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Last week, Glenn told radio listeners about a disturbing story out of Plano, TX, where a high school student with special needs was being tortured by her peers through vile text messages. Glenn wanted to visit the school and teach them the consequences of such behavior, and he wanted to share the Shea Shawhan’s story with the country. On Thursday night, Shea and her mom joined Glenn to discuss their struggles and to share a message of hope.

Shea’s story really hit home with Glenn and his family. Glenn’s oldest daughter has special needs and also suffers from seizures.

“This whole thing started when I found out about the text messages,” Shea’s mother explained. “[It was] not through the school. One of my friends was picking up their daughter … and she said, ‘I saw Shea in the office crying.’”

“When I read those text messages I kind of just put my phone down and froze, and I just basically cried. I cried in my mom’s arms,” Shea told Glenn.

She continued, “And I didn’t know what to think about it. It just kind of hit me hard, like why would some person want to send another person these types of texts? And then I realized that maybe they are trying to get the reaction from me, and trying to make themselves feel better for them, because maybe they did not have that type of warmth from their parents, where they may need that. Or, I don’t know.”

Glenn was moved to tears by her reaction.

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Coming back from break, Glenn explained that the school had issued an official statement claiming they took “all appropriate actions.” Keri disagreed, explaining that the school did not inform her of any of the text messages when Shea had brought them to the Vice Principle.

Keri has been eating lunch with her daughter to make sure she is safe and happy.

Glenn ended the segment reading a letter from his daughter Mary to Shea:

Dear Shea,

Please know that you’re not alone. Please know that I understand all the feelings of being upset and tired of it all. I have seizures, too. I also know, though, that there are those surrounding you who are trying all they can to help you. My mom used to say think of this as running a course. You’re running and you keep going. There’s going to be lots of hills to run up, but at the end of the day it’s all going to be worth it. God himself gave gave this to you because you are strong enough to handle it, and you’ll overcome this, too.