WATCH: Glenn meets with Coptic Christians who have faced persecution in Egypt

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Since Obama armed and supported the Muslim Brotherhood, all of the blood shed upon the Coptics and Egyptian people can be found upon his head and hands.

    • Anonymous

      But most of all, Obama is black

      • jen

        Most of all dork is that bush/Reagan/cheney/Obama all funded terrorists like mb and Taliban over the last few decades!

        So, catwoman is your partner.

        • Cartman

          Punctuation is severely important when trying to make a point, you grammar-less bastards.

          Obama may not be a Muslim but our government is filled with terrorist backing Muslim organization leaders. So liberals can put their mind to rest, knowing Obama is only the pawn in regards to that claim.

      • Sam Fisher

        Yes and the sky is blue.

  • Anonymous

    This is rich. The music alone makes me cry.
    I’m especially impressed how Mr. Sensitve whines and piggybacks on someone else’s persecution for his own benefit. Like a true martyr.
    Who also defiantly wears his Redskins logo because it’s so un-American to change the name of a sports team.
    Cool. How about the Salt Lake City Pedophiles? or the Texas Simpletons? the Alabama Diabetes sounds good. New York City Jews? no, no the Steubenville Rapists would be a good team.
    See how that works?

    • Cartman

      How about you show your true allegiance and come out in that Klu Klux Klan superhero outfit, Kaptain Klean K. (Andy Dick Referance).

      Honestly i really wish people like you would stop inbreeding these message boards. You offensive pile of ****. You represent your people well.

      • Anonymous

        Check and match. At least you get the point. I mean no harm to you sir.
        These things are offensive on any level – even if Glenn Beck finds an opportunity to be a tough guy – that’s still what’s it feels like. Offensive.Not so cool is it? Or am I being a crybaby? or am I a bad representation of ‘my people’?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn. It was enlightening but being around this is just bad for the soul. As my parting gift I would suggest to any fans to check out the Mercury One ‘Charity’ financial records. It’s eye-opening. And they’re easy to find online. For instance, did you know that they’re a ‘pollution abatement’ charity? Or that out of all they claimed to raise they only gave roughly 27,000$ to just one single person? Who is a known fraud?

    But, what do I know? As you like to say, Do your homework.
    ay’no boe’chel b’em’tza’im

    • Aine

      If I were going to post something like this on anyone’s site, I would have backed it up with links and more links.

      But what do I know?

  • Sam Fisher

    Why is it the trolls come out it is rather pointless.

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Glad you are showing this side of the people in Egypt. God bless them for speaking out.

    And please Glenn, back the music off on your videos – it drowns out the voices and they can barely be heard. My opinion.

  • Anonymous

    HOLD FAST TO YOUR FAITH .OBUMER WILL NOT STOP THE FUNDING OF THE BROTHERHOOD. congress will do nothing ran paul has tried but the American people are on the hook again

  • Anonymous

    Faith-based living is taking a beating, again. It’s been underway here in America for some time and what we see in Egypt is only a taste of what may happen here. Even if you are an atheist or a humanist, you will be adversely affected by this kind of treatment. Get ready for a whoopin’.

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