Nice try: Obama attempts to make excuses for the Obamacare rollout glitches

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President Obama addressed the American people from the Rose Garden this morning about the seemingly endless steam of glitches that has accompanied the Obamacare rollout.

“What do you want to bet he’s [going to say he’s] embarrassed by this, he’s going to take ownership,” Pat asked on radio this morning ahead of the President’s remarks.

“No, the best he’ll say is, ‘Look, if you need to blame this on somebody, you need to blame it on me,” Glenn responded.

Glenn decided to play some of the President’s speech as it was going on.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: … So today, I want to speak to every American who’s looking to get affordable health insurance. I want you to know what’s available to you and why it may be a good deal for you. And for those who’ve had some problems with the website, I want to tell you what we’re doing to make it work better and how you can sign up to get covered in other ways.

But before I do that, let me remind everybody that the Affordable Care Act is not just a website. It’s much more. For the vast majority of Americans — for 85 percent of Americans who already have health insurance through your employer or Medicare or Medicaid -– you don’t need to sign up for coverage through a website at all. You’ve already got coverage. What the Affordable Care Act does for you is to provide you with new benefits and protections that have been in place for some time. You may not know it, but you’re already benefiting from these provisions in the law.

I want you to know what’s available to you and why it may be a good deal for you. And for those who have had some problems with the website, I want to tell you what we’re doing to make it work better and how you can sign up to get covered in other ways. But before I do that, let me remind everybody that the affordable care act is not just a web site. It’s a law. It’s much more. For the vast majority of Americans, 85% of Americans who already have health insurance through your employer or Medicare or Medicaid, you don’t need to sign up for coverage through a web site at all. You’ve already got coverage. What the affordable care act does for you is to provide you with new benefits and protections that have been in place for sometime. You may not know it but you are already benefitting from these provisions in the law.

“That’s Cloward and Piven,” Glenn interjected.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: For example, because of the Affordable Care Act, young people like Jasmine Jennings, and Jessica Ugalde, and Ezra Salop, all of whom are here today, they’ve been able to stay on their parents’ plans until they’re 26. Millions of other young people are currently benefiting from that part of the law. Another part of the Affordable Care Act is providing seniors with deeper discounts on their prescription medicine. Billions of dollars have been saved by seniors already. That’s part of the law. It’s already in place. It’s happening right now.

Already, because of the Affordable Care Act, preventive care like mammograms and birth control are free through your employers. That’s part of this law.

“Let’s clap for that,” Stu qipped.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So there are a wide range of consumer protections and benefits that you already have if you’ve got health insurance. You may not have noticed them, but you’ve got them, and they’re not going anywhere. And they’re not dependent on a website.

Here’s another thing that the Affordable Care Act does. In states where governors and legislatures have wisely allowed it, the Affordable Care Act provides the opportunity for many Americans to get covered under Medicaid for the first time.

“That’s because it was ruled unconstitutional,” Stu interjected. “But don’t mention that.”

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So in Oregon, for example, that’s helped cut the number of uninsured people by 10 percent just in the last three weeks. Think about that. That’s 56,000 more Americans who now have health care. That doesn’t depend on a website.

“That doesn’t depend on a website, Stu,” Pat joked.

“We’ll be looking at the numbers in upcoming shows,” Stu promised.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Now, if you’re one of the 15 percent of Americans who don’t have health insurance — either because you can’t afford it or because your employer doesn’t offer it, or because you’re a small businessperson and you have to go out on the individual market and buy it on your own and it’s just too expensive — October 1st was an important date. That’s when we opened the new marketplaces where people without health insurance, or who can’t afford health insurance, or who aren’t part of a group plan, can finally start getting affordable coverage.

And the idea is simple. By enrolling in what we’re calling these marketplaces, you become part of a big group plan — as if you were working for a big employer — a statewide group plan that spreads risk between sick people and healthy people, between young and old, and then bargains on your behalf for the best deal on health care. What we’ve done is essentially create a competition where there wasn’t competition before. We created these big group plans, and now insurers are really interested in getting your business. And so insurers have created new health care plans with more choices to be made available through these marketplaces.
And as a result of this choice and this competition, prices have come down.

“Prices have come down,” Pat asked.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: When you add the new tax credits that many people are eligible for through the law, then the prices come down even further.

“They haven’t come down,” Stu said.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So one study shows that through new options created by the Affordable Care Act, nearly 6 in 10 uninsured Americans will find that they can get covered for less than $100 a month. Think about that.

“How can they get by with the lies,” Pat asked exasperatedly. “And he has lies on a regular basis. And he still gets away with it.”

“Because the media won’t do anything. People aren’t reading that stuff anymore. Most people are starting to get news from places like Jon Stewart. Go look at the front of the front page of the Huffington Post. You think they are doing these things? They will say, ‘That was a lie.’ And they just move on from it and bury it on page 2. The lies that this guy has told, especially on healthcare and everything else, are just staggering,” Glenn said. “And unless you have a media that will actually hold their feet to the fire and say, ‘No, you know what, Mr. Carney go get your boss because we’re not going to leave here. We’re just not going to leave here because none of this Benghazi stuff makes any sense. And we want some answers on it.’ ‘You know what, Mr. Carney, we’re not going to leave here. Why don’t you go get your boss because we want to find out about healthcare? We want the numbers. Give us the numbers. We want the numbers.’ ‘You know what, Mr. Carney, you go ahead and go get your boss because you don’t seem to have the answers.’ ‘The president is the one saying that he’s not going to negotiate. The Republicans have done all of that. Why don’t you go get your boss because you seem to be a complete moron. Or you are lying to us, Mr. Carney. Which is it?’”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Bonnie Somer

    cloward and piven and alinsky and hitler keep repeating lies there is always someone who believes it. this man always lies he makes u believe its true that is c. sunstein. He does not care what is wrong w/it it is all about taxes and power and control over everyone to be slaves to govt that is what he wants what people will soon learn is this THE GOP IS RIGHT THEY HAVE THE ACES IN THE HAND AND POWER OF THE PURSE THEY CAN DEFUND ANYTHING THEY WANT AND OR FUND IT THEY KNOW THAT THE SEC OF TREAS CAN USE THE TAX MONIES TO PAY THE INT ON THE DEBT AND KEEP THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IN FAILING UNION SCHOOLS THEY WANT STUPID PEOPLE, THIS IS WHAT STATISTS DO

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and it becomes accepted truth. In the matter of Obamacare, we have seen the truth of the Vichy Republicans; they are only in office for their prestige, power, control and profit.

      It’s past time to boot them and get real Constitutional Republicans into office in their place.

      • Anonymous

        the same accounts for the democrats

      • Anonymous

        Takes one to know one I say.

  • Donny May

    6 in 10 get coverage for under a hundred bucks a month. Is that the percentage of Americans that are on welfare now?

    • Anonymous

      yeah sure $100 premium with a (minimum) of $3000 deduction, we all have this measly 3 grand laying around

      • Anonymous

        LOL the deductible is higher than that. I laugh at the fact that these idiots voted for, and STILL support the people that brought them a healthcare plan that not only charges them over double what they currently pay, THEN they have to pay out of pocket until they reach that pesky $5,000 deductible. So…if your monthly premium is say…$750 per month, that’s $9,000 per year PLUS the out of pocket expenses IF you go to a doctor. No freebies since YOU are paying the doctor visits until you hit the five grand mark. Then there’s the additional prescription fees….

        The healthy young are the ones supposedly carrying the burden, but THEY are allowed to stay on mom and dad’s plan until they’re 26….WHO is going to pay for all of this?

        I say we all just “forget” to mail in our checks on April 15th. See how far NO MONEY to feed the fed goes.

    • Anonymous

      Heck no everyone is on welfare, food stamps, unemployment you name it they are probably on it or waiting to get on it.

  • Sam Fisher

    Oh Obama it sucks stop trying to sell us snake oil. Oh and liberals why do you support segregation because that is what Obamacare is set up to do?

    • Anonymous

      He thinks we are fools. Most of America are fools. Hitler said, “It is good for me that people are so stupid.”

      • Anonymous

        At least Hitler made people work for their money!

    • Manuel Torres

      How is it that even blacks and latinos do not see the enslavement coming. I had someone recently ask me why I say such things. As a person raised on cryptonite work ethics in NYC I would feel trapped and in desperation if I had to sit around until the 1st of the month. Is that not enslavement.

      I am not including in my comments any American Citizen that is enslaved to the government from birth or from personal inabilities to earn your own. I speak of those that could but won’t because they think it’s free money (Obama Stash). They think they are getting away with something. Let the rich pay for it they got money. Hmmm, if you worked maybe you could have money someday, that’s my plan.

  • Anonymous

    What’s everyone so afraid of? I think the Affordable healthcare scam, I mean act is going to work as well as everything that the Democrats conjure up.———————————- oh I see—————thats what everyone’s afraid of ——————- sorry!

  • Anonymous

    When will the right stop repeating the key “words” of the Dems??? Stop with the word “glitches”. Do what they do and use your own word for it. Ala, stop being lazy

    • Anonymous

      Well Obama used his own word for it. He changed it to “kinks”. Sounds so much easier to fix than glitches, don’t you think? 😉 Just give him time to make it all “betterer”. << I'm pretty sure he made up that word.

  • Margaret Leffingwell

    It is beyond belief that the POTUS is now the world’s most recognizable insurance salesman. “An here is our 800 number….”

  • Anonymous

    This president spent millions on the website that doesn’t work. I am tired of his excuses. People need to see the lies and lack of taking responsibility and lack of transparency. If you can’t see who this person is by now, you never will.

    Many are being dropped from their insurance that he said you could keep. How are we to trust this Obamacare when the time comes that our family needs immediate healthcare? I can just imagine the confusion that will occur when you need a MRI or surgery. Hundreds will be waiting on a wait list in order to receive care. If their website goes down during that time, forget about it, you will most likely die. Either way they will not rush to your aid.

    • Anonymous

      what Rosa said I’m shocked that someone can make $8750 in 4 weeks on the computer….ViewMore——————————————

    • sphenoid

      “Many are being dropped from their insurance that he said you could keep.”

      The law allows for plans to be grandfathered in. It appears that insurance companies are allowing this on some of their plans and canceling policies or re-enrolling others. The system and laws allow some lee-way to the public and the companies to keep their current coverage by allowing plans to be grandfathered in. Placing 100% blame on the President or the architects of the law for the actions of insurance companies under market forces is not completely correct.

      • Anonymous

        I hold the President and the architects fully responsible. They knew exactly what would occur when Obamacare was implemented. They knew it would be a matter of time that a single payer would be put in place because of these issues. Obama himself said it would take time for the single payer to be put in place. He knew that healthcare costs would go up and that people would be dropped eventually. All of this was planned and the insurance companies are also involved in this plan. These companies concerned will make a lot of money off of the misery of thousands of Americans. You can’t tell insurance companies to offer all these benefits for everyone including having our children on the policy till 26 and not expect the costs to go up. We have been misled. The President knew he was lying to the American people when he got this act passed while making deals behind closed doors. This is not the American way. I blame the President for his lack of transparency as well. Nancy Pelosi saying that we need to pass it to find out what is in it is inexcusable. Forcing people to buy a product is not constitutional. Three thousand pages that were never read by the congress or senate before voting on it is also criminal. We need to hold our elected officials accountable.

        If this is not the President’s fault and the insurance companies fault, then who do you feel is to blame? Bush?

  • Anonymous

    It’s Bush’s fault!!

    • Leigh

      Seriously??? Or are you just being sarcastically funny?

  • narcolepsy

    join the ‘one finger nation’ now!

  • narcolepsy

    ‘as if you were working for one big employer’…..but you pay instead of getting paid…it really IS a simple idea!!!

  • narcolepsy

    join it yourself, bambo…

  • Anonymous

    Marxist philosophy advocates the state (government) taking over health care as a means of control. It is not about you or your family’s health care at all. The sooner people understand that and wake up and smell the coffee hopefully the sooner we can scuttle the entire scam. If we don’t, it will be a horrible albatross around our necks. Interesting that the DC kings and queens and unions don’t want to be subject to the obamascam mandate. That should tell us all we need to know.

    • Manuel Torres

      They will only wake up if ACA is repealed… or when the mailbox is empty on the 1st of the month.

      Not meant for those who are in transition or have a temporary need or have no ability of their own.

    • greywolfrs

      Of course it isn’t about health care, if it were, it wouldn’t be about insurance companies and what they HAVE to offer and set coverage. They would have made hospitals non-profits, like it used to be.

      • Anonymous

        It is about controlling us. They know everything about us and the IRS is now involved asking how much you earn in order to tell you how much your premiums will be. Forget about no pre-existing conditions. They ask you questions about your past health. All of these questions determine how much they charge you.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone that voted for it should have to take it. We should demand what they vote is good enough for us, is also good for them. Maybe next time they will think about voting for something knowing it will affect their family too. You are right. This is very much like a monarchy.

      How about a peaceful demonstration in front of the White House? Too much apathy in this country.

  • Anonymous

    When will this guy’s lies see the light of Day? Who’s going to call him on it??
    I’m not bailing out the ACA if it doesn’t make numbers by March. It may not matter – that could be what they want, and completely Nationalize healthcare under single payer.
    I wonder, will that be enough to pull the rest across the red line and say, “That is ENOUGH!”

  • Rob

    “Free through your employers”…
    Its scary he thinks that way.

    • Manuel Torres

      When you have never generated a dollar on your own everything is free. Ask my kids.

  • Anonymous

    BTW – thank God they haven’t regulated the MUTE BUTTON function onTV’s & Computer’s/Smart Devices!!

  • ObamaCareScam

    How can anybody believe the nonsense this clown spews. There’s nothing affordable about this.

  • ObamaCareScam

    Don’t worry folks the website will be fixed in no time.

  • Guest

    “That’s Cloward and Piven,” Glenn interjected.

    Beck has NEVER demonstrated comprehension of Cloward and Piven’s theory to fight poverty.

    Glenn Beck: “let them die!”

    • Anonymous

      we’ve been fighting poverty for 50 years by the demoncrats and what has been improved????????? When you contribute to the needy as much as beck you can spount your idiocy!!!!!!

      • Gadamer too

        Beck shovels money at his church. The rest he collects from gullible suckers who can’t hear his lies.

        And the word is “spout.” Learn to spell and punctuate. Beck preys on the semi-literate.

    • Its me, Bruce

      Why is it all the ignorant ass hats post as “Guest”?

      • Gadamer too

        Ask your reactionary allies. I learned this trick from them, and you’re deflecting. Address Beck’s ignorance about Cloward and Piven or just STFU.

    • Anonymous

      Hmm… Alright, please enlighten us. In two or three paragraphs, please expound. (This ought to be good….)

      • Gadamer too

        Sure: Cloward and Piven wanted to overwhelm NYC gov’t with welfare claims hoping that the federal gov’t would change welfare and provide a minimum income for all.

        There is no super-structure over the federal gov’t who can come in and bale out the US gov’t, and we don’t need one. Point is, Cloward and Piven’s theory simply does not apply to the federal government. Beck doesn’t grasp that, never has, but keeps spouting his ignorant “Cloward and Piven” line as if he has a clue.

        He doesn’t.

    • Manuel Torres

      What a moron. If Republicans are all about money grubbing;
      Riddle me this. Why would they want to kill the sector of the population that makes them the most money.

      Are you at least intelligent enough to know that Bill Gates would be a poor man if he depended on the rich to buy Windows and Microsoft Office. Warren Buffet would make less than his secretary if he depended on the rich to buy Geico Insurance.

      So there goes your theory. Which I know is not yours you got that BS line from Pelosi and Reid.

      • Anonymous

        You are totally right. Guest can not think for himself or he would come up with a more intelligent conversation. What an imbecile, the scary part is that over 30% of this nation must think like him and another 22% are not sure about anything that is how the Left wins their arguments.

        • Gadamer too

          Did you read the Cloward and Piven essay that Beck distorts? Do you know what you’re writing about?

          I didn’t think so.

      • Gadamer too

        Why would business people support tea bagger pols who voted recently to crash the economy? I guess that they’re dumb.

        And Beck has NEVER demonstrated comprehension of Cloward and Piven’s theory. That comes from my reading of their essay, not Pelosi, Reid or anyone else.

        Gates has ZERO to do with my comment.

        • Manuel Torres

          Really that’s what the Tea Party voted for?

          You do not comprehend the Cloward and Piven Theory. I’m not all that sure how much Beck comprehends. However, I will say that being raised in NYC liberalism is by osmosis.

          But I was awoken one day as I accidentally found a copy of a college paper on Cloward and Piven that someone left behind on the train. I was fascinated by the so called Cloward and Piven Strategy. Such high regard for the poor and the minorities. Then after some years of paying attention I realized that I was able to comprehend the strategy and as a minority I didn’t like it one bit. Collapse the local welfare systems stating valuable reasons, create racial chaos, for very good reasons and then (they do not actually say this of course) take over with grandiose promises reboot the entire system, and enslave via entitlements the poor. It’s not about race. Race is just volatile enough to get people angry and riled up. It’s really about the classes. There is no money to be made whether someone is black or white but plenty to be made from poor masses. Did you know that unlike water which flows down, money flows up.

          Yea, Gates nor common sense have nothing to do with your comment either but you wrote it anyway. It’s a statement not an insult.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s vicki tiffany the coward. Cloward and Piven is the way to collapse the system, you moron.

      • Gadamer too

        You don’t understand the theory either, so get off your high rocking horse little boy. rs = really stupid.

        • greywolfrs

          I understand it perfectly, the whole thing is designed to collapse the system. You are a complete dipshit, vicki tiffany the coward.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, when I was 17, I graduated high school and went to work immediately. I received a scholarship at a major university and became a full-time student and worked full-time! I paid my own way. My parents no longer covered me, I was out on my own. i earned two degrees, enrolled as a full-time student, while I was married, with two children and worked full-time.

    What is it with our deadbeat children that need to be on their parents policy until age 26, with mom and dad providing for them? I understand the rare exception, however, this seems to have become an expected “need”.

    • Guest

      Shockingly indifferent, yet cruel.

      • Rob


        It is an honest question. Since when does child equal 26?

        • Gadamer too

          When can most young people who are just getting underway in life, afford health care insurance? Obamacare helps them. Because they are struggling to get by on a crappy job earning minimum wage doesn’t mean that their “deadbeat.”

          To answer your question: when they are supporters of Glenn Beck, and it goes up to death. Adults are not sucked in by his deceitful, reactionary propaganda.

      • Anonymous

        its called responsibility, which you demoncrats wouldn’t know anything about!!!!!

        • Gadamer too

          I’m a Republican, but not a cruel heartless bastard like you.

      • Anonymous

        Ya know….Sometimes the truth is painful. If you consider the truth to be “indifferent” or “cruel”, well, so be it.

        • Gadamer too

          I know: it’s a Republican thing. Let them die.

    • Manuel Torres

      Like you I am very upset with the whole 26 years of age still covered under mom and dad.

      I advocate for a change in this law 72 years of age is better. If you are still depending on mom and dad at 26 your screwed anyway so let’s go all the way. At 72 you gotta get your own coverage man.

      “Training America To Be Dependant on The Government”
      Thomas Jefferson as he wrote the US Constitution.

      • sphenoid

        It’s more the fact that sometimes it can be difficult for a young person to find a job that offers health care to a new employee. This is stipulation is part of the goal to increase the availability of insurance and the amount of people who are covered, since the cost of healthcare is dramatically decreased when people are able to get acute care sooner and preventive treatment when necessary, as part of the drive to decrease the high cost of care in the United States. Insuring a young population is also relatively cheap because of less medical complications.

        • Manuel Torres

          Poor young people huh?

          That’s the spirit. Tell them how hard it is for them and how they should live with mommy forever for she will protect them and give them healthcare.

          What the hell has happened to America?

          And who the heck told you that there has ever been or ever will be a dramatic decreased in healthcare cost.

          The only dramatic decrease in cost that I’ve ever seen is our communication infrastructure. My parents phone bill when I was young was about. $125 – $150 monthly. I now have the most advanced communications capability available for about the same cost only includes an additional 2 cell phones. Why? Private enterprise.

          Some scary stuff I read in these comments.

          • sphenoid

            The word “dramatic” was not found in my comment about healthcare costs.

            By “decreasing” I was referring to the drive to slow the percentage increase of yearly healthcare costs, which has spiraled out of control over the past several decades (which I’m sure you’re aware of). We spend a TON of money per capita on healthcare relative to other industrialized nations. Change has to occur in how we deliver healthcare across a large spectrum of the entire industry to make sure we start out healthy, live healthy, stay healthy, and die healthy, as much as possible. (It’d also be nice if people watched what they ate and made good life choices, but it’s a free country after all.)

            Since we are still growing as a nation, the absolute dollar amount we spend will grow, but the healthcare industry now is trying to achieve better outcomes with a less amount of increasing money being spent from year to year. There is a great deal of what you called “private enterprise” occurring inside the healthcare field with new systems of patient delivery being developed (such PCMH, ACO, etc.) to combat the rising tide of cost.

            That’s a part of fiscal conservatism that nearly anyone can get behind.

          • Anonymous

            Death panels will be the way they will achieve spending less money from year to year. Don’t think for a moment they will take care of the very sick or elderly people seeing how expensive it would be. In the words of Obama, just give them a pill.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently the 2013 breed of young “American” sadly doesn’t share your work ethic Jim.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with you, Jim480. And, I would take it a step further and suggest the voting age be raised accordingly. After all, if you’re not responsible enough to get your own insurance, you surely shouldn’t be voting.

    • Brian Benton

      Could it be that in this sorry jobs market that the Dems have helped to create that young people cannot get jobs that provide health care and this is the way that Obama and the Dems are covering up for their mismanagement of the economy.

  • Ronald Glen Hogue

    If you think you are getting a good deal under obamacare ACA; then you have another think coming… I have a friend that needs back and hip surgery, and medicare will cover this surgery, but they won’t cover the drugs to put her to sleep for the surgery – so do you want to have back surgery or any other surgery where you can’t have the medication for the surgery because you would have to pay for that out of pocket??? I’m on Medicare and I received my book that describes my plan… It has 2 columns listed for each coverage, It shows in the first column what my coverage is in 2013, and in the second column, It tells me what will be included or EXCLUDED in 2014, and many of my benefits have been TAKEN AWAY – even though my medicare and supplement premiums haven’t changed… THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING… I hope all you people who are depending on insurance for the first time will be happy with having surgery without the medication that puts you to sleep for the surgery – It’s going to be very painful, and if you don’t have the surgery – what good is having the insurance???

    • Manuel Torres

      The drugs are the best part of the surgery! WTH

    • sphenoid

      It sounds like the anesthesiologist for that surgery at that hospital is not covered under Medicare. Your friend should talk to the hospital financing department about another anesthesiologist or go to another facility. The Affordable Care Act sets up an insurance system and protections for people, but it doesn’t force physicians to contract with every insurance plan, even Medicare.

      I’m curious to know what benefits are specifically excluded for you now in 2014. The insurance plans on the exchange must include things in 2014 that weren’t before, such as mental health and maternity care.

    • Rubygirl

      You are correct, Ronald!! Medicare is being looted to pay for o/c!!!! This man lies, lies, lies!!!! Medicare coverage benefits have dropped, the “gap” has increased and most drugs have moved up one or 2 tiers, costing more. “Discounted” presc. drugs are certainly not discounted much.

      As I said, the man stands in front of the American people and lies!!

  • Leigh

    I can’t get healthcare for under 100 bucks. I don’t even qualify in my area. I am an unemployed caregiver, the only income in my home is from my father’s disability. He’s already covered, but I can’t get anything cheaper than 249 bucks a month with a 10,000 dollar deductible. Lies, lies, lies…. I’m seriously considering not even filing a tax return this year.

    • sphenoid

      Do you qualify for state Medicaid? Did your state expand Medicaid coverage? There is a population of people that have an income in between the amount that qualifies for Medicaid and the amount that qualifies for an insurance subsidy on an exchange. Those states that didn’t expand Medicaid (many in the South) will have this group of people and no viable public assistance option for them. If this is your case, the problem would be with your state rather than federal government.

      • TBI

        Make everybody a freeloader, that’s the answer. Now, figure out how they can cover a 12 K deductible, will everybody help pay that as well.

        • sphenoid

          If we didn’t have public assistance programs, we would be like India or some African nations: tons of people living in poverty, rampant disease, and a small population at the top living like kings. I don’t know about you, but that’s not the kind of place that I want to live in. Stop being selfish.

  • mistah ARK

    Does any one have any reason not to believe the President on this? I mean other than the fact that he’s lied countless times previously, but as much as we’d all like to base all future opinions of him on that, it’s a logical fallacy.

    Now I certainly am not defending him, merely trying to be educated in an area I don’t know much about.

    Would ObamaCare be unconstitutional if we didn’t have to pay a fine to opt out?

    Is EVERYONE actually getting a better deal this way?

    Are people actually able to continue with their current healthcare plans, as he says?

    Please fill in any important areas I’m leaving out.

    Also, am I correct in assuming that this is beneficial to the healthcare companies, but in-proportionately detrimental to pretty much all other employers who offer healthcare packages?

    • sphenoid

      Plans can be grandfathered in, but they have to contain all of the new consumer protections that are in place, such as removing pre-existing condition exclusions and making lifetime limits on policies illegal. The insurance company can still cancel the policy, your doctor could choose not to have a contract with that company, etc. so there are more variables about keeping the plan intact than any one entity (such as the federal government) can control.

      Employers are either mandated or incentivized to offer group health insurance depending on how big they are. If small, they are not required to offer packages and the law doesn’t affect them much. There are many rules so if you are really interested you should search it.

  • Anonymous

    Obama and his administration couldn’t run a kids lemonade stand

    • Anonymous

      of course not ,they wouldn’t get a “permission” in the first place

    • Anonymous

      Of course not since there would be 50 business licenses that would be required and if the lemonade spilled and made a puddle then the EPA would come in and confiscate the ground the stand was erected upon claiming wet-lands!! lol

  • ObamaCareScam
  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for everyone’s whose job it was to listen. How can anyone sit through the Marxist rhetoric and report on it without biased opinion? The guy is a total wreck and everything he says has been scripted by those pulling the stings. Why not just let Jarrett get in front of the cameras instead…at least it will give some meaning to the words albeit wrong!

    • Anonymous

      or Soros

  • Anonymous

    so Oblabla spend $600 mill on this crap, hmmm reminds me on Solybdra the solar crap that didn’t work, cant stand on its own and cost us the taxpayer $500 mill, what a coincidence

    • Jacqueline Cahill

      Yes, it cost all this money and more shit that don’t work. Why in the hell was that money at least not given to an AMERICAN company? Ugh!!!!

  • Reta Aronson

    The people are sick of the President and the total incompetency of every member of his cabinet and appointees.

  • Christopher Shimp

    If all the enrollees were treated like they were in a ‘big group plan’, why are all the premiums different for everyone ? His way of even trying to explain what Oct. 1 means is a lie. Group plans are the same for every employee. Unless you discriminate. But our government wouldn’t do that now would they ? LOL… Are we witnessing a downfall like those in Detroit did before they moved out ? Camden, NJ ? Its like the plague that has been killing our inner cities has spread to all of us !

    • sphenoid

      The government can’t “discriminate” against people in the insurance exchanges (if that is what you are referring to). If there is any discrimination, it would be the insurance plan’s fault but not the federal government, since the Affordable Care Act sets up the exchange and mandates certain protections for the consumer. Now, people can’t be discriminated against because of gender, for instance. Older people can only be charged up to 3 times the rate of younger people, perhaps that is what you are talking about? Before the Act, older people were charged up to 5 times more.

      • Rubygirl

        sphenoid, it seems to me that you want to blame everything on the “insurance company”….free markets will handle the insurance companies!! Every post you’ve made is o/c is WONDERFUL, insurance companies BAD!!

        Are you a facilitator? I mean this honestly, not sarcasm!!

        • Tony Viscardi

          But you can bet he can’t explain where the money to pay for it is going to come from. Pre-existing conditions cost lots of money that the middle class will be on the hook for. He also can’t explain why it is already 3 times over budget and getting worse daily. I don’t know too many who have seen their premiums drop but everyone has seen their deductibles skyrocket. I wish someone could explain why every promise Obama made in regards to the ACA has been an intentional lie yet goes unreported by the MSM. 2014 midterms should be interesting when people finally get to sample the actual product and find out for themselves they were played for fools.

  • Anonymous

    I still wonder how odrama will come up with the 7 million young ppl that he needs to sign up to make odramacare solvent ,when they can stay on their parents insurance plan until they are 26 ?????!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I find him a disgrace to our country. He just plain doesn’t know what he is doing so he blames the republicans and conservatives. And his wife is the same caliber – spend-spend-spend is her game. And if she is so ashamed of our country then they should limit her spending and his. Oh, let’s add Pelosi, Reid and what’s his name? lol. I pray this nightmare will be over soon and our United States of America will have someone who truly loves and cares about the American People. The Obama’s only care about themselves. Such a shame.

  • Leisa

    I WAS insured but now I am not because OBAMAcare let Blue Cross cancel my over-10-year policy (which they couldn’t cancel by law before!) . I am an individual who could NOT keep their own policy, because OBAMAcare made it disappear by Dec 31st!!! Who trusts the subsidies to continue anyways? And the deductible is WAY higher on my ‘new improved’ options. I’ll go to a cost-sharing program and take my chances – run from OBAMAcare! (I am a working RN, btw, who HATES this new law)

    • sphenoid

      The Affordable Care Act grandfathers in old policies. Blue Cross was the one who canceled yours. It would have the same patient protections as all of the new policies (such as making pre-existing conditions and lifetime or yearly limits illegal) so would actually be a stronger policy. Insurance companies do as much as they can for profit and more than likely canceled your policy because of risk.

      • Jacqueline Cahill

        It is the pre-existing conditions and lifetime limits that allows the insurance company the ability to cancel the policy. That was written in the old policy and had to be canceled to change the underwriting. Yes, BC canceled the policy bc the ACA gave it the ability to do so.

  • Leisa

    “…you can keep your current insurance policy” sang Kaa to Mowgli.

  • dennis reilly

    I’d love to spread the risk for the health coverage between the politicians and the lying media who do their bidding, no one questions this guy, he just says anything that sounds good and walks away without questions, and the stooges that are lined up behind him smiling and clapping are the dumb and dumber

  • Anonymous

    WOW! The whole speech is totally unbelievable! Seems like all the millions spent on designing the website was a waste of time and money, especially if one doesn’t need to use it to be covered. How people could listen to this and not see the lies is beyond me. Of course, the blind libtards believe every word from this imbecile….until they have to use medical care or assistance.

  • Anonymous

    The best thing about Obama’s speech was when the lady was feeling faint and he suggested giving her a glass of water and calling the “paralegals”.

    • Rubygirl

      LOVE IT!!!! Wonder how much he “subsidized” those in the audience!! Like the “doctors in their white coats” with no NAMES embroidered on them. They were fresh out of the package. I and my son (a doctor) just LOL’d.

      Just surreal!!

  • JC Hoot

    My 10 year old daughter is really benefiting from maternity care that is being forced that she have because of this wonderful law. Heck she even gets to buy birth control pills for all the women that cannot afford it and go to high dollar colleges. Gotta love love the moron’s legacy!

  • Anonymous

    The time has long passed for someone to reach a cane onto the stage, hook it around this moslem bastard’s neck, and drag the son of a bitch off. Obunghole, you moslem brotherhood prick, you’ve got a face that looks like a pig’s ass, and breath to match.

    Oh dear! Now I’ve offended pigs’s asses all over the world. Obunghole, you can’t even pound sand in a rat hole, much less govern a country. Good GOD, America, how DID you let this happen?

  • Jaron Talotta

    He cited an actual valid study on the 6 in 10 Americans thing. Go look it up, argue with it if you can…but that would require actual, real journalism or work, wouldn’t it?

    • Rubygirl

      Jason, was this a “projected” study or an “actual results” study…makes a big difference. Can’t be an “actual results” study because 6 in 10 can’t get signed up. Projections are worthless unless you have a basis for backing them up. Even the CBO says o/c is unsustainable so how in the world can premiums be SO LOW?

  • narcolepsy

    Why doesn’t he want it for himself???

    • 733336

      Because it is that bad.

    • Anonymous

      Because the DC elite are royalty and we are the peasants in their pea brains.

  • Anonymous

    He can talk as long as he wants, I don’t give a #$%&$. I don’t listen to a LIAR.HE ALWAYS LIED TO THE PEOPLE, LIE, LIE LIE.

  • bbmak

    More fun & games from the Crackhead-In-Chief…getting more UNBELIEVABLE every single. dang day…

  • Anonymous

    Mr President, if this stupid affordable care act is the best, why is it you are mandating us to to get it.We are not stupid we have a common sense,you lied so much how can we trust you if you are lying all the time.

  • Phoenix

    If this so called affordable healthcare is SOOOOOOOOOO great and wonderful, then YOU obama, and your family take it. And again, if this is so wonderful, WHY ALL THE EXEMPTIONS!!!??????

  • 733336

    Obama talked like a salesman selling you rotten eggs.

  • Anonymous

    Looking for the biggest glitch of all? All you have to do is go to the Whitehouse and find your ay to the Oval office and you will see it sitting there, that is unless it is out on the golf course! Obamacare has lots of big things, like much higher prices for insurance and wow, wait untill you see the huge deductibles, umpteen million illegals going on the healthcare over the long run so you can find a big wait for the few doctors who didn’t give up medicine rather than put up with the government breathing down their necks. Sooner or later you will be doing what the Canadians do when they need medical care which will mean a long flight to some place overseas that offers decent medical care at reasonable costs. Ultimately you too might want to become an immigrant to some fre country that offers freedom and decent healthcare at reasonable prices!

    • Anonymous

      Where to go ?

  • Anonymous

    with this horrible mess that this group of idiots ( known in circles as the Obummer admin ) have created, I have this to say.. we are not watching the other hand.. what exactally is going on behind closed doors ?, we are being distracted by this debacle for a reason.. be vigillant.. watch for the ball to drop.. me thinks there is something ugly comming down the Pike. ” never let a good crises go to waste” Eric Holder said this I think.. correct me if Im wrong ..Stand with Cruz, Lee, Rubio etc lets get behind them , they are working hard for us. we need them now more than ever .

  • Scott Ford

    My wife and I (60 and 62 –in good health) get to pay over twice as much for a $5000 ea deductible plan. — that is the definition of affordable. Over $1,150 per month. Everyone needs to check it out…even if currently covered.

    • TBI

      Designed to make the middle class lose their homes, there by having enough affordable housing for his trashy, underclass, freeloaders.

  • John Samuel Wilson

    Obama: “… let me remind everybody that the Affordable Care Act is not just a website. It’s much more…”
    Translation: “Let me remind you that once you get past my screwed up Obamacare website… IT GETS MUCH WORSE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”
    Of course when any government program designed to fix a problem actually makes it worse, we are told that we must support ANOTHER government program — designed by the same idiots — to fix the NEW problem they created… which only makes matters worse… etc., ad nausea, ad bankruptcy…

    • Anonymous

      ad total control because everything is going to collapse and then they have easy game with us – TOTAL take over of the people with force!!
      CITIZENS BE AWARE – it is coming!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well it looks like the spawn from hell just isn’t getting his good news out. must be the hand of GOD interfering. Has to be.

  • Anonymous

    I have never seen a politician who exemplifies the statement that goes something like It is very easy to tell when Mr. Obama is lying. His lips are moving. Anyone who wishes to go back to his first campaign and start making a list of all of the things he has promised along the way only to see they were all lies. Makes me think over his Hope and Change slogan. Now most of the Americans stuck with this fool on the hill are Hoping he Changes things back to the way they were before his crew of pirates got their hands on our system.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    The screw ups of the website are an illustration of how wonderful the actual program will function. “Wonderful” only in the minds of the clueless.

  • Anonymous

    It is the blame game again. If this is so wonderful, why in this world has obama given everyone a pass. The middle class people get stuck with the debt again. If it is good enough for the middle class people, then he and his family, including House, Senate, Congress and unions should have to take it as well. It is not fair. I only pray that the American people open their eyes and see all the difference that obama shows between the middle class and the ones that have money. We need to get out and make our own change to America. Vote 2014, let’s take our country back.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I think republicans deserve the blame. I don’t think they are to be blamed but they deserve it. Look, the whole politics is about how you can frame the blame to make it stick with the public. Democrats became professional at this game. Republicans have to find a way to fool the public in a different manner. They started a shutdown without exit strategy- why would you do that? Find a theme and hammer on it ad infinitum. Libs have racism, homophobism, anti-semitism, feminism. Somebody smart should figure something out and start hammering. I don’t believe in clean politics that Glenn calls for-yes it is great but it is not realistic.

  • whatistruth


  • whatistruth

    We are being brainwashed with constant threats from this government. Going to do this, going to do that, on and on and on. I’m sick of it. I feel like a freakin slave and massa is cracking the whip. Beating us down little by little. Enough. We get it. GFYS.

  • Jenn

    this whole thing is utterly stupid and moronic….this president really needs to go…ooops….did I say president….I mean “satan” really needs to go…back to hell that is…

  • Teresa

    I used an AARP site to determine what my penalty would be if I didn’t have insurance–used my age and a made-up income. Then I used a fictitious younger man with a wife and four children, but left the income level the same. My penalty amount was more than double the young man with a family. So, basically, because I’m older and have better income and no family with medical needs, I have to pay a higher penalty. What happened to “no new taxes?”

  • Take 2

    Sure – like all the BILLIONS on G2 Female Condoms? Do you know 1 female using an Obama rubber?

    Oh! Prey tell (not pray) BILLIONS that disappeared on Green Corp Loans? A President has a check book and or lends money?

    Oh! Bush Bank Bailout funds i.e. 1.2 TRILLION gone missing after returned to President hit list vs Treasury.

    Yip MISSING!

    Oh! Over a half TRILLION DOLLARS ON A WEB SITE – Come on people – even those exempted from Health Care TAXATION AND IRS gestapo agents know its under 10 grand to build a web-site shopping store! really is simple –
    pretty cheap! You can actually copy and paste for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • TBI

    He has the bully pulpit and the MSM will let him lie and deceive as many times and as long as he desires. America’s losers, recently empowered, are on a roll. None of this was ever or never could have been envisioned by the founders. I wonder if the 1 Million service men who stormed the beaches of Normandy knew this would happen. I bet they would have turned the landing craft around and headed back home.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think left media lies. They created Obama, they are big time behind his polices and they pump big money for it to take place. It is a mistake to think that they uncover the truth but keep it down. No, they create the “truth” -after all if enough people believe in something it is true without too much logic supplied.

  • ScienceWorksBest

    Obamacare sucks. It’s a privacy grab, a money grab a power grab and it’s a steaming POS crammed down our throats.

  • GOD

    Your time will come …. Im waiting for you Obama but first we must go threw the tribulations… And separate the good from evil

    • ScienceWorksBest

      GOD, do the rest of have to spell “through” like this now “T H R E W” because you did?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get why people don’t hear what comes right out of his mouth? During his stumping for obamascam he said “the average savings will be $2500″ (paraphrase); “you will be able to keep your plan if you like it,” “you will be able to keep your doctor.” All just lies, lies, lies. Insurance companies’ are dropping people like hotcakes, or premiums are skyrocketing and deductibles are unaffordable at $5,000 per person and up. Three of our doctors “retired” early rather than deal with the reams of paperwork and burdensome rules. The whole piece of garbage is a lie . Yet he doesn’t get called out on it. Why? The entire scam needs kicked back for a vote as a tax since CJ Roberts deemed it Constitutional because it is a tax. It was never, ever voted on properly as a tax but as legislation. Only Congress has the power to levy taxes, not the Supreme Court or the executive branch. Send it back for a proper vote as taxation. But, the reality is, it has zero to do with health care and everything to do with control of the people. That’s it’s true intent.

    • ScienceWorksBest

      You’re damn right poundsand. This is tyranny plain and simple.

  • Mark Thoele

    Yes Mr. President it is a law. A TAX law.

  • Anonymous

    I wish those sirens were police coming to take this Marxist Obama away to prison.

  • Kazmere

    Either this president…

    A) Genuinely believes the crap he’s trying to sell the American people
    B) Believes that Americans as a whole aren’t that smart, lazy, and most need the government to take care of them.

    C) Really doesn’t care one way or the other as long as his agenda is pushed through.
    D) All of the above

    This country is in a pretty sad position right now….

    Pretty sure there’s E through Z as well, but I have to get back to studying, I’ll leave that up to you guys..

  • Sea Rock

    … “glitches”? …

    … stop and think …

    These people have designed and ran, web sites for two Presidential campaigns to include web sites to mask illegal overseas and forgein donations … and in this instance; violated every web site design rule there is …

    … are you familiar with …

    Rahm Emanuel on the Opportunities of Crisis
    As posted at:

    “Never waste a good crisis” – Hillary Clinton
    As posted at:

    … can you say “single payer health care system” … like Canada’s …

    … “Last Friday, they won. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled 5–2 that Ontario doctors may not decide to withhold treatment from patients in Rasouli’s condition without consent from the next-in-line decision maker. In Rasouli’s case, that is his wife. But, if she refuses consent, then her husband’s doctors can still ask for a ruling from Ontario’s Consent and Capacity Board. The Supreme Court confirmed last week that the board has the power to overrule her”…

    … “In other words: Canada has death panels.” …

    … “Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act has been on the books for nearly two decades. Like similar laws in many Canadian provinces—and American states—it sets out the process for making treatment decisions when a patient cannot provide or withhold her consent—when she is in a coma and on life support, for example. In such cases, power automatically shifts to a “substitute decision maker,” usually a close relative. When these family members disagree with a patient’s doctors, and when the doctors are nonetheless determined to act, the dispute generally goes to court, where it can take months or even years to resolve. That is how it works in other Canadian and American jurisdictions, anyway.

    In Ontario, by contrast, the provincial legislature decided in 1996 to create a quasijudicial tribunal, the Consent and Capacity Board, to make these life-and-death decisions more quickly. If a patient’s substitute decision maker withholds consent, then doctors may apply to the board—comprised of lawyers, mental health professionals, and community members—for a determination that the proposed treatment is in the patient’s best interest. If so, the board has the power to consent on the patient’s behalf.” …

    Read more at:

    Per; … “comprised of lawyers, mental health professionals, and community members” …

    Ted Turner On Genociding 95% Of The Population Of Useless …
    As posted at:

    Mike Wallace Interview With Margaret Sanger Surfaces After Death
    by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 4/9/12 11:39 AM

    … “Even Planned Parenthood has had to drop the denials of Sanger’s commitment to eugenics and now urges us all instead to avoid judging those of another historical era. After all, as Hillary Clinton basically said in 2009, Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, and he still did some pretty nifty things. Take what you like and leave the rest, that’s the new approach to Sanger” …

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