Man kills cousin’s family because they had ‘too much’

A heinous murder took place in Brooklyn, New York Saturday night after an illegal Chinese immigrant became so enraged he allegedly slaughtered his cousin’s wife and four young children with a meat cleaver. The reason? A police source told the New York Post the man confessed to committing the crime because he was jealous of the family’s lifestyle.

The Post reports:

An illegal Chinese immigrant, bitter over his failure to achieve the American dream, repaid his cousin’s kindness by butchering the man’s wife and four young children, cops said Sunday.

Mingdong Chen, 25, showed no remorse when he confessed to slaughtering the family that allowed him to live in their Brooklyn apartment and admitted that he committed the atrocity because he envied their way of life, a police source told The Post.

“The family had too much,” the source quoted Chen as saying.

“He meant that the family had better income and a better lifestyle than him . . . He was jealous and just killed them.”

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“Now, let me show you where our society is going,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “If you understand going in that, you know, life is a choice and life isn’t fair, but that’s not what our society is teaching. The family had ‘too much,’ a police source told the Post… The investigation is ongoing, but apparently he showed no remorse. He was described by people as lazy, and he wanted their stuff.”

Chen has been described by those who know him as lazy and lacking work ethic, but Glenn pointed out that narrative is missing from most news reports of this story.

“You’ll notice that nowhere here is any kind of comment… Here we have an Administration – let’s not blame it on the Administration. The entire society, our entire society is built on ‘They have it, you don’t, get ‘em,’” Glenn explained. “Is the President pushing this? Or is the President just a reflection of us? I would say the President is, in many ways, a reflection of us because we reelected him. So he is a reflection of us. So it’s not his fault.”

“Our society has become a place where if you can’t make it yourself, take it from someone else,” he continued. “And nary a comment or a word about this – not one. Here’s a family hacked to death and beaten to death because they were rich. They had stuff that the other guy didn’t have and he didn’t think it was fair. I find that amazing, just amazing.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Sam Fisher

    This is what the liberal mentality is going to cause blood in the streets.

  • Anonymous

    He was, at least, a Socialist-indoctrinated immigrant from China. He is what OWS is programming their minions to be, for sure.

    One more crime that would have been prevented by enforcing our immigration laws.

  • Anonymous

    Evil is no respecter of race, ethnicity, class, political persuasion or gender. Also, note he is an “illegal” immigrant and the obama administration wants to make citizens out of millions of them.

  • Jeff Callahan

    This is the Core of the Obama Supporter! The Libs talk about greed but TRUE Greed is wanting something someone else has earned!

  • Myles Standish

    Glenn, I believe that the president is at least partially responsible. Isn’t that where the buck stops? Isn’t he the one who promotes wealth distribution — his cutesy euphemism for communism — stealing from the rich and giving to the lazy? So wasn’t he basicaly just following the president’s advice? When it became obvious to Chen that they weren’t going to give him their wealth (even though they certainly did share it with him), he had to TAKE IT! And what’s a little murder in society today?!? Liberals teach us hourly that life is cheap at the beginning (infanticide/abortion/murder) and cheap at the end (assisted suicide/euthanasia, obamacare/death panels/murder). As for in-between times, it’s moral relativity, no right and wrong, no black and white, do as you please, go for the gusto, you only live once, and the best one ever — inanimate objects kill people, not people!

  • Anonymous

    Truly a travesty in a sick society that fails to value human life. The “ME” mentality. It only matters what “I” think. “I” don’t have. “I” want.
    We, as a society, are losing our moral values of decency in general and respect for life in particular.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn starts to blame this on the Administration, but then in a moment of apparent lucidity, realizes he can’t blame them–just claim the Administration represents the thinking of an enraged lunatic, who decides to take out his benefactor and family. Like jealously of wealth, failure to integrate, and feeling powerless has never caused an immigrant to snap. Perhaps if we reviewed our history, all of us might find a similar story in from the earliest waves of Irish and Italians in New York or Philadelphia or Boston; up to the present day Cambodian and Vietnamese communities in the coastal cities East and West.
    For a practitioner of 1) guns don’t kill–people do; 2) video games do not contribute to rifle led assaults on schools or malls; 3) exhortations that the government is out to get you do not push people over the edge to violence, Glenn is sure quick to find the blame here as something other than rage, mental instability and insanity that he uses to defend the 2d Amendment every time someone uses a rifle or .44 to kill. Here, when there is no gun involved, and therfore, no pre-ordained political position at stake, Glenn feels quite free to blame the killing on an external force (rather than a sick mind) –yes, by jove it must be Obama–or at least his thinking.
    I do not defend the Obama redistribution of wealth ideas, but Glenn, if you want to be taken seriously, you have to stop connecting dots where they don’t connect logically. Perhaps when his leftist court appointed NYC public defender tries to introduce a novel defense–”Obama’s promises of wealth redistribution and amnesty for illegals brought me to this country–(woops, sorry he arrived during Bush’s first term) –it did not come true–so that justifies the killing”; maybe then Glenn, your story holds water.

  • Russell Dyess

    Oh lord are we in for Clever control now.

  • Brian Johnson

    You’re not going to resent people who have more than you? Glen, there ain’t many who have more than you and still you howl about a school district feeding hungry
    children or the possibility of the poor getting access to health care. You’ve
    attained remarkable success for someone whose only talent is deceiving simple
    minded people and inciting bigotry and hate. If only someone would take a
    hatchet to you it might actually make be believe that there is a god. Scumbag!

  • Jonny Danger

    This is like batman 3 when they stormed the city

  • suz

    the president may well be a product of us but he definitely pushes it. there’s no question he is effective in fomenting and encouraging bad behavior.

  • Anonymous

    Officer Barrybrady says, “Move along people there’s nothing to see here—- this isn’t a right wing angry legal white man.”

  • Anonymous

    What an absolutely Cultural Revolution thing for that man to do. The only thing he didn’t accuse them of was being “landlords”. But it was a stupid move because instead of being able to stay living around wealth he’ll have less than nothing once he’s in prison.

  • Anonymous

    AH screw me I’m not worth shit because i’m poor and you are better than me !
    Only one master per person :
    Matthew 6:24
    I went to a funeral on Sunday right behind the hearse was a bobcat and a U-Haul truck full of there stuff in the hole it all went ! mine mine mine

  • Sam Fisher

    Some times I am thankful that I am poor not much stuff keeping me from doing what is right.

  • Anonymous

    Ya you are right i’m right there with you brother remember stuff does not make the man .

  • Sea Rock

    … “admitted that he committed the atrocity because he envied their way of life, a police source told The Post. … “The family had too much,” the source quoted Chen as saying.” …

    Obama’s Private Army
    As posted at:

    … found one …

    Mark Levin – Obama’s Civilian Army
    As posted at:

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see that left-wing tolerance on full display…