Report: The NSA is spying on your address book

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Late yesterday, the Washington Post reported the National Security Agency intercepts hundreds of thousands of e-mail address books every day from private e-mail accounts on Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook and Hotmail as they move through the global data links. They also harvest about half a million buddy lists from five hat services and e-mail accounts.

TheBlaze reports:

The Post said it learned about the collection tactics from secret documents provided by NSA leaker Edward Snowden and confirmed by senior intelligence officials. It was the latest revelation of the spy agency’s practices to be disclosed by Snowden, the former NSA systems analyst who fled the U.S. and now resides in Russia.

The newspaper said the NSA analyzes the contacts to map relationships and connections among various foreign intelligence targets. During a typical day last year, the NSA’s Special Source Operations branch collected more than 440,000 email address books, the Post said. That would correspond to a rate of more than 250 million a year.

“Well, that’s almost everybody in America is all,” Pat quipped on radio this morning. “That’s not everybody in the world.”

“Well, a spokesman for the NSA said the agency is looking for valid targets, you know, 440,000 a day,” Glenn added. “They’re just looking for valid targets, and they’re not interested in personal information from ordinary citizens.”

“No, of course not. There are no ordinary citizens among 250 million they are currently collecting every year,” Pat said sarcastically. “Those are all terrorists. All terrorists.”

As more details are revealed about the scope of the NSA surveillance methods, it becomes more and more obvious that privacy is hard to come by. Glenn and TheBlaze are taking steps to offer an alternative, by broadening TheBlaze TV PLUS annual subscription to include a private email address.

Glenn said that he was launching this feature in response to growing privacy concerns, promising that, unless faced with a search warrant, his company would never scan e-mails or violate users privacy.

The feature will only be available for annual subscribers of TheBlaze TV PLUS, and more details on the service will be available soon.

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  • Draxx

    People love their Facebook and Twitter Accounts… so give up your family and friends! It’s for the Good Of Our Country, I mean how are we to know that there is not 251,000,000 domestic terrorists?
    Probably through common sense!!!

    • Anonymous

      if you have to give up your liberty for what you assume is safety then you really aren’t free.

      • Draxx

        I agree I put down the statement in that fashion to get people into thinking for themselves… More control has always meant having less Freedom! I was also trying to say “Probably through common sense” we can see through the False Allegations which entirely make us Guilty Until Proven Innocent!!! That only works for the people in control and at the top of the ladder…

  • Sam Fisher

    Does everyone remember attack Watch web site? We had that where we turned people in for Obama and now this. This government is getting more fascist by the day.

    • Gristle McThornbody


      Your avatar is a picture of an illegal black ops NSA operative for whom the laws do not apply.

      • Guest


        Your avatar is a picture of an asshole.,

  • Anonymous

    that’s ok. Then I wont have to repeat myself when I type “this president and the liberal / socialists can kiss my Irish as_!

    • Draxx

      When I die I want a pair of underwear on that has Obummer’s Face printed on the backside with the mouth in a particular area…
      So that he can Kiss My Ass For All Eternity!!!

      • Anonymous

        That’s healthy. You’ll be lucky if your family doesn’t find you in some auto erotic embarrassment

  • Anonymous

    Hey, they are welcome to take a peek at my address book. I have only a lot of mature women, and we most definitely like to talk. Go ahead make our day!!! If they are bored they are welcome to join in if that is all they have to do.

  • ken.

    the nsa is spying on everything and everyone, your phone, computer, out in public and inside your home. you are not safe anywhere.

  • Snorri

    Wouldn’t the U.S. be a safer country if we secured the borders, promptly deported illegal aliens, and had the State Department take down the signs from our embassies “Easy visas, apply on-line, no background checks”.

  • Snorri

    Wouldn’t the U.S. be a safer country if we secured the borders, promptly deported illegal aliens, and had the State Department take down the signs from our embassies “Easy visas, apply on-line, no background checks”.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    While altruism enabled our ancestors to survive in the bands and troops of primeval times, altruistic cooperation cannot work outside of small homogeneous groups that share common ways and perceptions.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Since we can’t predict civilization a century from now, it is incorrect to think that progress simply depends upon applying today’s ideas.

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