Special needs student speaks out against bullying

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Last week, Glenn told radio listeners about a disturbing story out of Plano, TX, where a high school student with special needs was being tortured by her peers through vile text messages. Glenn wanted to visit the school and teach them the consequences of such behavior, and he wanted to share the Shea Shawhan’s story with the country. On Thursday night, Shea and her mom joined Glenn to discuss their struggles and to share a message of hope.

Shea’s story really hit home with Glenn and his family. Glenn’s oldest daughter has special needs and also suffers from seizures.

“This whole thing started when I found out about the text messages,” Shea’s mother explained. “[It was] not through the school. One of my friends was picking up their daughter … and she said, ‘I saw Shea in the office crying.’”

“When I read those text messages I kind of just put my phone down and froze, and I just basically cried. I cried in my mom’s arms,” Shea told Glenn.

She continued, “And I didn’t know what to think about it. It just kind of hit me hard, like why would some person want to send another person these types of texts? And then I realized that maybe they are trying to get the reaction from me, and trying to make themselves feel better for them, because maybe they did not have that type of warmth from their parents, where they may need that. Or, I don’t know.”

Glenn was moved to tears by her reaction.

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Coming back from break, Glenn explained that the school had issued an official statement claiming they took “all appropriate actions.” Keri disagreed, explaining that the school did not inform her of any of the text messages when Shea had brought them to the Vice Principle.

Keri has been eating lunch with her daughter to make sure she is safe and happy.

Glenn ended the segment reading a letter from his daughter Mary to Shea:

Dear Shea,

Please know that you’re not alone. Please know that I understand all the feelings of being upset and tired of it all. I have seizures, too. I also know, though, that there are those surrounding you who are trying all they can to help you. My mom used to say think of this as running a course. You’re running and you keep going. There’s going to be lots of hills to run up, but at the end of the day it’s all going to be worth it. God himself gave gave this to you because you are strong enough to handle it, and you’ll overcome this, too.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve given bullying a lot of thought. There seems to be many different reasons why a person would resort to it. It seems to me that people who bully seek to be empowered. But even worse, they attempt to achieve that by trying to gain dominance or POWER over someone else. That’s probably why bullying is such a TRILL for them. I think I’m on the money here!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91J4PAda3EA Sam Fisher

    We must reached out to my generation and below or this country is lost to a weimar republic where people can care less where we lost our very souls to our own egos. It is time to make a stand.


  • Annette Withers McNees

    The very heart of God is grieved.

  • Tiredoftheleft

    Two beautiful girls with beautiful hearts. No one has the right to destroy that.

  • Gristle McThornbody

    This problem is exclusive to white kids.

    Just sayin’

    • Anonymous

      What? Are you kidding? What a ridiculous thing to say.


    • Anonymous

      I went to high school where white kids are the minority and I can tell you this problem is most certainly not exclusive to white kids…

    • Anonymous

      Wow I didn’t think McNobody could out dumb ass himself, talk about sheltered and ignorant. I went to a ghetto school where the majority of the students were black or Mexican. Guess what? Racism in reverse and I literally had to fight to defend myself everyday. No bullying in majority non white schools? This just proves to me you have no idea what your talking about, as usual. Not only that other black kids picked on other black kids, Mexican kids picked on other Mexican kids and vice versa etc. It was the few of us white kids who got the brunt of the “crackers” and “honkies”, we got our butts kicked more than the other kids.

  • Anonymous

    Trying to get rid of bullying or free speech is like trying to get rid of the ocean.

    When you see persecution look for qualities in the one being persecuted and give support. Examples include children being bullied, Rosa Parks, MLK and Jesus Christ.

    No good deed and no child different from the pack go unpunished, ever! The “Lucifer Effect” is a great way to explain it to children and childish adults.

  • Jason Gary

    The bullying follows Shea from school to school? Whoever it is seems to know she has a little sister named London? The bully knows where Shea’s biological dad lives? The bully seems to empathize with London? So, could the bully be… anybody? Anybody?

    C’mon. It’s her little sister. Is this really not obvious to anybody else?

  • Sean

    What makes the school responsible for the text messages? Did they give the girl the phone? She is blaming the school, that knew before she did, that this was happening. Crazy. It seems we always have to find someone or something to blame besides the person that actually did the hurtful thing. Believe me, I am not defending public schools, my own kids are home schooled, but when do we, as parents, take responsibility for protecting our kids? She had a phone, soooooo….why didn’t she just tell her mother that this was going on? Go back and listen to how many “I dont knows” the mother said, blaming the school, even after she learned this was happening, for not “telling her”. This story is great to pull emotional reaction, however, I am betting there is more to it. None of this is to okay what was done to this young lady, but instead, there should be more responsibility of the parent to protect their child, especially if she is special needs, than to insist it is the schools fault. I am seeing way too many stories of parents blaming something other than themselves for their child going through something they had no clue about. My kids will have full privacy once they are 18, until then, I keep track of what is going on, and do not rely on institutions that can’t even accomplish what they are funded for, much less raising my child for me. Wake up. My generation has shirked their duties as parents long enough. How many more failed school stories do we need to know that schools cannot raise our kids?

    • Carolyn Wheeler

      Since your children are home schooled I don’ think that gives you the right to find fault with this mother’s reaction.

    • Anonymous

      Meg to Sean, I am sure that no one expects the schools to raise their kids,
      but when they are at school, the teachers are responsible for their well being.
      There are children that do not want to cause a problem with others, and had rather keep some things to themselves. Your judgemental remarks were way out of line.

    • Mark Meadows

      Sean, I completely understand your position and agree whole-heartedly with your assertion that far too many parents in this country have completely abdicated their child-rearing responsibilities; however, the school’s culpability in this situation is two-fold. First, by virtue of the ‘in loco parentis’ doctrine, schools are legally obligated to stand in place of the parent with regard to students’ safety and welfare for the length of time that the school exercises physical custody of the child. Second, if no policy exists that specifically addresses possession/use of cell phones by students while at school, then the district board may well be legally liable for its inaction.

  • Carolyn Wheeler

    Bless her heart, she truly is the epitome of bravery. Don’t let them get to you Shea. You are a beautiful young lady with miles and miles of smiles :).

  • Anonymous

    “Their” deepest secret is that these are not random or isolated incidents, and “they” will do and say ANYTHING to make everyone believe otherwise.

    There is no doubt at all this is a rampantly-growing global movement of targeting anyone and everyone who isn’t in the Shadow Government Mafia Cult Kinderocracy and absolutely extends into the classrooms of even the smallest children.

    I have a sister, and a former fiance of six years, who both had grand mal seizure disorders, and the abuse the fiance endured is unbelievable.

    Constant police harassment and, on one occasion where he had a seizure behind the wheel, they actually put him in jail – INSTEAD OF A HOSPITAL – and tried, gleefully, with all their might to charge him with drunken driving to destroy his excellent reputation, even though he never once drank a drop of alcohol in the entire six years we were together.

    He was ABUSED in that jail, had a second seizure, was taken to the hospital, then I showed up.

    If I hadn’t shown up and argued for him, he actually would have been charged, and been forced to go through their hideous injustice system.

    We rightfully and righteously stood up for unborn babies. We called it “MURDER,” because it is.

    Now it’s time to stand up for our able-challenged, our vulnerable, and our elderly, because these are who are being targeted by The New World Order.

    We have to protect them because they are very much under attack.

    No more inccremental eugenics sociopathy delusional illogical reasoning.

  • Essay

    Mary Beck and Shea Shawhan are both extraordinary young women. They are proof that, in the words of C.S. Lewis, human beings are capable of being “everlasting splendors.” Sadly, the people texting Shea seem determined to crawl into Lewis’ “everlasting horrors” category.

  • Slarker

    The future is indeed very bright. That is because we have beautiful people like Shea and Mary. What we see as ought to be, they see it as the way it is, and that way is love and forgiveness. God’s word incarnate, as it should be in all of us.

  • Anonymous

    Like another commenter said it DOES sound like it’s her sister who is sending the messages. But also, is it possible Shea could be telling people things and trying to be friends? I’m not saying she is but there are people who spread rumors about people who are different.The things told escalate with each person adding their own twist to the tiny truth. It goes on from there in a “did you hear” each time getting worse. Since most people tend to assume rather than ask the person rumoured about if those rumours are actually true they figure it’s best to hate the person who can’t do damage control. In that case Shea is right. They are doing what they are doing to get a rise out of her. The thing is they are showing themselves to be the brain damaged ones. For what it’s worth she ought not to even go up to them saying anything. That’s still a rise even though it’s not the rise planned on. They may think she’s a snob for not talking to them but then again if they see she’s doing just fine in spite of the texting and rumours they may stop. After all, bullies need a person to feed off of and if there’s nothing there…..

  • Care Tuk

    having a son who has walked a similar road to Mary Kate and Shea, we KNOW, that like Mary Kate’s mom said – it is a running course with lots of hills. But WE know WHO wins in the end – and it’s the one’s that God created with special gifts and who overcame, and blessed the world with their lives – like Mary Kate, Shea and Tim.
    Jer. 29:11 was written with THEM (and us as parents?!!) in mind…….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sue-Terry/1228328167 Sue Terry

    some little bitch tells your daughter to kill herself and the school does nothing? OMG

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sue-Terry/1228328167 Sue Terry

    if this was a black gay kid outrage would be all over the place. But it is a white girl and very few care……

  • Anonymous

    Bullying, in great measure, is projection of the bully’s inner deficiencies onto others.

    Consider — they call her “ugly” when she is a beautiful girl, and they are thereby implying that she is “ugly inside.” Doesn’t it seem that the one who is “ugly inside” is the one casting such aspersions? Poor person, that feels so inadequate that they must feel better about themselves by putting someone else down. Total negativity.

    God bless those that are standing with her, in her defense. We can only hope that minds are changed to recognize the truth.

    Laus Deo

  • Atlas

    I would love to know Shea . What a beautiful and generous and kind girl. Don’t ever forget your dignity and nobility as you get older. You are on the right road.

  • Anonymous

    Those who think by bullying others thru texts or face to face and think your cool YOUR NOT.Shea your very brave and your inspiring.And one day your going to be
    someone important in this country and those that bullied you will end up nowhere which is a place they deserve.Bullies have no place and I hope they feel the

    embarassment as they should.God bless you.

  • Feet2Fire

    People are being mean to her out of JEALOUSY. She’s a very beautiful girl–and the (ugly on outside but uglier on inside) have-nots have nothing better to do than to try to PUMP THEMSELVES UP by tormenting this sweet girl. She has their number and her message to them is RIGHT ON: “I’m going to keep on liking you because that’s what I do!”

  • Liz Shearer

    And so…..let me get this right….SHEA is the one with special needs ? Right ?
    No….that can’t be right….she a truly beautiful…lovely.. .thoughtful…refined…articulate and clever young woman that ANY parent would be proud of…and knowing and seeing THAT is what brought tears to the eyes of her mother and Glenn Beck.

    It’s actually the emotionally deficient people who send these texts who have special needs. They are truly messed up….. probably from a very unhappy home life.
    You’re doing just great Shea ! So proud of you !

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! Usually there is no church attendance, no father and the mother has a boyfriend in the home – a recipe for great damage for any child.

  • Anonymous

    There are 154 bible verse instructions how to deal with bullying – starting with Matthew 5:38.

    Bullying will never end but it is always nullified when teachers, pastors, priests, Rabbis and parents teach their own children, who are not at risk to seek out, support and make friends with children who are at risk.

    If we can persuade enough teachers, pastors, priests, Rabbis and parents to “do unto others as you would have done to yourself” every child will be fine and the society can live in peace. (The Sandy Hook slaughter would have not happened had nerdy Adam Lanza had peer friends and support)

  • Jen Baca

    I would love to purchase an “I’m with Shea” t-shirt with the proceeds going to her & her cause. Anyone know how to purchase one?

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