Crowd of more than 2,000 thwarts Westboro Baptist Church protest

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The Westboro Baptist Church had all intentions of protesting the funeral of Army Ranger Cody James Patterson at Oregon State University in Corvallis on Sunday.

 Image source: PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube

But, as it turns out, the group was a no show.

“The Westboro Baptist Church was going to protest, yet again in Oregon of all places, and they were going to protest a military funeral because, quote, ‘God hates America, and is killing our troops in his wrath,’” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Now, that sounds like a party I want to attend. Westboro didn’t show up. More than 2,000 supporters showed up. And you can see the pictures up on TheBlaze of the patriots who showed up to protect this family and the funeral. I think that is absolutely, absolutely incredible.”

Here’s video of the huge wall of support for Patterson from PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube:

“You said that Westboro Baptist Church didn’t show up at all,” Stu asked. “I thought it was an interesting though because the Westboro Baptist Church says they are going to protest all these things. They get a million stories about them. And they don’t show up. They are getting all of the free publicity saying they were going to protest X funeral and Y event, and then they don’t show up. It’s continual attention that the media continually gives to them. They don’t show up, who reports that? They never report that Westboro Baptist Church didn’t show up. It’s not a news story.”

“I think it’s fine because it brings us together,” Glenn said. “I’m glad they don’t show up.”

  • Sam Fisher

    You know I am not a fan of gay marriage because of my beliefs but also think that the government needs to back the hell off of Marriage all together. If the church down the road supports it that is their business I will not go no big deal. As for these west boro morons I so badly want to knock their leaders face in. He preaches hatred to gays and anyone else that believes that they are at least human beings. Jesus would look at these idiots with anger at their hateful bigotry torts others.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      The leader of the Westboro teaches nothing but hate across the board; and he represents all which is wrong in someone professing to be Christian, but refusing to live up to the standards of the bible and Jesus.

    • Anonymous

      You know we are not to judge. God will make the final judgement on them, not us. They do however, need prayer, and we are commanded to pray for others. It is a shame they strive on hatred. And they don’t think for themselves they are lead by a really bad person.

      • Sam Fisher

        I know that but it always puts me in a bad mood seeing how I know a few Gay people might not agree with their choice but nicest people I have ever meet.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not call them a ‘church’. ALWAYS refer to them as what they are – a DEMOCRAT ACTIVIST GROUP.

    Fred Phelps ran for major office in Kansas as a Democrat no less than four times. He ran for governor on the Democrat ballot in 1990, 1994 and 1998 and for senator in 1992. Phelps received 11,000 votes, or seven percent, in 1990, he received 5,000 votes, or three percent, in 1994 and he picked up 15,000 votes, or 15 percent, in 1998. And in the senatorial contest in 1992 he garnered 49,000 votes, or 30 percent. Phelps furthermore ran as a Democrat candidate for mayor of Topeka in 1993 and 1997.

    Phelps also has been closely associated with Al Gore on several occasions throughout Gore’s career – Phelps’ son Fred, Jr. was a Gore delegate at the 1988 Democrat convention and the Phelpses hosted a Gore fundraiser in Topeka that year. Phelps claims that Westboro members “ran” Gore’s 1988 campaign in Kansas.

    Now, they are playing Alinsky’s game, pretending to be something they are not (Christian) in order to defame them (Christians).

    Democrats are scum.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Westboro, the only ‘fallen fool’ I saw was the idiot wearing the Che Guevara T-shirt. This was not a pagan orgy and Westboro Baptist Church is as far from Christian as Lucifer himself. If Westboro Baptist Church is Christianity (sarcasm) I’d rather go to hell.

    • Joan Bearden

      I was also not happy to see the Che t-shirt. I wish the people that wear anything with his picture on it would first find out what a horrible person he really was. But, I was so happy to see the crowd that showed up. Seeing the military, the bikers, the Oath Keepers and what looked like the entire town had me crying my eyes out. God bless America.

    • Anonymous

      Even Lucifer believes in Christ. Careful how you define a christian. But what you were trying to say was they aren’t christian because of their actions, to which I agree.

  • nutt

    They’re just trolls.

  • Anonymous

    The Westboro creeps are moslems. The sickening coven of ‘shit sacs’.

  • Anonymous

    They were certainly smart not to. Unfortunately, they may show at the next funeral. They certainly need prayer, because they promote so much hate.

  • Anonymous

    The Che T-shirt was, indeed, the only negative seen. And the wearer appeared to be much too young to realize what it is all about. Where are his parents or leaders who could gently educate him? School teachers, nowadays, might be lost, though.

    I do appreciate the show of solidarity for our fallen troops. It appeared to be a large and very respectful crowd, that was appreciated by the family, I’m sure.

    May he rest in peace, and God Bless Our Troops!

    Laus Deo

  • Richard De Cora

    When members of Westboro lose loved ones in the future, how would they like it if they had big protests at their funerals??

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