On radio this morning, Glenn gave a passionate hour-long monologue about why those fighting for freedom will always come out on top.

“I’m going to go through a bunch of stuff really fast. For something like this normally I would sit and plan and promote to it and everything else, but I think you need to know the truth and know it now,” Glenn said. “I think you need to know we are not going to lose. We don’t lose, period. We don’t lose, and I believe I can prove to you they know they are going to lose.”

“We say this is the last gasp of freedom, right? If freedom disappears, there is nothing left. Last gasp of freedom, the last gasp of the Constitution. No, no. [This is] the last gasp of this system that we have built,” he continued. “This system does not resemble the Constitution. What we are living under right now is not constitutional. It hasn’t been Constitutional in many ways for about 100 years, but it is certainly not constitutional now. So we’re not losing the Constitution, gang. We already lost the constitution… You are not losing man’s freedom. You are about to gain it.”

We are currently fighting the oldest battle known to man – or as Glenn described it, we are currently fighting Satan’s plan: Will someone else make the decision for you.

“This is the last gasp of Marxism. This is it. This is it for the entire world. This is: Will we control the entire world? The answer is yes, if it weren’t for technology,” Glenn explained. “This would have worked had it not been for technology.”

If the power is really at our fingertips, as Glenn believes it is through the power of technology, what do we need to do? We all know the dangers of technology. The internet allows for a permanent record of anything and everything. It also allows for the manipulation of words and actions that has the potential to enslave people. But it also has the power to free people.

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“The same technology they could make a slave out of us, that same technology, if you don’t get lost in the matrix, we can use to network with each other. That’s what they hate the most. Wait a minute. These are real grassroots,” Glenn said. “Because we can network, they cannot control us… The best part: No way to put this genie back in the bottle. There’s no way to put the genie back in the bottle, unless you have an EMP and destroy all technology because they would have to kill 500 million of us. The Internet itself was based around the individual. It was based on the idea that there’s no central bank, there’s no gatekeeper.

“Freedom is always a new idea because freedom is based on the individual… How can we free even more people than we freed 200 years ago? We don’t have slaves to deal with. We don’t have to compromise on slavery. [The Founders] did. We don’t. Great, so how can we set more people free,” Glenn asked. “Meanwhile, the Marxists are: How can we take this old system that killed 150 million people and not have it end in killing 150 million people this time? Freedom is forever new. Marxism is on its last gasp, and it fails forever.”