Glenn’s hospital horror story

By now you may have heard that Glenn welcomed his first grandchild into the world earlier this week. Lorelai Rose DiDonato was born at 3:18pm on Tuesday at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

Glenn, who has been treated at the hospital in the past, was relieved his daughter would be delivering her child at world-class facility, but, on radio this morning, Glenn shared that his daughter’s experience was marred by the harsh words and actions of a nurse at the hospital. Glenn decided to share that story because “you’re only as good as the weakest link in your chain.”

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“I want to tell you a story about what happened to my daughter two nights ago at a very good hospital. Baylor University and Baylor Hospital is a very good hospital. We give money to research at Baylor Hospital. We respect the people at Baylor,” Glenn said. “I want to make this very clear: Baylor is a great hospital. Every single person we have run into – from the person at the front door to the person at the cafeteria, everyone has been great. Except this one nurse.”

Glenn explained that he decided to tell the story because he wants to the hospital takes the report lodged by his daughter’s doctor against the nurse seriously and to ensure that this does not happen to someone else’s daughter is not treated this way.

“Anybody who’s had a child knows how traumatic it is for a mom. The night nurse comes in and she’s immediately cold and callous and says, ‘This isn’t going to work and this is going to hurt, but you’re just going to have to get through it,’” Glenn explained in regards to his daughter breast feeding. “Tim, my daughter’s husband, who is a remarkable man — my gosh, is he a remarkable man… tries to, you know, make things better because he sees his wife starting to crater. And he says, ‘How can I help when we get home? How do we store her milk? Would it be okay if I, like, got a little refrigerator and put it by the bed because I want to feed at night.’ And the nurse looked at him and said, ‘You can’t help. She’s got to do it.’”

The nurse went on to ask Tim how old he was and how long he and Hannah have been married. After explaining that they had just celebrated their one-year anniversary, the nurse brusquely responded, “So this wasn’t a planned pregnancy.”

“Excuse me? So this wasn’t a planned pregnancy? Excuse me,” Glenn said disgusted.

But the nurse wasn’t done. She went on to advise the couple “to not shake the baby” or else they would end up on the news.

“I’m sorry. Do my children look like baby-shakers,” Glenn asked. “Tim, I know, wanted to rip this woman’s head off as my daughter is, you know, cratering, he’s just silent, doesn’t say anything because he does not want to escalate this because he’s trying to care for his wife.”

“So my daughter is having her first breast-feeding experience with, I don’t know, somebody who lost their heart on something? I don’t know,” he continued. “And everybody has a bad day, but you don’t do that job and have a bad day.”

The following morning, Hannah explained what had happened to her OBGYN, who quickly reported the nurse’s unacceptable behavior. Ultimately, however, Glenn questioned what the future of medicine holds, if this kind of behavior occurs at one of the premiere private hospitals in the country.

“Baylor Hospital, you are far, far better than that… We’ve all had your hospital care. You are a collection of amazing people, you really are. I mean I have seen you in action. I have seen your nurses pray with my family. I have seen things I’ve never seen in a hospital before,” Glenn said. “Baylor is one of the best hospitals I’ve ever seen. And there’s no excuse for that. None.”

“Now, here’s the other reason why I tell you this,” Glenn continued. “This hospital needs to remove this person. But you need to understand that that’s what the free market does. You can complain, and when you complain, something happens. It gets bad when there is a union that protects the bad nurses… But if it’s a federal union worker, which, it will be soon when we have one single-payer system and it is all federalized and unionized, you are going to pray for the day when that was the worst nurse you would run into.”

  • Anonymous

    My mom was a Baylor baby. I am a Baylor baby. My kids are Baylor babies. This just doesn’t sound typical of what you expect from Baylor. However I have heard that they are going thru a merger for “one of their reasons/goal” – In this new era, health systems must be prepared for declining reimbursement, high levels of information management, an increasing demand for outpatient services and the “population health management” drive to advance the wellness of large groups of patients, keeping them out of the hospital.
    The new system is going to cause this to come to the surface more and more. When can we get back to the way it was ?
    You don’t hire people and teach them to be nice …. you need to hire nice people. And, if you are going to keep these nice people you have to reward them.
    Folks, we are headed the other way.

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn if she knew that she was your daughter than she might of been a left winged hack trying to cause a fight and let this be clear I said if she knew who you guys are.

  • Anonymous

    It’s pure statistics that at some point, someone will have a poor experience at a business, be it a food service industry, the medical profession, etc. No matter the pedigree of the institution the vetting and hiring process cannot guarantee that everyone performs their job to the best of their abilities every day. Sometimes, people are hired that frankly should not be hired. That’s no excuse. But it’s going to happen. That’s no reason to call out a great hospital like Baylor on a forum as public as this after one bad experience. Just because one person has a bad experience does not mean the institution is heading towards mediocrity. I struggle with the credibility and relevancy of some of the Blaze’s stories. But I don’t criticize Glenn or the organization just because I don’t like some of the stories.

    I understand child birthing an emotionally trying process and this nurse should be reprimanded. But let the institution sort it out. Don’t go on your program and lambast the entire institution for a personal experience with a single outlier employee. That’s abusing your status as a media member and it’s tunnel vision at it’s worst.

  • Anonymous

    Baylor Hospital shouldn’t pay any attention to this. In the past Glenn has posted stories about alleged bad treatment from Broadway shows, restaurants, airlines, random people on the street, etc.

    Seriously, read back through the archives here and you’ll see countless stories of “Wahhhh, somebody was mean to me!”

    Perhaps he and his new grandchild can share the pacifier.

  • Anonymous

    A lesson my husband learned years ago from his boss at a major fortune 100 company – if he didn’t like the behavior of someone, be it a waiter, employee, doctor, nurse he would simply point to them and say “you’re fired.” Don’t approach my table, desk, or room again.

  • Anonymous

    I had all three of my children in military hospitals (my husband is a retiree). I had some absolutely fabulous care givers, but I had some that were the worst of the worst. Our oldest was an only for almost 6 years because I came away from the birth of our first child feeling like an abject failure. My husband tried to convince me that I hadn’t failed. We had a beautiful, healthy child. I didn’t have any medical problems. How had I failed? I was told over and over how I was doing it “wrong”. I was taking too much time. The doctor wanted to go home, etc. My IV was put in wrong and the nurse refused to listen until my arm blew up to almost twice its size. Of course, none of this would have happened if I’d taken LaMaze class. Blah, blah, blah. And forget any kind of pain relief. There weren’t enough people on staff to support anything like that. Besides, they were doing a “volume business” and pain relief slows you down. There was one PA in particular who was downright verbally abusive. She told women that they were not to yell, grunt or make any sounds because it took away their energy from pushing. Really? No pain meds and no sounds? Of course, she tells us this and then we see here outside the officers’ club the next day smoking a cigarette–and she was pregnant herself! And we were STUCK with these folks because we had no insurance to have our children at a civilian hospital. When people talk about wanting government to take over health care, I just want to scream.

  • Anonymous

    That was my thought, too. Of course if that’s the case, she’s dangerous. Anyone who’d take out their political grudge on a young family shouldn’t be in the business.

  • Kathy Creager Cash

    Glenn made a point REPEATEDLY during his description of this event that he in no way blamed the hospital… that in fact, he had nothing but praise for Baylor.

  • Heather Perry

    The book called “the breastfeeding book” by dr sears is an excellent resource to help get started down that path. It goes into detail regarding resolving common issues. And, yes of course your son-in-law can help his wife be successful with this. That nurse (hopefully) misunderstood what he was asking but if she didn’t and literally meant your daughter is just suppose to tough it out with no guidance or assistance maybe she should be removed. In addition, most hospitals have lactation consultants that can help or a contact for the local la leche league for that area who can also be of assistance. Knowing how to breastfeed is not something we are born knowing how to do (from the mother’s standpoint). Sometime you do have to reach out and ask for help. It would be interesting to know if that particular nurse had been rude to other patients as well and it had just not been reported.

  • Kathy Creager Cash

    You seem to be implying that Glenn is making this up. Just maybe… Glenn gets targeted for bad behavior because of who he is. There are a lot of jerks out there that will abuse, not only him but his family.

    Something tells me you might be among that group.

  • Anonymous

    You sir are an ASS. I do not call you a Jackass as I would be demeaning that wonderful animal. Celebrities are constantly harassed, followed by paparazzi and the like; and Glenn is certainly a Celebrity. If you dislike GB then I suggest that you go elsewhere to post your garbage. How about Media Matters, Huffington Post or the other Lefty trash blogs.

  • Anonymous

    EdToohey knows that. He’s just an evil man trying to hurt people, which is generally what the left does. Pay no attention to HIM.

  • Kathy Creager Cash

    As a former OB nurse, myself, this was unconscionable behavior on the part of the nurse. Realizing how well-known Glenn is, I can’t rule out the possibility that
    she was taking out Leftist hate on a fragile woman who happens to be his
    daughter. Whether it was that or the nurse was just having a bad day (or in this case night), It really doesn’t matter what her motivation was. New mothers are often very fragile at this time. Their hormones are raging and they are a bit overwhelmed by the major life change they have just experienced. Glenn’s daughter was already upset because the baby was not latching on properly… that can be a very emotional experience all by itself. A good nurse should know all that and be sensitive to it. So the son-in-law (who was there) handled it right. He did not escalate the confrontation but waited to talk to her doctor in the morning who apparently has promised to make sure proper measures are taken.

    I hope that is the one and only dark spot in an otherwise wonderfully exciting life event.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter. The perception of the hospital takes a negative hit by him associating Baylor with this negative experience. He even says, “you’re only as good as your weakest link.” That’s an open criticism.

    Did Glenn need to mention this on a nationally syndicated broadcast? No. Granted, it’s his show but how is this informative? Don’t abuse the pedestal. He’s better than that.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Well, it’s not like he had his daughter stage a fake fainting spell.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck’s story smells like bullshit

  • Anonymous

    How can anyone believe what this bonehead says? All he want’s to do is create hate and fear, isn’t that sad?

  • Kathy Creager Cash

    Sorry, I disagree. If Baylor handles this right, then Glenn can (and I’m sure will) report his satisfaction with the situation. As a former OB nurse myself, this was totally unacceptable behavior on the nurse’s part (at least as Glenn reported it). MOST patients have very little power when addressing some negative experience that happens to them in a hospital. They may complain, but they have no assurance that anything will be done about their complaint. That Hannah and her husband have the power of her father’s notoriety to force some resolution is the exception to the patient experience… not the rule.

    PS: I say this not just as an experienced nurse but as someone who had a horrendous medical situation arise within my family. I exercised every possible avenue to have the offending doctor (in this case) dealt with. But when all was said and done… He is still practicing… nothing has changed.

    So if Glenn wants to wield the power of his powerful notoriety club, I can’t fault him for it.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn would rather have Ted Cruz’ dick in his mouth than a pacifier. I’m sure Beck’s story had everything to do with the baby getting attention and not Beck

  • Average Joe.

    Why do you hate your children and embarrass your family? You’re a boorish ignorant moron. Why are you such a HATER?

    When are you going to answer my questions? Be specific.

  • Jen

    Glenn – This was not a ‘horror’ or worth the national attention you gave it. I listen to you every day and you’ve over reacted on this one. The nurse should Not lose her job because you think she should have been more sensitive. She’s not perfect, like the rest of mankind, so her talents lie elsewhere. She may be spectacular at physically taking care of her patients which is a top priority for hospital patrons. At most I think she owes your daughter an apology when it is brought to her attention that she hurt feelings. Also, not every new parent, regardless of their upbringing, knows about what happens in baby shaking so it doesn’t hurt to mention it as part of hospital stay. Sorry, I’m not with you on this one. Calm down, Grandpa! – Faithful Listener

  • Anonymous

    Very closely mirrors my experience in a well respected hospital in Austin a few years back. Night shift and the two on the recovery room floor were beyond callous. A relief to get thru to the morning. These were’t so impolite as they were just indifferent.

    I cannot say which I would rather suffer thru. Both equally unpleasant.
    Wrote a long description of my displeasure on the dismissal form. Never heard a peep from anyone about it.
    Wrote another equally long note praising the excellence of the day and afternoon staff.
    My opinion is, this is very much what healthcare is gong to look like very soon as I ask every doctor I see “How is the coming healthcare going to affect you?” Every answer I get is in the negative. Every one!
    The idiot progressives that want to stick their fingers in every aspect of our lives mostly thru our pockets have never been able to give me one good argument as to how the so called poor are going to benifit from a healthcare system that is available to all but will be attractive to none!

    Way I see this mess is the same way as I see income redistribution. When everyone has equal income the crap that will be available will be so sorry everyone will be buying from some other enterprising nation that has not “progressed” enough their products are not worth buying.

    Of course the government hacks will still get thier products from the best source. They will have most of the money!
    Ah yes! These progressives are so compassionite for the plight of the poor man! I am one of those poor and I am also aware of what these thieves are up to because the library is still free. The tactics used by these vermin is nothing more than a copy of past failures. But I am confident that the intelligence of leaders like Pelosi, Reid and “Prez Class Envy” will see all this thru to success even though it’s been tried before and never worked.

    At some point in time my fellow poor will remember their ten commandants that taught them not to covert any others “Anything!”

  • doulamom

    As an independent childbirth educator and labor doula, I have seen things like this occasionally. She needed a lactation consultant when the nurse turned bad, and I’m glad they told their doctor. You can always ask for a different nurse on the spot.

  • Kathy Creager Cash

    Sorry Jen… I don’t necessarily advocate that the nurse lose her job, but I would want to know what was going on in her life that led to her acting so irresponsibly before I make that call. And have no doubt about it, as a former OB nurse, this was an inappropriate act. If patients and their families don’t stand up for their rights to sensitive treatment… who will?

  • Anonymous

    I see what you’re saying.
    Your theory is that Glenn gets treated badly because he’s recognized as a con man who makes a living out by pimping the ignorance of Tralier Park America.

    Well, that’s certainly probable. Though I doubt it happens to the level that Glenn alleges it does.

    And his over-dramatics….I mean, “Hospital Horror Story!”
    There were undoubtedly some people in that hospital that day facing real horrors. Far beyond a snippy nurse. Glenn should think about that.

  • Anonymous

    ” Baylor handles this right, then Glenn can (and I’m sure will) report his satisfaction with the situation.”

    Won’t happen. Glenn never gave followup on his restaurant experiences, his airline experiences, or the other cases in which he demanded someone be fired.
    Doesn’t matter—a month from now there will be another story…something about some employee at the car wash being rude or something…and you guys can express your righteous indignation over that one.

  • Kathy Creager Cash

    Yeah, I AM saying that people attack Glenn Beck because they don’t like what he stands for. Well, where the hell do they get off thinking they have a right to do that? And I don’t care what you think is probable as to the frequency… that’s frankly irrelevant. As a nurse, I can tell you that EVERY patient (and their family) have a right to expect that they will be treated with respect and kindness.

    If you don’t see that, then I’m very glad that you are not in the health care business.

  • Kathy Creager Cash

    Sorry, don’t agree… First of all the assaults in this situation rise to a much higher level than the minor personal insults he experienced in the other occasions you mention. Also, Glenn apparently has a very personal affiliation with Baylor. He has even donated large amounts of money to the hospital. That relationship is hardly on the same level as a rude airline or restaurant employee who is not responsible for the health care of a family member.

  • Anonymous

    My mother had me when she was trekking through a snake- infested swamp.

    She and the rest of the tribe were fleeing a mob of marauding Klansmen. She was in a line with the other refuge hippies–their commune having already been overrun by the rampaging rednecks—she stepped over to the side, squatted, plopped me out, then got back in line and kept walking.

    After three days of running, the hippie clan took their first break. My mother was too dehydrated to breast fed me, so a coyote was trapped and I sucked at the teets of that animal. At night I was propped up by the campfire, and the other hippies would dance around me, chanting my name. “ED TOO-HEY! ED TOO-HEY!”

    Finally we reached the promise land: California. There we hooked up with another commune and launched a counter attack on the rednecks that were still trailing us. Though only a few weeks old, I was in the thick of the fight, swinging my rattle like a battle axe. I personally took out 16 Glenn Beck listeners. Then we put their bodies in the dumpster behind a Wal-Mart.

    And that is the early days of me: ED TOO-HEY!

  • Anonymous

    I’m TRYING to get in the health care business. I’ve said before that my goal is to open a franchise of drive-thru abortion clinics.

  • Anonymous

    The bad thing about a free-market though is when the Monopolistic corporation have the all the power to prevent an alternative, which is as bad as too much government.

    Nurses like teachers do an amazing job, there are bad seed’s among them but the majority take up the profession because its a calling rather than a job. Congrats on the grandchild

  • Cher Adams

    Obstetrical nursing can burn you out. When that happens you have GOT to leave and go to another area–for your sake as well as the families who grant you the privilege of being a part of the birthing process. Don’t wait until you are bitter and sarcastic with the very people you are paid to serve.

  • Anonymous

    No what is sad fatty is the crap you push and you are the laughing stock of this whole group of people here and that’s sad because you think you’re funny.
    In the real land of humanity you kind of represent the ass part !

  • Average Joe.

    He’s a tick on the A$$ of humanity. Flag the idiot and save the planet one click at a time. LOL

  • Average Joe.

    What a load of CRAP. You’re a funny little man.

  • ScienceWorksBest

    BOO HOO. How many people has Glenn Beck ridiculed (the handicapped woman in Eugene OR – summer of 2011) or falsely accused (Saudi student April 2013) and how did that make THEM feel to be publicly humiliated by a national media figure? They received all kinds of harassment because of Glenn Beck’s BIG MOUTH from Beck’s hateful audience. But Beck’s precious little Hannah has to hear a few insensitive words from a nurse and Beck makes a federal case out of it? What a joke. Hey Glenn – maybe you can learn how it feels now you buffoon. Maybe GOD is sending YOU a message and telling you to tone it down and get your facts straight before you go running your yap and destroying innocent people. Glenn Beck is a whining horse’s ass.

  • Anonymous

    With my first had a meany who yelled at me when I got out of bed. She said she had been an army nurse. In am. I said something to a younger nurse about the mean nurse, she said “oh, that’s my mom.” Yikes, shut me up! But every other nurse was great. There is always that mean one, no? Welcome Lorelai Rose!

  • Sara Nichols

    His other daughter which is Hannah was the one that was insulted not Mary, you dumb freak!

  • Sara Nichols

    Glenn, the nurse treated you and your daughter like garbage is possibly a left wing f**ktard! consider suing the nurse for harassment!

  • Brian Johnson

    I strongly disagree with the idea that that the free market will always provide better service than you can get from a government enterprise.
    The best example I can state is Amtrak compared to Greyhound or even most airlines. By comparison Amtrak is a 5 star luxury hotel. I’ve also always preferred the USPS to UPS. It’s also well documented that counties that have turned to private companies to run detention facilities have found that they end up with inferior service that actually cost them more. How about the camps run by the government during the great depression, they were the only place one could escape the exploitation that was so widespread. This idea that everything will be great if government went away or shrunk to an insignificant size is naive. Some other power will always fill the vacuum and in our times that would be the corporation of whom we have no control over. I’d much rather have our world run by a democratic government that we can have some influence over.

  • Anonymous

    I fired a doctor treating my daughter at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia a few years ago. The staff was shocked, but there was a night and day difference in her care after that. We followed up with the hospital to be sure that there were repercussions. It turns out that we were not the first to complain, so they did take action.

  • Calvin

    @MoobManFan: It seems that every Glenn Beck story smells bad to you. You left the same post on Glenn’s miracle story today. Troll.

  • Anonymous

    Ignore the ed2he dweeb. like most Trolls he parks himself on a site and issues his vile hate filled useless trash and hopes to cause a commotion.

  • Jenn

    why don’t you just shut up and keep your smelly opinions to yourself….

  • Jonny Danger

    Was the nurse black or mexican?

  • Jonny Danger

    No, that is your smell

  • Jonny Danger

    Affirmative action strikes again!!!

  • Jonny Danger

    Can anyone find out the name of this nurse?? I want to make her mooochele obombo personal nurse

  • Jonny Danger

    Please dont give this hospital anymore money until they fire this nurse.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Here’s a way you can personally get into and help the health care business – take a shot of propofol.

  • Guest

    Gee, that sounds like …… YOU!

  • Guest

    Phooey edtoohey. Hippy commune? Now I can understand why your brains are fried…… all that grass and LSD in utero.

  • ScienceWorksBest

    That’s what I said Sara Nickels. You’re hallucinating again.

  • ScienceWorksBest

    Suing for harassment?? LOLOL That’s rich! Glenn probably has experience with that type of lawsuit himself – as a defendant though.

  • Anonymous

    If its a good hospital like you said.They will take care of it.That nurse should wisen up.Regardless if she knew they were related to Glenn Beck is not an excuse to treat a patient and her husband like that.They take a vow to do no harm.That nurse needs to be reminded or fired.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing worse than a know-it-all nurse…

  • Bonnie Somer

    any woman having a baby wants to do all the right things but when a nurse treats u this way no one should take that crap having had 2 kids i can tell u it is a tough road u go down it together learning all the way and wanting caring people not hitler

  • HonorWarrior

    Good point. This smells like the time some airline attendant didn’t open Glenn’s soda and Glenn wet his pants on the air for an hour about how he’s a victim

  • RecycleThe TeaBags

    well played Honor Warrior! I forgot about the time Beck wet his panties about his soda on the airplane! LOL!

  • Ann Morris

    Glenn – As a former labor and delivery nurse I can imagine the scenario that played out in your daughter’s room – not all nurses are nice, even though we have the expectation that they should be. I believe that the birth of all children is a miracle unto itself – it would be hard to believe anything else after witnessing birth. Hope your daughter and baby are doing well despite their unfortunate encounter w/”Nurse Ratchett”….may God bless this family.

  • Anonymous

    how about that – if that ain’t the most discusting statement – you are a Jerk. Does that make you feel good – you should probably have been aborted back in the day but your mom found a careing nurse I guess – big mistake !

  • Anonymous

    you are unbeleaveable stupid and not worth one more thought.

  • be strong disqus_M21uXwHubR

    You are gross. Go away.

  • truthonitsway

    A nurse like that would never survive in a urban hospital because of her poor bedside manner, b*tchy attitude with nasty comments would result in a serious slapped down from the whole family.

  • lovebears65

    I have been hospitalized several times and there is always 1 nurse who has a chip on their shoulder. I have 3 Cections and 8 other surgeries and I can see this happening . This lady needs to get out of nursing if she hates her job

  • MariaSanchez

    Uncle Richie, the original BONEHEAD on the site.

  • Anonymous

    The nurses didn’t just sound rude she sounded flustered. She more than likely never met a couple who started having a family right away. So she assumed the pregnancy wasn’t planned. Of course, if she had thought about it for maybe two seconds she might have realized that between the year anniversary and the nine month baby there were three months. PLENTY of time to not only plan on having a baby but time enough to even plan on furniture and other baby stuff.

  • Anonymous

    This woman is a complete and total plant perpetrating their decades-old protocol of vicious Psy Ops.


    I am extremely familiar with this type of behavior in the medical community, and believe me, this is NOTHING compared to the reality in MOST hospitals and doctors’ offices.

    Hannah stay tough.

    They ARE unionized, and they are by and large incredibly corrupted, with the odd exception, but you can’t see all that up close for long without concluding it is pure evil, and choosing to say something, or be silent.

    There used to be a website authored by an RN detailing all this targeting and malpractice.

    The treatment that Hannah received is CLASSIC Psy Ops, delivered at her most vulnerable moment, by design.

    They always grotesquely invade normal boundaries and intrude WAY beyond anything socially, professionally or even morally acceptable, like they OWN you.

    And they are trying to force us to accept their authority over our lives and decisions. They are trying to cow and intimidate us into being good little sheep to their slaughter.

    Anyone going into a hospital, however benevolent-looking, is subject to this treatment, and should absolutely have at LEAST one advocate paying close attention to the smallest detail.

    Watch for the Psy Ops, out-and-out LIES (diagnoses, autopsies), “feigned negligence” and “accidents” that are anything but.

  • Anonymous

    On a lighter note, calling all new Wee Bees who may or may not want to be dressed in a baby pea pod suit for Halloween :)

    Amazon has one that’s okay….

    eBay has a variety of takes on it, some velvety and nice-looking….

    Party City has a wide variety of baby bunting costumes….bunnies, chili peppers, sunflowers, etc.

    (Just sayin’…..c’mon, how can you resist?)

  • Anonymous

    And are you an idiot or just a run of the mill racist ?

  • Anonymous

    First off, congratulations on the birth of a healthy child. God’s great gift personified in the eyes of a newborn. The wonderful and free flowing emotions of the parents will not be dampened by one bad nurse.

    The emotions of the grandfather on the other hand……….. Glenn, why must you routinely claim personal persecution at the hands of rude people? You decided to tell the story so that Baylor would take the complaint seriously? You have heard of patient advocates right? You are an adult, as is your daughter; you know how to resolve personal problems on a personal level right?

    I am guessing, but don’t you think the percentage of rude people in the health care profession, is likely to be reflective of the percentage of rude people in society at large? Like many of the commenters here we have all had encounters with the bad apples. my wife spent much of the last year of her life in a university hospital; over that length of time, we got to experience more than one bad apple. You know what, they were not in the nurses ranks; they were not in the technician ranks; they were not in the transporters ranks; rather some arrogant doctors. you address them directly, ask them to change their attitude, and if they do not, you demand a reassignment.

    How does this story, which emanates from a highly regarded university hospital lead to a rage against a nationalized health care system that not even the woeful Obamacare will produce?taking it on a national stage, extrapolating and then exploiting it to your argument against nationalized medicine is bizarre and indeed, is a post hoc justification for whining about how you, indirectly, were harmed.

  • Anonymous

    So do you

  • Denise E

    You again Mr. Rice Grain Penis who tries so hard to get Beck’s attention and anyone else who is on this page, must be because your penis is so small that out of jealously, you resort to bashing other’s to try and make yourself seem bigger. News flash your small penis won’t get any bigger so go else where because we are tired of your girly bitching.

  • Kelly Brookbank

    I delivered all three of my children at Baylor Hospital. I had a nurse like the one you are referring to with my second child; I told her to get out of my room and to never come back. I was never so insulted by a caregiver’s rudeness. I can’t imagine going through that experience with a first child. Shameful!

  • Anonymous

    My children were both born in a large, world-class hospital, too. There were several nurses who were rude, nasty, and just plain lazy. They actually held a party, laughing and joking loudly all night, keeping patients awake. When I complained to my doctor (one of the obstetric chiefs), he said there was nothing he could do–the nurses’ union protected them. He advised that all new mothers go home the day after the birth to recover.

  • SRM29

    And there you go, proving yet again that you’re a troll. Glenn could be praising Baylor’s nurses and you would still find a reason to criticize him.

  • Anonymous

    She new who you were…Good for her…give this lady a raise.

  • Kimberly Mabe

    Nigh shift staff tend to have the attitude of “well I work at night and everyone is asleep so this should be easy”. So when work comes up, they tend to get an attitude cause it messed up their lazy night at work. I have seen it personally on both sides as working with people like that and as a patient being treated like that.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn’s daughter and husband are both young people and not equipped yet to handle horrible people efficiently. I call it dispatching discouragement. The nurse was a nightmare. An elderly person would tell the nurse they are smarter than her and are capable of anything required. Sorry the kids didn’t go directly to the nurses station and file a complaint.

  • Anonymous

    Make sure if you ever get potassium in an IV that it doesn’t burn. There’s a better way.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t give her a pass. She knew full well what she was doing. Whatever does an unplanned pregnancy have to do with anything? It’s a personal issue, and none of her business. I don’t like her implied visual of the unplanned event. And with the other comment, no wonder Glenn was taken aback by the treatment. Many new mothers these days need a compassionate nurse to assist them with nursing for the first time. It’s how we learn. One doesn’t need to plan. You just need to happy, healthy and in love. And nature takes care of the rest.