Should the NSA spy on our allies?

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the allegations that America, via the NSA, is spying not only on our enemies but on our allies as well. It now appears some countries have taken issue with U.S. surveillance techniques and are calling for a U.N. resolution to scale back NSA spying capabilities to protect ”privacy of citizens in their home states under their own home legislation.”

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“I just want to go through a few stories here quickly. One is the NSA monitoring the calls of the 35 world leaders. Anybody watching the news on this? Anybody see how this is being reported? How is this being spun,” Glenn asked. “From what I read, from what I’m seeing, nobody seems to care. We’re all are saying, ‘Don’t you think that we should all spy on, you know, world leaders?’ No, I don’t think she should spy on our allies. ‘This is what happens, this is what we do.’ No. Not on our allies.”

While Stu disagreed with Glenn that the media is spinning the latest revelations about the U.S. governments spying tactics as no big deal, the Obama Administration’s stance seems to be that our surveillance is okay because everybody else is doing it.

TheBlaze reports:

European Union leaders on Friday vowed to maintain a strong trans-Atlantic partnership despite their anger over allegations of widespread U.S. spying on its allies. Some countries though are reportedly pushing for a U.N. resolution for new surveillance rules to be agreed upon with the U.S. by the end of the year.

On Thursday’s opening day of the summit, the spying issue united the 28 EU leaders in criticizing the snooping on Thursday’s after allegations surfaced that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had one of her mobile phones tapped by U.S. services.

The White House may soon face other irked heads of state and government. The Guardian, a British newspaper, said it obtained a confidential memo suggesting the NSA was able to monitor 35 world leaders’ communications in 2006.

The memo said the NSA encouraged senior officials at the White House, Pentagon and other agencies to share their contacts so the spy agency could add foreign leaders’ phone numbers to its surveillance systems, the report said.

“Why does no one care that… Brazil cancelled an official state meeting with our President over this. England, Merkel, all of them lining up against us. We don’t care about that,” Glenn said. “And we don’t care that the NSA is spying on us. The rest of the world cares more about us spying on them than we care about us spying on us.”

There are a lot of angles one could examine when looking at the this story, but perhaps the most dire is the fact that U.S. influence is so meek at the moment, our allies have no problem coming out against us.

“Here’s what I think this story is about. The United States of America is so weak that the world is turning on her. The United States of America is so out-of-control and perceived now by our enemies and our allies as so weak and so untrustworthy and so lost, that Saudi Arabia can say we’re making new deals with China. And China can say we’re making new deals with Saudi because we’re now the largest oil consumer in the world. And Saudi Arabia can now threaten the United States of America,” Glenn said. “Our allies are taking about going into the United Nations and putting sanctions on the United States of America. Our allies! This story is about many things, but I think the most critical part of this story is the state of the nation, the state of the union. It is in a very, very bad state.”

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  • Anonymous

    Disagree with China saying “we don’t need you.” Their economy depends so heavily on manufactured goods. The U.S. consumes these goods at a percentage much higher than China’s second leading export purchaser. They need us to buy their stuff, otherwise their economy would collapse. We’re joined at the hip for at least another 20 years.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      China thinks in the long-term gain of generations; so when they say ‘we do not need you’ they are already calculating the next generation ahead and making the foundations for then today.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Should we spy on our allies, not as intensely as Obama has done, and at the least inform them of reasons why said spying is occurring – say a possible coup attempt has been detected, or the like.

    Note, by ‘allies’ I mean nations such as Britain and Japan, allies of convenience are another fish altogether.

    Obama has a history from the beginning of his time in office of ulawfully interacting with insurgents, terrorists and NGO-criminal groups to destabilize key regions of the world for his own agendas. From fast and furious to arming the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorists in Syria.

    • Anonymous

      NGO criminal groups?

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        NGO – its an abbreviation from a few years back for “Non-government organizations” used to cover anything from the Red Cross to a band of international smugglers, drug cartels, and terrorists.

        • Anonymous

          I was aware of stuff like Grameen bank etc, didn’t know cartels could be referred to as NGOs. For a second I thought you were calling aid groups and Amnesty International criminal organizations which didn’t seem to fit your MO.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Sometimes I forget, certain abbreviations cast such a wide net that I need to clarify better.

  • Sam Fisher

    I remember the left saying Bush made us a laughing stock in the international community when I would rather be a laughing stock than have our allies think we are not trust worthy.

    • Anonymous

      You are so right, Sam, trust is crucial, and we have certainly lost it under Obama.

      Laughing at us is bad enough, but it is in more the category of “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

      Only trouble with that is that words, of poor diplomacy, are what is eroding the trust, Obama apologizing for us? What nonsense! — And so on, and on ….

      Laus Deo

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Now that I can agree on.

  • Anonymous

    There are different ways to look at this technological age. The internet is a free-for-all, open to scammers, to spies and especially to a medium for lies and deceit. Cell phones are even worse as they can be intruded upon by “amateurs” scanning the airwaves. There is so little privacy today and especially security. Governments being corrupt everywhere, do whatever they want/need until their evil is exposed. I wonder how much of taxpayers’ money is being spent on these evil tactics.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s enemy is anyone who disagrees with him in this country, we are his enemy!

    • Mike Nelson

      Obama’s enemy is anyone who is not HIMSELF.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad the veil has been lifted and some of our allies are seeing the light or the darkness for that matter. It is about time!

  • Kay

    We spy on other countries? Say it ain’t so!

    As if they don’t spy on us. Please. Everybody spies on everybody.

  • gary

    Two points. One is that every other nation spies on every OTHER nation including us (U.S.) as they can. Is it right? Probably not but it is the reality. The other point is in the light of the old saying ”Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Watch your friends but watch your enemies closer.

  • Gristle McThornbody

    You fucking idiots.

    They monitor all telecommunications. The people in question simply have the capability of knowing.

    • Mike Nelson

      Do you ever feel like you’re screaming at the sky? :)

      I honestly don’t think that most people even consider what it means when they turn on GPS location on their smart phone.

  • ken.

    all counties spy on each other it’s a necessary part of protecting the interests of the countries survival.

  • Brian Johnson

    The notion that the founding fathers were great men and our constitution is something to be revered is just pure bullshit. Short of genocide there is no crime more vile and loathsome then the enslaving of other people. Not only did the founders craft a governing document that failed to stop this disgraceful activity that
    was happening in America but most of them were engaging in it. They were not
    great men, they were wretched money grubbing hypocrites without a shred of honor
    or decency.

  • Anne Nonimus

    The issue here is not whether to spy or not spy – it’s that the cost benefit analysis of doing so was done behind your back.
    If you’re going to spy against say… Germany… are you going to get enough information out of that spying to justify the risk to foreign relations if/when you are caught.
    So… what information are you trying to extract from Germany? Is it to gain an economic advantage by spying on their industry and sending the information to your own? If so, I’d argue that’s immoral, and not a great way to spend public funds. If it’s something else… well, I hope it was worth it.

  • Andy Porter

    It is perceived by our allies that Obama doesn’t care about them. Look at his track record:
    – Ally Egypt. Mubarak thrown under the bus allowing his overthrow. Results? A new anti-American regime.
    – Ally Israel. Netanyahu visits New York. Snubbed by Obama
    – Ally Britain. Margaret Thatcher dies. Obama doesn’t even send a major head of state to attend her funeral!
    – Enemy Iran. Obama makes overtures for a new “relationship” with this anti-American regime startling our allies in the region causing deep mistrust.
    – Benghazi. We don’t even have the wherewithal to protect our own people and allow them to die in a terrorist attack which served to embolden Al Quaida.
    – Enemy Syria. Obama makes strong statement dealing with abuses of the people by the Assad regime, but backs down on all threats and gives in to a proposal by Putin causing distrust by our allies in Europe. Putin is no friend of our allies in the region.

    Time and again, Obama seems to do all he can to distance himself from and anger our allies at the same time stroking the egos of our enemies. He is a foreign policy disaster of epic proportions! I believe this president has brought us to the point of no return in the world community and America will soon be the disdain of nations rather than the beloved symbol strength and prosperity which has long been her legacy in the world community.

  • Brian Johnson

    Should we spy on our allies? Only Israel because those fuckers are not to be trusted. Mossad is more evil then the Gestapo and not only do they spy on us but they have infiltrated the State department and hold sway over many of our legislators.

    • Gristle McThornbody

      I love you, man.

      You’re like the one oblivious black man at a KKK rally your coworker accidentally invited you to and you don’t give a fuck. They’re burning a cross and blasting Skrewdriver. Meanwhile, you’re just enjoying the everliving hell out of the snack buffet. There’s some skinhead on stage pointing at your and calling your name to violence. You just shrug it off, ignorantly nod in appreciation to the asshole on stage because you think he’s wishing you a happy birthday or something, and say into the mic when they hand it to you “I think black people should be treated equally.” They go nuts, you go right back to the almonds. They get into a massive brouhaha in disagreement over how to kick your ass. You simply drive home.

      Seriously, you’re a good guy.

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