Would ‘Breaking Bad’ have a happier ending if it took place in Canada?

The Wonderful World of Stu investigates whether Breaking Bad would have had a happier ending if it took place in Canada.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91J4PAda3EA Sam Fisher

    Moore said the same thing about Cuba and look at reality.

  • Gristle McThornbody

    Everything has a happier ending in Canada, Stu.


  • Anonymous

    what’s the deal with Stu’s left eye?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll ask you all, what would the cost have been to a family if the Dad. The only bread winner in his family needed to have a lower below knee leg Amputation? What would be the cost to the family involved to not only cover the cost of the surgery, the stay in the hospital in a Private room. Heal up, and then spend another month in a Rehab hospital, and get a top end prosthetic leg, and assorted other devices.
    My cost to the Ontario Health Services, out of my pocket was a Grand Total of zero dollars. Out of MY POCKET. My prosthetic was paid for by a combination of Workplace health Insurance, and the Province of Ontario allowance for a prosthetic device contribution of $3500. Grand Total for my Prosthetic was, $16500.
    My family wasn’t destroyed financially. And excluding some issues which US people get way too fixated on comparing US Health Care and Canadian provincial health care.
    The bottom line is this. Yes, you may have to wait sometimes for some services. But the bottom line nobody looses their home or totally goes into the Poor House because the family bread earner got sick. You get fixed on pointing fingers at the Canadian Health (Provincial) Services. Which is wrong…. What you should be asking is, how many Canadian loose everything they have when illness or injury strikes their family. As compared to US, Payer System medical health care plans.
    You shouldn’t loose your home, and family’s prosperity over an illness.
    Now, a short wait isn’t all that much sometimes is it? Keep it context. A severely ill person is treated very quickly in Canadian Health Care, no different than an American. Except, in the end, you don’t get presented with a shopping list of “Payable to the Order of”.

    • Ivan Rohde

      And yet wealthy Canadians still come to the U.S. to get treatment. Why is that?

      • broot

        because they can afford to buy fast service. when middle class and poor canadians start going to the u.s. to get treatment i’ll concede you’ve got a point.

    • Anonymous

      Open your eyes! (sorry, just had to borrow that from the scrolling link to the right) You didn’t have to pay a lump sum (or in America, the hospital would send you a bill and patiently wait for you to start paying), but your taxes are much higher and over time you pay a lot of money for something that you may only use a few times (the same way an extensive insurance policy actually costs more in the long run than staying healthy, going for checkups a couple times a year that only cost $100 or less out of pocket without insurance in NYS, and having a catastrophic care policy).
      If you actually use your brain and think things through in life (like counting the cost of building a house, or a grocery list), you will be a lot better off without robbing your neighbor via those high taxes and laws like the ACA.

  • You_Are_An_Obstructionist

    Welcome to the New Great Depression

    You know a funny thing will happen on Thursday when the country defaults on its debt. (And mark my word it will default) The Republicans will claim they had nothing to do with it. Yes, the Republicans will sanctimoniously hold press conferences and claim they tried to work things out but the reality is they didn’t. Their hatred of the ACA is so great that if they don’t get their way, they will throw the whole darn country under the bus and the world along with it. Sort of like the spoiled tantrum throwing child who didn’t get his way and threw his glass of milk on the floor just to show Mom and Dad who is boss.

    Again, showing a freshman in college knowledge of economic principles, they have put the country at risk. Why? Because they are so sure they’re right, they will risk it all. The Republicans are standing at the crap table, having lost all but their last five hundred and throwing it all out on the table. Now, they won’t even have money to get back home from Vegas if they lose. Guess what… They are going to lose and so will we.

    So let’s look at the Republican track record of wins and losses… Well, first of all they were the guys who were sure Mitt Romney was going take the White House. They bet the farm that Sarah Palin would make a great Vice-President. The Patron Saint of all that is Republican thought trickle-down economics was the answer. The GOP shouted at the top of their lungs tax cuts for the rich would create more jobs. The Great George W. was convinced Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was responsible for 9/11. They stopped scientific advancement by holding up stem cell research. They have always denied global warming. They are luke warm on renewable energy. The chairman of the house science committee believes in creationism. To top it all off they would rather see Americans die than give their fellow countrymen a chance at health insurance. Sure makes me want to move to a Red State!

    So look at the real track record here people. Your world is about to crumble and a lot of you are to blame for voting these clowns into office. If I were you I’d call my congressman right now and tell him to vote for a clean CR.

    But in the spirit Nostradamus let me tell what I think is going to happen and why… The country is going to default but the president with his strong leadership will
    not allow it to happen. It is his constitutional duty to make sure the United States keeps its full faith and credit intact. So he will unilaterally raise the debt limit without the congress. He has no choice. Now this is going to spur the rabid dogs of the Republican party to do what they have wanted to do from the beginning and that is to impeach him. This is what it’s all about. An evil group of right winged radicals trying to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States.

    There are you can all thank Roger Ailes, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn “I am an over compensating alcoholic” Beck, John Boehner and every red neck in Texas that voted for Ted Cruz for the upcoming
    travesty. It’s going to get ugly.

    • Ivan Rohde

      Yes this is all the republicans fault. Cuz the dems didn’t have control of congress and the white house for two years and still fail to pass a budget. Dumass.

    • Ivan Rohde

      Yes this is all the republicans fault. Cuz the dems didn’t have control of congress and the white house for two years and still fail to pass a budget. Dumass.

    • Anonymous

      Dude- Put your hair out- it’s still on fire!!

      you may want a little light reading: Try the 14th Amendment section 4. The US cannot default on its debt.

      As to blame? ALL OF THEM ARE TO BLAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The R’s and the D’s are to blame- do NOT try to pigeon-hole the GOP into total blame. They all wanted a blank checkbook and they got it! And what did they do? Spent us into oblivion- with no exit strategy.

      We’re screwed- and it’s all OUR fault… we voted for the idiots- and they performed as the idiots they are.

    • Anonymous

      You clearly have less than a Freshmen level of understanding. The United States is in no danger of defaulting without Democratic interference. We bring in enough money to pay the interest…period. No debt ceiling increase required to not default. Now, cowboy poetry programs may not be funded — but the debt requires no dictatorial actions by your idol, the anointed magic negro to stay out of default. That happens automatically — because we are constantly receiving tax revenue sufficient to maintain it.

      Crawl back in your hole, troll.

      • Anonymous

        They are like children with credit cards, where someone else is paying the bill. Just listen to Nancy Pelosi claiming there isn’t anything left to cut from spending. How the heck did we get along with 2007 levels of spending (as well as lower levels throughout our history)?

    • Anonymous

      You seem to forget that 60-70% of Americans didn’t want the ACA in the first place, and still 60%+ want it repealed/changed/gone. The Republicans are TECHNICALLY doing what they were elected to do. You also forget that it is Harry Reid (the Democrat Senate Majority Leader) and Obama that have said they will not even negotiate with Republicans unless the Republicans give them what they want. Well, the Republicans have now caved in and given the Democrats all they asked for (and the President and Harry Reid held the country hostage since June to accomplish this, by refusing to pass the appropriations bills that the House sent to the Senate), so now the Dems owe them the spending cuts and reductions. By the way, why the heck are we spending so much at the federal level anyway? If we spent at 2007 levels we would be able to pay towards the national debt, yet Nancy Pelosi claims there is no where that they can cut spending.
      As for the track record of wins and losses, of course the Republicans have been getting their butts handed to them since they regained the control of the House of Representatives. Their leadership in both houses of Congress, are what you may have heard referred to as RINOs. They stand for the same pricniples of large, centralized government at the federal level, hat the Democrats have for years, but they pay lip service to the concept of self-governance by the individual, with extremely limited federal authority. If you want something like the ACA in your State or municipality, then go for it; it will fail, just like in Massachusetts.
      Good luck, though, with getting what you desire, via Obama, Reid, and Pelosi’s thug tactics. While you all are suffering, and being led like sheep and told that it’s the evil Republican and Capitalists’ faults that you have nothing, are enslaved to those in government, and suffer (like the Soviets and Red China were doing to their people), the only ones who will have any semblence of peace and prosperity are those who rely on God as their sufficiency.

  • Fire wolf

    Id rather wait several weeks than die of diabetes related complications, because walmart wanted to give their executives million dollar bonuses instead of giving me medical coverage.

    • Anonymous

      You mean the same Wal-Mart that has $5 copays for generic prescription drugs, regardless of your insurance?

  • Holly Leeming

    I agree, depending on how dire your illness, in Canada you may have to wait for a specialist. But if the doctor believes their is an urgency they will get you in ASAP. Mind you I have never heard of anyone waiting 17 weeks for a physical, My husband has to get physicals as he is a truck driver, I am the one that makes his appointments. Usually within a week I can get him in to see a general practitioner. There is always another option, a Walk In Clinic, if you want the physical that bad.

  • gollywhopper

    I am a public health professional and researcher who has lived in Canada 40 years. I am also a US citizen veteran, and strong supporter of the Constitution and of those, like Glenn, who are working to stop the efforts of the progressive left to transform the country to a centrist socialistic state with deleted or modified bill of rights. Canada pursued socialized medicine a long time ago, and as such has been able to hold unit medical costs much below those typically found in the US. In the US it is too late to try o=to centralize medical care, it is bankrupting and destructive. Especially as laid out in Obamacare. Canada has paid a price. it is true that in non-life threatening cases, waits can be long. ER’s are often overwhelmed as are hospitals because of government caps on spending – remember they are the sole provider. As health costs have increased, the caps and bureaucratic organization through top heavy Regional Health Authorities have formed a bottleneck familiar to Canadians – it is difficult to get into the system if you are deemed in triage as non urgent, and you wait at the bottleneck till you get in. Once in, you are well cared for. In the case of Breaking Bad, hypothetically his wife and family would have had all the help and treatment necessary, promptly because of the urgency. Morbidity and Mortality statistics support that Canadians are as healthy or healthier than Americans and actually enjoy many health advantages. He would not have sold meth. An overlooked fact about the series is that he did make and sell meth and all to quickly became a murderer. Nothing justifies this.

    Obamacare is clumsy, unimaginative, dictatorial, intrusive, unwieldy, and most importantly unsustainable even if implemented. The US is in a position to take the best of the many systems and build a system that does not exclude people from receiving needed care while retaining the greatest strengths of the US system – capacity, choice, and excellent and up to date care. Obamacare was much more about forcefully transforming the country socially than it is about improving health care. It pursues the least desirable attributes of countries like Canada – stifling political correctness, ever increasing government intervention, and giving platforms to interest groups bent on eliminating individual initiative and freedom of conscience.

    • Anonymous

      Remember, in the US system (pre-Obamacare), you STILL receive care regardless of ability to pay (at a hospital).
      As for “first come, first serve”, the US system does that, except for if a life-threatening emergency enters the hospital, and then the emergency takes precedence. Further, the US may pay more, but we also have greater access, shorter wait times, and the most technology per capita. We have more MRI’s per capita than some countries in Europe.
      I applaud you for your objectivity and presenting both sides, though I don’t think more centralized control of the insurance (i.e. who pays) placed in the federal government’s hands, is a good idea. As it has been shown, in the US, the FEDERAL government can’t even serve whiskey and run a whore house, let alone the monstronsities that are our “safety nets”.

  • James

    Speaking as a Canadian I feel that i have to take issue with Stu’s somewhat flippant remarks. First of all, I wouldn’t be quoting sources as to our health system based on certain sources like the Sun Media or the Fraser Institute, sources that have been known (at least here in Canada) to have a definite political agenda. Secondly, while it is true that we have issues regarding wait times, it should be pointed out here that in hospitals here, it is not a first come, first served system. That is you are given priority based upon your need. Obviously, should your problem be akin to an ingrown toenail, you will not be seen before the heart attack victim. While every medicare system has it’s flaws, we do realize ours is not the best out there, but we are working on it. One thing that your listeners may not realize is that should you wish to pay for your medical procedure, you can. You can go elsewhere (Canada, or the US) and pay the medical costs and in most cases be reimbursed for those expenses by applying to the Provincial jurisdictions. Before castigating our system and it’s short comings, might I suggest you do a little research into the topic?

  • John Rivas

    Since a nation’s advance mostly results from the efforts of its more well off citizens, central governments that assault those citizens will naturally halt technological progress and reduce the nation’s overall quality of life.

  • John Rivas

    Democrats just want free stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm. I have a relative in British Columbia that needed a bone marrow treatment for his cancer and he got great care without waiting. In fact, he had many treatements without waiting. My neighbors daughter is a doctor in Toronto and she complains people go to the doctor too often there because it’s paid for, but her patients aren’t on extreme waiting lists. I know I have to wait to see my doctor when I make an appointment. I’m sure there are problems with the Canadian system, but from what I know, it’s not as Stu would have you think. The point is that there are probably lessons to learn from the experience of other countries that provide good healthcare.

  • asdasda

    its also impossible to see a doctor in manhattan, at least the average person doesnt have to pay ! no profits of the back of the sick and the poor

    most bankruptcies in america are caused by healthcare bills, International studies do not lie, canadian healthcare is pretty good and no long waits compared to us

    • Anonymous

      Profits weren’t being made off the back of the poor anyway. Most of those who truly couldn’t pay, still received the care, but the hospital would use funds from charities and endowments to pay for them. As for making a “profit” off of the sick. Guess what buddy, medical care is not a right (surprise, surprise!). You desire to use someone else’s goods and expertise, therefore the law of exchange states that you have to provide compensation for what you received. If you don’t like the costs then tell people to stop trying to win the lottery with million dollar lawsuits for ridiculous crap that forces ANYONE in the health care industry to purchase expensive malpractice insurance policies.
      The ACA never dealt with medical CARE, it addressed INSURANCE, and forced people to pay for something they don’t necessarily need. Additionally, they set controls on which policies and coverage would be allowed, forcing families that were paying for policies that covered their needs, to pay for even more coverage (example: Woman who have already gone through menopause will still have to have insurance that covers maternity).
      As for the average person not having to pay, what rock have you been under? You can’t move without tripping over the rising costs to the average family, for insurance (the last estimate was at an extra $7500 per year, up from an extra $2500 per year, when Obama promised they would save $2500 per year). You think subsidies, tax credits, and other gimmicks they promised, will end up saving you money? Wait until tax season to file for those things (if you make it without going broke from having to pay out of pocket) and then watch as suddenly everyone doesn’t meet elgibility requirements.
      Welcome to reality son. I just wish you didn’t have to learn the hard way.

  • Patrice Gauthier

    I’m canadian and you are 100% right. Specially in Quebec province, the waithing time is enormous, 16 hours in hospital emergency with 100 degree fever. If you get cancer diagnostic, you will be facing wait time before the treatment begins. If you have an hart attack off course you will be treated! But if I need a bypast, they make us wait for weeks. And we can’t go on the private cause the law wouldnt let us be treated and pay for the treatement. The only possible way to be treated is to go outside Canada (US) But I pay a lot allready for the healt care 47% income taxe plus 15% sale taxes. Healt care represent 45% of Quebec budget and its growing year after years! … And dental and optician are not included. And if by any chance one politician is thinking about reforming the healt system, he will be crushed by the medias (95% left to extreme left)

  • Zachary Wheeler

    What else are you going to do in those 17.7 weeks? Die maybe.

  • https://www.facebook.com/tj.durham TJ Durham

    Look how James has been conditioned to accept government healthcare as the norm. The baseline is being established further and further down toward co-dependency on government aid and control. Sorry, I don’t see how it moves back.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Malcolm-Krause/100001263810852 Malcolm Krause

    I find it funny how some of these Canadians (as I am also) find the need to slam SunNews Network, which I can already tell the way they talk they are prob. Libs or NDPers. They talk about a political agenda. Do you mean like the great left channel called the CBC. Whick gets a billion + a year just to keep the lights on and to promote the Liberal and NDP agenda. By slaming the conservative party, the West, Oil production that helps pay the East Bills and to keep the trash CBC on the air. The CBC can’t be trusted on anything anymore, they can’t even tell the truth about the benghazi attack, they walk the line just like NBC. They are so pathetic as a foreign station that they also are a massive supporter of Obama. They have been caught giving out false polling, they will re-edit a interview. They are massive supporters of Hamas or Hez. They support anyone that attacks Israel. And they really REALLY dislike America. That is the CBC, and most people that have Sat or a cable connection feel no need any longer for the CBC. It’s a dieing company and channel. Now on to the Health issue. This whole Obama care will collapse. America can’t afford it simple. Just last week I went to the walk in for sinus infection. The girl asks for my Health Care Card, the same number that I have had since I turned 18. Up till then you are on your parents. I show the girl, she types into the puter shows my address and all that stuff, She asks the problem I tell her, I go wait, 20 min later I see the doc that is on. 5 min later I’m on my way to the pharmacist. 15 min later I have my pills and out $35. One week later I think they are working? Both countries have heard horror stories and many are lies. BUT I have never of anyone in Canada being kicked out of a Insurance healthcare program? Doesn’t make since. Is this law actaully called Obama Care? Doesn’t make since, I think the normal democrats should just kick Obama out.

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