“It’s time to put our money where our heart is,” Glenn said on Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program. Chris Walker is the executive director of 2nd Vote, a new app that keeps your spending aligned with your conservative values, joined Glenn on the program to talk about the way he and his team are looking to transform the marketplace for conservative consumers.

The app provides consumers with information about which causes businesses, brands, and non profits support through donations or lobbying. Glenn first discovered the app on Saturday, and he is impressed with what the young company has been able to do. Scoring on the app is based on five categories: Second Amendment, environment, marriage, pro-life, and corporate cronyism. As of now, 2nd vote has more than 1,000 scores for 400 companies, and it is growing everyday.

Chris talked to Glenn about how the idea for the app came about and how he hopes its services will continue grow and expand. You can learn more about 2nd Vote and download the app HERE.