On Wednesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, joined Glenn to talk about reforming America’s education system in order to get people back to work.

Both Mike and Glenn believe strongly in the values this country was founded on, and Mike is looking to do his part through his non-profit foundation and scholarship program. The mikeroweWORKS Scholarship Fund is aimed at getting high school seniors ready to enter the workforce with the skills they need to land the jobs that are available in the U.S. – the key word being available.

Glenn has talked about the value of apprenticeships for quite sometime now. A four-year college education is not for everyone, and trade schools should have a rightful place in society. Through his foundation, Mike is looking to challenge the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding ‘alternative education.’ He has testified before both houses of Congress regarding the widening skills gap in the United States, the emerging student loan crisis, and the ever-changing perception of a what constitutes a ‘good job.’ Over the last couple of years,  Mike has partnered with numerous companies and like-minded organizations to reinvigorate the skilled trades. His message is not “don’t go to college” but rather he is encouraging students to understand the options available to them.

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mikeroweWORKS was launched in 2008 as a trade resource center for people seeking employment opportunities in the skilled trades. The initiative grew out of his experience on Dirty Jobsand quickly turned into a grassroots campaign for hard work and skilled labor. In 2010, mikeroweWORKS became a non-profit foundation and began to award tool scholarships, travel stipends, and other financial assistance to those pursuing a skilled trade. The idea is to promote hard work and smart work.

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Glenn ended the program by presenting Mike with a $20,000 check for The mikeroweWorks Foundation to support the work he is doing to promote hard work, learning, and entrepreneurship.

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