Watch: Glenn interviews Rafael Cruz

Thursday night, Rafael Cruz, Senator Cruz’s father, joined Glenn on his show. But rather than talk about his son and his role in the shutdown, the two talked about faith and God and America.

Watch the interview below:

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  • Draxx

    This is what Our Gov’t and their propaganda is always throwing in our faces…
    This was written by the Associated Press!
    CHICAGO (AP) — Our food was a little less safe, our workplaces a little more dangerous. The risk of getting sick was a bit higher, our kids’ homework tougher to complete.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Thanks for the link Draxx.

      • Draxx

        You’re welcome snowleopard…
        They always try to force their beliefs that they can make the world a safer place (which you know is an illusion), but all they end up doing is taking away more Freedoms Every Time…

  • joe michael villa

    So Glenn interviews the commie.
    wow, that’s priceless.

    • Obi_Jectivist

      Before you call anyone a commie, I would suggest that you learn what the communist agenda entails. There is a book on the subject, “The Naked Communist” it was written in 1958 by Cleon Skousen. It outlines in detail the Communist party agenda and it was presented to congress in 1963. Look it up online, it is easy to find. As you do so you will notice that the communist agenda and the progressive movement are one in the same. Take some time to think. You are smart enough to think for yourself in this, so don’t blindly follow the progressive collective that would have you believe that they are smarter than you.

      • Chivo

        Don’t feed the troll.

        • Obi_Jectivist

          Chivo, I see what you mean. I went back and read his previous comments on other threads. The only consistency to his posts is his desire to ridicule without citing any facts. My guess is that he is a paid troll. Thank god conservatives think for themselves unlike liberals who would be fooled by his senseless comments.

        • Sam Fisher

          Some one has to or how else would they learn.

  • HonorWarrior

    He looks a little like Rupert Murdoch!

  • joe michael villa

    “if we look at our history”- Rafael Cruz
    literally on the floor LMAO.

    this guy isn’t even an American. He’s a commie from Cuba and his son is a communist from Canada.

    • Anonymous

      do you understand the definition of communist?

    • JohnDale49

      You do realize that you’re actually a communist

    • Draxx

      Joe, you obviously don’t understand the concept of Defecting From A Country Because You Don’t Want Any Part Of Their Politics! You Are Part Of The Problem!!! People don’t want to leave the persecution of one country to go to another country and be persecuted there too… I see your last name is Villa, does that make you a wetback/illegal alien? Maybe your parents came from Central America because they wanted a better life! Possibly we could assume that you are a Sandanista and have killed hundreds of villagers for drug lords, and wanted to come to America to be your own drug lord/gang leader! If you are NONE of these things then Do Not Accuse Others For What You Do Not Know…! To be honest I couldn’t care less about your history as long as you don’t try to hurt my family. I really don’t know you and I am not making accusations about you, my statements were only listed to make you open your eyes to the bigger picture!

    • MAA Oregon

      Just because he is from Cuba doesn’t make him a communist. I live in American and as much as Obama and people like you want us to be Socialist I’m not a socialist. This man has embraced being American. If he loved Cuba he would be there, he LOVES America. I respect that he has taken this country as his. Sorry you seem to have so much hatred for this man you do not even know.

      What is your evidence that his a communist? Does that mean ALL Germans were Nazis?

      • harold caton

        i got the same feeling as you , it make made to hear obama talk
        likehe loves the USA ,he has shown me by his actions he does not

    • Logical Lil

      He may not beborn n this country But he had STUDY our real histoy to become a citizen like my Grandparents…. they know what oppression looks like in its infancy.. Quit throwing rocks and if you aren’t going to be respectful f his Knowlede at least don’t show your ignorance.

    • Cathrine Martin

      You would do well to educate yourself. This man came from cuba as a young man after spending time being tortured under castro’s regime. He enrolled in a spanish class to learn English. (he spoke spanish, but used that class to learn English, how many people could do that?) My favorite quote is: It is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.

      You, joe villa, have removed that doubt with your ignorant statements. He has probably been an American longer than you, depending how old you are.

    • Sam Fisher

      The clown picture suits you well because you are as dumb as a post.

    • Royce Mitchell Jr

      And you are an idiot from America. At least what Cruz says was true. More than I can say for a sycophant like you.

    • greywolfrs

      So, does he hold U S citizenship? If he does, then it is HIS history also. By the way, being born in another country does not make you a foreign national. In fact, if your parents do NOT hold citizenship in that country, you are citizen of whatever country THEY hold citizenship in. You should remember this when dealing with illegals in this country. Dumb M F er.

      • joe michael villa


        this one is an angry one.

        butt hurt since Nov 2008. I take pleasure in knowing you and your kind have been miserable and will continue to be until 2016. Maybe even longer, i truly believe your leaders temper tantrum in shutting down the government has cost you 2014 and 2016.

        i love it, embrace your hate.

        • greywolfrs

          Your ignorance knows no bounds. You are another idiot that believes they can psychoanalyze a person from posts in a forum. The only one I see “hating” is YOU. You should look up the term psychological projection or Freudian projection, as it is sometimes referred, then look in a mirror, dipshit.

  • joe michael villa

    Sounds like Glenn and Rafael want to live in a Theocracy.
    Sorry not happening.
    Glenn, Rafael and their kind can all move to Iran.

    what about Somalia.
    I hear Somalia is nice this time of year.
    No gun laws, no government, no healthcare and you can rule by commanding everyone to practice religion once you move there.

    • Obi_Jectivist

      If you do not preserve freedom of religion, then you also do not preserve the freedom of atheism. If you give the government the right to dictate your ideologies, it will only be a matter of time before you are living in that theocracy you fear because the government will become your god.

    • Sam Fisher

      Sounds like you hate reality.

    • greywolfrs

      Oh, your hypocrisy knows no bounds. You are trying to turn this country into something it was nevber meant to be, yet have the nerve to try and call anyone else out on it? You are one dumb M F er.

  • Alexandro Davila

    Beck, President Obama wants to know how his a** tastes. He keeps wiping the floor with you but the only people that keep you going are the gullible, the uneducated (like you), the desperate and the haters. You are a fraud and that’s why the cable companies keep telling you and your cult followers “NO”

    • free2b

      Hey I know, you could leave this forum and hop in bed with MessNBC news. lol

  • Anonymous

    Glenn: “This country was founded through the pulpits”

    What a load of anti-American nonsense. Talk about missing the point.

    • joe michael villa

      are you surprised?
      Beck and Barton are famous for trying to rewrite history.

      • Gary

        What did they rewrite?

  • MAA Oregon

    TIME magazine and those trash mags are irrelevant. History will be documented by the bloggers and REAL journalist not these magazines so they can TRY to cover up the truth but it can’t happen today.

    • Logical Lil

      It is very obvious the “bloggers” are a threat… The POTUS called them out yesterday… They are making an impact.. They are real people with realfeelings.. they aren’t being suppored on the Teats wealthy benefactors or corporations in most cases.. They tweet from their cars and tractors, trucks and desks… they can’t be controlled. hard to fight… like guerilla warfare of words. TRUTH tellers are getting under his skin… There is a saying… “They can’t get your goat if they don’t know where its tied”…. Naaaah someone has is goat.

    • joe michael villa

      their irrelevant?
      yet your leader Glenn Beck reads it & cares about what they have to say.

      • Skeeter McClusky

        Progressive, communist, democrat party members such as you aren’t looking for fact or truth, just more party bull crap. One day you’ll take your place along the wall for a bullet to the head for helping drag this once great nation down into the crap pile of history. Your clown face fits you perfectly. SWINE!

        • Matte Finnish

          And Skeeter, are you going to be the one pulling the trigger?

  • James freedom

    Our country’s foundation was built by the pulpits directive. All preachers in the time were held in the highest regard and did guide our moral compass. If you are fooled by the narrative being feed to you about our transition into this mix of socialism/ communism and you’re thinking its the best direction for us your the problem! Freedom isn’t free and the time is coming when we will need to pay the price to regain ours! Love your god and your country!

    • X-Christian

      Damnable Nonsense!

      Love your Constitution – not your sky fairies. Religion is for children.

      “All men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights” –

      • Skeeter McClusky

        Anger is a sign of fear is a sign of evil. You are a misguided, angry person who neither understands history or those who love Jesus. Your fake moniker ‘x-Christian’ fools no one. If you knew anything about those who founded this country or signed the Constitution you would know they came here to worship Christ without persecution and later formed this great country with like-minds. Ignorance of history doesn’t make it disappear, it just makes you irrelevant to all conversation on the topic.

      • yosappy

        OK, who exactly IS “their Creator” then? Broccoli? Sadly, you are a lost soul.

  • Thomas Logan


  • Laura Forster

    We need more Cubans like Mr. Rafael Cruz to speak to the younger generation of Cubans who have benefited from their parents and grand parents wisdom in coming to this country, learning what made America exceptional, and then never letting the younger generation forget where they came from. Then maybe, perhaps Dade County wouldn’t have gone to Obama. I agree Pastors are too silent.

    • Roly

      The Catholic Church has always preached against liberalism. I think “pastors” are too busy growing their bottom line. Time take a look at the Mother Church, my friend.

      • Chris

        You think the mother church is the Catholic Church? LOL I think not. I pray directly to God not to some saint or confess my sins to some priest behind a screen my sins are confessed to God. Whatever God’s will is let it be!

        • Anonymous

          Let’s not have that nonsense…
          Who are you, Oliver Cromwell?
          Catholics and Protestants are both Christian faiths.
          Don’t you know that?

      • Anonymous

        Roly, the Catholic church was all in for Obama and his evil and even after O has basically torn down their hospitals with his mandates they continue to follow. There is something rotten in Denmark here. What do you think?

    • X-Christian

      Pastors should keep their mouths shut!

      If Pastors open their mouths the next step will be to tax the churches. It is called separation of church and state. Go to school!
      And by the way – God is pretend. It is time to abandon that ancient nonsense.

      • yosappy

        You need to go to school. There is NO SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE IN THE CONSTITUTION! It says the legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” & per Thomas Jefferson’s LETTER, “thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.” Read the details here:
        So, in summary, Jefferson said it, meaning that the government cannot establish a religion, NOR PROHIBIT ANYONE FROM FREELY PRACTICING THEIR RELIGION. So, THE WALL, MEANs THAT THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT TELL US TO NOT PRACTICE OUR FAITH. Pastors have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, just like we all do. They cannot be taxed for FREELY SPEAKING. Please, either move to China or READ THE CONSTITUTION!

  • joe michael villa

    oh the irony?
    don’t you just love Irony?

    the new leader of the tea party and his father aren’t even natural born Americans.

    could you imagine if Obama had been born in a foreign land and had a dad as a Communist?

    Where is the birther outrage? Your silence is deafening.

    • Sam Fisher

      No the birthers are out their like you. You do realize joe racist villia that just because you come from Cuba does not make you a Communist.

    • Gary

      The outrage is that they love America more than you do, Joe.

  • Sam Fisher

    Why can’t we have more people like him moving in from other countries at least he is holding true to our values and now we see where his son gets it from.

    • X-Christian

      Rafael Cruz is a religious kook. We’d be better off without these last of the deluded who thinks a God exists. Time to retire these old ancient fables.

      He is ridiculous.

      • Sam Fisher

        As an x atheist I think you are just insane.

        • X-Christian

          There is nothing American about bullying clerics like Rafael Cruz. His ignorance of American history is not a surprise but his pushy bullshit about God is a disgrace.

          • Sam Fisher

            And your pushy bullshit about atheism is equally a disgrace. Can’t have it both ways hypocrite.

  • Willy Rho

    I like most Conservatives don’t like Barak Soebarkah, Obama’s last REAL Name.
    Because he is all things that are NOT American… First he is an Illegal alien, second he is a Communist, third, he is a Muslim, fourth, he hates Liberty and Freedom and The Rule of Law.

    The greatest example that can be verified easily, if one cares to know the
    TRUTH is:



    STOLEN. If he were really a USA citizen, he would have real Documents, the only
    reason not to have them is he Is NOT a USA citizen.


    Documents plus lucid thought that show The White House Slideshare Birth
    Certificate is not just a forgery, but a Laughably poor forgery at that. Obama
    must really have been rushed to present it, because it is awful and has a dozen
    “TELLS” of Forgery even a 5th grader can understand and believe.
    Anyone that thinks the same should copy this post and distribute it everywhere.

    A Simple Proof of Forgery. One does not need to be a rocket
    scientist or Adobe Acrobat Expert to see FRAUD in Barack Obama’s White house
    posted Birth Certificate. It is easy to see the Forgery “Tells”.
    White House Slide Share Website, in case you do not trust
    anyone, see it for yourself:

    Simple proofs/tells of forgery of Barack H Obama’s White House Birth
    Certificate. I am amazed that I can post proofs of Forgery on HIS, the COMMIES
    White House Website, and it is not removed by anyone. How Arrogant that
    Narcissist is.

    Here are some obvious “Proofs/Tells” of Forgery. A Teen in his
    underwear in his parents basement must have been the one to make this
    Absolutely Comedic Forgery of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate.

    Simple Proofs/Tells of forgery.

    1. Scratch Out in 18a & 19a. Official Gov Docs don’t have them.

    2. Check in 18a is fraud. No other Data Box on this doc or era typewriter has

    3. No reason for Delayed or Late registration. See why on the Aloha website in
    Note #7….!!!

    What Obama’s BC Note #7 says, “Born in Kenya, Registered in Hawaii”
    Per Grandmother! That is So Funny!

    4. Kerning did not exist in 1961. Data Entry Block 6c has overlapping
    characters: “ap”, “ty” and “Gy” overlap. That
    means they used Kerning to space the printed characters.

    5. Smiley face in Alvin’s Signature. Smiley not invented in 1961.

    6. The shadow “9”s in Data Block #9 and #12b mean the Data Block is
    Blank, nothing there. Duh, there is something there. Ms U Lee who signed this
    document is 96 years old and told Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo that the 9
    code is for a data base and it means the block is empty.

    7. See Real Hawaiian Registration of Obama’s Kenyan Birth.

    8. See Real Kenyan BC’s, both a Photocopy and a certified Copy at:

    Any of these Tells Proves the Document is a Forgery. This many says that it is
    an Amateurish and Comedic forgery.


    For you folks that have not seen The Liar In Chiefs Forged Selective Service
    Registration, the Forgery tell is so Simple a First Grader can see the Proof of

    All SSR’s have a 4 digit date code. Obama’s SSR is the only SSR in the Whole
    Universe of the Galaxies of all Space/Time that has only a 2 digit date code.
    The forger could not easily get a 1979 date so he did get a 2008 date block,
    cut it in half and flipped the “08” over, inserted the 08 into the stamp and stamped the “08”, instead of the 1979 as it should have been. All 18 year old males are required to register for the draft, at least that was so in 1979 when Obama supposedly turned 18. But anyway, the Point of the Fraudulent SSR is to make Americans “THINK” that Obama is an “American”. HE IS NOT ONE OF US.

    Oh PSS, It is a FELONY, to forge a government document and claim it as if it
    was valid. So Obama is a Felon for his SSR, and BC, and His Stolen SSN. There
    it is again, The Criminal In Chief of the USA, Barry Soebarkah.

    Oh, Yes the first ILLEGAL ALIEN THAT NEEDS TO BE CHECKED OUT ON E-VERIFY IS BARACK H OBAMA II. His Stolen Social Security number fails E-verify. It has been checked so many times by NON-Believer & Kool-Aid Haters that the SSA has disabled it from being checked. It starts with “042” which means it was issued in Connecticut. Hawaii prefixes are 575 and 576. Barack’s first job was at an Ice Cream Parlor in Hawaii and his parents never lived in Connecticut. The SSN is issued ONLY in your Home State.

    Please check it out for yourself. The Stolen SSN is, 042-68-4425. It is all over the internet, that Social Security Number belongs to Harrison J Bounel who was born in Russia in 1890 and was listed in a Connecticut Census in 1940. SSNs are not
    reissued. But I think that O’ILLEGALALIEN is trying to change that, by FIAT.

    You can read the story of the “skip Tracer that stumbled upon the data
    that links both Obama and Bounel to the same SSN: 042-68-4425. A story of the
    data and the connection was put together by a Skip Tracer named Albert
    Hendershot and can be viewed on the World Net Daily website at

    The video of Al Hendershot showing how he found that Obama and Bounel have the same SSN

    4) BARACK OBAMA’S LITERARY BIOS, WRITTEN BY HIMSELF, for Acton & Dystel, SAYS ‘BORN IN KENYA and raised in Indonesia”. Barack Obama’s Literary Bios was written by himself, don’t believe: “he did not write it”.

    LIARS LIE, CHEATERS CHEAT, AND MURDERERS, MURDER. AND Barak Soebarkah (his last real name), AKA Barry Soetoro, AKA Harrison J Bounel, AKA Barack H Obama II, AKA Barak Mounir Ubayd;

    Barack Obama HAS DONE ALL THREE.


  • Cindy Frasure

    Love this guy and Love Ted Cruz!!!

  • Skeeter McClusky

    Jesus foretold of the coming destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, knowing it would be done at the hands of the Roman Empire. Yet He never said rise up against the Romans. Instead He said: “Go and make disciples of all nations…” That included Rome and years later the apostle Paul did just that, leading the house of Caesar to Christ. If Christians simply voted with a ‘biblical world view,’ we wouldn’t be in the shape we are in. The ‘church’ is just as guilty of voting in atheist demagogues as is any other group. Pastors can preach till they’re blue in the face and the church still votes for those who will bring home the pork.

  • Angel Nova

    Ted has gotten his passion from his father. Why don’t this country have as many immigrants like him who stands up for and appreciative of our country instead of importing Muslims who hate us and want to destroy our freedom? Ted Cruz is the man to behold. I love and admire them both. 2016 is too long to wait.

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