What happens when an avowed progressive activist and former Obama Administration employee faces off against a conservative Republican senator from Texas? The world found out last night when former Obama czar Van Jones faced off against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on CNN’s Crossfire. The pair went toe-to-toe over Obamacare and the Republican Party.

“If they all had the spine that Ted Cruz had, we would win this thing,” Pat said on radio this morning. “Did you see him stand up to van Jones yesterday?”

Watch the segment courtesy of CNN:

“This guy is one of the most dangerous men in America, and he’s one of the best performers on television. He is 10 times the performer that the President is. And he is 10 times the Marxist Communist that the President is,” Glenn said of Jones. “Van Jones is a Communist revolutionary. And the guy spends time studying. He didn’t study Ted Cruz enough. And I will guarantee you that it won’t go this well next time because Van Jones studies people and then he knows exactly how they are going to move. He’s a brilliant man, extraordinarily dangerous.”

Given how skilled Jones is at cornering people, Sen. Cruz’s performance is particularly impressive.

“He will eviscerate you. He will just eviscerate you. And to see someone give Van Jones a slap down is quite satisfying,” Glenn said. “If you ever think that CNN is a rational, normal, non-leftist organization, look who they hired… They put a Communist revolutionary on, and they just treat him like he’s just normal guy. He’s center. No, he’s not.”