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The Westboro Baptist Church had all intentions of protesting the funeral of Army Ranger Cody James Patterson at Oregon State University in Corvallis on Sunday.

 Image source: PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube

But, as it turns out, the group was a no show.

“The Westboro Baptist Church was going to protest, yet again in Oregon of all places, and they were going to protest a military funeral because, quote, ‘God hates America, and is killing our troops in his wrath,’” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Now, that sounds like a party I want to attend. Westboro didn’t show up. More than 2,000 supporters showed up. And you can see the pictures up on TheBlaze of the patriots who showed up to protect this family and the funeral. I think that is absolutely, absolutely incredible.”

Here’s video of the huge wall of support for Patterson from PortlandMetroLiberty via YouTube:

“You said that Westboro Baptist Church didn’t show up at all,” Stu asked. “I thought it was an interesting though because the Westboro Baptist Church says they are going to protest all these things. They get a million stories about them. And they don’t show up. They are getting all of the free publicity saying they were going to protest X funeral and Y event, and then they don’t show up. It’s continual attention that the media continually gives to them. They don’t show up, who reports that? They never report that Westboro Baptist Church didn’t show up. It’s not a news story.”

“I think it’s fine because it brings us together,” Glenn said. “I’m glad they don’t show up.”