On radio this morning, Glenn interviewed one of the congressmen who is fighting the good fight in D.C., Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX). Between the shutdown, the looming debt ceiling debate, and the battle for the soul of the GOP, Glenn and Rep. Gohmert had a lot to talk about.

Rep. Gohmert was at the World War II memorial at the time of the interview, but he explained that he had heard a deal was nearly reached that would involve some positive changes to Obamacare. The downside? It would ensure Obamacare is fully implemented for good.

“I understand that somebody just tweeted out that the Republicans think they have a deal. And I had heard that they were talking about just going ahead and giving up on 99.99% of Obamacare, so it would work for a while,” Rep. Gohmert said. “And things like, well, you know, changing part-time from 30 hours to closer to 40; maybe making the businesses that had to comply from 50 [employees] to 100. Basically, you know, implementing Obamacare for good. And that way, we can say we got something for Obamacare even though it will insure that it allows the total government control of everybody’s life like they were wanting to do.”

When it comes to the debt ceiling, the deal floating around would seemingly give the President and the Democrats just about everything they were looking for.

“And then, you know, a debt ceiling extension – basically doing what the President wanted, giving them everything he wanted and letting him throw us a few crumbs,” he continued. “When actually Obamacare, as you talked about, is so devastating to this country. It gives the federal government so much control over every individual life that just being tossed a few crumbs so that they can still continue with the takeover is just not a good idea. And it sounds like that’s the kind of thing being talked about… It’s not a good idea.”

Glenn explained to Rep. Gohmert the situation he has been laying out on radio and TV for a few weeks now. Glenn sees either a split or rebranding of the Republican Party that would separate the more progressive establishment from the more conservative base.

“Well, I hope this is not what’s going to happen. I hope those were only things that were being talked about and not part of this ‘wonderful’ deal to completely cave for the President. I hope that’s not what we’re going to hear. We didn’t want the government shutdown,” Rep. Gohmert explained. “The President stood there and he said, ‘You are not going to use a gun.’ Are you kidding? And I heard Carney say yesterday, ‘We’re not going to allow the Republican Congress to force us to pay them to do their job.’ He’s got it exactly backwards. They are holding a gun to America’s head and saying, ‘Republicans: Give us all the money in the Treasury plus more than our children can ever pay for. And if you don’t, we’re going to burn down the country. We’re going to make it hard on veterans. We’re going to make it hard on the disabled, people with cancer. We’re going to make the country miserable until you give us all the money.’”

Congress’ approval rating has hit a record low 5% because Americans are simply fed up with the Washington D.C. political games being waged by the right and left. But, as Rep. Gohmert explained, while Americans will never be completely satisfied with Congress, if Congress stepped up and did what was right instead of what was politically expedient, they would gain some respect.

“When John Adams was president, people didn’t like Congress. But the big indicator, and you said it, the President has been falling everyday. And some of our folks have been grabbing me and saying, ‘Oh, no. America doesn’t like us.’ Well, guess what? They never liked us. Stand up and do what’s right,” Rep. Gohmert said. “And I’ve been so proud of our Party for standing up, and standing for what’s right. And so, it’s not too late. We haven’t lost yet.”

Watch the entire interview below: