Was this sports analyst fired because of his traditional view of marriage?

On Friday’s Glenn Beck Program, Stu filled in for Glenn and spoke to Craig James and his attorney about his recent firing from FOX Sports Southwest seemingly because of comments he made over a year earlier about his traditional view of marriage.

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Craig, who is considered one of the foremost college football analysts, ran for Senate in the state of Texas against now-Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in 2012. During a debate in February 2012, Craig reaffirmed his belief in the Biblical definition of marriage. About 15 months later, Craig was fired from FOX Sports Southwest after just a few days on the job because the network was admittedly unhappy with his viewpoints.

A FOX Sports Southwest spokesman told the Dallas Morning News, “We just asked ourselves how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department. He couldn’t say those things here.”

Whether or not you agree with Craig’s beliefs, one has to question the legalities surrounding his firing given the statements in question were not made on air and do not pertain to the job he was hired to do.

  • Anonymous

    This “news” story is wet horseshit. The “article” claims that this jackoff Craig James has a “Biblical definition of marriage”. But Mr. James’ wacky, bigoted statements about taking away cicil rights from gay people have nothing to do with the Bible. Bible says nothing about civil unions, and it is disgusting to revise Biblical text to suit this case, especially when it involves bigotry.

    Also, what is wrong with Stu’s left eye? Its mis-shapen, squinty and very odd looking.

    • Anonymous

      I think maybe you need to reread the bible if you think it doesn’t condemn same sex marriages.  Civil unions are same sex marriage under a different name. You can’t fool God by changing the name, it is what it is, an abomination!

      • HP McLovincraft

        The Bible is an instruction manual for retards.

        • JohnDale49

          Yet it can’t be understood by a perverted retard like you. hmmm

          • HP McLovincraft

            That’s the reason I could never be a Xian. I’ve read the Word of that Penis Obsessed, Genocidal, Psychopathic, Incest lovin’, Indifferent Deity.

    • JohnDale49

       What an idiotic rant by an weapons grade moron.

      It’s amazing. Calling people ‘bigoted’ has become the modern equivalent of accusing someone of witchcraft.

      Get this through your head, moonbat. Nobody cares if you think they’re ‘bigoted’. Do you despise pedophiles? Well, former homosexual activist Harry Hay would call you a bigot for feeling that way.
      Maybe you should stop drinking the media Kool-aid and realize that 85% of the world accepts biological reality. You can delude yourself all you want, but the rest of us will pass thanks.

      • HP McLovincraft

        You do know a lot of your 85% is Islam, don’t you? Dead From The Neck Up Fail.

        • JohnDale49

           Careful, goat-f7cker/ Your libtard buddies might call you Islamophobic for that remark. Damn you’re a pathetic little c0cksucker

          • HP McLovincraft

            You don’t know much about stuff. You should shut the fuck up, you dumb cunt.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, and the biological reality is that homosexuality has been identified in over 1,500 animal species. Homophobia, meanwhile, has been identified in only one. So which is really “unnatural?” 


        True, homosexuals can’t breed naturally. But neither can men born with deficient sperm counts, or woman born fertile for any number of reasons. But do we discriminate against those people?! 

        85% percent of the world accepts “biological reality?” Funny then over 50 percent of Americans now support gay marriage, 13 states have already legalized it, as have numerous other countries. You can not be so blind as to not see the cultural tides shifting– you simply cannot– so I don’t get your stance that somehow the majority are on your side. If anything, it’s religion that is increasingly being corralled and marginalized. 

        Maybe thats why we now have even a Pope who won’t bash gays. And when the freaking POPE takes a tolerant stance—we know the times are a changing.

        • JohnDale49

           Homophobia has not been identified in ANY species you MORON. It’s not a real thing. There is not a single psychiatric textbook that lists ‘homophobia’ as an actual phobia.

          You’ll also notice every rathole country that has legalized such garbage is in rapid decline. France? Britain? hahahhaha. Decaying, dilapidated empires. Russia is on the rise, and they recently told you f6gs to go f yourselves.

          Now go suck your boyfriend’s c9ck, jailbait.

          • Anonymous

            Norway, Denmark, Holland, Canada, Sweden…are all wealthy countries with the highest quality of life on the planet…and they all have legalized gay marriage.
            Now, if we’re talking about the most homophobic countries then we should talk Iran, Uganda, and yes—Russia. Such beautiful, wonderful countries, huh? Which will you choose to move to? Because clearly this country isn’t going in the direction you want it to.

            Either way, I’ve given you more time and attention than I ever should’ve. So I’ll bid you farewell now.

            Take care, sweetheart. *kiss*

    • HP McLovincraft

      Glenn Beck came in Stu’s eye, I would imagine. Isn’t Jeebus taking away his eyesight or something?

      • Anonymous

        It hasn’t been confirmed that it was Glenn who shot a hot load in Stu’s left eye—Glenn tends to be more of a bottom or a velvet mouth, based on reports from his cocaine dealer in Phoenix AZ—but the cause of Stu’s bad eye is looking to have likely been caused by someone’s jizz.

        • Anonymous

          Can we somehow get these idiotic, childish morons off this site. There posts show how empty they are. I guess THEY think it is funny to spout vulgarities in inappropriate ways. We need a better filter. I have never seen a post from either of them (maybe it is the same person) that makes any sense.

          • HP McLovincraft

            You can’t, cunt-breath, because Glenn Blech and his lackeys don’t give a rat-cunt-fuck about you unless you buy from the Blaze MarketShittingPlace (J/K he still doesn’t give a cunt bubble about you). 


            Hood-winked Fail. 

            Go elsewhere you dumb cunt.

        • HP McLovincraft

          So maybe Jeebus came in Glenn’s eyes, Himself, to give Glenn some super spanky special super insight into the future of American Culture and Politics? I know I feel both enlightened and entertained.

  • HP McLovincraft

    What a closet case! He’ll be happier (and hopefully less whiny) once he admits he craves a big veiny cock in his mouth spurting loads of piping hot sperm down his gullet.

    • JohnDale49

       That what you do on the weekends, freak?

      • HP McLovincraft

        Why? Are you looking to hook up with hot and steamy mens? I’m pretty sure there’s a place on the internets for that. Hey- maybe that’s one of the channels on GlennBlechTV!

        • Anonymous

           Oh please…. stay away from my kids! Freak!

          • JohnDale49

             What a pedophile. He really needs to be locked up.

          • HP McLovincraft

            It’s your job to parent your children, not mine. 

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDFGELoC4zc Sam Fisher

    I got a question to the two liberal trolls here if you support gay rights than why do you two post the most homophobic posts I have ever seen?

    • Anonymous

      why does Stu’s left eye squint in such a weird and creepy way

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDFGELoC4zc Sam Fisher

        To be honest I wish I knew but please answer the question. What is your deal with homophobic rants?

    • Anonymous

      my Aunty Amelia got a new blue Land Rover
      LR4 only from working part time off a home computer… helpful hints

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what the Bible says anyway. The Bible has been used to justify everything from the oppression of women, to the burning of “witches”, to slavery.

    Even the New Testament says:
    “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear.  Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ.” Ephesians 6:5 NLT)

    Slave masters in the old South loved to quote that and other passages to justify their owning of African slaves. 

    We were fools for ever allowing our laws to be influenced by a book of fairy tales written thousands of years ago by barefooted, ignorant, desert-dwelling peasants.

  • Anonymous

    Just because the Bible has been historically misused, to defend what is unbiblical–such as involutanry servitude/slavery and menstealing… BOTH OF WHICH ARE EXPLICITLY  FORBIDDEN, BY GOD, IN THE BIBLE—doesn’t make the Bible, or God, or Jesus Christ, or real Christians the problem.

  • Anonymous

    A lamp of liberty, illuminating candid facts in the dark of our patient sufferance: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

    Craig James 20 seconds of fame ticked down and was over several years ago– he is like You Tubers who feel they have to work to get views by drawing attention to nothing — got that Glenn — the guy who constantly promotes how he will release info later as some PT Barnum Teaser 

  • Ron

    This is why Russia is right about gays. Gays (only a small percentage of the nation) are a daily topic that has taken over schools, government, and morality.

    • laura

      as i have said on other forums: the gay trans thing is in fashion. it has reached up to insane proportions. the gay aganda was written in 1987, remember the gay lobby has big bucks. $$ talks. but they are so boring, i cant understand how anyone can even listen.

  • Jeff Erickson

    Amazing how those who stand in their beliefs, get fucked all of the time. I’m a Christian, yeah I swear, I drink, and I have sex outside of marriage. Yeah I’m a sinner, but I’m a saved sinner. I’m not a homophobe, because I have gay friends and families. I stand my ground too about that, but I’m not going to damn them. That’s not my job. But what I do have is an opinion and the right to free speech. So what if he says his piece, that’s his right, Fox is a afraid some flaming Jamie or man hating Nadeen is going to get pissed off and sue the company. That’s why he got fired. Because everyone else can shoot their mouths off about white people this and white people that and black people this and black people that, and Muslim this and Muslim that, Latino this and Latino that, Asian this, and Asian that? Get the point? Gays make up 3.8 percent of the population out 320 MILLION. Fox, pull your head out of your ass, gay people, quit bitching, you get more publicity/airtime than ANYONE in this country when it comes to you having the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    America, you fucking bitches need to grow some thick skin. Why? Because gays are gays, funny thing is, homosexuality doesn’t care what color you are. As my friend Gay Ryan says, “If he sings like a bird, struts like a pigeon, he’s probably gay as a rainbow!”

    Getting fired over standing behind your beliefs, as my niece would say, “Yeah, I’m gay, so what, you’re Christian, don’t judge me, I won’t judge you.”

    We real Americans, we call it common sense. Fox News, you know, we Christians have a saying in this country. “What you do in life, you will be held accountable for in the afterlife.”

    Now, to everyone reading this? You can rage, you can hate, you can do whatever or say whatever you need to say to make yourself be the bigger person, but, if you think you’re better than me? I’ve stood on the wall, been to war, came home. I’ve seen things your trite little mind could never understand. I’ve been to places you have only dreamed of going. I’ve played in front of 100s of thousands of people in my band, I’ve been there baby, and hold stock in the tee shirt company.

    I’m an AMERICAN, a Christian, and a Patriot. I will never stop living the creeds that I’ve memorized, I’ll never stop living my life by GOD-HONOR-COUNTRY!

    Until you fuckers can see past color lines and gender lines, you’re all just hateful, trite bastards.

    Now, if you still think you’re better than me, then go to the recruiting office, grab a rifle and stand post to protect the rights, the liberties that you have.

    Still think you’re better than me, then make the blind see, the dead come back from the grave, or rise from the grave after being stone dead after 3 days.

    No? Can’t, then shut your fucking pie hole and learn what it is to be an American, not some dumb bastard who just lives in the this country.


    • Anonymous

      Uh Jeff….. Those who are in Christ are a new Creation. Old things are past away, and all things are made new. Cursing, Adultry,Drunkeness and the like are “not” proof of changed life. By your fruit you are proven a lier. You must repent and be born again. Your continuing in sin judges you already. To refuse deliverance condems you.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you people should actually go read the Bible. Man, no wonder US education is in the lower quartile worldwide. You all declare yourselves “smart,” but your performance says just the opposite.

  • Anonymous

    The “Message IS”, as a traditional values Christian you cannot express your personal views, or live a traditional Christian life. The fact that for a few thousand years traditional family values excluded certain types of interpersonal relationships. And that fact was, ” the only true form of discrimination” in all societies was the designation of “Marriage” between a Man and a Woman. Governments from the time of early civilization provided a discriminatory allowance for “Marriage”. And why wouldn’t early society give that allowance? Forget about religious involvement. Government by providing a discriminatory practice called Marriage benefited in return with a multitude of New citizens. Armies and Armies of New citizens, and New taxpayers. So if you set aside a discriminatory recognition and maybe a tax break to Married Couples with Children. It enticed baby creation, from Child Creative Couples. Which really meant, NEW VOTERS.
    Except today, with the devaluing of traditional families. Heck, you can go get knocked up by invitro, or Sperm Bank. You can do all kinds of things today that 60 years ago was fantasy. And liberals ceazed the moment by interjecting progressivism and devaluing the need of the traditional family or Marriage. There is no value today in a Man and Woman relationship. Therefore, anyone who questions alternative family is automatically branded as Out Of Touch. And when you are redundant in a liberal world, boy oh boy are you out with the Old.
    Traditional Family is to be revised, effectively written off. Devaluing of the Male existence as unessential biological necessity but not needed after conception. Males are the progressives Appendix in modern society. There, but no reason to have it. And when causing a problem, removed.

  • Kanak Attack

    While I think it’s ridiculous that Fox Sports fired him for that I think that liberty-loving Americans should make sure that their right to fire someone is protected. Let the story be told of why they did it and let the people pull their support of this corporation and shut them down that way. Let them own up to their decision and if people hate it then it will show through their ratings. We shouldn’t go cry about it like leftist activists do all the time.

  • Warren Wilson

    Persecution of Christians had to happen under the Obozo administration.

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