Sneak peek of ‘Hutch’ focuses on the importance of fatherhood

For months, Glenn has been telling everyone about a man named Ken Hutcherson, aka Hutch. On radio, TV, in the office, at live events – Glenn has made it known that Hutch would be a big part of the movement taking place in this country. This fall, TheBlaze will air a four episode mini-series featuring Hutch, and on Wednesday night viewers got a sneak peek at this fascinating new series.

Since Hutch has been diagnosed with Stage Four cancer, he knows that he only has a little time left on Earth, and he doesn’t want to waste a moment. His new show will explore the messages, stories, and lessons he wishes to share with the world before his death. From fatherhood to mortality, his ministry to the new civil rights movement, Hutch will broach these topics and much more with his typical candor and wisdom.

During the sneak peek, Hutch spent a lot of his time on the importance of fathers.

“Just because you can have a child, does not make you a father,” Hutch said. “Raising a child rightly makes you a father. Makes you a good father when you take responsibility…responsibility comes along with fatherhood.”

Watch Hutch’s message on fatherhood below:

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But Hutch isn’t telling fathers to step up and be a part of their kid’s lives because it makes the world all warm and fuzzy. No, the facts show that kids coming from broken homes where the father doesn’t play a role in their lives end up suffering because of it.

Hutch lays out the facts on fatherhood:

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  • Rob

    He’s incredible.

  • shellymic


    Thank you for bringing Hutch to us, Glenn. I’ve heard Hutch for years on Rush’s show……but, you’re giving us a glimpse into his life like we’ve never before seen. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

    Hutch, keep speaking, brother! Love you!

  • Cartman

    Wait until the Democratic Zombies see this and start commenting. Can you ever truly catch a break from the Zombie Apocalypse?

  • Sam Fisher

    We need more who will stand up and speak truth to power.

  • Mary Cole

    Thank you, Glenn and Hutch, for sharing this info with everyone. Keep up the good work! Praying for you, Hutch!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I’ve seen amazing things happen when a group of people pray together for a common cause. We need to keep people like Hutch around more than ever. The faith and number of your followers is without equal. Why not have a day of prayer for Hutch then that, The Lord willing, he might be healed?

  • Anonymous

    God bless you, Hutch. You are a true inspiration for young men to look up to. I pray your message is heard by those who need to hear it.

  • Phil. Shimer

    Just watch Hutch one of the best shows yet. This is we’re it must start. Men have to teach their boys to be men and they can’t if the check out. Checking out is what they are learning in village Great. Show. Phil

  • chuck

    Join us as we reach these fatherless boys. http://www.fathersinthefield. com

  • JulieAnn Holmes

    Very Scary statistics in 2nd video. Please take just 2 minutes to listen.

  • Jason

    I’m a father and Hutch’s message has just reconfirmed what I am doing is right on task. God bless you for this message and I too pray that those that need to hear it do. You’re an amazing man Hutch as well as Glenn and team, truly amazing people and so proud to support the Blaze. Please keep inspiring us, we are hungry for it.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of fatherhood…..

    You’re a good dad for keeping an eye on Mary the way you do.

    Keeping all in thoughts and prayers tonight, and hoping all goes smoothly.

    You must be feeling so excited!!

    (Or old, har har!)

  • Mr. Sequel

    The herky-jerky processes of technological advance are destroyed when those who preach from collectivism’s altar attempt to direct that everything be made equally available to everyone.

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