Storytime with Stu: Charles Sumner

You’ve probably heard the story of Charles Sumner, the antislavery Senator who was brutally beaten on the floor of the Senate chambers. It’s a story that everyone should know, including kids, so Stu attempted to tell it in a way that would appeal to children.

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  • Draxx

    That’s the most warm and fuzzy story about someone being beaten nearly to death… Too bad they didn’t have Rodney King to say,”Can’t We All Just Get Along…?”, but then again in that day Rodney would have been beaten to death (so it is better that he wasn’t around then)…
    One thing for sure though is Slavery is Bad, Then and Now!!!

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      On that I can agree completely Draxx, we are slowly being enslaved by the federal government, and all too few seem to be aware of it occurring or even caring about it.

      Drudge has a link as of this post in which a video is made of people signing a petition ‘for the installation of a police-state along the lines of Nazi-Germany’

      Sadly it shows quite a few ignorant people signing the thing, assuming it to be a good cause.

      • Draxx

        I cannot grasp how people can be so ignorant, time and time again those that will gain power Do Not Care About The Little Guys and will gladly sacrifice them as examples to show how deep their hatred for the poor/slaves goes!!! A police-state will also allow them to move faster towards Communism, Facism, and/or Sharia Law…

  • Kisha Deann Majors

    Well, you can tell Stu’s wife doesn’t let him anywhere near their children. :) Just sayin’! LOL

    • HonorWarrior

      Stu and Glenn should not be allowed around children

  • Stahaanye Ith Riivye

    If that is a happy ending, I would love to hear his take on a Greek tragedy.

  • Sam Fisher

    Stu why the liberal trolls are going to have a field day.

  • Peggy

    Poorly done! Don’t talk down to kids! This could of been a great lesson for kids, but instead Stu wears a goofy outfit and makes fun of a serious moment in history. Need to get some better writers.

    • Terri K

      This show is not serious. It’s supposed to be humorous. Stu should maybe give it a rating before it airs so those that can’t handle it can tune out. I think his weekend show is significant unlike he says. Stu is more funny than anyone on SNL. I enjoy listening to Pat and Stu more than Glenn.. It could be time for Stu to separate from Glenn Beck. He won’t grow until he does.

  • Anonymous

    I think the “talking down to kids” was more aimed at the childish nature of so-called adults who disparage the truth as presented by Glenn Beck et al.

    Stu’s methodology is fitted to that category, I think.

    Personally, I enjoy his brand of sarcasm, veiled in sometimes ridiculous form, to make some tellingly accurate lampoons of left-wing thinking. For example, his five grains of red rice in a bushel of white is a telling statistic on “gun control.”

    Laus Deo

  • Anonymous

    I think they thought that would turn out a lot funnier than it did.

    • HonorWarrior

      That tends to happen a lot in the buttfuck bubble that is The Blaze

  • suz

    …but that quite significantly poignant.

  • Benjamin Dover

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  • Benjamin Dover

    Hussein Obama is a delusional marxist.

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