Glenn: We do need a fundamental transformation

We all remember the eerie words then-Senator Barack Obama delivered on the waning days of the 2008 campaign trail:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

In a surprising turn of events, Glenn found himself agreeing with the President on radio this morning… kind of.

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“I wrote some notes yesterday, while listening to some church talks. I don’t know who was even speaking, and I don’t know what I actually heard,” Glenn said. “But this is what I wrote down: Transformation is good and it is needed.”

Yes, that’s right, Glenn found himself writing that our country is indeed in need of a transformation, though its doubtful it’s the same kind of transformation the President had in mind.

“Now, I can’t believe I wrote those words because we’ve been talking about fundamental transformation for awhile,” Glenn said. “But you know what? Fundamental transformation is what we need. We do need a fundamental transformation… But it’s not the kind that we’re getting.”

President Obama has become known for his apologist tendencies – in many cases telling our enemies they are justified in their disdain for America. While Glenn agreed there is plenty of evil in America’s past, he disagreed with the President’s tactics.

“There are a couple of things that our President has tried to do. He’s gone around the world apologizing. He’s gone around the world, gone around our country and told us how bad we are as a nation. And in some things, not the things that he talks about usually, but I’ve done much of the same thing. I’ve talked about how bad we’ve been in certain things,” Glenn explained. “What we did to the Native Americans; what we did to African-Americans. Horrible. The way we’ve behaved in the Middle East, not as our soldiers but as our government, in our lifetimes. Horrible. What we’re currently doing. Horrible. And there’s something to say for bringing shame and sorrow on to ourselves to see what we have done.”

“Sorrow is good when it breaks a nation and then empowers them to be better than they ever were. But when sorrow is turned into guilt and someone uses guilt to destroy, to pin down, to create more hardship and more sorrow and more anger and divisiveness, it’s wrong,” Glenn said. “We do need a fundamental transformation, we do. I don’t know if this generation will get there. I fear it won’t. But I hope it does. We have to look for those things that are authentic, real, true, and everlasting. Will we ever really be able to connect with the things that we hold self-evident… We have to build a better man, a better person inside each of us. And when we do, people will want to be a part of that. We have to be people of decency. We have to be a people of honor, charity, and a people of big vision. A brighter tomorrow is on the horizon, should we choose it.”

  • Sam Fisher

    It is sad when we need fundamental transformation to gain back freedom and honor but that is what we need to do. Most young Conservatives are misfits of our generation and very proud of it and it will be using the end that help this dream to come true so reach out to us and teach us to be wise so we can take on this monster of government.

    • Draxx

      The damn idiots we have in charge of America are doing their damn best to Ruin the Country Beyond Repair And Offer Communism/Facism As The Alternative By Saying What We Had In Place Didn’t Work (Even Though They F**ked It Up!)… We better change it back to a prosperous nation again fast, before they actually succeed!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn! You would sell a maggot infested hunk of hamburger as a perfectly tender piece of filet mignon to all your Glenbots. We as a society may indeed need to go through a fundamental transformation. And it can start with all the Glenbots that make up your audience, turning you off and pitching you into the unwanted Snake Oil salesman dumpster. You could also be part of this transformation by doing something about the severe case of Obama Derangement Syndrome that you have. Perhaps just a small amount of LOVE and understanding would be a start. Of coarse there may not be a lot of money for you in that remedy. Put it might be a good start for both you and your listeners.

    • Draxx

      Get your head out of your ass!!! This is the Absolute Worst President In The History Of The United States, even Nixon would be preferrable to the Obummer Loser as the POTUS!

      • HonorWarrior

        The guy before President Obama was much worse. Bush shat his pants in front of a classroom of kids, and will always be known as the Wet Fart President

        • Draxx

          Maybe we should nickname him “Dirty Legs!”…

          • HonorWarrior

            Bush already has a nickname: Wet Fart

        • greywolfrs

          I see Moobthedunce has another account. You dumb M F ers actually think you can put one over on anyone. The only problem is you spout the same B S and believe no one will notice. You idiots make multiple accounts to try and get people to believe there are more of you than there actually are. You are some of the dumbest M F ers to have ever lived. Now, go pull a train with Vicki tiffany the coward and his life partner marburyvsmadisen, because you are fooling no one here.

    • Mark Bigger

      what an uneducated and uninformed person, Glen knows…

    • William Fisher

      You clearly have no knowledge of Glenn Beck nor what he professes. Keep watching Katie Couric and you will join the rest of the lemmings as America is led into destruction. Kent, I beg you to start doing research instead of just listening to what the drones on your TV are telling you. It’s time to wake up sir.

      • Draxx

        Yep William, with this administration Ignorance Is Not Bliss, But Suicide!

    • Sue Herbstreit

      I will pray for you kent…you seem to be so lost!

    • Guest

      Glenn could start by getting off the Koch brothers’ payroll, the sane self-serving corporate interests/establishment that he claims to despise.

      • greywolfrs

        OK, so you have yet another user name, vicki tiffany the coward. Hey stupid, as soon as you stop buying anything from any corporation, then you can talk. Dumb M F er.

        • Average Joe.

          Victor is employed by a Fortune 500 company and he uses their resources to promote his communist views while at work. He’s a #1 hypocrite.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn could start by getting off the Koch brothers’ payroll, the same self-serving billionaire corporate interests/establishment that he claims to despise.

      • William Fisher

        Do any of you guys have anything intelligent to add to the conversation other than to slam Beck? How about explaining why these Socialist/Marxist policies will work here in the U.S. when they have clearly already failed in Europe? Wanny try that.

        • Anonymous

          Wow, that is quite a leap in faith to assume that just b/c I’m
          exposing Beck for who he is must mean I’m a “dreaded socialist”! My point was simply to STRONGLY encourage
          everyone to find their own truth through the work of independent investigative
          journalists, NOT THROUGH highly paid media pundits who are no more than wolves
          dressed up in sheep’s clothing — well paid spokespersons for just a
          different group of the same type of self-serving crony capitalists who are claiming to be
          something they’re not – oh, and crony capitalism IS what we have now, and
          clearly THAT is NOT working!

      • greywolfrs

        Why did you make another account, vicki tiffany the coward? Did you really think no one would know it was you? You are a complete moron.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry to disappoint. Oh, but your contribution to this discussion has been oh so awe inspiring, enlightening, and intellectual, LOL.

  • ellievl

    Glenn, Fear Not! D.C. is clearly on a pathway to self destruct! I believe God has small companies of His chosen one’s who will then rise and re claim “One Nation under God!” I am counting on you to be leading this charge! Start believing it and speaking it! Verbally claim victory over this present darkness! I believe it provides power to our Holy Angels who warfare on our behalf in the heavenly realm!!
    ” For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against those mighty powers of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.”
    Ephesian 6:12. The Bible NLT

  • Dicke Strong Cordzrich

    The fundamental change for America should be losing Weight , lead the Example Glenn , Obesity number one health care cost , also health related issues topping smoking .

    • Dicke Strong Cordzrich

      So basically America is eating its self into Slavery

  • Anonymous

    Yes, we need a fundamental transformation away from Obama’s negativity and socialistic actions.

    Love, even to love our enemies (loving BHO is difficult for me right now!), might just drive them nuts!

    Love of truth, and expressing it in a positive fashion, certainly beats a negative rant any day.

    Tea Party mentality beats leftist derogatory twisting of the truth if we can but be heard, and get the truth out. That will go a long way to effect that positive transformation of people’s thinking.

    Laus Deo

  • joe johnsson

    I love it when Glenn talks of divisiveness, as if he hasn’t made millions from it…

  • Gary Robert Jones

    You are all deluded,there is no god,and countries like China,India and Brazil are surging ahead, there is nothing you can do its the end of Empire.Read Barbara Tuchman the march of folly,

  • Richard De Cora

    Jekyll and Hyde, now there was a “transformation!!”

  • Anonymous

    From “A”merica 2 “E”merica. The electronic transformation. Gold 2 paper 2 plastic.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    By no means would our stress and discontent be eliminated under a collectivist system where authority’s orders replace liberty’s choices.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    Patriots: Arm yourself against the mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Anonymous

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