  • Johnathan Read

    What next?

    If the name ‘Washington Redskins’ is offensive , then what about….

    The Declaration of Independence

    “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

  • Anonymous

    Another case is now playing out in a little Wisconsin town, Mukwonago (Indian translation: Bears Den).  Mukwonago began as a small Native American village about 30 miles west of Milwaukee and is now a bustling town of about 7,300.  Too small to garner the attention of major news outlets but they have the same pin-headed leadership in the WI State Dept. of Public Instruction as our current president recently demonstrated.  

    WI DPI is trying to force Mukwonago to change the high school football team’s name.  They are currently called the Mukwonago Indians and have been since 1911.  The school, to their credit is refusing to knuckle under and vowed to fight this.  Sadly, the DPI pinheads care not a twit that the team honors the Native American heritage of the area and has for over 100 years.  Also of interest is Mukwonago’s local newspaper is called the Mukwonago Chief reflecting the town’s origin, a native american village. Fortunately this is outside the jurisdiction of the WI DPI.
    A while back Sports Illustrated conducted a large poll, ( that made it clear the use of indian names was not offensive to the vast majority of Native Americans. So what we conclude is that a bunch of uninformed liberals are trying to mess with historical traditions to satisfy their own mini-minded ideals.In a recent Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal poll, 84% of the area residents, support Mukwonago High School in their fight to retain the team’s name. The state legislature is working on changing the law stripping the WI DPI of the authority to force a name change.  I’d say it can’t happen soon enough. 

    Time to clean house in the WI DPI and in Washington.

    • Nish

      As a Native American I personally see no problem with that name. But when a team is nicknamed a derogatory/racist term, then I have a problem.

  • Kevin S Griffith

    If the “Redskins” name is changed, then as a person of Irish and Danish ancestry, I want the “Fighting Irish” and any team named “Vikings” to be changed as well. “Fighting Irish” is a HORRIBLE racial stereotype.

  • Richard David Cisler

    It seems to me that the more we get rid of Native American references in sports names the more they will be forgotten. Unless Liberals want them to be known only for casinos. I think we should remember their stories of a proud people.

    • Nish

      We are still here. What’s all this remembering stuff? I don’t want to be thought of as a sports mascot, that’s for damn sure. We want to be known as humans that are a part of the history of this country. Not as mascots and casino owners.

  • John Rivas

    Not only does competition most efficiently allocate resources, it serves to guide our efforts without the meddling of central authorities.

  • Anonymous

    How about we call then the Washington DC ‘Pinkos?’

  • Anonymous

    The question to ask is: Are the Native Americans demanding a name change?  If so, perhaps

    the owner of the team would be wise to change it.  Hold a contest for the best name.

    However, if they don’t care a fig, leave the name alone.  It’s become part of history.

    Off topic: For a 2nd week in a row, I’ve had to wait until Mon. to get onto the Fri. page.

    Anyone else having that problem?

    • Sam Fisher

      None of us are but 10% because every race has to have the overly sensitive.

  • Anonymous

    Just want to point out the Washington professional football team never called ‘Fenway Park’ their home field. Otherwise, good video.

  • Anonymous

    Why… is it, that many white American’s in the US, claim to be Native American. In fact most law forbid interracial marriage between white and Native American. The law did allow marriage between Native American and blacks American in most state.

    • Sam Fisher

      Yes because everyone follows the law just ask Obama’s parents oh wait a minute dumbass wasn’t his monther white but I thought their where laws against that. God your such a moron second are you stuck in the 60s those laws do not exist anymore moron and I would like to point out to this racist bigot that it really did not apply on Native American tribal lands why because our government considers them their own Nation but that is ok racist ignore facts. Ignore facts that it was my people who let escaped slaves join their tribes and the intermixed in our tribes and same was true with whites. Ignore facts that not all Native American tribes have red skin. Take a look at some Florida tribes all of them are white but yet some are full blooded Native Americans. You see racist the left judge on skin color instead of facts you have not one clue what my people look like and if you are offended that we have different skin color than that is not our problem that you got a racist heart.

  • Mark Burns

    Since Senator Harry Reid is more worried about this than the demise of the country under Barack. Then Why not name the team after the founding member of the democrat party; Andrew Jackson .

  • Nish

    Maybe Mr. Snyder can rename his team the “Kikes” and he can explain to his people that it is not offensive and is meant in the most respectful way!

  • Baseballife

    I’m still waiting for a team to be called the Office Managers so I can be offended.

  • The Man from Scene 24

    They should come up with an even more offensive name just to shove it up the lefts Obama.

  • lulu.64

    I can not believe this is even on here…. why is it in todays society the 10% are the winners…. and the “majority” 90% are the ones that lose?? How does this happen? We the 90% have to stand up more for our rights!! Let’s go America, we have to take it back….

  • Shawn Cameron

    In an effort to shed the shame, indignity that their name is associated with the Washington Redskins will now simply be known as The Redskins.

  • Shawn Cameron

    How about they shorten the name to the Washington Reds. They could even keep the same colors since their logo could be a hammer and sickle, and that’s a team that Obama, and Reid could cheer for.

  • Anonymous

    With Iraq and the Southern US borders on the verge of collapse, the VA in shambles, the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and many other serious issues plaguing the country, this is what the Idiot-in-Chief and his minions think is important?????

  • Shawn Cameron

    They also announced that people of Scandinavian decent should be offended by any teams named Vikings, Scottish people should picket teams called Highlanders…….. I’m not even going to tell you how they plan to protest teams that go by Trojans.

  • Axel Hernandez Del Rio

    If Im the owner of the “REDSKINS” I’d tell Obama to beat it and get his own logo for his team. BTW I’m a minority myself oh wait im hispanic im no longer a minority!! WTF Obama stay out of this i was raised in maryland and been a long time REDSKIN fan and live in Puerto Rico

  • Anonymous

    We name sports teams for things we admire. End of discussion.

  • Craig Hormes

    God, I can’t believe Obama is allowed to continue on like this. That, IMO, is the insanity. We’re allowing this madman to run amok in the White House, and we’re just sitting here with our thumbs up our back sides.

  • Eric Clifton

    I think it is extremely derogatory, offensive, and disgusting. I believe that Dan Snyder should immediately remove the name “Washington” and replace it with something that all Americans can get behind, like the American Redskins. And dont listen to Obama, Reid, and that bunch. In spite of their Harvard degrees, the Vashington Komrads would NOT make a good football team name.

  • imaffended

    Change the picture to a potato. Next!

  • vjmudd

    Mr. Beck, I am sorry that you actually believe this to be true. While the intention may have been to honor a coach, the name “Redskin” does not honor Native American’s today. If you truly want to honor Native Americans, you do not invite some of our most honored elder veterans to a football game, (the Navajo code-talkers veterans,) dress them up in brand new team jackets and blankets, and parade them around in front of the audience for some photo-ops. That is what the Washington Redskins owners did last year. They then used these elders to sell their point that the name is to honor the Native Americans, but, it wasn’t! It was just a photo-op meant to keep their profits soaring. It is offensive as the real origin of the name came from the mutilation of Indians by scalping, and no, we didn’t start that practice. When an Indian was scalped, as piece of skin would be taken as well in order to be counted. This piece of skin was called the red skin. I am an ultra-conservative, born-again Christian who is also Native American and Caucasian from both sides of my parents. I know this is not what my Savior would be approving of, since He never approved of the denigration of anyone, example being Mary Magdalene and Peter. Please, if you want to state an opinion on how American Indians truly feel about this, get to know and talk to those on the Rez personally. Don’t just take someone elses polling results, (we know how that can be skewed) as the absolute final word on it. Thank you.

    • Jeff

      Polling results. I don’t believe them either. I know darn well obama’s results are in the 20’s and not the 40’s that the media portrays.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just to distract the public from all the crap this administration is pulling

  • Terry Morgan

    Glenn you have it wrong. The name SHOULD be changed…. The name “Washington Redskins” brings shame and honor to Native Americans… It should just be “The American Redskins”. I wouldn’t want Washington in my name either.

  • bob

    given that conservatives almost universally claim to be Native American just to tweak the noses of people and apply the term literally rather than by its intended one….i think we can safely ignore any statistics that say 90% of native americans dont think this racist word is racist.

    • Nish

      The poll uses the word offended, not racist. Just because someone is not offended doesn’t mean it isn’t racist.

  • Jeff

    Another case of liberals telling people what is good for them.

  • Michael G Brotherton

    Well said Glenn.

  • Richard French

    All part of the leftists thought police enforcement. And whittling away at freedom of speech.

  • inmyopinion

    Maybe Im just a racist …..A racist who has Native American and Spanish blood, since im a direct descendant of both..but In my own ignorant bubble I see no offense rather that it is used as a fierce badge of honor. If it was meant to be derogatory..I heavily doubt that they would go to war wearing the symbol or logo of something they hate or are ashamed off and by war for all those liberals It is a metaphor) It is with great pride that fans and players alike use this logo It is not meant to offend so I can see where ownership has a problem. I also wish that the people who find it offensive would get a clue and see that it is not being used in an offensive way. Now the 1/8 viking in me..must say that that them using THAT logo is just really offensive and would really hope that some light is shed on that issue so that it can be taken off immediately of the table as they are making a mockery of my people. and our horned hats.

    • Nish

      Maybe there wouldn’t be a problem if the team was nicknamed the Native Americans. Why do any teams nicknames need to have anything to do with a persons nationality or skin color. Here’s a history lesson for you:

      Native Americans could not legally practice their religion/culture until 1978, but washington dc was trying to honor them by naming a football team after them in 1932. Now that is a little confusing.


    If the term, REDSKINS offends you, then YOU Are racist. It’s really THAT simple.

  • terri monroe

    I have many Indian friends and not one of them think it as being racist. If one did any research on it at all would realize that the Indians were involved in this from the start. If it was offensive to them why would they be a part of it? Why would they have a Chief to represent at the games? This is just another government over reach and to take people away from the real problems. Hotspots around the country, the southern border, the IRS, the VA. Odumbo is the problem!!

  • Nish

    Looks like comments get removed because they offend “some” people. Great job Mr. Beck and your staff! If it doesn’t support your view then it must not belong here. I believe in many things you say, but to defend something that is racist is just wrong. Native Americans have stood quiet for far too long. We don’t want/need a Sharpton or Jackson. We just want some respect!

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